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When Twilight Sparkle is awoken by yet another strange sound in Ponyville, it seems like a regular day in the life of Equestria's smartest pony, but when half of the town is entranced by a mysterious, invisible entity that appears by the Town Hall, it seems that this time the threat to Equestria may be coming from places beyond everypony's wildest imaginations...

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Abyss: gazed into.

Thumb: turned upward.

comma abuse but still pretty good...

This gave me chills! Onward, laddy! :raritywink:


Yeah, I have been known for this... Thanks for pointing it out, I shall attempt to reel it in!

Don't worry, I do it all the time as well. Just a little work will clear that problem up.

Assuming this is based off of Titan: A.E., I like it so far. If it's not based off Titan A.E. then... I still like it.


Yeah... I had wondered if that connect might be made... No, this story has no connected to Titan A.E. (A film I haven't seen in years and would like to seek out again). This wasn't the original title of the piece, but the one I used before had been used elsewhere, and I thought it polite to change it. Thanks though!

oh it's all good. your creative appeal to my love of Titan: A.E. is what prompted me to come to your story in the first place :3


Subversive Forgotten Animated Movie influence for the win!

Indeed. And now if you'll excuse me, I'm feeling rather British at the moment. :moustache:

Space-Time Anomalies? Hell No :twilightoops:


I can't tell if by this you mean "Oh no, what are they going to do?" or "What the hell? THIS again? What happened to originality?"

I don't blame you if it's the latter, I'm new at this and have little-to-no idea what else has been done already on the site... I should probably have read around a bit more before I started writing...

You're definitely bringing across the idea of 'fearing the unknowable' quite well, even I have a bit of fright in my mind just reading about the freaky space anomaly that has Twilight spooked. :coolphoto:

Oh No nothing like that :ajsmug:
It because Space-Time Anomalies are often ended with world (Universe) destruction :rainbowwild:
Also i didnt see any Fic like yours :)


Heh, thanks, it's good to hear that!


Ahh, fair enough, you can never be sure here, and I know that the whole "alternate reality" thing has been quite popular, but I don't think I can say it is the same as most of them, we'll have to see :raritywink: Thanks for the kind words though!

Notices a few typos within this fourth chapter, nothing that ruins the writing within the chapter itself though. (A majority of the typos seem to be just-past the half-way mark among the speech. :pinkiehappy: )

And might I add...

The plot thickens! :pinkiecrazy:

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