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OH MAAA GAWD!!!! Thank you. Just....thank you. A fic that finally combines the two best shows on tv right now.
You gotta continue it! Do you need artwork to go with your story? Because I am itching to draw some MLP:BrBa
crossover now.

Breaking Bad/MLP CROSSOVER! Well done! Keep it up, and do not allow this to drop!

Yes Yes Yes :pinkiehappy: I could use all the help and support I can get since this is my first story and thank you so much for your comment you've given me inspiration to continue :twilightsmile:

I'll try my best, definitely thank you for your comment :twilightsmile:

Oh, man. This just looks too great to pass up. Alright, fine. I'll read.

Not bad, never seen the other show but promised I'd venture on so I shall.

Can someone tell me where in the Breaking Bad continuity the fic takes place? I'm working through the last of season 3, and I want to avoid spoilers for now.


This takes place during the incidents in 4 Days Out - S2E9.
I hope you found this response informative as well as completely drug-free. Have a Twilight and a nice day. :twilightsmile:

It takes place in season 2 with minor changes that im not going to say for fear of spoiling for fans who haven't watched season 2.
Did that help? :twilightsmile:

Vermillion, this story is excellent so far. I hope to see more of it in the future :pinkiehappy:

-static- Hello. Vermillion. This is Gus. I am willing to pay you 3 Million internet dollars for more of your outstanding product. -call ended-

Awesome chapter! Glad it didn't take long. I really like how you stay true to the characters of Walt and Jesse. Granny Smith hitting on Wal- I mean Heisencolt. :rainbowlaugh: "Oh, you mean the Bitch pony.":ajbemused: lol. There's so many great ways this story can go. I look foward to the next chapter!

It's a really awesome show and you should definitely watch it if you get the chance and thanks alot for the comment :pinkiehappy:

Im glad you liked it :pinkiehappy:

Definitely keep reading too I got a whole lot in store for Walter and Jesse in the upcoming chapters and you will not be disappointed.

Thanks for the comment and It's only gonna get better from here GrabbinPills.

Be sure to tell Gus that he will get his Ch. 3 soon and I look forward to a long and prosperous "business venture" :rainbowlaugh:

This is amazing. Keep it up:rainbowlaugh:

Another great chapter as always! Also, those scenarios might as well have been stolen from cut lines from the show. They were THAT hilarious :rainbowlaugh: Keep up the grand work!

raar, the inconsistencys with the show make me RAAAGE:flutterrage:

Sorry lol i made a few changes to the breaking bad universe to suit my story.. It'll be worth it though I promise :scootangel:

well, that escalated quickly :pinkiecrazy:

Aww shit. Ponyville is best drug capital of Equestria! :pinkiecrazy:

Indeed. Your about to see alot of meth crazed ponies in the upcoming chapters lol

So, why is pinkie channeling Tuco? and wait.. okay, can you basically recap the entire chapter after AJ tells Walt she touched his product?.. I don't get it.

(And seriously, this actually explains a lot. Cupcakes was Pinkie on meth. Jesus.)

Well.. Basically everypony was waiting on Rarity to show up so they could start the meeting.
Walter is hesitant on telling AppleJack the truth because if she found out that he made meth, a potentially deadly and addicting drug, she probably would not react very well.
Pinkie in the mean time is figuring out how to get Walter and Jesse into her meth lab, so she goes outside and tells everypony she would be right back and then starts a panic by saying something has happened to Rarity when in reality she is causing a distraction.
Then she leads Walter and Jesse into the basement and plays a little prank on them, but then gets serious and tells them they work for her now.
The whole Hank and Tuco situation will also be explained in the next chapter.
I hope that helps, if you have any more questions i'll do my best to answer them. :twilightsmile:

Since when does Pinkie have a meth lab?

And also, *Boring science*, I'm not entirely sure that meth would actually have the same effect on a pony. I mean all drugs target parts of your brain- that's the part that gets you high (Not that i'd know what that's like or anything), so i'm not sure that a horse's brain has the same receptors.

Pinkie having a meth lab will be explained later on.
and as for the science, ummm... You get an A+ :twilightblush:

... yay

As for Breaking Bad, to be honest, Tuco scared me more than any other guy. I mean Gus is obviously not a degenerate crackhead, so he plots. And thus, when Gus makes a move, you can expect it. But Tuco? He must be high 24/7. And really, please do not use that recurring thing where everytime he tests the product, he kills somebody in your fic, *please*.

Whoops, forgot to add, so with the canon from Breaking bad where Tuco survives.. how does Walter and Jesse get out of his death-episode alive?

Well, basically that episode never happened. They still work for him and they just got stuck in the desert one day making his meth. So we basically just jump straight to season 2 with no conflict resolution in the Breaking Bad universe, which I guess is the best way to put it. To avoid spoilers in response to your previous comment, all I can say is don't worry everything will be all right lol.

Oooo... Glad to see this updated! Perfect way to procrastinate finals! :twilightsheepish:

So the story has been fine so far, but a few issues, if I may: The big one is a complete lack of pacing, in most storys the process of hank and tuco going to equestria (assuming I read right) could take an entire chapter up. The characters are a bit underdeveloped, as you give too much credit to the idea that we know all about them all. Characters act completeley OOC out of fucking nowhere. The transformation of pinkie from fun pink pony to phsycho bitch was way to sudden, and her loss into drugs could have been a back story for some chapters. Once again, pacing. It all feels a bit rushed. But despite this, the basic story line is great. I like the of ponyville becoming drug adicts, and most of the story has been fine. Oh, one more thing, that whole TV character thingcame right smack-dab out of oblivion, and was accepted by the characters waaaaaay to quickly, the entire thing can just be taken out entirely. tl;dr: good story so far, but if it was revised and some slight changes were made, it could become something really special. Thanks for reading! :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the critique, I completely agree with you that it was rushed lol. I felt like I was behind schedule and felt bad letting you bros go on so long without new chapters. Truthfully, I've been winging it the entire time without taking time to plan things out and I agree that if a few things were changed it probably would have been epic. Unfortunately, this was my first fanfiction.. Ever.. and I don't have alot of experience with storytelling but before you count me out just yet, I still have a few tricks up my sleeve for the final chapter. So hopefully I can pull this off, thank you very much for your comment and for giving my fanfiction your attention. :twilightsmile:

Finished it in time before the apocalypse lol

Thank you for your comments and support and thank you for reading :twilightsmile:

It was good, not amazing though, you seemed to rush everything, it leaves me just craving for more.:applecry:
What's up with the sex tag? I demand clopscenes! :raritydespair:

lol forgot to take that tag off. :derpytongue2:

Sorry it couldn't have been better.. With college and everything piling up in my life I really didn't have time to think the story out much and it just wasn't fun anymore. :fluttercry:

Of course if I write another fanfiction i'll take what I learned from this story and apply it.

Thank you for your comment

Don't take me wrong, I love this story, it's just not all that great when you rush things, think it through, and try to create some kind of plotline, figure out the ending and the beginning before anything else, and write when you're not stressed.

Once again this story is great, great as crossover fics get. But the writing is, well for lack of a better word kind of awful. :ajsleepy: but I still believe that with some massive editing done, this could become far better. Also to be honest dat ending was just... just... no. 10x more addicting and untraceable drug is just kind of retarded. Not being mean or anything just think that its important for the development of an author to be told when they make a really fucking stupid move.

I'm inclined to agree with Mr. Squiggles. The ending felt kinda rushed, ponies falling out of the sky and incidents piling up. With some editing, this could definitely become multiple chapters.

Overall though: My rating of your story stands at 7.5 moustaches out of 5! :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache: :mous tache:

Thanks for the honesty.

Hmmm.. I don't think I'm happy with the ending or the story either..

I've got a few projects I have to finish and it might be awhile before I come back to this story. But I'll be sure to keep editing in mind.. I'll go ahead and change the status to incomplete.


Don't feel unhappy about it. I loved reading this story and will most likely read other stuff you write. All I can say is this: Be prideful of this story, you have a lot to work with. Whether you rewrite stuff or not, I'll still be harassing you in the comments. :pinkiesmile:

Best of luck!

pinkie pinkman. that's my character in my mlp breaking bad thingamabob.

This shit was so wanker... that it was fun. Almost taking the truly meaning of crossover to my childhood memories were they would amaze each other and fall in love. You made a good story; even if in mature eyes (when I was at 10:00 pm now 4:35 am), i didnt look at it like some sort of serious since the beggining but now I think this is a good story. Favorited and liked. I don't think you will improve this story further so I'm not going to read it again to tell you the mistakes and possibly trying to bring some sense to this story.

This is what a fanfic is about, shit n' giggles. Not whinning and complaining over stupid stuff. I mean sometimes it seemed a little off when characters came out of nowhere just to fill a goddamn useless paper like Celestia or Hank and shit who just came to do nothin' peculiar.

Also, when they get the elemnts of harmony out of fuckin' nowhere was like da fuq? they didn't even had them to beggin with!

The part where Piknie goes all mad really scared the shit out of me.

And the last part, the end, the shot of pleasure. It was okay to me, he got more bastard than before, ignoring everything from the world what an ass.

And the fallin' in love complex with Jesse, LOL

Celestia just made the cristals disappear from existence. Why would he not make him remember everything was just a goddamn tv show, XD.

I'm rambbling.

Sorry fuckin' need sleep my brain is receiving damage from exposure.

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