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Cozy Shadows - StubobNumbers

Dusk Shadow has a great responsibility placed in front of him. But he has his family and others to help him. And he'll need it.

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A Hard Night's Day

Cozy Glow was not a happy filly.

“I was doing better when I was locked in stone,” she grumbled to herself as she was drug along in the purple glow of Princess Twilight Sparkle’s magic.

“I can hear you, Cozy,” Twilight Sparkle deadpanned. “And you are not going back into the statue. This is happening whether you care for it or not.”

“Well golly, thanks for being such a symbol of friendship and good nature!” Cozy Glow retorted, the sarcasm so thick you could cut it with a lightsaber.

Cozy Glow, upon noticing her verbal jab had no effect, began to pout. She tried for the third time (once for every hour out of the statue so far) to remove the enchanted choker Princess Twilight Sparkle had levitated onto her as she was just getting her bearings upon being freed.

“Leave that alone.” Twilight Sparkle said.

“It’s uncomfortable!”, Cozy Glow whined in reply. “And I swear I’ll be a good filly and won’t escape and plot some horrible revenge.”

Twilight Sparkle stopped and just stared at Cozy Glow flatly.

“Well, it is kinda uncomfortable for real though, Ms. Sparkle”, Cozy Glow said.

“Perish the thought that one of the biggest villains in Equestrian history was somewhat uncomfortable,” Twilight snarked. “The enchantments will keep you from flying higher than mailbox level and they have a tracking spell that doubles as an alarm spell if you try to leave the area designated as your new home.” Twilight took a breath and then added, “In the event the alarm is tripped, I will immediately teleport you to me.”

“But I’ll barely be able to fly,” Cozy Glow muttered.

Twilight Sparkle looked at Cozy Glow with only a sliver of compassion. “If you prove that you have changed your ways, and you fit into Equestrian society, then I will remove the choker,” Twilight stated. Then Twilight Sparkle smiled, “But next is getting you to Ponyville and introducing you to those ponies you’ll be staying with.”

Twilight Sparkle mused, “You may even not despise them. They have a colt about your age. You two will be starting Ponyville school together tomorrow.”

“No, please. Not school. Hey, my old cell in Tartarus is empty. Let’s talk this out, Princess.” Cozy Glow said as she tried to wriggle out of Twilight’s magic.

“Stop embarrassing yourself, Cozy. You are not going to get out of my magic.” Twilight said, with a slight smirk on her muzzle, “but if you agree to walk with me calmly then I will release you.”

Cozy Glow tried a few more contortions before sighing heavily. “Fine, I’ll come along.” Cozy replied.

Cozy Glow was lowered to the ground, and the purple aura blinked out.

Twilight Sparkle took a few steps to be right beside Cozy Glow before saying “Let’s go, Cozy. We’re expected shortly in Ponyville.” Twilight Sparkle stated.

Cozy Glow took a deep breath, then she suddenly tried to fly away from Twilight, but she only made it a few inches before Twilight’s magic caught her.

“You can lead a filly to friendship, but you can’t make her listen.” Twilight sighed. “Enough of this, I’m teleporting us to the central square of Ponyville and hoofing you off to them.”

Before Cozy Glow could react, she and Twilight Sparkle disappeared in a blue flash.


Meanwhile in Ponyville, Dusk Shadow was running around the center of Ponyville, trying to burn off the results of an impromptu surprise party sprung on his family by a pink pony of perpetual motion. His parents were tired and lounging on a nearby bench.

Midway through a flying leap, a blue flash blinded Dusk Shadow and suddenly “OOMPH!” rang out and he was lying on the ground dazed.

“Did somebody get the number on that parasprite swarm that hit me?”, a young feminine voice croaked.

“Well, that could have went smoother.” Twilight Sparkle sighed, looking upon the collision of pegasus foals.

A cleared throat just behind Princess Twilight Sparkle made her turn around. Standing there, glancing between their son who was getting back on his hooves, and Twilight Sparkle herself were Morse Code and Smoke Signal, Dusk Shadow’s parents.

“Just the ponies I came to see,” Twilight said with false cheer, and undertones of relief. Twilight looked back to see that Cozy Glow was also back on her hooves and taking swings at the mysterious colt that ran into her.

“Cozy, quit it!” Twilight yelled. “It was an accident, and nobody was hurt.”

“So, this is the infamous Cozy Glow.” Smoke Signal said.
“No, I’m the other future Empress of Friendship,” Cozy Glow snarkily replied.

“She certainly must be ambitious then. Will you introduce her to us?” Dusk Shadow stated, smiling cheekily.

“You!”, Cozy Glow hollered before trying to swing at his muzzle again.

Suddenly a purple aura enclosed both foals and put them right in front of Morse Code and Smoke Signal.

Morse Code looked at the pair of foals and groaned lightly. “What did I do to deserve this? Was I a paparazzi in a past life?’.

“If you were, then I must have been a Silverfish.” Smoke Signal chimed in.

“I highly doubt you two were either a muckraking tabloid reporter or an invertebrate.” Princess Twilight Sparkle deadpanned.

Twilight Sparkle then perked up a bit. “Now that we’re all here, introductions are in order.”

“Cozy Glow, this colt that you keep glaring at is Dusk Shadow. These two silver tongued ponies here are his parents, Morse Code and Smoke Signal.” Twilight Sparkle said before continuing “And this here is Cozy Glow.” Twilight gestured to the surly filly who was in a staring contest with her ashen grey coated counterpart, Dusk Shadow.

“It’s an...experience to meet you, Ms. Glow,” Smoke Signal said. Morse Code just slightly nodded.

Twilight Sparkle looked at the two foals for a moment before addressing Smoke Signal and Morse Code.

“I trust that your housing and furnishings are in order?” Twilight asked.

“Yes, and we were treated to a lively surprise party.” Morse Code replied.

“Good to see that Pinkie is on the ball as it were.” Twilight Sparkle noted. “Listen to me, Cozy,” Twilight Sparkle added firmly. “This is the family that is taking you in.”

Cozy Glow’s head whipped from Dusk Shadow so fast the friction created light and heat.

“What!?”, Cozy Glow was stunned and her jaw was hanging open.

“Close your muzzle before you swallow a bug.” Dusk Shadow said chuckling.
“Twilight, have mercy. Surely having to deal with that colt is cruel and unusual!” Cozy Glow pouted.

Twilight Sparkle looked at the four and said, “Looks like you four have some matters to discuss. Perhaps you should head home and hash stuff out there. If you have any major issues, please write to me.” Twilight Sparkle paused and then added, “This is goodbye for now. I must be back to Canterlot momentarily. Good luck, and Cozy, give them a chance.”

Princess Twilight Sparkle then teleported back to Canterlot, leaving four ponies to awkwardly stare at each other.

After a few moments, Smoke Signal said “Let’s go home. I’ll fix us a light salad, and then we can settle in for a chat.”

“Sounds lovely, hon.” Morse Code replied. Morse Code then looked at the two foals. “Come along, you two. And Ms. Glow, the Princess told us about the enchantments you’re under, but we won’t keep you homebound. If you join after school activities, or you make friends, then you have our permission to hang around Ponyville, but be back before dinner.” he concluded.

Cozy Glow sighed and started following behind this irritating colt she just met. She would follow along for now, and wait and watch for her chance to escape.

“Equestria hasn’t seen the last of Cozy Glow,” she thought to herself.

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Good chapter, I like Cozy's interaction with Twilight. It makes sense that she's done trying to act like a good filly for the most part since everyone knows her by now. That choker once again proves how well Twilight prepared for this. I can't wait to see how Cozy will fare with her new family.

Yay choker, Trust but verify.

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