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We're both twins, yes! Now buzz off... - Desperate Dawn

Continuation of a certain story that is never completed, and it has been a long time. Thus, this happened.

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Chapter 6

I yawned, staring the cloudless blue sky. I used my hooves as pillows, thinking back how much that had happened for the past weeks in Ponyville, I don’t expect it to be so hectic. If you’re from a city and looking for a vacation, somewhere nice and quiet like Ponyville, then you have a lot of things coming at you. And I stand corrected.

Not only that, the common occurrence of weird things happening here probably made the entire population of Ponyville to have a safe bunker somewhere in their house. I can probably safe to assume that Everfree forest is the one that causing all these weird things due the town close proximity to the forest edge.

I recalled when Applejack doing all the applebucking while Macintosh was injured. Knowing Sweet Apple Acres vast apple trees, Applejack insisted that she can harvest all of them alone. Applejack is stubborn however, out rightly refusing our help on helping her despite her exhaustion and sleep deprivation. This also causes a few problems on the town, such as causing town-scale diseases, invasion from a rabbit and other things.

We got her to stop after Twilight put her to sleep, afterwards we helped Applejack on harvesting all that apples, took us a couple of days but we finally harvested all of them.

I also recalled that griffon Gilda, I didn’t know what happened between Dash and her in the past but they were once good pals. I guess Gilda just doesn’t like Rainbow Dash having another friend, I know griffon culture is quite harsh when a griffon is ‘coming of age’.

It’s just my assumptions, but I think Gilda just wanted to hang out with Dash and relieve some of their past while at the same time forgetting that she needed to do what griffon had to do at their teenage years.

I know she’s a predator by nature, sharp claws and everything, but roaring at Fluttershy is uncool.

Few days ago, a showmare showed up to Town and create quite the spectacle. The showmare called herself, ‘Great and Powerful’ Trixie while showing off a medium-tier up to high-tier illusion with minimum amount of equipment.

I must say that I’m impressed myself, but I can’t say the same for Rarity, Applejack and Rainbow Dash though. They thought the showmare was too boastful, and arrogant. I don’t know, but that’s kind of what a showmare does. Thankfully, I can stop them from embarrassing themselves, explaining to them that it is their job to show off. Spike’s still unhappy though, calling both Twilight and I far greater and powerful than the showmare.

Still, somepony had to do something dumb. At night, Snips and Snail actually brought an angry Ursa Minor to town. The rampage not only damages a few properties, but it destroyed Trixie’s wagon as well of a few things she had inside that wagon. Twilight manage to make the Ursa Minor asleep by using a spell that turns the wind into a calming tune, once it fallen asleep, she took the large star-like creature back to their caves in the Everfree.

I still don’t know why there isn’t any angry Ursa Major coming to town, but I guess that’s good news.

Long story short, Trixie’s homeless and low in bits and currently residing on Cloudchaser’s house. Snips and Snails got the punishment they deserved, they were on the blacklist on every sweet-shop for six months, for leading the Ursa Minor to the town, indirectly involved on destroying the town’s property; I think that’s an appropriate punishment.

“Twivine?” I heard somepony calls out softly on my right. “Are you okay?” I glanced over and saw Fluttershy looking at me concern with her hooves holding a teacup.

“Yeah, just remembering all the hectic week here in Ponyville,” I said lazily. I forgot that I was having a picnic with Fluttershy.

Fluttershy lets out a soft “Oh” and stared at her teacup before looking up again, “I hope your time here is pleasant,” Fluttershy smiled which I return gladly.

“Of course, Ponyville’s great. Not only that, the ponies here are friendlier than that of Canterlot.”
Fluttershy’s ear perked up, “Oh, how so?”

“I wouldn’t go into details, but Canterlot has less…pleasant company in the presence of other pony than their respective nobles,” I explained bitterly.

Fluttershy frowned, “That isn’t very nice of them.”

“Perhaps,” I got up to a sitting position. “It’s been nice spending time with you Fluttershy, but I gotta check on Twi, and making sure Spike isn’t tied up in the closet. Again…”

Fluttershy giggled, “Spike is persistent isn’t he?”

I merely shrugged as I got up to all fours, “Usually it’s my job on reminding her to eat or do anything besides reading. Spike can really be annoying though, but that’s what I like from my little brother to do if one of us is too engrossed in something.”

Fluttershy puts her teacup down, “Should we do this again next week with Spike?”
“I’ll think about it,” My eyes glance over to a thick pile of black cloud that came from a nearby mountain. “And what in the world is that?”

Fluttershy stood up, her face was etched into a worried one, “S-should we do something?”
I narrowed my eyes and pointed over to the direction of Canterlot, “That smoke could be seen from Canterlot, and if I’m correct, Princess Celestia has already sent a letter through Spike.”

The two of us looked at each other, nodding in silent understanding before heading over to the town’s only library.

A pair set of blue eyes gaze down over the clearings of the Everfree. It had curved horn, black wings, black fur with a few green marks on its face running along the length of its neck, green splotches on its hooves with a few of the same markings on its face, and lastly, green fiery mane and tail whips. It passed through the unpredictable weather of the forest. It slowly descent down but its gaze never faltered for any sort of danger that may lurk in the dangerous forest.

As its hooves touched the ground, it makes sure that nothing is currently up close to see what it’s about to do. Green flame engulfs its entire body, it appearance didn’t changes significantly with the exception of the horn and the splotches around its hooves.

It took a double take around before sighing, relieved that nopony is there to see it changed.

For a changeling like Zepher himself, it is crucial to have one transform as discreet as possible or risk being discovered before hunted down. To some changeling, it may be taxing to stay in one form for an extended period of time, Zepher however, is not. He is a Hybrid, and he based his disguise on his original form, thus less magic needed to change.

He is much more comfortable on concealing the horn than the wing as he is after all, a part of Pegasus. Admittedly, he didn’t like taking somepony’s else form, hence why he created his own to begin with.

He walked deeper into the forest until he found a pathway on which he gladly follows. He then soon found what he was looking for, a tree with a wooden door amidst vast array of trees of the Everfree. He walked over to the door, raising a hoof to knock, but then he hesitated.

‘Should I really seek her? What if she isn’t home?’ Zepher’s mind racked through every possibility, including his first impression. What if she saw him through the disguise and out rightly called out that he was a changeling?

Zepher shook his head, ‘There is no way that she could know. It is best for me to play it out as best as I can.’

He knocked on the door, and waited for an answer. Silence greeted him, Zepher is adamant that whoever inside must be busy so he waited, yet no answer came. Zepher knock on the door again, slightly harder this time, yet no answers.

Zepher is starting to get frustrated, he knocks on the door again, a little bit harder this time in hope of whomever inside answered. Zepher sighed as he was greeted with another silence, as he was about to turn back, there was a click then the door opens revealing very tired zebra. Her eyes had bags underneath and bloodshot eyes, she barely closed her eyes when there is knocks on her door.

“Who dare ventured far to disturb me from my nap, if one were to show themselves then I may forgive them for this mishaps,” The zebra irritated, yet tiredly said.

“That would be me, Miss Zecora,” Zepher raises his hoof hesitantly. “I was told that you are capable of creating a potion to see the past.”

THAT could’ve gone better, but I’m more or less proud of the results. Fluttershy manages to intimidate a full-grown dragon and gets away with it! The look on the dragon’s face is utterly priceless thanks to Fluttershy’s Stare. Man I did not expected that at all. The dragon left a considerable amount of its hoard, perhaps only taking a clawful of them as much as he can before flying off from the mountain.

I admit that I am impressed. Fluttershy is capable of actually doing something whenever her friend is in need, in this case that they were hurt by far larger foe. I wouldn’t say hurt, since the dragon only swipe Rainbow Dash with its tail, knocking her out of the cave barreling outside. This somehow triggers the inner bravery within Fluttershy and scolds the dragon on leaving the cave.

If you are to forget that she has quite the self-doubt and can be scared from the littlest of things. Eeehh, but I digress.

“Well I’m glad that’s over with, but what do we do with the hoard it left?” Twilight asked, earning quite confused expression from the others.

“Ah don’t know about ya’ll, but Ah ain’t gunna take somethin’ that valuable,” Applejack truthfully said.

“Maybe we could bring them back to town to give it out to everypony?” Rarity suggested, quite reasonable but it’ll take time for us to take everything down to town.

I spotted a glint of gold in the distance from the direction of Canterlot, narrowing my eyes just to make out a group of Pegasi Royal Guard before turning to the girls pointing at their direction. “Don’t worry girls. I don’t think it would be our problem anymore.”

The girls whipped their heads towards where I’m pointing, and with those, eight Royal Guards all touched down near us. One I can recognize among the almost exact same identical Royal Guard is that of Silver Sky. He landed in front of both me and Twilight.

“Miss Twivine, Miss Twilight,” He nods at us respectively. “Princess Celestia had sent us to overview of your progress in case of…unwanted casualties,” He trailed off but he was quick to compose himself. ”I assume everything went well?”

The both of us nodded, I opened my mouth to speak but Twilight beat me up to it. “It went smooth unexpectedly, albeit rather shaky at first. But that is the least of your concern, the dragon left the majority of its hoard here and we don’t know what to do with it.”

Silver Sky turned his head at one of the guards, flattening one of his ears and points the other towards the cave. The latter quickly nods and quickly went to check on the caves. Turning back at me, Silver Sky says, “Is everypony hurt?”

I shook my head, “We aren’t injured in anyway, but Rainbow Dash perhaps has a minor bruise.”

I swear I saw Silver’s mouth curled to a faint smile before turning back to other guards, I don’t know if that was my imagination or not.

“Kriegsler, Avalon, return back and request two sky-chariots for transporting valuables. Most preferably the wagon variants,” Silver Sky ordered which quickly earned him a quick salute from them before they took off the skies once again. Silver Sky sighed, turning back to the seven of us, “We have this under control, and therefore it is best for the seven of you to return back home before nightfall.”

All of us nodded and quickly headed back on the same path we climb the mountain. At that point, I felt something or somepony watching me. I ignored it of course, but midway, I had that same exact feeling of being watched. No, stalked probably a more correct term.

“Girls, do you feel like something’s watching?” I asked the group, earning a confused look from everypony as they looked at each other.

“Not me,” Said Rainbow Dash.

Applejack simply shook her head, Pinkie and Fluttershy doing the same.

Rarity quickly follows suit, “Neither do I dear. Are you sure that you’re not just imagining it?”

I looked around me, narrowing my eyes at the surroundings. Subconsciously, I could feel my vines trying to seek whoever stalking me right now. I felt a tug on my brain, indicating something had been found by my vines. I frowned, usually if my vines found something; it will relay the details that it found.

This time however, I found nothing. The vine’s only description was that it was a shadow, and once it spotted my vines it disappeared off completely without a trace. I found it strange however, my vines also sensitive to magical output near them, but they didn’t.

Whatever it is, it knows about my abilities, and most likely wouldn’t try to show their presence anytime soon. All I could do was to prepare for the worst case scenario.

“Twivine?” Twilight called out, now concerned as I seemed like spaced out just like that. “Are you okay, it’s something isn’t it?”

I simply smiled, “No, it was nothing. Let’s just go back shall we?”

Nightclaw shook his head, stopping his projection just in time before he was spotted. Well, he thought he is anyway.

“Whoo~ an unfortunate timing to have her found me that swiftly…” Nightclaw stated, wiping the sweat on his forehead. The black coated Unicorn stood up from his lying on belly position, rubbing his silver armored boots on his silver breastplate to calm himself.

He trots through the white porcelain halls, passing by carpets and curtains made out of purple silk with starry constellation. Two lavender clad armored ponies with leathery wings stood in front of silver door.

“I’ve come to address an important matter with the Royal Highness, hence you may perhaps let me enter?” Nightclaw asked, earning a questioning look from both guards. The ear of the guard on the right perked up, then nodding at him.

“You are her Highness proxy, correct?” He earned a nod from the Unicorn. “You may proceed. The Princess is expecting you.”

The doors opened, Nightclaw stepping inside with the door closing behind him. He walked up a few paces before kneeling down, “Your Highness, I’ve come to report you of my findings.”

“Good work Nightclaw,” Nightclaw felt a hoof on his right shoulder. He stared up to see a pair of cyan eyes staring at him, “Tis better for Us to remain cautious as we doth not knoweth what she is capable of.”

Princess Luna turned her head towards to the window at her side, "We feared the worst, a feeling that Nightmare wast not truly vanquished."

Author's Note:

And so, the first two OC's has been introduced, I want to say thanks a lot for those who had submit their OC to be part of the Story since I'm going to be honest, I can't really came up with anything when using background characters. With these submission, I was super hyped and immediately went to work to establish a plot that I hope you all enjoy.

Huge thanks to them for contributing their OC as it really really helped me out of writers block when I was writing Chapter 4 and 5.

OC in order:
Zepher, belongs to: https://www.fimfiction.net/user/248333/Zepher
Nightclaw, belongs to: https://www.fimfiction.net/user/325158/Nightsclaw

The OC submission is still up by the way, just 1 or 2 more OC's are needed. I'm looking particularly on Earth Pony OC as I am following the Main 6 original composition; 2 Unicorn (Filled), 2 Pegasus (Filled), and 2 Earth Pony (Unfilled).

Anyway, I think that is all.If you find any typo or anything of sorts, as usual please point them out. I hope you all enjoy the latest chapters of We're both twins, yes! Now buzz off...

-Desperate out

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