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She went to a beautiful place, where everything is peaceful and everyone loves each other and no one ever gets sick... Do you think there's really a place like that?


Former and current rulers in Equestria have disappeared with no clear explanation as to why, no closure granted to the civilians at large.
Everyone copes, or pointedly does not, in different ways.

This was originally written October 2022.

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More of this world would be neat to read.

I can see seem of the Ponies still holding on to the lessons of friendship, less facts of ones neighbor but stories to lift the spirit in dark time.

I can see squeals taking some cues from Fallout: Equestria.

in that last segment, Luna's art or balls of plasma? In a world where magic is a commonly accepted fact of life why can't it be both?

Is Discord gone as well?

Thank you for your interest!

The division and merging of fact and fiction were of great interest to me :)
I've actually never read Fallout: Equestria but I'm pretty sure people have told me in the past that I might like it :P
For perception of stars, in right mind and in moments of calm you could easily say it should be both, but when you're suddenly confronted with the makers of your myths disappearing you have to reconsider everything from the ground up; if I was told Luna was a princess wielding unparalleled power and with that power she made the stars, and the former was proven incorrect as she'd apparently been defeated, could I really continue believe the latter?

Yes, Discord is gone; I haven't touched this world in a while but the Mane 6 and princesses and their immediate family have disappeared- exceptions and extensions I've since forgotten.

Fair enough though like I said, the fact that magic is a very real thing in Equestria would make some folk more open to such ideas (let's not forget that the Unicorns raised and lowered the sun and moon before Celestia and Luna showed up).

as for suddenly being confronted with the makers of your myths disappearing. All I can say to that is that people are weird, some would do as you said but other's would be reaffirmed in their beliefs, seeing the disappearance as those beings ascending to a higher plane, and others still would see the disappearance as a challenge to be stronger, to raise above the makers of your myths and defeat what they could not. In short People are not a monolith, different folks will react and cope in different ways.

I'd recommend you read Fallout: Equestria by Kkat (fair warning that the early chapters are rather gory) and some of its sidefics (Heros, pink eyes, Dead Tree, I'd suggest holding off reading project horizons and murky number seven if you have a weak stomach or if 20'000 words at average chapters are too long for you in PH's case, I still swear I got sight damage reading that thing without breaks).

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