• Published 19th Jan 2020
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You're Anon The Oblivious Human Equestrian Guy - Lil Biscuit

Everypony wants to shag you...too bad you're oblivious to it.

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Make Me Wet!

“Anon?” Twilight Sparkle gazed towards you with a stare full of innocence and compassion.

Those dark violet hues were so beautiful with a hint of mischief. Her lips curled into a tiny pout before she closed the thick red book in her hooves with a thud. Twilight's tail swayed behind her in swift elegant motions. Everything about her dripped with a playful essence that you hadn't seen in many girls on earth.

Especially towards you.

“Yes?” You coughed nervously under your breath.

You've been busy all day fixing stuff up around Twilight's private library. Most of what she had you work on wasn't really even broken, it was as if she just had you around for company. This honestly was fine, you loved nice ponies to chat with they seemed to understand you on an emotional level.

Something you far more preferred over a purely physical relationship.

“Do you enjoy living with me?” Twilight lifted her book in front of her muzzle full of shyness both cheeks glowing a bright red hue.

“Well yes, you're very sweet and understanding.” You replied with a large smile as you shuffled a few boxes of books around.

“Do you enjoy the late-night cuddles we share?” She took a deep breath pushing forward on the subject.

“The ones under the moonlight on the balcony?” You suddenly froze in place, your back turned to the princess in growing silence.

“Indeed.” She lifted off her large velvet pillow and took a few dainty steps in your direction.

“Yes.” You swallowed a huge lump in your throat.

You knew where this was heading. All those late nights rolling on the floor of the castle or sleeping on the balcony under the ballet of shining stars. It all meant one thing could only be upon the horizon.

“I'm dirty Anon. -- A filthy little pony.” Twilight whimpered under her breath before she wrapped both slender hooves around your waist.

You could feel the tiny creature pull closer into an embrace full of silent passion.

“What can I possibly do?” You gazed out the nearby window with narrowed eyes and a racing heart.

“Make me wet Anon! -- Take me here in this room right now!” Twilight's cheeks burned brightly as she watched you turn around to face her with a stone-faced expression.

“Ok, I'll do it.” You nodded knowing it must be done.

It took a little while to carry the large metal tub up all those stairs to the library. But after about thirty minutes of hard work, you were able to get that filthy little pony into the soapy water for a bath. She was covered in bright pink bubbles from head to hoof, you smiled with a heartwarming chuckle spraying her with a hose from behind.

“After this, you won't be so dirty, I promise!” You gave a wink and took a drink from a glass of cider in your hand.

“....” Twilight glared forward to nopony in particular eyes full of annoyance.

She had never been so wet in her life.