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Let's write a story. - TheMajorTechie

We won't know where we'll start, nor where we'll end, so long as we write. A heavily comment-driven story.

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Let's write a story.

A story, of course, needs to start with some characters. We can start from there.

In this case, we could go in one of many directions-- we could reuse an existing character, for example, as many of my stories have done in the past. It certainly would provide a solid foundation to build from, but would eventually also come to limit what may be done with such a character.

Perhaps we could create a new one instead, or use a character from the show itself. Given the aim of this story, let's opt for the former rather than the latter.

First off, a name. What's in a name, comes the famous quote from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. A name could represent many aspects of a character. Their social standing, their abilities; there are countless ways a name may be developed.

But we can worry about those later. Our character is a blank slate for the time being. A name representing nothing could at the same time mean just about anything, and for now, that is the goal.

But then again, names are not meant to represent nothing. They are created and used to represent a subject-- ideas, places, people, and more.

For now, let's settle on The Voidtrotter. It's more of a title than a name, but it'll suffice for the time being. The name will be decided by the readers instead.

This character will remain a blank slate as well; They have no gender, no distinct features, nothing. They can remain that way indefinitely, perhaps, taking on any form that may suit the circumstance, or perhaps like their name, the readers may decide.

With the character complete to an extent, let's now turn to the setting. Will we perhaps begin in Canterlot? Does Equestria even exist? Who knows? This story still remains in its infancy, after all. For now, we'll start simple, just as the character has.

The Voidtrotter, rather fittingly, shall begin in a void. It could be a dark pit deep within the ground, or the vast expanse of space high above. Maybe it is the peaceful darkness of a bedroom at night, or a lucid dream of a wild mind.

But for now, it is simply the Void.

We now have a character and a setting-- The Voidtrotter, and the Void they reside in.

But those two alone cannot complete a story. After all, a story cannot be a story without a story to it.

This is where lore comes in.

What is the history of this world beyond the Void? What life experiences have The Voidtrotter lived through? Lore may be thought of as the paint that fills a canvas, metaphorically; it adds life to a story, much like how pigments give life to a painting or drawing.

Rather than leaving lore to the readers, we may start off in this case with a 'seed' of sorts. After all, a story must start with something, even if that something must emerge from nothing.

And with that, the inciting event, no matter how significant or insignificant it may be down the road, will be waking up.

"Waking up?" you might ask, "There is nothing to wake up from, nothing to wake up to."

And while I may question your sanity for asking a mute story a question about what has already been written, the answer to the above question is the below:

Waking up, even in the Void, can be the spark that ignites the flame of a story. Waking up can mark both the beginning and the end of a dream, or perhaps the beginning of a life beyond what was formerly known. The transition between a dream back to reality could just as easily be blurred by waking as the transition from awake back to asleep in the dead of night. You can never pinpoint the exact moment you fall asleep, and often times, a morning routine may be nothing but a blur in a Monday morning rush.

As for the true beginnings of this story, we shall start now.

The Voidtrotter shifted, stirring within the odd warmth of the Void. There was no up, nor was there a down. The senses remained abstract at this time, for there was nothing to sense.

That shall change momentarily. We will cheat just a little here, and manipulate the Void ahead of time in order to give the story a beginning.

A blazing light blasted over the Void, illuminating the darkness in an even greyness. The featureless background split at once into ground and sky, with the latter illuminated ever so slightly brighter than the former.

The Voidtrotter squinted, placing a hoof over their eyes. There was nothing in all directions. Even the ground remained somewhat immaterial. What kind of place was this? Is there any viable escape from such a blank world? Is this Void the precursor to a vibrant, thriving world of adventure? Who knows?

And what of this seed lore? You'll see.

A metallic screech rung throughout the Void in every direction, as if some large piece of machinery-- a train, perhaps, had been stopped abruptly. The Voidtrotter turned, their eyes narrowing as they attempted to pinpoint the source of the noise.

A voice soon accompanied the screech. Whether it was a male or female voice, nobody will know. But this voice nonetheless sounded familiar to the Voidtrotter.

"There is more," the voice said simply. "There is more."

"There is more what?" asked the Voidtrotter.

"There is more," the voice repeated itself.

"Where is more?"

"There is more."

"How is it more?"

"There is more."

This back-and-forth would continue for some time, with seemingly no end in sight. On one end were the neverending questions of the Voidtrotter, and the other, the same, repeated line:

"There is more."

Faint glimpses of what was to come-- both what could've been and what may very well be, faded into view. The grand spires of Canterlot Castle intersected with the glittering crystalwork of the Crystal Empire. Ponies of all shapes and sizes all at once both went about their day, yet were also led by King Sombra on a conquest to sack Equestria. Whether or not those may have actually happen is up to you.

"Where am I?" The Voidtrotter began, still watching the landscape morph before their eyes, "Where is this place?"

"This is your mind," the voice responded, startling the pony. "It is still empty because you have not experienced your world yet."

"W-who are you?"

"I am Celestia, Alicorn of the Sun and Princess of Equestria."

The name struck a chord within the Voidtrotter, but something nonetheless still felt missing. Whatever it was, they'd have to push onward to find out.

"Why am I here? Who am I?"

"You are here because this is the beginning of your journey," Celestia smiled. "Your adventures in Equestria await. As for the latter..."

She paused, holding a hoof to her chin.

"You are a figment of imagination given life. You have the power to change who you are-- what you are, at any moment. Unlike the changelings, who may only copy what they see, your abilities rest on the limits of your own mind."

"So what am I supposed to do, then?"

Celestia lit her horn, stepping closer to the Voidtrotter.

"Why don't we see for ourselves?"

Author's Note:

Yup. Time for another experimental fic that comes along with another experimental writing style.

Go ahead and suggest what character you want the Voidtrotter to become, and what may lie outside of the Void. Keep in mind that I want to at least keep this story rated T! So no excessive gore or anything, alright? :raritywink:

I'll choose the most upvoted comments for the name, the character design, and the world, respectively. I'll make up the lore along the way based on the comments you give and things that are established in this chapter. Please make sure you post each one in a separate comment to give everyone an equal chance. Thanks! :pinkiehappy:

Also, yes, you just read a chapter that's pretty much creating a story universe from scratch with no planning whatsoever. I repeat: I have absolutely no idea what the heck I'm doing.

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