• Published 21st May 2019
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Spyro: The Dragon Trio of Avalar - Blackdrag-rose

Spike and Ember grow up alongside Spyro as his siblings, and together they learn what it means to be heroes by protecting their home and taking down the various villains that cross their path.

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Dragon: Back to the Swamp

It took the trio a few seconds to return to the central hub area of the Magic Crafters homeworld once more, though this time around, instead of heading over to where the Balloonist was waiting for them, so they could head to the next homeworld and tackle the forces that Gnasty Gnorc assigned to the land of the Beast Makers, none of them headed over to the area that the Balloonist was standing in. Rather they retraced their steps a little and returned to the area that was above where the portal to Altair's peak was located, allowing the three of them to sit down and relax for a little, mostly because Spyro and Ember wanted Spike to relax for a while and recover his energy. They were still impressed by what their brother had done in the battle with Blowhard, especially since he was able to avoid his foe's spells and turned the tide against him with a spell that neither of them had seen coming, but, as he explained, that spell had taken a lot of energy from him, hence the reason they were forcing him to rest, despite the fact that they wanted to head to the next land and help Bruno out. The reason for this change of pace was the fact that the land of the Best Makers was within fifteen to thirty minutes from where the Magic Crafters homeworld was located, so there wouldn't be a lot of time for Spike to rest if they departed immediately, but if they did things this way he'd get a decent about of rest before they reached their next destination.

While the three of them were sitting there, recovering their energy from what they had done so far, Spike pulled out his writing materials and started to write down what happened since they arrived in this homeworld, something that his siblings knew would happen and weren't shocked by at all. Spyro knew that the scholars of their home would be very interested in reading about their adventures in this land, especially when they got to the part where Spike engaged in a magic duel with Blowhard, though they both had the feeling that the Magic Crafters would be more impressed with Spike had done. From what little Spike had told them the Substitution spell either required a good amount of magical power to use, or he needed more training in the art of using magic before he could reach the point where he could use the spell like the rest of the Magic Crafters, if they knew the spell anyway. Either way it was an impressive spell and both he and Ember silently agreed on one thing, that at some point in time they needed to work on their magic and maybe learn that spell as well, because if the battle earlier was any indication it was incredibly useful and they might need it in the future, but for now they focused on the task that was ahead of them, once they reached their next destination.

What interested the trio was that Tuco, the Balloonist that would take them to the land of the Beast Makers, stepped away from his hot air balloon and brought them some of the food that had been given to them by Alvar, which had been left with Marco when they moved to help the Peace Keepers, who must have given the packs to Gosnold, who, in turn, gave them to Tuco, though they were happy to have something so all of them could regain their energy.

"So Spike, do you think the Magic Crafters will be impressed by what you did?" Spyro asked, deciding that they might as well talk for a few minutes and help pass the time, since sitting down and eating some of their leftover food was rather boring when no one was talking, though at the same time he noticed that Ember was interested in what their brother might say as a response to his question.

"I'm sure they will be, when I get around to telling them what happened," Spike replied, as he wondered what would happen when he informed Cosmos and the other Magic Crafters of the fact that he knew how to use the Substitution spell at an early age, and could pull it off despite the fact that it drained his reserves after casting it once, though he knew that he wouldn't be telling them anything until he and his siblings restored order to the remaining two homeworlds and took down Gnasty Gnorc.

"I would hope so, since that was an impressive battle," Ember said, showing that she hoped the Magic Crafters would be impressed by the battle with Blowhard, especially with what Spike was able to do, but for now, since it appeared that their brother wasn't going to tell them what he had done in Altair's peak just yet, they could focus on returning to the land of the Beast Makers, and have to take a bath when they left the swamp so they could get rid of the smell that would latch onto them while they were there.

Spyro and Spike nodded their heads in agreement, as they both agreed that it was an impressive battle and they knew the other clans would be interested in what happened with Blowhard when they were told, but after that the three of them tore apart the last bits of their food and cleaned up the area around them. Once that was done they continued to rest for the next couple of moments, though the only way they knew that time was passing was because Spike told them what the time was by looking at the sky every now and then, another skill he had picked up from his studies and could only practice when visiting the other lands. Some time passed before Spike indicated that the hour his siblings had set aside for their rest had gone by, to which the three of them got up from where they were sitting, stretched their legs for a few seconds, and then headed over to where Tuco was waiting for them. It didn't take them long to climb into the basket and for Tuco to join them, where they took off from where the hot air balloon had been sitting and headed to the land of the Beast Makers at long last, though this time around, since they had rescued all the stolen dragon eggs, Ember felt that it was time for them to tackle the three realms separately, all so they could restore order that much quicker.

Spike also knew that they would work together to tackle the central hub area, the Flight Realm, and clear out the realm that the enemy commander was taking over, but he had to agree with Ember's plan, as it would make up for the hour they spent after his battle with Blowhard, and he was interested in seeing what sort of enemies they would have to deal with when they reached their next destination.

It wasn't long before they reached the starting area for the land that the Beast Makers called home, the small village of sorts that some of them lived in, though once Tuco brought them close to the ground Spyro, Spike, and Ember jumped out of the basket and landed on the ground, allowing him to pull away, since he didn't want to be here any longer than he needed to be, not that the trio could blame him. The siblings found that the area was mostly the same as what they remembered from the few times they had been here, though the changes that had been made were what appeared to be some sort of electric panels that laid on the ground, no doubt installed by Gnasty Gnorc's soldiers in preparation for their arrival, or maybe they were put in to power their weapons. The reason Spike considered that second idea to be a possibility was because of the green skinned Gnorc, who was wearing a black shirt, black pants, and seemed to be wearing some sort of headset that was connected to something on his belt, that was standing on the platform, which seemed to be powerless at the moment, all while holding a rod shaped object in his right hand, something that he jabbed into the floor after jumping into the air, turning on the electricity for a few seconds before he landed and everything returned to normal, even though he'd likely do it again a few moments later.

"I wonder why Gnasty Gnorc is having his minions install electric panels in this homeworld," Spyro commented, as it really didn't make much sense, especially since the Beast Makers weren't like the other clans of the Dragon Realms, before an idea came to mind and he decided to see what his siblings thought about it, "Hey, do you guys think this might have something to do with the commander of this land?"

"It's possible that these could be connected to the commander, which means taking them out might weaken whoever it is for when we face them," Spike said, because it was the only thing that made sense, that the commander might be preparing for the eventual fight with them and these panels might be the key to weakening their foe a little, though the only way they were going to figure anything out was to free the Beast Makers, recover the stolen treasure, and take out all of the enemies they came across.

"Either way, we should get started," Ember added, though there was a reason behind why she was the first one to start moving, because the sooner they cleared out their enemies and saved the other realms, like they did in the past, the sooner they could get out of the swamp and find a place to take a bath, so they wouldn't be smelling of the swamp when they arrived at the Dream Weavers homeworld.

Spyro and Spike nodded as Ember smashed the chests that were right in front of them, allowing Cinder to collect the gems that had been inside them and the three gems that had been on the ground, before all three of them turned towards the panel the electric Gnorc was standing on. While Spike and Ember waited for the electricity to go away, so they could flame their foe, Spyro charged through the three metallic chests that were near them and picked up the gems that had been hidden behind a hut, before the Gnorc landed on the panel and was quickly taken down by his siblings. Of course there happened to be a second electric panel near the first one, with an electric Gnorc watching over it by jumping into the air and hitting it occasionally, just like the first one they encountered, but since it appeared that there weren't any additional tricks to the electric Gnorcs, other than what little their foes were showing them, so once the electricity was gone they charged forward and collided with the Gnorc, returning him to his original gem state and allowing them to move deeper into the area that Bruno and the other Beast Makers dragons called home. Fortunately there weren't many other enemies for them to worry about, at least for the moment, though off in the distance they spotted a few boars running around like they owned the place, meaning they had to be more of Gnasty Gnorc's creations, but instead of focusing on them the trio tapped the statue that was in front of them, in front of the first portal for this land, and freed Bruno from his prison, as it made sense for the Leader to be the first one they encountered.

Interestingly enough Bruno grabbed his staff and pointed it at the area around him a few times, like he was expecting to find some Gnorcs standing around him or something, before he calmed down and focused on the trio, where a smile appeared on his face, indicating that he was happy with what they had done.

"Thanks for the rescue," Bruno said, though that was when he looked at the area behind them, where they had come from, and his smile deflated a little, informing the trio that he didn't like seeing all the bits of electricity that the Gnorcs were in the middle of installing into his home, "Gnasty Gnorc is turning our home into an electrified junk heap, by having his commander and soldiers installing all of this junk that they brought with them, after we were trapped in those crystal statues... and this used to be a beautiful swamp."

"It sure was." Spike commented, as he knew that the Beast Makers loved their swamp and that they liked to keep it pristine, or as pristine as it could get considering what went into a swamp, though he also knew Bruno and the others had to be upset over what was happening, "Look, why don't we take the three portals that are scattered around the central hub area, including the Flight Realm and the commander, while you can go free all of the other members of your clan and start returning this place to how it had been before Gnasty Gnorc started installing everything?"

Bruno seemed to like the idea and excused himself immediately, heading off to one of the other realms that none of the trio could access at the moment, allowing Spyro, Spike, and Ember to sigh for a moment as they focused on the log that was in front of them and the enemies that were waiting for them to arrive. Before heading over the log, which had three fireworks boxes on it, Spike found two gem chests and a normal chest, which he dealt with quickly before Ember glided over to the log, where she set fire to all three boxes and then jumped over to the piece of ground that was at the other end of it, though she had to flame a boar that was coming at her, causing it to return to being a gem. Spyro and Spike were the next ones to cross the log, which had three gems laying on it thanks to what Ember did, before the trio was able to regroup, allowing them to jump over to where the portal to Misty Bog was located, or at least that was what Spike told them as they headed towards it. Spyro did flame the boar that was coming at them, so they didn't have to worry about that at all, before they gathered the gems and glided over to the area that the next dragon was imprisoned in, but before they did anything the trio collected the gems that were around them. Spike was the one that dealt with the pair of circular chests that were near the water, Ember walked around the open hut and flamed a boar while collecting the gems outside it, and Spyro charged through the metallic chests and the normal chests that were sitting inside the hut, before they regrouped and touched the statue that was near the well they had ignored.

The dragon in question was Cleetus, someone they had seen during one of their previous visits to this homeworld, but all he had to say to them was the usual thanks for being rescued and that he needed to leave, no doubt to check on whatever he was working on before he had been trapped over here, before he took off and disappeared into the swamp, leaving the trio to continue with their work... though that was when Spike decided to investigate the well, which involved jumping into it and landing in a decent sized cave that only had one exit, the way he came.

"Well what do you know, here's the portal to the Flight Realm," Spike commented, as the main thing he was focused on was the portal that was right in front of him, and the reason he knew it had to be for the Flight Realm was because two of the three they had encountered so far had been hidden in some manner, before he collected the few gems that had fallen down here, including the ones inside a few chests.

Getting out of the cave proved to be rather easy, as a whirlwind happened to form near him and it lined up with the opening he had used to get down here, so he simply stood in it and let it carry him back up to where his siblings were waiting for him, to which they headed out to continue clearing out the central hub area of enemies. As they jumped over the sections of ground that were in front of them Spike also reminded his siblings that the three realms they needed to clear out were Terrace Village, Misty Bog, and Tree Tops, as well as taking down the commander that was invading the realm that Sadiki called home. Spyro and Ember were fine with Spike reminding them as to what the other realms were called, since it had been some time since their last visit to this place, before flaming the next boar that tried to charge at them, allowing them to approach the large tree that seemed to be in the middle of the village the Beast Makers called home and search the area around it, finding the third portal, the one for Tree Tops, and a number of gems. From there they walked over the stone bridge that was near them and entered the area that the next Balloonist was waiting in, along with the portal to Sadiki's temple, though before they did anything else they focused on the electric Gnorcs that were in the area and made sure to take them out.

Of course they had to wait for each of them to stop shocking the panels they were standing on, but it wasn't long before the three electric Gnorcs had been taken out and returned to their original state, allowing the trio to split up as they gathered the gems that were laying around the area, smashed through the metallic chests and the pair of circular chests that they found, and used a golden key, which Spike had to glide to, to open a locked chest, before pausing near the portal to Sadiki's temple.

"Okay, we've cleared out the central hub area for this homeworld," Spike commented, though at the same time he still found it to be a little odd that the Beast Makers had a smaller starting area that the other clans did, as it was even smaller than the central hub area for their own homeworld, before he focused on his siblings and the portals that rested off in the distance, "So, are we going to stick to what we've been doing so far, tackling the realms together, or are we going to split up and tackle all three of them at the same time, before regrouping to take on the Flight Realm and to clear out whatever enemies we find in Sadiki's temple?"

"I say we split up, to cover more ground and make up the time we used back in the land of the Magic Crafters, when we were waiting for you to recover from your battle with Blowhard." Ember replied, showing that she had been thinking about this since she suggested it earlier, though at the same time Spyro and Spike glanced at each other for a few seconds, as they found nothing wrong with what their sister was saying.

"I'm fine with that," Spyro said, as while it seemed strange that they were actually considering going their separate ways for a while, to tackle the three realms that they now had access to, he was perfectly fine with it, though there was only one thing he needed to know before they actually separated from each other, "I guess all we need to do now is figure out which realm each of us will be focusing on."

"I was thinking that maybe Spike should take on Terrace Village, as it sounds like the least time consuming and will give him a chance to regain more of his magic," Ember stated, revealing that she was also taking what happened during the battle with Blowhard into consideration, though Spyro thought about it and decided that it wasn't worth fighting over, as he ended up agreeing with what she said, before she focused on the remaining two portals, "Since neither of us are exhausted from a big fight, and have more than enough energy to spare, I don't think it really matters which realm we take, but I was thinking that maybe I could tackle Misty Bog and you could deal with Tree Tops."

"Tree Tops... it sounds like I might have gotten the easiest realm of them all." Spyro commented, because based on what little they knew about the realms that the Beast Makers called home, as they really didn't spent that much time learning about the other homeworlds and the realms that were connected to them, he had to assume that the realm he was going to tackle was the easiest of this land.

With the decision made, and all three of them agreeing on where they should go, the trio separated from each other and headed over to the portals that would take each of them to the realm they would be tackling, before they regrouped to take on the Flight Realm and Sadiki's temple, though once they were in front of their portals the trio headed in and waited to see what was happening to the other realms that Gnasty Gnorc was trying to take over. A few seconds later Spike appeared on what had once been a tree at some point in time, though it had been cut down and reduced to the stump that he was now standing on, before he focused on the area that was in front of him, where an enemy that looked like an electric Gnorc was blocking the way into the village that was behind him. This particular enemy was twice as tall as the foe he was thinking about, though he was wearing some sort of pack on his back and had an electric weapon that looked like a sword that had electricity dancing all over it, though since the laser Gnorc, as Spike was going to call them, wasn't paying attention it was rather easy for Spike to flame him and move forward. The other thing he noticed, before he headed into the village, was that there was a lot of green colored water, or maybe it was green colored ooze, though his thoughts told him that he should avoid the liquid and focus on his objective, where he climbed up the steps and flamed the laser Gnorc that jumped in front of him.

One thing he noticed as he entered the village was that there was a wooden wall, made from the trunks to be exact, which he assumed was for keeping the ooze out of the area the Beast Makers dragons called home, but that was when he focused on the nearby enemies, which consisted of one laser Gnorc and two smaller Gnorcs that seemed to be wearing metallic armor, though they also loosed bolts of electricity from the two parts that were sticking out of the armor, almost like they were turrets or something.

Spike had to admit that he wasn't expecting so many Gnorcs to harness the power of electricity, something that the Beast Makers didn't like to bother with, or at least he assumed they didn't like this sort of thing, but the easy way to take out the three enemies in front of him was to charge the laser Gnorc and then charge both of the gunner Gnorcs, before they had a chance to fire their weapons at him. With them taken care of, and the area cleared for the moment, he looked around for anything that he needed to gather, before Talon pointed out a couple of gems that Spike quickly collected, though once that was done he continued his search of the village as he sought out more of the stolen gems, along with the various enemies and the imprisoned dragons. He approached the ramp that would take him inside the building that was in front of him, which would no doubt bring him even closer to the first imprisoned dragon, but before he could get too far one of the laser Gnorcs jumped out from the area on his left and tried to whack him, where Spike dodged the attack and then flamed him, allowing him to return the Gnorc to his original form, though it did leave him interested in what was in the area the foe came from. in the side area he found one of the gunner Gnorcs and quickly took him out, preventing him from firing his weapons at him, though once that foe had been taken out he searched the area and found a few more gems, a pair of circular chests, two hidden gem chests, and, interestingly enough, a few chests near the ramp he had been planning on walking up a few moments ago.

When he entered the building that would take him to the next part of the village, which almost resembled a tunnel depending on how someone looked at it, the first thing he did was charge through the three gunner Gnorcs that were waiting for him and then paused for a few seconds as he stared at the odd carvings that lined the lower part of the building, which mostly seemed to be lights for the inside of the building.

"I wonder what caused the Beast Makers to form these odd boar-faced carvings," Spike commented, though at the same time he knew that the only ones that could answer that were the dragons that called this land home, as none of the books he had studied in the past mentioned something like this, and Talon buzzed for a few seconds, in the sense that he also had no idea what had caused this clan to make these carvings, before he sighed and headed towards the other entrance that the building had, as there would be time to ponder this later, when he was done saving this realm.

Spike picked up the gems that were in the building, along with smashing through a few chests that were sitting near the second entrance, though once he headed outside he flamed the laser Gnorc that was waiting for him and then rolled to avoid the electric blasts that the gunner Gnorc sent at him. He then charged at his foe and knocked the Gnorc down, allowing him to discover that there was a path that went around the exterior of the building he had walked through, where another pair of laser and gunner Gnorcs happened to be standing, so he repeated the process and cleared them out of the small area he found them in. After that he also found three metallic chests near a turn that would have connected to one of the areas on the side of the building he had been on a few moments ago, so he smashed through them and turned around so he could move forward, all while keeping his eye out for areas like the one he had missed. Thanks to that he did spot a small group of gems laying on the ground near the ramp he had walked down, something he had walked by due to wanting to clear out the area of enemies, and then found two more chests resting near a set of stairs that he would need to use to progress through the village he was clearing out. At the top of the stairs, however, rested the first trapped dragon of this realm, something that put a smile on his face, as saving the dragons was the most important thing he and his siblings were doing, followed by restoring order to the realms and recovering the stolen treasure.

It didn't take him long to approach the statue and tap on it, freeing the dragon that was trapped inside, who had light purple colored scales and dark orange colored chest scales, different from how Spyro looked, though what was interesting was that this dragon also had a beak-like mouth, he was wearing a necklace that had six teeth and a bird's skull, and he carried a small wooden staff between his hands.

"Spike, thank you for freeing me. I am Claude." the dragon said, though Spike was happy to have his name, even if this would be one of the few times he interacted with this particular dragon, before Claude glanced around the area for a few seconds and noticed that something was different from what he was expecting, "Say, where are Spyro and Ember?"

"We decided to split up, to cover more ground," Spike replied, as that was the truth, even though he was one of the reasons Ember had insisted on them splitting up to do this in the first place, but at the same time he wasn't all that surprised to learn that Claude knew about his siblings, as he was sure that all of the other dragons knew about them at this point in time, so there was no reason to get worked up over that piece of information.

"Oh... good thinking." Claude remarked, showing that he assumed it was something that Spike had come up with, as he was likely the smart one in the eyes of the other adult dragons, in terms of him and his siblings anyway, before Claude glanced at the area behind him and focused on the Gnorcs that he could see, "Though I guess that means I don't have to warn you about the Gnorcs and the fact that they seem to have harnessed the power of electricity..."

Spike noted that Claude seemed a little disappointed in the fact that he couldn't warn him about the Gnorcs, but before he could even say anything the dragon took off and headed to wherever Bruno wanted them to gather, as he had no idea where the Beast Makers dragons would go once they were freed, before turning his attention to the path in front of him once more. He had to wait for a few seconds, as some of the electric Gnorcs were in the middle of zapping the panels in front of him and he wasn't about to walk out on them while the electricity was flowing, though the moment the first Gnorc landed, and his panel turned off for the moment, Spike charged forward and slammed into his target, taking down one of the panels and allowing him to focus on the other enemies in the area. Of course that meant waiting for the second electric Gnorc to finish electrocuting the panel that was in front of him, though the moment it was down Spike charged into him and knocked him out, before flaming the laser Gnorc that was advancing on him from behind, like he had used the smaller Gnorc as bait to open a hole in his defenses. He then spotted two locked chests to his left, near the edge of the area that he was walking on, and flamed the large Gnorc that was standing near them, along with the gunner Gnorc that was standing behind him, before staring at the locked chests for a moment, where he determined that he would either have to find the keys that went to them or find a powerful firework that could break them open, just like he and his siblings had seen back in Cliff Town.

Interestingly enough, after he collected the gems that were near the locked chests, he spotted a gunner Gnorc that happened to be standing behind a firework, so Spike charged into his target and took him down, allowing him to smash the chests that were behind him and set the fuse on fire, which eventually sent the firework flying into one of the locked chests, to which he claimed the gems and moved forward with the purpose of finding the way to open the other chest, be it key or firework.

From there he followed the electric panels that the Gnorcs had set up, where he waited for the first electric Gnorc to finish what he was doing before charging into him, only to repeat the process when the next one in line did the same thing, even though Spike had to take down a gunner Gnorc before he could touch the second one, and he had to flame a laser Gnorc before he was hit. All he had to do after that was the same thing he had done so far, charge into the next electric Gnorc once he was done shocking the panel and then flame the laser Gnorc, which allowed him to reach the area where the next imprisoned dragon was resting. Spike wasted no time in tapping the statue and freeing the dragon that was inside it, who appeared to be a large dragon that was laying on his side after he was freed, with maroon colored scales while he wore a hat on his head and was chewing on a straw of hay, but he introduced himself as Cyprin and said that he was looking forward to the trio sharing their adventures with everyone else. Spike knew that something like that would happen in the future, since he was writing about what he and his siblings were doing so Argus and the other scholars could know what happened, but once Cyprin made that comment he took off and left Spike and Talon to their own devices, which meant finding their way to the exit portal and cleaning up this realm along the way.

To reach that goal Spike climbed up the steps that were near where Cyprin had been imprisoned and charged at the electric Gnorc the moment the panel returned to normal, before flaming the laser Gnorc that stood near him and then glided over to the next panel once the electricity was gone, allowing him to charge through two gunner Gnorcs and one more electric Gnorc. From there Spike glided over to the next panel and took out the Gnorcs that were standing on it, one of them being the electric type and the other being the laser type, before using the nearby whirlwind to get to the top of a pillar that just so happened to be high enough for him to glide over to where the exit portal was, even though that required taking out one more electric Gnorc in the process. Once his foe had fallen he quickly gathered the gems that were around the exit portal, including releasing the gems that were trapped inside the gem chests, before gliding down into the area between the structures he had been walking on, allowing him to charge through three more gunner Gnorcs and flame down a laser Gnorc, who seemed to be the last enemies in this realm. As soon as the laser Gnorc fell he started gathering the gems that were laying on the ground, including smashing any chest he came by, before discovering another side route that took him to a few metallic chests and, according to Talon, two more gem chests that rested on the piece of ground that was above him, requiring Spike to backtrack a little before he could claim those gems as well.

As soon as he had all of those gems, and the gem chests, he returned to the pillar that allowed him to glide over to where the exit portal was located, where he glided over to the building that was a little closer to him and picked up the gems that happened to be scattered on it, along with a circular chest, before climbing up some golden steps to reach the top of the building. From there he glided around the building that the exit portal was located in and landed on top of another structure, allowing him to gather the gems he found there as he sought out the key to breaking open the other locked chest he had discovered, since he wanted to make sure he had everything before he returned to his sibling in the central hub area of this homeworld. As he glided to the next building, however, he spotted that there were two fireworks on top of it, in two different areas, and while one was pointed at the locked chest he had spotted earlier the second one was pointed at another locked chest that rested on another roof, so he smashed through the chests that were on top of the building and then flamed the fireworks. He then waited for a few moments, for the fireworks to blow open the two locked chests that he wanted to open, and once that was done he glided over to the other roof to claim the gems that had been blown out of the chest, before doing the same thing to the ones on the ground.

"That should be all of the gems," Spike commented, as by his estimates, based on the colors of the gems, this realm had four hundred gems that the Gnorcs were in the process of stealing, though now that they had been recovered, and there were no more enemies to take down and no more trapped dragons to free, he turned down the path and headed back to where the exit portal was located.

He couldn't wait to regroup with Spyro and Ember, once they were done with their realms and returned to the central hub area as well, and he was eager to hear about what they did in the realms they had gone to and what sort of enemies or obstacles they had encountered while they were on their own, before they regrouped to tackle the Flight Realm and then take on the commander of Gnasty Gnorc's forces for this land.

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