• Published 12th Oct 2019
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Let's write a story. - TheMajorTechie

We won't know where we'll start, nor where we'll end, so long as we write. A heavily comment-driven story.

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They didn't know where they were headed,

Author's Note:

Chapter contributors:

  • Sunbro4life - battle against forest creatures
  • Howzdozit - sneak attack by timberwolves
  • Shadow_8472 - Cookie's form is unstable
  • Zapper frost - Voidtrotter returns to settlement cross at ponies for destroying crystals (modified to be more curious on why they do it)

The Voidtrotter touched down in the center of the settlement. It was oddly quiet, though they spotted a couple of ponies tending the fields. The trademark glint of the crystalline dust caught their eye. Surely these must've been the ponies the timberwolves faulted for harnessing the gems for themselves.

"Excuse me," they began, stepping closer to the ponies, "What is the purpose of this fine gemstone powder that you disperse across your fields?"

"The crystals accelerate the growth of our crops," the first pony began in response, "and when consumed during harvest time, help strengthen our herd for the next season that may come."

"Are you in any way concerned of the potential consequences of using such powerful gemstones?"

"Nay," the second pony shook their head, rising to the side of their partner. "These stones return to the land when we are finished. We harvest them from the ground, scatter them back, and eventually... excrete them, short to say."

The Voidtrotter nodded. The response given was sound in logic-- perhaps eventually, new gemstones may rise from the earth, fueled by the crystalline powder returned by the Earth Ponies. Maybe the timberwolves needed only to wait for some time before their gemstones may return.

"Another inquiry," they pressed, once again catching the attention of the two farmers, "How does one avoid the timberwolves when harvesting gemstones if they protect such stones with their body and spirit?"

"We do not."

"You do not?"

The first pony shook his head solemnly. "We have lost a great number of our finest mares and stallions performing such a task, but it is the only way if we wish to sustain ourselves over the dark winters."

A shooting pain ran down the Voidtrotter's spine, eliciting a grimace.

"Is something the matter, visitor?"

The Voidtrotter held up a talon. "You may call me Cookie," they corrected, "As for my sudden pain, I do not know of the origin."

The second pony glanced downward, spotting the shards of crystal embedded within the Voidtrotter's hind paw. "There is crystal," she muttered, pointing a hoof. "We do not recommend inserting crystal shards directly within one's body. Perhaps they may be the source of your pain?"

Leave this place, intruder. Do not commune with the thieving ponies.

The Voidtrotter's eyes shrunk to pinpricks. "You two must leave," they urged, warily eyeing the surrounding forest. Another shot of pain rattled through their body. "You are about to be ambush--"


The alpha timberwolf from before burst from the underbrush, followed by the smaller timerwolf, and a good portion of what appeared to be the local wolf pack.

Leave, foolish intruder! the alpha bellowed at the Voidtrotter, We have spared you already, but you are not yet safe from our pack! Do not tempt your fate by lingering any longer.

A loud buzzing began to emanate from the forest behind the trail of wolves.

A bugbear, Celestia's voice mused, I was not aware of their existence in such a primal era.

Intruder! the alpha wolf countered Celestia's voice, What is this other voice we sense within your mind? Do you commune with the intruder ponies? Do you seek their protection in exchange for the land's gemstones?

The Voidtrotter shook their head violently, thrashing about as their body began to dissolve into flecks of light. Nopony was there anymore to see it happen, however-- the two farmer ponies had long-since fled when the wolves began tearing into the fields.

A distant, pained roar appeared to suggest the fall of the Bugbear to the Earth Ponies' forces. What mattered more at the moment, though, was the dematerializing form of the Voidtrotter.

Your body and mind are still without experience, Voidtrotter. It may be difficult for you to hold such complex forms for extended periods of time.

Thank you for such a delayed reminder, the Voidtrotter rolled their eyes. Their griffin form was long-since gone now, leaving only a cloudy mist that hovered midair in its place. Perhaps this form may grant them extra mobility, however, or maybe a new perspective on the ongoing feud. Whatever it may be, the Voidtrotter was without a body for the time being, and powerless to help. Even the timberwolves now appeared to ignore the very existence of the Voidtrotter-- perhaps to the timberwolves, the Voidtrotter simply ceased to exist entirely. It wasn't completely out of possibility, after all.

The Voidtrotter loomed overhead, watching from a distance while the various creatures of the forest joined the timberwolves in driving away the ponies, and shredding their farmland in search for their beloved crystal shards.

Faraway, a tree crashed to the ground.

As usual, we shall end this chapter on a cliffhanger, and a set of questions that may guide your responses:

  • What new form may the Voidtrotter take?
  • What damage have the creatures caused to the village?
  • What may have caused the felling of the tree?

Of course, these questions only serve as a suggestion for your responses. As always, you are free to suggest anything you'd like in the comments below. :twilightsmile:

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