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Ponies have tried to study and explain many phenomena over the ages. Many relics of the past had been found, with scholars having worked day and night in order to find out something about the history of Equestria. But not many have tried to search for answers in more distant lands. And yet there are some explorers that like to find out more about the world of Equus in general, be it in the coldest tundra or the hottest desert.

But knowledge has a price...

Artwork created by SomeSchmoe. Link is in the source
Big thank you going out to The Psychopath for helping me spot a lot of errors. Go ahead and read some of his stories if you don't know him yet!

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Fantastic read! Something about being lost in a desert... for me, it just provokes some incredible imagery. I think I remember a little of Fable 3's second half of the story. The air of mystery, the futile nature of the blistering trek...

I like that allusion to the hivemind too. So many interesting ways to write changelings, not enough time to do it. Great work friend.

Thank you kindly!
It was my very first story, and I had a lot of help on developing it. And I'm glad that I was able to bring the sense of uneasiness as well as mystery across like that.

Nice story! I wrote a review for it.

Thank you kindly for the honest review.
I'm glad that, despite the mistakes, I was able to make the story an interesting read!

This was a pretty good read! It sorta reminded me of one of Lovecraft's stories, what with the premise of the professor seeking forbiden knowledge far from civilization. I think the second half of the story really captures that sort of horror-ish vibe well. The first segment with all of the journal entries was good and added to the vibe, but it felt a bit too fast-paced for me. If it were me, I would have done fewer entries, but made them longer. Aside from that, you had quite a few mechanical issues (grammar, punctuation, etc) and some weird formatting, but these didn't distract from the story too much.

Thanks a lot for the review! It's great to see that you enjoyed reading the story. :pinkiehappy:
As for the mechanical issues, I think that's simply because English isn't my native language. Adding to the fact that I don't have much experience as a story writer.

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