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This story is a sequel to Mistress (Adagio's Big Comeback)

An alliance forged.
The sirens restored.
New friendships made.
An exile welcomed home.
But when you invite as daunting a figure as Adagio Dazzle back to Equestria, no matter how much she seems to have changed, there's always going to be loose ends, so on the same night as Adagio and her human boyfriend return home to the other world, Twilight seeks to question Sunset Shimmer for her side of the story.
What ensues is a look through some of the events seen in Mistress, but through alternative views, as well as more context on the actions and thoughts of those involved by means of new scenes, as well as a chance for some heart to heart talks between two distant friends.

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Does this story also have femdom in it?

Sorry to dissapoint, but no smut at all in this one, I'm afraid. I wanted a cleaner stepping on point for anyone afraid of the fetish tag.
We'll get back to that with the full Adagio and Radian focused sequel. This is more of an interquel. Even then I plan to ensure any risque material will be properly marked in dedicated 'episiodes' while others are for more general viewing. Essentially I'm trying to have something for everyone.

less goo finally a sequel, been waiting on dis one

Glad to be back!
Just to be transparent, this is a shorter story overall at around 50k words, and I consider it more of an interquel (and a safer for work stepping on point for people who aren't fans of the more mature original story).
Between medical issues, me never being an especially fast writer anyway, and trying to keep on top of writing stories in other places, I do hope to get the full sequel started sooner than later, but I plan to make it a more gradual affair; basically episodes done without any set schedule, over a long period of time, but hopefully with less of a gaps between. Probably nothing as grand as the first story, but each tale spanning a few thousand to tens of thousands of words each time.
Thanks for reading.

Oh I see, well just take all the time you need my guy, you do not need to rush or nothing. Though is a shorter version, I am happy to know there will possibly a longer sequel in the foreseeable future, anyways I hope you have fun in your future writing also I hope you stay safe and healthy in the future as well.

Flash in the pan romances, you say.
Eager to see more whichever way it goes.

First and foremost, thanks for reading and I'm glad you enjoyed. This story really didn't get much of a reaction, so any comments and votes are greatly appreciated.
And I'm glad you caught that little jab. It's hard to tell when humour and references are caught, and that goes double for this story. I was hoping for a little more reaction to some of the aspects I put in this, and I've never been a fan for the way they try to put romances in the canon stories. I get they have a limited amount of time to let these relationships develop, but considering we saw many of these characters grow together, something as involved as romance really needs time. I don't have a problem with Flash that isn't tied to a (seemingly) general disinterest from the writers themselves, but without any real exploration in the series, it's hard to not see it as a bullet-point of a plot that's cast away as soon as the movie finishes.
However, I'm still unsure where to take the Princess Twilight and Sunset Shimmer dynamic that formed in chapter 4, not to mention how people wanted it explored (against the backing of Radian and Adagio as protagonsts; I want everyone to have some development when I get around to the full sequel), so the lack of reaction at all made me doubt continuing until I was more prepared to make a decision on my terms. It will certainly reach a conclusion, and no matter what they'll remain close, but whether it evolves or cools off and becomes totally platonic will be what has to be decided. Either way, the characters will grow.

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