• Published 17th Jan 2012
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The Exile of Equestria - EBecK

A dark looking pony comes to Ponyville after being exiled from his previous home.

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Chapter 3

The Exile of Equestria

Chapter 3

My journey back to Ponyville seemed like an eternity away. Even though the way back wasn’t that long, my legs felt weighed down, getting heavier with every step I take towards the town. But I kept on walking; I wasn’t about to let the very fear I utilized overwhelm me, even though my stomach felt queasy as I got closer. As I nervously continued towards Ponyville, I ran through my head what I was to do when I got there:

The first thing I need to do, I thought, is to do what I should’ve done before. It was then I recalled poor Fluttershy and her terrified expression. She had nothing to do with what had happened and still I blamed her. I blamed her for simply getting involved, bearing good intentions. I was truly a monster. It was no surprise to me that Twilight acted the way she did, the anger and sadness that blurred her vision, while trying desperately to maintain her composure and then breaking down as if her heart was glass and my mere words shattered it into a million pieces. These thoughts made the queasy feeling in my stomach worse, I felt like hurling. Before I knew it, I now stood at the entrance to Ponyville. I glared deeply into the town, wondering what reactions await me inside; was I going to be attacked? Is everypony going to hide? Or will I be confronted by Twilight once more and scolded even further? The mere thoughts once more made my stomach growl like a hungry tiger. It felt awful, so much that I had to put my front hoof to my stomach in an attempt to quell the sickening feeling. I inhaled deeply and entered Ponyville for the second time, something I didn’t think would be possible for me to accomplish. Strangely, the town was barren, void of life. There was not a single pony in sight. The shops were closed, lights were off, windows shut, perhaps they are hiding? I shook my head, ignoring the predicament, and went onward. I was nearing the other edge of Ponyville, where the Everfree Forest was simply a matter of yards away. However, the forest was not my destination; it was the cottage that sat near the edge of the dark woods. It was Fluttershy’s cottage. I crossed the small bridge over the creek, walked up the small hill, and stopped at the cottage door. I lifted my hoof to knock, but hesitated. I began to wonder how Fluttershy would act upon seeing me; I predicted that she would want nothing to do with me after what my Fear Monger spell did to her. Nevertheless, I had to try. Reluctantly, I knocked on the door three times. A few minutes passed by, and there was no answer. My head began to sink, she was probably hiding from me as well, it’s only natural she wouldn’t want to speak with me. Suddenly, as I began to turn away, I heard a creak coming from the door. I looked to the door to see that it was being opened, but by whom? Or by what? I peeked inside a bit and saw nopony in the area. I was confused, if Fluttershy didn’t open the door, then who--

I then felt a rapid thumping on my front hoof and I looked down to see what the cause was It was a rabbit, a white rabbit. At least, I thought it was a rabbit. The expressions it gave aren’t ones that anypony would expect to come from a rabbit. The furry creature motioned me to come inside and when I didn’t budge, he gave me an irritated look crossing his tiny arms, and rapidly thumping the floor with his foot. Baffled, I entered the cottage and saw a variety of animal cages holding an even greater variety of creatures. It looked like the inside of a pet shop, without all the price tags or the cash register. The white rabbit pointed at a door, it looked like the entrance to a closet. Still a bit bewildered, I moved towards the mysterious door, put a hoof up, touched the knob, turned it slowly, and peered inside. Upon looking, I heard a high-pitched screech, short but loud, I stumbled away from the door and it creaked open. The rabbit went into the closet and then came back out a few seconds later, motioning to whatever was in the closet to reveal themselves. I saw a silhouette of a pony, then a figure, and finally a recognizable face. It was Fluttershy, she stepped out of the closet with a relatively sad look on her face. Then again, she always did seem to look sad, however, one could tell whether or not she was, in fact, sad. The only thing I didn’t know is why. Fluttershy, still looking depressed, turned her attention to me, but said nothing. I was waiting for a comment, and when I didn’t get one, I finally spoke up, “Hey.”

Fluttershy didn’t respond at first, mainly because she didn’t know how to, until I heard her say softly, “Hi.”

The greetings didn’t go over that well, but I didn’t care. I came here for a reason and I was going to see it through. I cleared my throat and said seriously, “Fluttershy, I need to tell you something.”

Fluttershy’s head lifted up a little in curiosity, “Yes?”

I gulped, this wasn’t easy for me to do, for I never had to apologize for anything because nopony would give me the chance to, or I would refuse, “I...I just wanted to apologize.”

Fluttershy looked confused, “Whatever for?”

Was she serious? Didn’t she know what happened to her? I replied with a confused look, “Whatever for? For what happened to you, back at the plaza. Don’t you remember?”

Fluttershy looked at the floor, “Yes, but I really don’t want to. Besides,” Fluttershy’s look lightened up a bit, “it wasn’t your fault.”

Now I was bewildered, “What do you mean?”

“Well,” Fluttershy glanced away, “you didn’t mean to do what you did, right? So I really can’t blame you.”

I shook my head in disbelief, “But I was the one who cast the spell. It was my fault that you saw...what you saw. How could you possibly say it wasn’t my fault?!” My voice tone raised.

Fluttershy drew back a little, intimidated by my harsh tone, “I...I just meant...that...I don’t want to blame you for what happened. I don’t want to blame anypony.”

I was stunned, she was just trying to be kind, and I thought she was attempting to comfort me through false sympathy. What have I become? I sighed and responded quietly, “Sorry, I shouldn’t have done that.”

Fluttershy gave a small smile, “It’s okay. To be honest though, I really shouldn’t be speaking with you right now.”

I raised an eyebrow, “What are you talking about?”

“W-Well,” Fluttershy stuttered, “Twilight told me that if I saw you again, I was supposed to ignore you, but I didn’t like seeing you leave all sad and lonely. I would’ve gone after you, but I couldn’t get over my fears. That’s why I hid in he closet; I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to lose Twilight’s trust, but I wanted to help you so much. I was sitting in the closet just thinking about it, until Angel led you to me.”

Angel? That must’ve been the name of the rabbit. Strange name for a strange rabbit, I thought, I guess that works. “Right.” I replied, then suddenly realized, “Wait, Twilight said to stay away from me?”

Fluttershy looked sad again, “Oh, yes, she seemed very upset over what had happened. She even said she never wanted to see you ever again.”

I wasn’t surprised. Of course she’d think that, still, it hurt me to know that she did think that about me. “She never wanted to see me again?” I asked in falsified disbelief.

“Oh yes, I did think that was a bit harsh. I even said so to Twilight, but she didn’t listen. She said that she wanted you gone. Out of her life and out of her mind.”

The more Fluttershy spoke about this, the more depressed I became. To know the Twilight despises me with such loathe, it just makes me sad. “But wait,” I said, realizing yet another strange thing in Fluttershy’s story, “I left Ponyville and you saw me do so, why would Twilight say she wanted me gone when I was already gone.”

Fluttershy lowered her head deep, saying nothing. I asked again, and kept doing so until Fluttershy finally surrendered, “She said she wanted you gone, but not gone as in leave the town, gone as in...well...gone...for good.”

My eyes widened and I was shocked, Twilight’s threat to destroy held water?! Really?! I continued to internally asked myself questions, and Fluttershy continued, “You probably noticed that nopony was out today, right?”

Come to think of it, that did baffle me. Did Fluttershy know the cause? “And?” I asked eagerly.

“Well,” The timid pony continued, “She told everypony not to go outside except for essentials. She wanted this to go for a week, because she figured that’s how long it would take you to...well...you know.”

Not one word or phrase in that explanation came off as satisfactory to me. I didn’t want to hear it. I didn’t want to believe. But what choice did I have? It was impossible to fully deny the truth. To think Twilight expected me to be dead within the week just...just...stuck a knife in my heart. My chest actually felt like it had just been stabbed with something, for I felt a sharp pain coming from my heart. My stomach was swirling in a vortex of sadness and regret. My lips began to quiver and my eyes began to well up with tears. One of my hooves clutched my chest,,whilst the other one held my stomach,but there was nothing to wipe my tears away. I coughed, trying to speak, but failed. I coughed again, and again until my coughing morphed into sobbing. I had thought I was over Twilight’s opinion of me, but the more I thought, the more sad I became. But why? I never cried this much before. Why was now different? I already knew why, however, Twilight was the only pony who ever wanted to be my friend. Now she felt betrayed. I knew this already, what I didn’t know is why I was still crying over it. My strength was failing me, I grew more frail with every tear I shed, Fluttershy gasped and ran over to me, “Oh no, no.” she said sympathetically, shaking her head, “Please don’t cry, Darkbright. I don’t like seeing you sad.” she reached out with both her front hooves and embraced me.

Still clutching myself, I kept on sobbing. I had to get Twilight to forgive me, otherwise this emotional agony won’t desist. Fluttershy and myself held our embrace until I was calm. I sniffled and wiped my eyes. The uncomfortable feelings in me had passed, but I knew they weren’t gone. The only way to get rid of them for good was to repair the damage done to Twilight’s soul. Fluttershy tilted her head “Better?”

I nodded, though that in itself wasn’t the complete truth, “Yeah, I think.”

The bright-colored pegasus smiled slightly, but immediately changed into a gasp, which startled me a bit, “Darkbright.” she said, shocked from the sight of something.

“What?” I asked.

“Y-You’ve been hurt.” she replied sadly, pointing at my wounded flank.

I glanced at the injury, then back at Fluttershy, and answered “Yeah, I had an accident.”

“An accident?” she gasped, “What accident?”

“It was--” I stopped, remembering what Princess Luna had told me; that nopony else knew about the roc in the gorge. I had promised her that I’d keep it that way, “It was...my own fault. I tripped on a steep hill and scratched my flank on a rock.” Scratched it on a rock, scratched by a roc, not much difference there, I thought.

“Oh my, how awful.” Fluttershy said with a sympathetic look, “Mind if I take a look?”

I shrugged, “I guess, I mean, it doesn’t hurt anymore.” I felt the bandages roll off as Fluttershy unraveled them with her teeth. When they had been removed, I felt a breeze on my side that had been covered. Fluttershy gasped once again, appalled by the scar my attacker had left. It was a diagonal scar that had split the horrific visage of my cutie mark in half. Only one eye on it was visible and half of the other eye was all that remained. The spiked teeth now looked like steps starting from the top of a pointed tooth, getting shorter until it disappeared in the scar. Fluttershy couldn’t believe her eyes as she gazed upon the gash, trying to comprehend how a simple rock could’ve done that much damage. “It was a fairly big rock.” I added. A fairly big roc indeed, I thought to myself.

Fluttershy stopped marveling over my wound, turned back to meet my eyes and said astonishingly, “That must’ve hurt a lot.”

“Yeah, it did.” I replied almost blankly.

“Are you sure you don’t need any assistance with it?” the shy pony asked concernedly.

“I’m positive, Fluttershy. Besides, it’s already healed.” I pointed out.

“Oh.” Fluttershy said disappointed, “Well, what did you plan on doing now?”

I stayed silent for a moment. I knew what I was going to do, but I didn’t know how I was to go about doing it. Nevertheless, I gave a response, “I’m going to see Twilight.” I said that deeply and seriously, as if it meant great importance to me.

Fluttershy became a little shaky, “A-Are you sure? I mean, Twilight doesn’t want--”

I cut her off, “She doesn’t know what she wants. Anger and sadness have blinded her judgment and rationale. I need her to see that I am not afraid of whatever anger-fueled scheme she has. You can’t fight anger with anger, it will just add fuel to the fire. I know she might not be willing to speak with me, but I think...she’s just as sad as I am.”

Fluttershy said nothing, she just looked at me expressionless and then blinked. As I began towards the door, Fluttershy stopped me, “Wait, before you leave, I need to tell you something: I know Twilight says she doesn’t want to see you, but earlier today, the library’s window was open and I could hear somepony crying. When I went to take a look, I saw Twilight in a corner and I just knew she was the one that was crying. I wanted to go help her, but I figured I should just stay out of the affairs that don’t concern me. That was right of me, right?” she asked, now unsure whether her actions were true.

“It does concern you,” I began, “but why tell me now?”

“Well because...um...you see--”

“Twilight told you to keep quiet about it?”

“Eeep!” Fluttershy squealed, “How did you know? I never said that she saw me.”

“Because why else would you keep a secret unless one of your friends told you?” I asked rhetorically.

“Oh, you’ve got a point.” Fluttershy sulked, lowering her head, “I guess I’m not very good at keeping them secret, huh?”

“Trust me,” I said comfortingly, “it’s for the best that you told me.”

“Okay.” Fluttershy smiled, “Happy to be able to help.”

“Well, I’d better get going.” I stated finitely as I moved to the exit once again, this time I walked outside and heard Fluttershy say good-bye.

As I walked through the empty roads of Ponyville, I spotted the library. Before I knew it, I was at the entrance. I stared at the door, it tempted me to open it, like it knew the fear still existed inside me. I inhaled deeply and then exhaled it all out so I could relieve myself of at least some of the pressure that weighed me down. I put my hoof to the door, turned the handle, and pushed. The door opened effortlessly, and my sight was greeted by books galore. Even though the library was pristine and neatly kept and I care, the moment I entered, I felt as if this place wasn’t too popular with the other ponies. I can’t even remember the last time I read a book. My eyes darted around the building; there wasn’t any sign of Twilight in the vicinity. Odd, I would’ve assumed she’d be married to this place or something. As I continued to wonder where she might be, I heard the front door open. I quickly turned to the noise and the first thing I saw was a lavender hoof step through, followed by another lavender hoof, and then a whole pony figure. There was no doubt about it; it was Twilight Sparkle. She had apparently come back from some kind of errand and had just gotten back. She entered the building and closed the door behind, “Spike?” she shouted, “Are you here?” When she didn’t get a response, she turned away from the door and finally she noticed me, standing in the middle of the room. She had a bewildered look on her face, but only for a split second, for that face mutated into a face of anger, of hate. Even so, I didn’t budge, I kept a cold, serious look planted on my visage. Both of us were having our own little staring contest, until finally, Twilight spoke, her voice sounded irritated, “And just what do you think YOU’RE doing back here? I thought I told you to leave and never return.”

Her voice itself put a dent in my soul, but I remained resolute, “As I can remember, you are not leading pony of this town, therefore I am free to walk where I please.”

Twilight’s eyes squinted in anger, “Then take your free-walking flank somewhere else.” It was on “flank” that she noticed the scar I bore, “Mind explaining that?” she pointed at the scar.

I knew my promise to Luna, “I fell down a hill and scratched it on rock.”

Twilight scoffed, “Sure, or maybe you were injured while being chased out of another town?”

I shut my eyes in frustration, but calmed myself down, “No, it is as I say.” Or not. “Listen, I just want to have a word with you.”

“Well I don’t want anything to do with you!” the lavender unicorn snapped, “Not after what you did!”

“And I am sincerely sorry for that, but you must understand my reason--” I began, but was interrupted by Twilight’s rant.

“Furthermore, poor Fluttershy can’t come out of her own cottage because of you, nopony can! Because you did something so cruel to somepony so innocent. I...I just can’t forgive you!” her voice was beginning to break.

She’s lying, I thought, but it’s unintentional. Her own anger is getting the better of her. “Twilight,” I started calmly, “you need to calm down and listen. Lying won’t get us anywhere.” That set something off inside her, some flare of some kind.

“Lying?! LYING?! How dare you accuse me of lying! Why would I lie?!”

I knew the exact answer to that, “I never accused you of lying, I merely said lying wouldn’t help. Not once did I say you spoke a lie.”

Twilight’s face turned beet red, she knew I was right. She then said loudly stuttering, “W-Well, why would bring it up then?”

I replied, still remaining calm, “Because what you are saying isn’t the complete truth.”

Twilight snapped, “NOW you accuse me of lying?!”

I shook my head slowly, “Not on purpose. You told Fluttershy and everypony in town to stay indoors until the week passed, because that’s when you thought I would perish, correct?”

Twilight jolted her glare to the ground and mumbled loudly, “Fluttershy told you?”

“That’s correct and what’s more is that she didn’t hate me for causing her the fear she felt.”

Twilight’s head snapped back up again, “That’s a lie! She was so sad, she was still in tears when I brought her home. There’s no way she couldn’t have hated you.”

I raised an eyebrow, “Oh really? Is Fluttershy really the type to hold a grudge?”

Twilight was speechless, “W-Well--”

I resumed my argument, “And did you, as her close friend, ever once sat down to talk with her about how she felt about me?”

“N-No, but--”

“And why is that you failed to mentioned Rainbow Dash provoking me in your letter to Princess Celestia?”

“Because I didn’t think--” she stopped short, realizing what I just said, “WHAT?! YOU READ MY LETTER?! Those are supposed to be for the princess’ eyes only! How in Equestria did you get your evil little hooves on it?!”

I shut my eyes once more, “Princess Luna gave it to me.”

Twilight let out a small gasp, her voice was a bit calmer now “You met Princess Luna?”

I nodded, “Correct, she is the one who showed me your letter. And since you said it was for princess eyes only, don’t you think the PRINCESS has the right to use it as an example for a similar occurrence?”

Twilight was stunned, “I guess...”

“Your letter hurt me bad, Twilight.” I confessed, “If that’s what you wanted, well, you succeeded. I couldn’t even shed tears at first because I was so heartbroken. You wanted revenge, well you got it. You struck fear into my soul with your threat as well as despair with your angry, yet sad, feelings. You even got me severely injured as a bonus and distorted the terror-striking visage that acts as a symbol for the catalyst of your hate.” I motioned my scarred flank to her. “Now I must ask, can you ever forgive this foal for being a complete...monster?”

Twilight didn’t know what to do; she was mad because I was being stubborn in not apologizing, but now here I am, confessing everything. This sudden change in mood was overwhelming for both me and Twilight. “I...” she began nervously, “I don’t know what to say.”

“Then let me make it simpler for you.” I stated, “Do you want me gone for good? Out of existence? Because if that’s the case, you can show me to the nearest deadly drop and I will give you want you want.”

Twilight eyes lit up, she was shocked that I even suggested that, “W-Wait, no! I mean, I thought Equestria would be better off without you, but...now that you’re here saying...this. I want to forgive you, but something tells me I shouldn’t.”

I sighed and tried a different course, “How did you and Princess Luna become friends? What was the situation behind her fear-inducing conundrum?”

Twilight was suspicious, “Why?”

“Don’t you think that me and her share similar problems then and now?” I asked.

“Well, yeah, I suppose.”

“And didn’t she strike fear into those around her wherever she walked.”

“Yeah, but she didn’t want to.” Twilight explained, “Everypony thought she was Nightmare Moon and didn’t give her a chance. When I spoke up to her about the friendly nature of Ponyville, she was not convinced at first, but the more I showed how to have a good time with friends, the more open she became. Although, there was still some fear left and she didn’t like that, so she gave up and became somepony to be feared than somepony to be loved like she wanted.”

“And did you give up on her?” I asked.

“Of course not! I thought up a plan to get her to become friends. She used the fear that everypony had of her and turned it into something fun for the occasion. Since then, everypony has been more open to her.”

“Now where did you or I go wrong?” I asked in contrast with Twilight’s story.

Twilight pondered this, then answered, “I think we both misunderstood the other. I thought you were nothing but a monster and you thought I never wanted to see you again. But in reality, both of us missed each other. You told me that my negative feelings towards you hurt you bad. Well, my own negative feelings hurt me too; they caused me to regret what I had done. With both of us assuming the worst of the other, neither of us had the courage to speak up. That is, until you showed up again.”

“So,” I started hopefully, “forgive me?”

Twilight smiled, “Of course I forgive you, Darkbright.”

Now I smiled, not one of wickedness, one of happiness. I had never felt so much pressure be lifted from my heart and soul. I couldn’t help myself, I leaped over to Twilight and hugged her tightly. She returned the embrace, but a little bit more softer than me. We both let go of the other and Twilight spoke first, “So, what now?”

My smile faded, “I’m not sure. I’ve never had any friends before. My life isn’t a happy story.”

Twilight looked worried now, “Do you want to talk about it? Maybe I, as your friend, can help you solve your troubles?”

I smirked, “If you feel you can, but it’s quite a tale.”

Twilight sat down on her haunches, “I’ve got plenty of time.”

“Very well.” I began my life story with: “I’m not sure who my parents were; they hardly revealed themselves to me because I was...different.”

Twilight gasped, “That’s terrible!”

“And it’s only beginning,” I assured, “this will explain the reason for my recent, and foolish, actions. Now where was I? Ah, yes. I wasn’t welcome as a normal colt to anypony where I lived...”

“I was born in a city called Bittsburgh; it was a fairly average place, with fairly average ponies. Well, mostly fairly average. I was the only exception. I was told that when I was born, it was a dark night and the moon didn’t give off any light. I knew they were trying to scare me into hating myself, but it was working. A few years after my birth, I attended elementary school. There was not one time where I didn’t see anypony looking at me, whispering behind my back about my black coat, or red mane. My mane was brushed back, so that both my eyes had visibility. I was fine in the classroom; it was obligatory that the teachers and staff see to the well-being of their students. The only excuse they had for not watching me was when I was at recess. I was teased and bullied by a variety of ponies; they made fun of my mane, my coat, and those with cutie marks wouldn’t stop calling me “Blank Flank.” Too naive to be concerned about, yes, but I was just a young colt back then. Even my name, Darkbright Occolt, wasn’t something my parents gave me, I had to name myself when I was able to speak, I don’t know why my parents refused to name me. Probably because they hated me too. One day, at recess, I was being poked and prodded with sticks that the bullies had found.They came off as a few average looking horses; two of them had light-brown coats and dark brown mane, though one of their manes were longer than the other's. The third one, the leader, had a dark brown coat and beige mane, which cover both his eyes as if he were a dog. All three of them had cutie marks, but I found that to be of little importance at the time. I didn’t like their physical abuse obviously, so I yelled for the teacher...and didn’t get a response. I felt crestfallen, I put my hooves over my head, but they kept on poking me; my face, my stomach, my thighs, my flank, my legs, everywhere. I could feel something prodding me somewhere. I have had enough. I screamed and began to cry, my hooves over my eyes, curled up in a fetal position, and finally they stopped their torment and began to tease me verbally:

‘What’s wrong, baby, are you crying?’ one of them taunted. Their voices were grunt.

‘Waaaa,’ another one said mockingly, ‘I want my mommy! Oh wait, I don’t have a real mommy, she and daddy left me because they didn’t love me, waaaa!’

‘Let’s go, guys.’ a third one suggested, ‘This is a waste of our valuable time.’ The others agreed, and began to walk off.

Through my tears, I felt angry and shouted to them, ‘Your times not valuable!’ It was a mistake.

They instantly galloped back to me, and one of them hoof-punched me in the gut. I clutched my stomach in pain and cried even louder. ‘That’s what you get for opening your mouth, freak.’ one of them retorted and walked away.

‘Weirdo.’ another one said, walking away as well.

‘Blank Flank.’ the third one taunted, walking away also and stomping on my tail hard. I yelped and my tail curled between my hind legs and it touched my hooves that clutched my stomach. I just laid there, crying, nopony came to my aid, even after recess was over, I couldn’t move. I was in too much pain. When I was finally able to stand and walk, it was almost nightfall. I trotted back to my home, and my parents were furious. I can’t remember exactly what they said, but I was sent to my room for breaking curfew. I hated my life. I wanted some way to make it better.

After a few more years, I was more grown up now, almost about your age Twilight, I was looking for work, but nopony was hiring, so I went out on a walk. It was then I saw someponies that I didn’t want to see; the three bullies from elementary school; they all had jobs, they all lived a luxurious life, they all saw me walking and they blocked my path.

‘Well, if isn’t Bittsburgh’s Outcast.’ one of them said sarcastically.

‘You’re in our way!’ another exclaimed, ‘Move!’

Every time I moved, they always blocked me and accused me of blocking them. This went for a short time, until one of them grab me by the mane with their teeth, threw me against a wall, and a second one helped hold me there. Both of them held my front hooves to the wall. My smooth stomach was exposed as I was forced to stand on my hind legs.The third one walked up slowly, ‘Listen, Darkbright, this is our town and we can’t have somepony like you wandering around here, you know?’

‘This isn’t your town!’ I snapped, ‘Your just a bully who can’t even spell his own name right!’ A mistake. It got me a punch to the stomach. I coughed and felt a twisting pain in my abdomen.

‘You will speak when I tell you to!’ the attacker commanded, ‘Got that?’

‘Sorry,’ I said wheezing, the fight still in me, ‘I don’t speak stupid.’

The gruff pony growled, went over to a nearby garbage pile, and took a old 2x4 in his mouth that was half-drenched in garbage fluid. The wielder of wood motioned his head down and my front hooves were forced to touch the ground by the two accomplices. They then forced my front body to bend and my hind side was the only thing up. My whole body struggle to get out of the grip, but it was useless.The wood bearer raised his weapon, targeting my shivering flanks, then swung the thing at my flanks and hit them twice on each side, hard. I screeched in pain, the liquid on the wood didn’t make it any better. Every time I felt the wood hit my flesh, a burning pain ignited on my abused hind side. After the ruthless beating, I was forced back up to the wall. It became harder to stand now that my flanks were swelling. My hind legs shivered, trying to find the strength to stand strong. The leader dropped the wood and spoke again, ‘You get punished if you talk to your superior like that.’

I was not about to let this scum have his way, ‘The only thing you’re superior of is these two clowns here.’ I don’t learn from my mistakes, that remark got me kicked between my hind legs. I grimaced and felt my legs cross each other as if I needed to use the restroom. The relentless assaulter continued to speak, ‘I can go on all day, Darkbright, just make sure you leave town, alright?’

I felt angry, angry and powerless, I didn’t want to be powerless. I didn’t want to be his punching bag. I wanted him to scream in despair, to cry out in fear, to wallow in sorrow and darkness. I wanted him...to fear me. I’m not sure how to explain the next part, but I felt some anger and hatred turn into power. I felt my body fill to the tip of my horn with all the despair and agony these three had caused me. I felt...good.

‘Hey!’ the leader of the group said, ‘Are you listening? Or do I need to remind you again?’

‘Oh, I’m listening,’ I replied wickedly, ‘but I might need a reminder.’

‘Huh? Why is that?’ the lead pony asked.

‘I need a reminder,’ I grinned evilly, ‘of why I didn’t do this in the first place.’

All three of the bullies looked confused, ‘Do what?’ the leader inquired.

‘Do...THIS!’ I saw my vision go black as I looked into the eyes of my attacker. I felt all the negative feelings leave me, and drown the souls of the one I gazed upon and the two holding me down. Before I knew it, I was released, I heard shrieks of fear come from their mouths, and then, I was done. My vision returned to normal and the first thing I saw was the tough-talking leader pony now shivering on the ground. I looked behind me to see that the other two shared the same fate. I couldn’t help myself; I laughed. It was a bit of a snicker at first, but gradually transformed into a chuckle, then a laugh, then a cackle, and finally, I was laughing so cruelly and so evilly that it gives me the creeps recalling it.This feeling of cruel joy seemed to nullify the pain previously inflicted on me. I put a hoof to my mane and brought one side over my right eye. I then resumed my laughing spree. Just then, I saw my flank shine, but with a dark light. That’s when my cutie mark that you see now appeared. I could’ve sworn I heard a dark, deep and faint laughing when it appeared, but I didn’t care. I was having too much fun. Unfortunately, my laughs were heard throughout Bittsburgh and once they discover the cause, well, you can probably guess what happened; they exiled me, because my powers were dark. The only thing I did as I walked away from my hometown was look back to my parents, who wouldn’t even look back at me. It tore me apart. I taught myself to care less about anypony and their troubles. I lived in the Everfree Forest for about a week and a half. I knew which leaves were edible and which ones weren’t. After that, I continued my path of an exile, until I found another town: Ponyville. The rest is history.'


“And that’s my life in a nutshell.” I ended.

Twilight’s mouth was hanging open; she was speechless.She said nothing for a while and then managed, “That’s so sad. Your childhood was terrible and your own parents hated you?” She hopped up and embraced me, as if I was sad. “I feel so horrible for treating you the way I did.”

“Don’t dwell on it.” I pushed her off, “I’m used to it.”

“Oh my, wait til everypony hears about this.”

I shook my head, “We’re not telling them, yet.”

Twilight looked at me curiously, “Why not?”

I didn’t return the eye contact, instead I was stuck in a 50-yard stare, I then replied deeply, “I still need to do something.”

“Like what?” the lavender pony said curiously once more.

“Now that you and I are friends, I need to fix another relationship. One I’ve had since the day I was brought into this world. Even if it was tainted, it just needs a good polishing.”

Twilight wondered what I was talking about, the suddenly realized, “Your parents. Back in Bittsburgh.”

I nodded, though I wasn’t sure how to find my parents, I was going to, even if it took me my whole life’s time.

“I’ll go with you.” Twilight announced.

I shook my head shockingly, “No way! It’s too dangerous. Plus, it’s my problem, I need to be the one to deal with it.”

Twilight wasn’t convinced, “Darkbright, I’m your friend, and friends help friends in need with their problems. I insist that you take me with you.”

She sounded confident. More confident than me. She was my friend, and I wasn’t going to let anypony say anything different, “All right, you can come, but I’m leaving in a few moments.”

Twilight jumped up, rushed to her bedside, and got her bags. She began to pack a variety of things that seem pointless to me, but if Twilight’s bringing them, I had no objections. After she was done packing, she took her quill and some parchment, wrote something, and stuck it to the door. I read the notice:

“Out on an errand. Will back be soon.”

I turned to Twilight, who then clarified, “If I told everypony exactly where I was going and with whom, they might come after me, or at least Rainbow Dash would, and I’d rather not get her involved, if you know what I mean.”

I snickered, “Yeah, I know exactly what you mean.” RD wasn’t the negotiating type and that could be dangerous where we were going. Twilight and I started walking away from Ponyville and headed in the direction of my hometown, the town that saw me as an outcast, the town where my parents shunned me, the town where my dark abilities came to existence, the town where I became an exile. I was going back, but I had nothing to fear. With Twilight, my new and first friend, I felt like I could accomplish anything, overcome any obstacle, and see through any task to it’s ultimate goal.

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314987I'm working on it, though I do have college work as well. Also, check my blog, and if you agree, spread the word. If any concerns or questions occur in your mind, seek me out, for I can clear them up. I need all the support this entire brony community can muster....perhaps that might even motivate me to spend a bit more free time on the story...just saying...anyway give it a read, 'tis quite detail-oriented.

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