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Let's write a story. - TheMajorTechie

We won't know where we'll start, nor where we'll end, so long as we write. A heavily comment-driven story.

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And every moment an opportunity.

Author's Note:

Chapter contributors:

The timberwolf pawed at the ground, its eyes locked with the Voidtrotter's. It didn't appear to be threatening in any way-- rather, it remained docile instead, biding its time as twigs continued to flow into the formation of its body.

Leave... this... place...

Taken aback by the unexpected voice, the Voidtrotter stepped back. Though still incomplete, the timberwolf rushed at them in reaction. It opened its wooden maw, snarling.

Leave... this... place...

Where did this voice come from? It certainly wasn't Celestia's, nor was it even remotely equine in tone. The Voidtrotter turned their attention to the timberwolf, growling before them. It had to be the one speaking, even if it didn't do so physically.


Leave, the timberwolf stepped closer to the Voidtrotter. Do not disturb the gem. We have spared you for this single encounter. Do not expect to be so lucky the next time.

"Why must I leave?" the Voidtrotter questioned, "Why must I leave, when I am of no threat? I mean no harm... I only wish to inspect the strange gem embedded within the--"

A rush of wind rattled through the surrounding forestry, inciting a collective howl from the wolves surrounding the perimeter. Another glint of light-- another aura formed over the greenery, quickly molding itself into the shape of another timberwolf.

Leave, lest you face the wrath of the Alpha. You and the ponies, you are all intruders on this land.

The Voidtrotter took another step back, eyes wide as the larger alpha of the pack finished forming. All eyes were on them now; wolves from across the forest watched from the shadows, birds ceased their chirping to gaze at the newcomer, and even the ever-flowing wind that brought the timberwolves had paused, as if it too were now watching.

This is a final warning, strange creature. Do not touch the gem. The intruder ponies have stolen well enough of them to place a strain on our existence. They are not yet ready for the power these gems hold, and have suffered the same fates as the parasprites and other creatures of the sort that seek these gems.


The Voidtrotter's eyes shrunk to pinpricks, lifting a paw from the ground. Shards of the fragile gem now clung to their coat, glimmering softly in the sunlight. A ghastly roar grumbled from the forest.

A flicker of crimson pulsed from the shattered gemstone and through the two timberwolves, spreading out into the ground and into the surrounding forest.

Fooli... ...reature, the first timberwolf's voice echoed within the Voidtrotter's mind, take... ...what yo... have done.

All at once, the forest burst into noise. The ground trembled for a moment, the trees swaying in an unseen wind. The aura surrounding the timberwolves' component pieces flickered once, twice before fading, the grim lights in their eyes dimming.

Such a creature, such a creature! the alpha howled as it disassembled, It shows no contempt, yet it crushes the crystals with the same mindlessness as the ponies...

The voice wavered, the returning breeze carrying it away. In their periphery, the Voidtrotter watched the other wolves slink away into the underbrush.

A sudden pain flared in their hind paw-- the paw that had accidentally crushed the gem. A wisp of the same aura that once possessed the timberwolves' bodies escaped from the shards.

Heed this as a warning, strange creature of bird and beast. For every gem that crumbles beneath your paws, the land grows weaker. For every shard that embeds itself within you, you shall remember your misguided actions today. You seek no gain from the destruction of these gems, but the ponies-- they collect them, crush them into powders, and sprinkle the shards into their strange pastures. You are better than them, and for that we shall forgive you for this single occasion.

The Voidtrotter frowned, glancing to the shattered remains of the gemstone they'd stepped on. Were these strange gems truly as integral to the forest as the timberwolves had suggested? Was this the reason the Earth Ponies the wolves spoke of supposedly sprinkled the powders of this crystal across their land? They did not know for sure.

Unfolding their wings, the Voidtrotter once more took to the skies. There were many questions to ask.

And Celestia remained silent.

With that, we wrap up this chapter just as the previous ones have. There are no specific prompts for this chapter, rather, it would be ideal instead to comment with what may happen next to the Voidtrotter, and the lowly Earth Pony village that remains in the wolves' crosshairs.

Thank you for reading. :twilightsmile:

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