• Published 12th Oct 2019
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Let's write a story. - TheMajorTechie

We won't know where we'll start, nor where we'll end, so long as we write. A heavily comment-driven story.

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About a griffon in a forest, at the beginning of civilization.

Author's Note:

To give credit where credit's due:
Zapper frost: "Beginning of the civilization/pre-tribal era, character keeps the name "Voidtrotter""
B4ssxCello: "Griffon"
moonbutters: "Forest"
Sunbro4life: "The Voidtrotter's name is Cookie."

Sorry if I only used parts of your suggestions and not the entire thing. I'd like to use as many people's comments as possible in every chapter, and a lot of times that might mean that certain bits might get cut out to make things work better with each other. :twilightsmile:

The Voidtrotter awoke with a start. The sky was still dark-- was it morning, or was it night? They couldn't quite tell yet. A strange sensation washed over them as they glanced down, finding a griffon's talons at the end of their limbs. The associated wings were there as well, and so, they lifted off.

Higher and higher they soared, up and above the quaint little forest they'd awoken in. The sun was only barely beginning to peek above the horizon, and there was nopony in sight for miles on end. A few huts here and there were the only signs of civilization.




The Voidtrotter turned. Somehow, without catching their attention, a small group of Earth Ponies had emerged from a nearby hut, and appeared to be crushing some sort of grain.




They appeared to be docile, the Voidtrotter supposed, and so they took the chance and landed, teetering slightly from inexperience. After all, they'd never been a griffon before.

But what would they say? Surely these ponies didn't speak Equish as the Voidtrotter did. Would there be a language barrier of some sort? Would they see the Voidtrotter as a threat?

"I have cast a direct translation spell over you," Celestia's voice echoed in their mind, "I understand that your journeys may be perilous and confusing at times. This gift of open speech will help you to great lengths."

"Over there," the Voidtrotter heard one of the Earth Ponies shout, pointing a hoof. "What is that creature?"

"I will take a look."

The Voidtrotter shrunk back, eyes wide with fear when a crudely-armored mare emerged from the hut. It wasn't much, consisting mainly of wooden plates layered over each other like scales, but what worried the Voidtrotter more was the spear. Evidently, though these Earth Ponies clearly did not belong to any established civilization, they still had the means to defend themselves against the world.

"You," the mare demanded, pointing her spear from atop a boulder, "Who are you, and what do you seek here?"

"I am only a traveler," the Voidtrotter replied, "I seek none of your possessions. I only pass through your territory, and I mean no harm."

The mare lowered her spear, narrowing her eyes.

"Very well then. If you wish, you may enter our domain. Do you have any possessions you are willing to trade?"

"I do not," the Voidtrotter shook their head. "My sole possession is that of my own body."

"What are you?" another pony asked, leaning over their mortar, "You are unlike any creature I have ever seen before."

"I am a griffon," the Voidtrotter responded, "I am of a race of chimeras-- part bird, part beast. Though I promise once again, I intend no harm to any of you."

"A grif-fon?"

"Yes. I am a griffon, if my assumptions are correct."

"And what do you call yourself, grif-fon?"

The Voidtrotter paused. 'Voidtrotter' had only been a title-- a stopgap solution to a name that didn't exist. Perhaps we may create one for them.


Until the end of this story arc, the Voidtrotter will be called "Cookie".

Very well then.

"I call myself Cookie," the Voidtrotter began. Though, they did not understand where they received the name from, for it was beyond their understanding. "But if you wish, my official title is the Voidtrotter."

And so, we will leave this chapter as it is in its current state. The chapters of this story will remain short for the sake of being able to be guided by your comments. As for what comes next, you will decide:

What is this settlement of Earth Ponies like?

What is their culture?

Do they struggle against anything?

And more, of course.

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