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Let's write a story. - TheMajorTechie

We won't know where we'll start, nor where we'll end, so long as we write. A heavily comment-driven story.

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Every day was a challenge,

Author's Note:

Chapter contributors:

A distant howl alerted the ears of the mare.

"What was that?" the Voidtrotter whispered, crouching lower to the ground. "Did you hear--"

"Shh... not now, Cookie," the mare shushed, raising her spear. "We may be watched. I give a prayer to the Sun Goddess for your protection, mysterious Voidtrotter."

"Is there any assistance I may be?"

The mare glanced over the Voidtrotter's body, noticing his wings folded against his back.

"Yes," she nodded, "If you wish to be helpful, you may soar into the skies like our pegasi brethren and locate the direction in which the wolves howl."

The Voidtrotter paused. "Pegasi?" they asked. The word was strange on their tongue-- it was familiar, though in ways they couldn't fathom. Did it have something to do with Celestia back in the Void? They didn't know.

"We may discuss the pegasi later," the mare pushed, "As for now, if you wish for our hospitality, you must assist us in defending our settlement."

Without another word, the mare turned away and descended a flight of crudely-built stairs, yelling something incomprehensible at a nearby group of ponies. As for the Voidtrotter, they took off to the skies.

It felt surreal, flying. The Voidtrotter had yet to be even a day old, and now they were already soaring through the skies as if they had flown their entire life. An endless expanse of forestry stretched beyond the horizon beneath them, pockmarked by little huts and shacks that peeked out from underneath the otherwise thick canopy.

A flicker-- a little glint of light, where there shouldn't have been one. Their attention caught, the Voidtrotter veered off course, in the direction of the flicker. They were still young, still naive, but all the more curious because of it.

A soft thud announced their not-so-soft landing. The forestry where the Voidtrotter had landed was oddly clear of any trees, and a single gem lay at the ground.

"Do not disturb this place," Celestia's voice commanded, "for it is of significance."

"But it is only a gem," the Voidtrotter countered, "What harm is there in disturbing a single, meager gemstone?"

"It is of no concern to you at this moment. If you must, you shall defend this gem from harm, for the yet-to-come future of this realm rests upon it."

The crack of a twig pierced the air.

"A wolf," the Voidtrotter muttered, taking a step back, "What business do they have in this area?"

Celestia did not respond.

Guttural growls grumbled from within the dark underbrush surrounding the clearing. The Voidtrotter was an unfamiliar beast to them, and they certainly didn't take any chances with such an intruder.


A long, drawn-out howl filled the air. One by one, pairs of glowing eyes opened from within the dark surrounding forest, all focused upon the Voidtrotter. The trees began to rustle, with leaves and twigs falling to the ground as if they were cut from the branches. A dim aura materialized around them, catching their fall before they ever reached the ground.

The disembodied howl came again, now closer than it had been before. Wherever it was coming from, the wolves that watched the Voidtrotter were awaiting its arrival.

The aura-encapsulated twigs began to swirl about, revolving around a central patch of ground right before the Voidtrotter. Slowly, the wood began to weave itself together, incorporating bits of earth and greenery from time to time for additional support. All the while, the howling only continued to grow, with some wolves even now emerging from the underbrush.

"A timberwolf," the Voidtrotter growled, locking eyes with the still-forming progenitor of the future Everfree species. Now wasn't the time to pay mind to where they had learned the name for the creature. "Where did you come from?"

As before, we'll leave this chapter in its current state. It's up to you, the reader, to decide what may happen next, and to define parts of the story itself.

Where did the timberwolf come from? Are the regular wolves that it leads going to become future timberwolves?

What significance does the gem in the ground hold?

What other threats may live in the forest?

What is the location of the setting relative to modern Equestria?

Of course, these aren't the only questions you may answer. Feel free to comment on whatever you'd like to see added or happen in the story. :raritywink:

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