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A Forgotten Trooper - SonicTeam35

A lone Clone Trooper wakes up in the rubble of a Gunship with his brothers dead around him. The Trooper soon realizes that the Gunship has crashed on an unmarked planet in the galaxy, which is full of ponies, unaware of the war just beyond their sky.

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Chapter 14: An Angry Trooper (Revised)

It didn't take long for Strider to enter in Ponyville, both thanks to the straight dirt path and his military sprint. Now came the hard part, finding that Griffon. Strider didn't know that much about Griffons, but he had remembered what they looked like due to his brother Cosmo reading a book about creatures from the outer rim.

So with that information out of reach, Strider decided to do an old school perimeter check. He began by patrolling the park, then the market, then the alleyways.

After what felt like a whole hour, Strider decided to go with a different approach, one he probably should of done first. He went over to the closest market stand that had a pony working in it. The stand had a few signs showing the image of an orange carrot as well as several crates filled with the vegetable all around the area.

The pony managing the stand had yellow fur as well as an orange mane and tail which curled at the end. Long eyelashes were above green irises, the mark on their flank was a carrot as well which seemed fitting for the job they were doing.

"Excuse me ma'am, but have you seen a Griffon pass by recently?" Strider asked the mare.

"Yep, believe she's an old friend of Rainbow Dash. Saw her heading towards Sugar Cube corner." The mare answered.

Strider thanked the mare before rushing off towards the gingerbread bakery. It didn't take long before he reached said building, arriving just in time to see a strange creature exit the building. The creature had the head of an eagle but the body of a lion that had wings. That matched his description from Cosmo's books.

Without any second thought, Strider rushed towards the Griffon, blaster primed and ready. He quickly made it to the bakery right as the figure soared from the door and into the sky.

"HEY! YOU GET YOUR FEATHER COVERED BEHIND DOWN HERE!" Strider shouted to the figure, who looked down at him for a second, before continuing to fly away.

Strider aimed up at the Griffon, intent on pulling the trigger. However, he knew that he shouldn't fire on an unarmed civilian. All he had against that Griffon was a claim from Fluttershy which he did believe, but still...

So, he went for option two.

Strider grabbed an attachable grappling took which was intended for a DC-15A but still put it on the DC-15S. Once it was in place, he wasted no time triggering it, sending a black cable flying through the air towards the Griffon.

The cable met its mark, wrapping around it's left back paw. The cable locked up, causing the Griffon to halt their flight and hover in mid air. The Griffon looked down at Strider with a snarl, before extending what looked like a yellow talon to cut the cable.

However, before the Griffon could sever the wire, Strider yanked on it. The cable threw the Griffon off balance, causing them to correct themselves instead of cutting it. Strider kept pulling on the cable, the strength he had from the battlefield managed to rival the Griffon's wing power, but neither backed down.

"Let, me, GO!" The Griffon demanded, their voice sounding female.

"Now listen here bud, i've got a few words i'd like to say to you and it is getting harder and harder not to just switch this weapon over to stun and send falling to the ground!" Strider shouted.

The two continued to struggle against each other, quickly drawing a scene from all the ponies trotting by.

"If this is about that clumsy pegasus then I swear to Celestia she bumped into me first!"

"So that gives you the right to scare her off because she was doing her job!?" Strider questioned.

"Why defend that lame pony? You should mind your own business!" The Griffon barked.

"It's my business when someone I know who is the kindest one I know comes running home with tears soaking their face!" Strider shouted back, pulling the cable with all his might towards the ground.

FInally, the Griffon landed back on the ground, her glare met with the blank expression of Strider's helmet.

"So you wanna get involved? Then let me show you what happens when someone gets on my bad side!" The Griffon declared, anger quickly taking over her actions.

The Griffon charged at Strider, front talons shimmering in the sunlight. But Strider was far from intimidated. He simply pulled on the DC-15S, causing the Griffon to trip and fall flat on her face. This caused a few ponies observing to chuckle under their breaths. This only filled the Griffon with more rage, causing her to jump back up and slice through the cord with a talon.

The Griffon charged at Strider again, temper easily shattered as her fire filled eyes stared down the trooper. Strider didn't even flinch. He simply chucked the blaster to the side and waited until the Griffon was right in front of him, front talon curled into a fist.

The Griffon swung at Strider, but the trooper dodged it with ease. She tried again, Strider dodged again. This continued on for a few seconds before Strider just caught the Griffon's fist with his hand mid swing. Strider ignored the strike of pain that went through his hand and grabbed the talon, swinging the Griffon past him and to the ground.

The Griffon recovered much quicker than the first time, quickly swinging back over to Strider, to fast for him to dodge as she slammed against him. The two quickly got back up, ready to continue the fight. But right before they could reach each other, a flash of purple light in between them caused them to stop.

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" Twilight shouted.

Twilight looked over at the Griffon, frowning. "I believe you have overstayed your welcome Gilda!"

The Griffon 'Gilda' was about to protest, but decided against it. Instead she just gave Strider one last glare before taking back off into the skies and quickly faded into the distance.

Twilight then turned her attention to Strider, frown still present. She didn't even have to say anything, Strider already knowing what was going through her head.

That goes for you to.

That was what he thought at least.

Strider picked up the DC-15S and began walking back towards Fluttershy's cottage, mind going a thousand miles a minute. Had he, a soldier of the Galactic Republic, just get told off like a youngling for misbehaving, by a purple unicorn!? But, she did have a point. Strider needed to cool down.

As he was walking down the street, Strider suddenly felt like he was being watched. Not like a glance in his direction, but a full on stare at his helmet's visor. Strider stopped in his tracks, looking around the area he was standing in. He had ended up near the market area, a few lone stalls drifting from the massive patch of shops.

Strider didn't spot any of the ponies managing the shops looking at him, just doing their own things. That was, until Strider spotted a set of eyes that were locked on him.

A set of blue eyes were looking at him from an alleyway between two shops. The eyes belonged to what looked like a pony, but their fur and mane were hidden by the darkness of the alleyway.

The two seemed to be locked in a staring contest, both of them not looking away or blinking. This continued for what felt like hours, until a pony pulling a wagon trotted in between the two, covering Strider's view of the alleyway.

Once the wagon had passed, the pony had vanished. Strider quickly rushed over to the alleyway and ran down it. Surely that pony couldn't of gone far.

Strider scanned the whole alleyway high and low, but didn't find a single trace of them. Eventually, Strider gave up and left the alleyway and continued on his way to Fluttershy's cottage. But his mind was already beginning to wonder.

Who was that pony? They didn't act like any pony he had encountered before, any human before! Why were they looking at him that way? Probably because of the brawl with the Gilda. Then why wouldn't they have just walked up to him and told him off.

Maybe they was scared.

That would make sense. After all, he had what was basically a space weapon from an entertainment holoprogram and armor like nothing from this planet. Now that he thought about it. That was exactly what he was to this world, an alien from a space movie.

"Shut up, focus on the gunship." Strider told himself.

It didn't take long before Strider was back at the cottage. He went over to the front door and opened it. But to his shock, it was empty. Empty with the exception of Angel Bunny who came into view from the kitchen.

"Hey, where'd Fluttershy go?" Strider asked.

Angel Bunny went over to a picture frame and pointed at a pony in it. He was pointing at Pinkie Pie, who was smiling to the camera.

"Probably wanted to help her with a party." Strider muttered to himself.

Angel Bunny bounced over to Strider and looked up at him, his expression said it all.

Did you teach them a lesson?

Strider smirked under his helmet before replying. "Let's just say, they won't be wanting to come back to this town anymore." Strider explained, raising the DC-15S in his hand.

The bunny grinned, before bouncing off to do his thing, leaving Strider to exit the cottage and head back over to the gunship. That wing wasn't going to repair itself.

Author's Note:

I did some tweaking because I accidentally wrote some things that Strider shouldn't know. Sorry about that. I'm gonna make sure I know what Strider knows before I write it down. It is from his perspective after all.

Thanks again for making this story reach the featured box again! It's an honor knowing your interested with what i'm writing!

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