• Published 25th Dec 2020
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Ultimate Multiverse Explorers - Lucar

Several months after her adventures on Pop Star, Sweetie Belle decides it's time to start new adventures in new universes

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Chapter 2: We All Live In A Pokémon World!

Author's Note:

So, this won't be one of these stories where one chapter = one world, as you will rapidly see. Some world will probably take over a dozen chapters, and it's very probable that Sweetie Belle will return in some of them to live more adventures with her friends, or simply because she's forced to return for one reason or another.

This Pokemon World, here, is the one of the video games, but it will also take a lot of elements of the manga. Which means that contrary to the anime, it won't be all sunshine and rainbows.

Sweetie Belle was glade for the little translating device Magolor made for her. As she walked in the streets of this small city, she did a quick test without and discovered that the inhabitants really didn't talk the same language than her. As a bonus, the translator even translated what the Pokémon were saying!

However, something that the translator couldn't do was translating written words... As a result, even thought Sweetie saw the sign with the name of the city, she couldn't read it. Same for the signs with the name of the streets, the publicity, the names of some buildings that she could only guess, and so on.

So much for going into a library to learn more about this world the easy way...

But she didn't really mind as she learned a lot simply by eavesdropping and observing both the humans and the Pokémon. This city seemed to be a key place for Pokémon trainers. A lot of them were gathered, talking with each others about how to defeat this famous Elite 4, exchanging strategies and Pokémon, or training by fighting each others with their Pokémon. There were also talks about the local Gym Leader, a guy named Blue.

Curious, she managed to find the building where this Blue guy worked, and entered it as a visitor just in time to observe a battle between a trainer and Blue, a guy with long spiked brown hairs.

Why he was called a Gym Leader, she didn't know as Pokémon battles had nothing to do with gymnastic, but she quickly understood why this guy was one of the big bosses of this competition. He had one heck of a team. Well, the trainer she defeated seemed to have too one heck of a team since he apparently managed to beat this guy, so it didn't mean much against her, but against lambda trainers, she knew now that the trainer hadn't been a small fly, and so was Blue.

Where many trainers seemed to love to specialise in one or two Pokémon-types (she briefly saw a fight between a girl who used mostly plant-like Pokémon and a boy who used bird Pokémon), Blue had a very diversified team containing a lot of types, even if there were some Pokémon which Sweetie could only guess the types, like that Rhydon Pokémon.

The trainer clearly had come prepared as he used some butterfly-like Pokémon (named Butterfree) to easily defeat a Pokémon that looked like a fat palm tree with the coconuts as heads (which had the very nice name of Exeggutor...). But Blue showed that he wasn't Gym Leader for nothing by sending that Rhydon (a Pokémon that looked like a bipedal rhinoceros with a very mean-looking horn) that used an attack named Stone Edge to make short work of the butterfly.

At this, the trainer sent a jellyfish-like Pokémon that looked more like a sea monster (with a name that went well with its look: Tentacruel), only for Blue to smile and to immediately shout "Earthquake!"

Darn! These Pokémon can do some serious stuff! thought Sweetie Belle. Not everything could create earthquakes like that.

The next instant, the Rhydon stomped the ground, causing the building to shake. This led to the Tentacruel losing its balance before being hit by pieces of ground. It didn't quite knock it out, but it seriously hurt it.

"Use Surf!" immediately yelled the trainer, and the next instant, the Tentacruel created a huge wave of water that seemed impossible to avoid.

Blue smirked at this. "Thunder!"


Before it could be hit by the wave of water, the Rhydon fired a huge lightning beam at it. The electricity spread, hitting the Tentacruel who lost control of the water, and the wave collapsed before the Pokémon fell unconscious.

Blue chuckled as he showed some disk. "Sorry. I equipped my Rhydon against water-types. Using only Pokémon with type advantages won't work against me. I only let you defeat my Exeggutor easily to lower your guard."


Blue shrugged. "I'm an ex-Champion, what did you think? Trust me, if you don't use more your head, the Elite 4 and Gold will eat you. The Elite 4 may be type specialists contrary to me, but it doesn't mean that it will be easy. And Gold... Well, it's not for nothing that he is still champion even after all these years. The other Gym Leaders only were a foretaste to ease you in the world of Pokémon battles. Starting from me, you enter the real professional Pokémon battles. The ones where shouting attacks isn't enough."

And from there, Blue demonstrated what he said by totally weeping the floor with the trainer's team. Blue would not only attack, but also use moves to prepare traps, to up his Pokémon's defense or attack, to slowly damage by poisoning or burning, by forcing the trainer to lose time to heal his Pokémon...

The trainer still managed to knock out one of Blue's Pokémon, a Pidgeot (a large bird Pokémon with a long colored crest), but in the end, he didn't stand a chance.

The trainer could only sigh in defeat. "No wonder Kanto produces some of the best trainers in the world with someone like you as a Gym Leader. Why aren't you a member of the Elite 4?"

"Meh. I think that being a Gym Leader is a better place to give important lessons to trainers like you. It's not for nothing that TMs exist. You must learn to use them to your advantage, and not just the attacks that your Pokémon naturally learn. You will be less predictable, and you will be able to put into place some serious strategies for all situations. This is how you become a champion. At least, here in Kanto. I advice you to find out what moves your Pokémon can learn with TMs and to prepare a strategy against me before coming back."

The trainer nodded and shook Blue's hand. "Thank you. I will follow this advice. I don't know when I will be back, but when I do, this time, I will defeat you."

Blue chuckled. "That's what I hope."

As the trainer left, Blue then turned to look at Sweetie Belle. "Hello, little one. Want to be the next to challenge me?"

Sweetie Belle shook her head. "Sorry, I don't have any Pokémon yet. I was just observing. It was really an awesome fight."

Blue's eternal smirk morphed into a smile at this. "Thank you. If you have no Pokémon but are planning to start your journey in the Pokémon League, then I suggest for you to go visit my grandfather, the professor Oak, in Pallet Town further South. He will give you a Pokémon of your choice among the three Starters."

Sweetie Belle didn't know what were the Starters, and wasn't sure if she should ask. In the end, she just decided to thank Blue and to exit the gym. But before she could leave, Blue received a call from some portable device, and he answered it. After a small talk, he then went to exit the gym too.

"You may want to follow me, little one. Something interesting is happening," he said as he passed beside Sweetie Belle who looked at him.

She raised an eyebrow before answering "Alright." She then followed him out of the gym (which he closed), and through a few streets until they reached the South edge of the small city where some people were gathered around what Sweetie Belle recognized were journalists who seemed to be interviewing the trainer she fought, who was beside an old man in a white lab coat who was holding a notepad on which he seemed to draw something.

"-before the Explosion, it used Dig and didn't come out. It either continued to dig or teleported away," finished the trainer, Ed.

"And so, you think that this new Pokémon may be a legendary?" asked the woman who was interviewing Ed.

"We're almost certain!" shouted the second trainer who had been with Ed. "I mean, only a legendary could defeat such a strong team so easily, right?"

"That's a good point," said the woman before she remarked Blue's presence. Seeing that she remarked him, Blue joined them. "Oh! It seems that we are joined by the famous Gym Leader of Viridian City! Blue Oak!"

"Hey gramp'! A friend told me that you were around! What is the news?" asked Blue to the old man.

"A potential new legendary Pokémon," answered the old man before he put a hand on Ed's shoulder. "This young trainer fought it in Route 22 only to be easily defeated."

Blue raised an eye brow at this as he looked at Ed. He remembered Ed. He gave him the last badge only yesterday. The guy proved to be champion material. "How easily?"

"It one-shot my Nidoking with just a Pound on the cheek, sent my Gyarados flying with another Pound, and defeated my four remaining Pokémon in less than one minute despite me sending all of them at once."

Blue whistled. Around them, the people listening seemed shocked and excited.

"I was called as soon as he said that he may have encountered a new legendary Pokémon," said professor Oak. "I couldn't pass beside this opportunity, so I took my bicycle and rolled all the way from Pallet Town in a few minutes. It's not everyday that a potential new legendary is discovered. And given the description, we may be dealing with a Pokémon linked to Keldeo. Maybe a new member of the Swords of Justice."

"I don't know, prof, this Pokémon didn't use any sword-related moves," said Ed.

"Maybe it judged that it didn't need to use one. I mean, with how easily it defeated your Pokémon..." said the second trainer.

"I suppose this is what you're drawing, gramp'. Can I see it?" asked Blue.

"Of course," said the prof before he gave the notepad which contained a drawing of Sweetie Belle along with several info that had been gathered from Ed's testimony. The prof had even used colors so the drawing wasn't just a sketch. Professor Oak was very thorough.

Upon seeing the appearance of the Pokémon, Blue immediately raised an eyebrow, remarking the similarities between it and a certain little girl. The exact hair/mane color and style. Blue could't help but move his eyes to have a look at said girl.

Oops... thought Sweetie Belle at this. I should have changed the color of my mane. But it didn't matter in the end for Sweetie Belle who silently giggled, smiled at Blue, and waved at him.

"What are your thoughts about this Pokémon, Mr Oak?" asked the journalist.

"Please, just Blue. And my thoughts? Well, knowing the ardor of some of the trainers, I wouldn't be surprised if upon learning of the existence of this new Pokémon, many will want to try to catch it. But, from what Ed said, this Pokémon was barely warming up against his team, and yet, Ed managed to defeat me, an ex-Champion, and had been about to challenge the Elite 4. This Pokémon is clearly beyond the level of the majority of the trainers of the world. So I would advice against attempting to catch it, unless you want to know a crushing defeat. Beside, good luck finding it. It could be anywhere." He then gave a smirk, both at the camera and at the young girl. "It may even have the same power than Zorua and Zoroark and have the ability to turn into a human. Who knows. It may even be here, among us."

"What makes you say that it may have this rare ability?" asked the journalist.

Blue shrugged. "Well, we know nothing about this Pokémon, not even its types, so anything is possible." He then looked back at the drawing. "I wouldn't be surprised however if it is a Fairy-type. It has the look. And with all these Psychic-type attacks it used, maybe also a Psychic-type."

"This is what I thought," said professor Oak. "A legendary with a double type Fairy/Psychic. If only I could encounter it to confirm it..."

"I know someone who may be able to find it, fight it, and give the answer," said Blue, again with a knowing smirk as he looked at the camera. "Don't you think, Red?"

"Red? The ex-Champion?" asked the journalist. "You think he may be able to defeat this Pokémon?"

"I don't know. I just know that he is not against a real challenge, and that he has the team to answer said challenge. And I'm not talking about his usual team. He has another team... that he never used, because he thought that it would be unfair on other trainers. Even Gold wouldn't stand a chance against it. But if this Pokémon is as powerful as we think..."

"Oooh I think that you just hyped the majority of our audience, me included. I now want to see this battle if it ever happens," commented the journalist before she turned to face the camera. "I think that this concludes this special flash. I have no doubt that professor Oak will continue to research this new Pokémon, and that soon enough, we will have a new entry in the Pokédex. Until then, I know that hundreds of trainers and specialists will roam the roads of Kanto, and probably Johto, in search of this new Pokémon despite the warning of Blue. We will probably be witness to many battles against this new Pokémon in the future. And maybe, as Blue said, Red will join in the fun to give us a legendary battle. That was Susana Eleor announcing a potential new legendary Pokémon. See you soon!"

The cameraman turned the camera off, and after some thanks, the journalists walked away while the crowd dispersed. Only Sweetie Belle remained to talk with professor Oak. Blue did say that she had to talk to him to receive a 'Starter'. She wasn't ready to start this Pokémon League or whatever, she wanted to do it with her friends, and it would certainly take a whole vacation to explore the whole region to get all the badges, but she wasn't against receiving her first Pokémon now before returning to Equestria.

Well, she still had a couple of days to explore this world. The week-end just began, and she was in this world for only about an hour.

"Excuse-me, professor?" she called, gaining the attention of the old man. "Blue told me that I had to see you to receive a Starter."

She saw Blue raise an eyebrow at this, probably wondering why a Pokémon wanted to become a Pokémon trainer, and judging by the expression of surprise from the prof, he also put two and two together. She really should change the color and style of her hair.

Grandson and grandfather exchanged a look before Blue simply gave a small smile followed by a shrug.

"Hum... Certainly! But you will have to follow me to my laboratory in Pallet Town. I don't have the Starters on me right now."

"Alright. South, right? You can go ahead, I will probably take my time on the way."

Professor Oak nodded. "Very well. I will see you in my laboratory then. What is your name?"

"Sweetie Belle."

"Well, Sweetie Belle, I... may have a few questions for you once you reach my lab. I hope you won't mind."

Sweetie Belle giggled. "I don't. But I hope you won't mind if I am vague. It wouldn't be fun if I gave you all the answers like that. See you at the lab."

She then walked away, direction the South, leaving behind a perplexed Gym Leader and professor.

"Well, this will be interesting," said Blue.

"Yes. Very," said professor Oak. "I'm curious to see where this will go."

"Me too." Blue then laughed. "Poor Red. I wonder how many times he will pass beside her without knowing that she's the Pokémon that he searches."

Meanwhile, Sweetie Belle was walking down Route 1, taking her time as she said as she looked around at the wild Pokémon, this route having some new ones compared to the previous one.

Seeing nobody around, she turned back to her pony form and walked among the tall grasses, only to see among the grasses a strange Pokémon that looked like a pink cat with a very long tail who was looking at her curiously.

Sweetie Belle looked back at it, smiled, and waved. "Hello!"

The Pokémon waved back with a small "Hello!" before it disappeared with a giggle. Thinking that the Pokémon was gone, Sweetie Belle entered the tall grasses only to feel something pat her on her side. When she looked, she saw the Pokémon again, the pink cat rapidly flying away into the tall grasses giggling. Understanding what it wanted, Sweetie Belle ran after it, turning invisible.

Thus, the two began to playfully chase each other in the tall grasses.

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