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Spike has been feeling like he and twilight have been growing apart and sorta blames the rest of the mare 6 for taking her away. Can he make a bond with them of his own and have them as best friends? Meanwhile Twilight has been feeling guilty of leaving Spike depressed lately. But what happens when her friends start to take Spike from her?

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Spike has been feeling like he and twilight have been growing apart and sorta blames the rest of the mare 6 for taking her away.

Really? Even Rarity?

"No! I'm jealous of Rarity! Every time she's around she ALWAYS makes Spike go all 'ga ga' over her and me?! Nothing but depression! What dose she have that I dont?! Is it my looks? My mane?! MY BREAST SIZE?!"

Is this an anthro fic or not?

Technically no Skywalker. It's still ponys. I figured it needed some adult humor to balance out the heavy subjects

Well their HAS to be conflict starlight. I know Spike has a crush on Rarity, but crushs don't build friendships.

Since this isn’t an anthro fic, something tells me that the breasts in question are on a mare’s groin. Because that’s anatomically correct for most vegetarian mammals.

Yep. But since Spike is short, he gets a free show whenever he wants:raritywink:

Curious on how this will go

Spike is invoking strong urges from them :moustache:

Wonder who else he might get too?

Hehehe! You'll see. He already got three ponys already. :rainbowkiss::raritywink::heart:

It'll be great! I might make more of these in the future with different scenarios.

Think in a scenario he could get Luna, Smolder, Ember and maybe Ocellus too?

Hmmm...maybe in a more...mature story. :raritywink:


Wonder if we see Spike speeding into the bathroom often for "release"? Since that part was funny and spicy

I may or may not be tempted to do that for all the transactions to the other mares.:raritywink:

I bet they be wild in hearing Spike from the bathroom doing that

Hehehe I'm tempted to do a side story after the story finishes...can you guess what it will be about~?:raritywink:

If you have any idea about what could happen during them let me know in private message ok?

Curious on if Luna would end up wanting Spike too?

Oh definitely! I'm going for the royal hat trick

Think we will hear Spike shouting her name from the bathroom too due to she did something that makes him want "release" :moustache:

Oh definitely. Hey did you like the oc I added for rainbows past job? Was that a surprise?:yay:

Nice keep up the good work :raritywink:

Thanks Ms Rarity. That's real nice of you.:pinkiesad2:

What happened to the chapter you posted today?

My friend noticed some Adjustments that it needed so I'm gonna fix it up and re post it once it's up. My apologies for the delay.

Try and fix the short description as well. It reads:

Spike believes that she and Twilight are drifting apart. Is this true?

Yeah I'll fix it soon. I wasn't proud of that one honestly.

Some advice someone gave me that makes it easier to read. Add paragraph spacing when you switch speakers as it makes it bit easier to distinguish dialogue.

Yeah, this was my first piece of fanfic I've ever written. I have to cone back and fix it up properly one day. Thanks for the tip though.

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