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It is the eleventh century and world is at war with faction's across vying with one another in conflict, for dominance, ideology, greed or want. It is a time of ruin, of tragedy, and the forging of the world's fate to come in blood and iron. All the while Equestria faces its darkest hour as it is set to be nearly annihilated by the changeling menace. The rallying cry to defend one's country for home and hearts has been sounded and the few that can are called up to fight, whether they are willing to or not.
It is also during this time that Zephyr Breeze, the younger brother of Fluttershy, has decided to run away from the conflict to anywhere he can. Where? —Anywhere that isn’t going to get him killed or forced into being a soldier of course.
So armed with nothing more than the clothes on his back, a suitcase, the emergency funds he acquired during his many depression naps following an incident he refuses to talk about, and a dubious magical blessing along with a compass from Discord, he embarks on his journey to get to someplace safe smuggling himself on a ship bound for The Draconic Isles. Hopefully nothing will go wrong, but with a tendency towards curiosity and a willingness to push past social boundaries something will surely will come out of the first stop on his trip, The Isles.
Art by: @SOUPERiORart, and original concept of art made by Sleepydraw
Lightly proofreaded'd by my good friend Detailaz and my other friends in the MLP community and not, thank you for the help! (Special mention to Buckweiser and Sleepydraw for helping me!)

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The issue with dragon isles are several fold:
1. Dragons require a unique tech tree
This might seem trivial until you realize dragons basically need special units for air, land, and navy. Scripting all that, figuring out the exact stats, and doing tests is going to take a long time.
2. The Dragon Isles have to deal with Haukland
Inevitably Haukland wardecs the dragon isles. This normally results in a stalemate but probably will be the war any dragon content centers around.
3. We can't model the multipurposeness of dragons in combat in HOI4.
Think of a dragon. They have their breath and wings as CAS. They should have a lot of soft and hard atk, as well as higher brk and def than normal inf to show their emblematic power.

The issue is that we cannot model a dragon doing CAS and being infantry at the same time, nor can we have them also be a transport plane. We may have to use some workaround to get around the abstraction, or probably excuse it as combat specialization.

As for the fic itself, there were plenty of grammatical errors with your/you're and hoard/horde mis-spellings being present. There are no humans except for NCR, since this isn't an April Fools timeline you should replace that with yetis. Eventually I found these to happen too often to enjoy the fic, but not enough to dislike it, either.

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