• Published 19th Jan 2020
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You're Anon The Oblivious Human Equestrian Guy - Lil Biscuit

Everypony wants to shag you...too bad you're oblivious to it.

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Buck Me Against A Tree!

The sound of apples hitting the ground was like a melody of the wild. As if Mother Nature decided it was time to bust out into a sweet bass solo. You sat under a massive apple tree in silence and watched an adorable copper pony buck trees to her heart's content.

You had a bottle of apple cider in your hand. If it made the mare happy to work all day under the warm caress of Celestia’s sun, who are you to judge?

Sometimes you could spend days at a time in a good book. The world passing you by in the blink of an eye. Sometimes we all just need to do something that puts our mindset at ease, be it work, play, or anything in between.

Applejack was coated in a fresh batch of sweat. Those emerald-like eyes burned into you from across the orchard. She was well toned for a pony, to be honest, and it was a lovely sight to behold. Muscular tight legs, a plump round butt, and of course chest floof that beckoned to be touched.

“Sugarcube?” She gave a feminine stretch in place as she lifted her sun kissed tail high into the air teasingly.

“AJ?” You quivered a tad nervous.

Lifting from your safe patch of grass, you walked over to the mare. Applejack wouldn't just call you over unless it was very important. Without a moment's hesitation, you both locked gazes in absolute silence of the moment. The only sound in the large open orchard that of two beating hearts.

“I see the way you stare, Anon.” She whispered in a gentle tune.

“I...I…” You couldn't quite find the right words.

“Shhh, I just want you to buck me against this tree.” Applejack giggled with a devious little grin across her lips.

“I couldn't!” You gasped in terrified shock of her request.

“You can't hurt me. Just give me one hard buck!” Applejack began to whimper below you the poor creature looked so uncomfortable.

“Fine, for you!” You took a deep breath with a look of genuine determination.

“Mmm, thank you sugar…” She yelped in pain as your foot came crashing down across her muzzle in a loud echoing pop.

The tiny copper body of the mare smashed across the vibrant tree with a dull thud. Applejack easily knocked out cold from the mere impact of the kick. “Was that helpful?” You asked confused as bright red apples rained from the sky above.

She never had such a hard bucking.