• Published 13th Nov 2019
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Cozy Shadows - StubobNumbers

Dusk Shadow has a great responsibility placed in front of him. But he has his family and others to help him. And he'll need it.

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Afternoon Paperwork Not Such A Delight

A grey, half-light filtered through the windows of the Royal Palace in Canterlot, distorting shadows and dulling the usually bright colors of the Throne Room and it’s typically garishly dressed inhabitants.

Princess Twilight Sparkle strode with purpose down the center aisle and climbed the steps to her throne without acknowledging the crowd of nobles, guards, various assistants, undersecretaries and gophers in the audience.

Twilight Sparkle set down with grace and then she nodded to her personal advisor, Raven Inkwell.

“Citizens of Equestria, Princess Twilight Sparkle will not be holding a normal open court session this afternoon. She has written letters and sent orders via your department offices when applicable”, Raven Inkwell told the gathering.

Mutterings and a few slight gasps broke out amongst the ponies who had planned on airing their issues to Her Majesty on this day.

“Citizens of Equestria,” Twilight Sparkle began, silencing the crowd. “Traditional Day Courts will resume in a few days. But I asked for your presence today as witnesses to a royal decree.”

“What I am about to tell you is being shared as we speak with the heads of every major newspaper in Equestria. They are being instructed to share just the facts of this decree, and to not use sensational scare tactics in their stories.” Twilight further added.

“What’s happening? Are we at war?” one worried mare asked.

“Did Princess Cadence run off with a pool boy?” a stallion blurted out.

“Listen citizens, and I will explain.” Princess Twilight Sparkle calmly stated, mostly silencing the mutters.

“Forgiveness and paths to redemption are two things our society is said to be built upon.” Twilight said. “From Princess Luna herself to Discord to my good friend, Starlight Glimmer. Each of them were given chances to redeem themselves.” she added.

“Therefore, I am giving Cozy Glow the same opportunity. I decree she shall be released and a family has been chosen to take her in. This family will be the executor of my will. There will be precautions taken and enchantments used to prevent Ms. Glow from fleeing justice. There will be experienced, intelligent folks around to help and advise this family and Ms. Glow in this endeavor.” Princess Twilight Sparkle said.

A rather pompous looking noble stallion stepped forward.
“And which family has been chosen for this chance at honor and glory?” the stallion asked.

Princess Twilight Sparkle looked flatly at the stallion for a moment’s pause before replying.

“The family in question can choose to reveal their names to Equestria if they so choose. They have a challenge ahead, and I will not foist upon them the added distractions of media looking for a scoop, nobles looking to gain influence, or perhaps ponies just wanting to harm Ms. Cozy Glow.” Twilight answered.

“Cozy Glow attempted to conquer Equestria on two occasions. But she is just a pegasus filly. With watchful eyes, and proper guidance, she is no threat to our nation as a whole.” Twilight went on.

“Before I close this session of the Day Court, I ask that we all hope things work out in this plan. And with that, I adjourn this session. Remember, regular Day Court will resume in a few days.” Princess Twilight Sparkle spoke with finality.

As the assorted ponies streamed out of the Throne Room, Twilight Sparkle stepped down from her throne and approached Raven Inkwell.

“How do you feel that went, Ms. Inkwell?” Twilight asked.

Raven Inkwell took a moment to collect her thoughts, as her ears and tail twitched momentarily.

“Ms. Sparkle, I believe it may have been better to have a short Q & A, but otherwise you did well.” Raven Inkwell replied.

Princess Twilight Sparkle hummed noncommittally.

Raven Inkwell hurried to add to her thoughts.

“However, it was smart to send out those letters before the Day Court started. And as you requested, I have one of the assistant’s from the Royal Treasury escorting young Mr. Dusk Shadow and his parents as they take care of preparations to leave. Once the family is on the train to Ponyville, he shall return and let us know.” Ms. Inkwell stated.

“Delightful.” Princess Twilight Sparkle said and then smiled.

“Ms. Sparkle, will you be having Dinner here in the castle?” Ms. Inkwell ventured.

“No, Ms. Inkwell. I will be having a small meal at Sugarcube Corner in Ponyville with my five best friends. I will inform them of today’s happenings there. But first I will be having a brief meeting with Mayor Mare and get on the same page.” Princess Twilight Sparkle answered.
“When will you be releasing Ms. Cozy Glow from the statue?” Raven Inkwell further inquired.

“Tomorrow. Give her hosts a night to get settled in before their world likely goes topsy-turvy.” Twilight responded.

“Now, Ms. Inkwell, please inform Spike I will be visiting Ponyville for a few hours and if any important messages come up to send them to me.” Princess Twilight Sparkle said authoritatively.

“Yes, Ms. Sparkle. I will go tell him right away. Good luck, and enjoy your visit.” Raven Inkwell said, before turning to trot out of the Throne Room.

Princess Twilight Sparkle took a moment to savor the quiet of solitude before charging up her horn and preparing a teleportation spell. One flash later and only memories, and perhaps a few persistent dust bunnies, remained.


Twilight Sparkle appeared in front of Ponyville City Hall and took a moment to reminisce upon all her time spent in the quaint, though anything but peaceful, town.

She waved and exchanged pleasantries with some passing locals before she trotted into the building, her hooves echoing slightly off the front steps.

The City Hall was quiet, except for the typing of a unicorn secretary outside Mayor Mare’s office.

Princess Twilight Sparkle walked up and cleared her throat to get the secretary’s attention.

“Oh, Your Majesty!” exclaimed the startled secretary. “The Mayor is expecting you.” the unicorn quickly added.

“Thank you miss, and please, just call me Ms. Sparkle.” Twilight replied and then she passed through the mayor’s door.

“Princess Sparkle, so nice to see you again.” Mayor Mare stated as she smiled fondly. “Your letter said you had something important to tell me?” the mayor added.

“Did you get the letter and funding about procuring a home in Ponyville for a family moving in?” Twilight asked.

“Yes, I did Princess Sparkle. There is a simple two story house a few streets away from here that should suffice. It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms.” Mayor Mare replied. “Now, what does a new family moving into Ponyville have to do with important news?” the mayor added as she gave a searching look to Twilight Sparkle.

Twilight Sparkle simply smiled back at Mayor Mare.

“Mayor, this family includes a librarian for our library we’re almost done rebuilding as well as the editor of Ponyville’s new newspaper. The librarian is a pegasus mare named Smoke Signal. Her husband, the future editor, is a pegasus stallion named Morse Code.” Twilight said and then added, “But those are carrots to the stick.”

Mayor Mare frowned.

“And what is the ‘stick’, Ms. Sparkle?” Mayor Mare said.

“The ‘stick’ is what their family is being tasked with, Mayor.” Twilight said simply. “I am going to release Cozy Glow. She will be assigned to live with this new family here in Ponyville. Precautions will be put in place to keep her from escaping. Furthermore, my best friends will be in Ponyville to keep an eye on her. But you are encouraged to write me and let me know of anything that happens involving the family or Ms. Glow.” Princess Twilight Sparkle said.

Mayor Mare looked at Twilight Sparkle with a deadpan stare.

“Well, I hope you and this family know what you all are doing.” Mayor Mare finally replied.

“That makes two of us,” Twilight replied. “Well, I’m going to let you get back to your administrative duties,” she added as she turned and prepared to leave.

“Please visit sometime, and take care.” Mayor Mare said as Princess Twilight Sparkle turned and started to leave.

After a few moments, Mayor Mare stood up from her desk and trotted over to a non-descript cabinet. She opened the middle drawer, and pulled out a bottle of locally made whiskey named Mare’s Mark. “Why is it always this town?” she said sighing as she poured a shot.


Upon opening the City Hall doors, Twilight Sparkle was beset upon by a pink ambush.

“Twilight! It’s so great to see you!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed with a smile as wide as Ghastly Gorge.

“Pinkie, you’re just the mare I was about to look for!” Twilight replied as they hugged. “Can you gather up the girls and meet me at Sugarcube Corner?” she asked.

“Absopositively!” Pinkie replied, beaming. “I’ll be there quicker than two shakes of Celestia’s heavenly flank!” Pinkie Pie added before she took off in a blur.

Twilight stood there for a moment with a dazed expression on her muzzle.

“Her what flank? You know what, never mind! That way lies madness.” Twilight Sparkle said to herself before she started trotting to Sugarcube Corner.


Twilight Sparkle arrived soon and chose a large table in the corner before she ordered coffee and a bowl of Sweet Apple Acres brand apple fritters as an appetizer for her and her friends.

Just as Mrs. Cake left to get her order, Pinkie Pie bursted through the front doors dragging the other four mares that made up their circle of best friends.

“We got here as fast as I could corral these lovely varmints!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed.

Twilight Sparkle stared at the big pink balloon Cowpony hat Pinkie was wearing, and then facehooved.

“Well, thank you, Pinkie.” Twilight finally said. “And girls, glad you could come at such non-existent notice.” Twilight added apologetically.

“Oh, don’t mention it, darling. We’re always happy to visit with you.” Rarity said.

Fluttershy just nodded as Rarity spoke and added her own smile at Twilight Sparkle.

“Ah reckon any chance to visit with y’all is a mite good one.” added Applejack.

“Yeah, now what is the big news? Are the rumors that Princess Cadance ran off with a pool boy true!?” Rainbow Dash exclaimed.

Twilight Sparkle rolled her eyes at her typically excited friend.

“Nothing like that, Rainbow Dash.” Twilight said.

“Girls,” Twilight Sparkle started, “there are two pieces of news. First is a family of three pegasi will be moving into Ponyville tonight. The parents will be filling up job openings in town. The more important part though involves their colt.”

“Is this the mysterious colt you found loitering in the Royal Garden?” Rarity asked.

“Yes, Rarity, it is the same colt,” Twilight replied before continuing, “this colt made a case for redeeming Cozy Glow. And we’re going to attempt to do just that. Cozy Glow will be staying with this family here in Ponyville.” Twilight finished and waited for an outburst.

“That big grumpy pants is coming back here?” Pinkie Pie asked as the color dimmed in her muzzle.

“Sugarcube, ah ain’t one to question your judgment normally, but ah reckon you need to explain this one.” Applejack stated.

Rarity opened her muzzle to speak, but stopped and just looked flummoxed over what to say.

“Hey, if she tries anything we can handle her!” boasted Rainbow Dash.

“I’d prefer it if she stayed in statue form, if that’s alright with you” Fluttershy chimed in.

“Girls, I feel this is the right decision.” Twilight said in response to her friends. “I will have enchantments and such preventing Cozy Glow from making a getaway. And you can easily keep one pegasus filly from doing too much.”

“The hope is that spending some time with a stable family unit, and around foals her age, will teach her the proper ways of friendship.” Twilight Sparkle said and then looked from Rarity and Applejack to Rainbow Dash. “Also, I’d like for her to spend some time with the Cutie Mark Crusaders and their friends.” she further added.

Twilight’s five best friends exchanged glances and nods, as if they were telepathically communicating. Finally, Applejack spoke.

“Sugarcube, I won’t sugarcoat this. Ah reckon we all have our concerns, but we’re with you one hundred percent on this.” Applejack stated.

The other four mares nodded in agreement as they smiled at Twilight.

“Thank you, girls!” Twilight Sparkle exclaimed happily, as her eyes misted up a bit. “This means a lot to me.” she then added.

“Think nothing of it, my dear Twilight. We’re always here to help a friend.” Rarity said.

“Now let’s eat before the Keebler Thieves steal our snacks!” Pinkie Pie yelled.

The other five looked at each other, and after a moment, facehooved.

The six friends then dove into the appetizers and began to chat about lighter topics. Laughter spilled out, almost like a wave, from Sugarcube Corner into the street outside.


A few hours later a tired, and very stuffed, Princess Twilight Sparkle returned to the palace and her bedchambers. While getting ready to sleep, she paused and looked out the window in the direction of the Royal Statue Garden. “Tomorrow will be tiring. I just know it.” Twilight muttered before climbing in bed and dozing off for the night.

Author's Note:

I hope you enjoy this chapter. I kept the parts with the other Mane 6 short because this is my first time writing them. Also, while they will be in the story, they won't be centerpieces.