• Published 19th Jan 2020
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You're Anon The Oblivious Human Equestrian Guy - Lil Biscuit

Everypony wants to shag you...too bad you're oblivious to it.

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A Roll In The Hay.

Fluttershy daintily pranced around the open doors of her shed. She was busy counting out her monthly supplies and what she'd need to acquire within the coming days. Every so often those large turquoise-colored eyes would shyly glance over to you. Fluttershy was the soft spoken sort, what she lacked in conversation skills she made up in body language.

Every few steps she'd sway her butt to the side in a teasing gesture. Or perhaps rock those full elegant hips back and forth, sometimes even just give a playful little swish of her full-bodied pink tail. You always found her the most graceful of the ponies in Equestria, every moment with her an absolute delight.

“Um, Anon sir?” Fluttershy spoke up in a barely audible whisper.

“Ma'am?” You gazed up from the chart in your hand, from what you could tell she wasn't really missing anything to replace this month.

“You're about the only creature to ever really listen to me.” Fluttershy blushed a vibrant pink over both cheeks embarrassed.

“I'm happy to help Fluttershy, I have to admit to loving our secret talks.” You jokingly gave a bow to the mare with a bright white smile.

“As do I.” She giggled her eyes lifted away from the ground, locking onto your own with a sparkle.

“Would I be out of um line…” Fluttershy burned a brighter red.

“Hmm?” You quirked a brow.

“If I suggested…” She gave a sharp inhale full of anxiety.


“Can we, I mean us...no you…” Fluttershy curled into a tiny ball shivering in fear.


“Anon, do you want to roll in the hay!?” Fluttershy squealed in outright embarrassment, both hooves lifted to hide her face away.

“Sure! Sounds like a blast!!” You chuckled out joyously before dropping your chart.

Screaming in a loud howl of excitement. You dashed pass Fluttershy into the shed quick to find the largest pile of hay in the tiny building. With a delighted chortle, you dived into the soft welcoming surface, rolling around atop the hay without a care in the world.

You waited for Fluttershy to join in on the fun. But instead, she simply galloped off towards her cottage in embarrassment. Leaving you befuddled and alone surrounded by waves of golden hay.

Was it something you said?