• Published 21st May 2019
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Spyro: The Dragon Trio of Avalar - Blackdrag-rose

Spike and Ember grow up alongside Spyro as his siblings, and together they learn what it means to be heroes by protecting their home and taking down the various villains that cross their path.

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Peace: Magical Homeworld

The days after their visit to the Peace Keepers homeworld were quite interesting in Nestor's eyes, as somethings had changed since Spyro, Spike, and Ember had seen a little of what Titan's land had to offer them, and while he wasn't all that surprised by some of the changes he was caught off guard by a few of them. Spike, for instance, continued his studies under Argus and the other scholars of Dark Hollow, though in addition to what he was already learning he discovered that the young dragon was also looking into what Argus and the others had written on Toasty, combat, and dragonflies, no doubt so he could compare his notes and see if he learned anything new in the process. From what he had heard from Argus all of the scholars had gotten over the shock of seeing a young dragon take on so much rather quickly, as they were overjoyed to see that he was so eager to learn about everything that interested him, and they were more than eager to help him with his studies, in whatever manner they could. Spyro, on the other hand, spent his time running around the Artisans homeworld, playing with Sparx and making sure to learn the various lessons that he and his siblings were learning, while also taking a look at his prank book from time to time as he considered what he wanted to do first.

Ember was the one that surprised him the most, as she had seen that attempting to learn how to charge and how to dodge, without any training in the art of fighting, had nearly resulted in her hurting Spyro and had hurt Sparx instead, which had resulted in the lesson he had taught them, but now she was calmer and seemed to be focusing on her shared lessons for now, patiently waiting for when she and her siblings were ready for their combat lessons.

One thing that interested Nestor was that a week after the dragonfly lesson, while he was relaxing in the central area of his homeworld, he spotted Spyro walking over to where the portal to Nevin's castle was located, with a pair of shears in his mouth, before looking down at his sketchbook and continuing his work on what he was designing. He had no idea what Spyro was doing with a pair of shears, especially since he was sure the dragons that worked with wool didn't need any at the moment and wouldn't need any for the foreseeable future, but decided to push it to the back of his mind as he focused on the building that he was working on. A few minutes later he raised his head again and found both Spyro and Sparx fleeing from the area that they had gone into earlier, which caused him to raise his eyebrow for a second as he wondered what was going on, before hearing some annoyed baaing as Toasty, with the words 'kick me' lightly sheared into his wool. In that moment he determined that Spyro and Sparx must have gone over to the grey sheep and had messed with him a little, showing that Spyro was taking to the prank book and that he had decided that his first target was going to be Toasty, giving the sheep another reason to be grumpy as he wanted for his wool to be restored to what it had been a few minutes ago, and that someone would need to have a word with him at some point in the future.

There were a few more instances of him trying out a few of his pranks, like the time he managed to fill a bucket full of oatmeal and hung it above an open doorway, so that when someone walked through it they would be covered in the stuff, though the prank was ruined when Alvar started to open the door and then turned back to get something, causing the bucket to fall on the floor, and, of course, Spyro was tasked with cleaning up the mess. At first Nestor wasn't sure how the young dragon was able to put the bucket on top of the door, though he then learned that there had been some stones resting near the door in question and that, in turn, had allowed Spyro to pull the bucket up to top stone and set it up for his prank. After trying to prank Toasty, and his failed prank on Alvar, Nestor discovered that Spyro had returned to reading the book as he attempted to come up with something that would work for real, but for the most part he wasn't doing anything with his pranks and was focusing on practicing his gliding, running the maze, and anything else he decided to teach him and his siblings. Spike and Ember, of course, didn't really care that much about the pranks their brother was trying to pull, even though Nestor assumed they were exempt from Spyro's antics, but at the very least neither of them joined Spyro in attempting to prank the other dragons and Toasty, as Nestor was sure that if either of them helped him the pranks would succeed more than they were right now.

The only other thing that interested Nestor was the fact that a few months after their brief visit to the Peace Keepers homeworld, around the six month mark to be exact, Argus informed him that Spike had broken one of his teeth on accident, causing him to drop what he was doing so he could return to Dark Hollow with Argus so he could figure out how this had happened in the first place... though it wasn't long before he arrived at his destination and found Spike sitting near some tomes, with a red gem and several open tomes near him.

"Spike, what happened?" Nestor asked, though at the same time he spotted the broken part of the tooth that Argus had told him about, which was laying on the ground near where Spike was sitting, before he focused on the young dragon, because while losing teeth was common for young dragons, as they grew older, it wasn't common for them to lose one before they got to their second year.

"I... I reached for something to eat, since Argus and the others have some drinks and sugary treats that they enjoy when they're doing their studies, and then I bit into that gem." Spike replied, where he gestured to the red gem for a second, which wasn't marked at all, despite the fact that he had accidentally tried to eat the gem, before he focused on Nestor and the dragons of Dark Hollow, since he was sure that one of the older dragons had something to tell him.

"We were discussing a number of topics that he was interested in, so he wasn't paying attention to what was around him when he reached for the treats we keep nearby and accidentally picked up that gem." Argus added, showing Nestor that all of the dragons that called Dark Hollow home had been had been caught up in having a new scholar with them and none of them had caught the mistake until Spike tried to bite into the gem, before the scholar sighed for a moment, "It's just as much our fault as it is his fault for trying to eat a gemstone."

"It's alright, no harm was done." Nestor said, where he focused on Spike for a moment, as he knew that Argus might be overreacting because of the fact that Spike was one of the purple dragons they had been waiting for, something that he was going to have to address in the future, but for now he needed to calm the young dragon, "Spike, it's okay for young dragons to lose their teeth every now and then as they mature, because their adult teeth will grow in over time and replace what has been lost, and your new teeth will be even stronger than before... though not strong enough to break these gemstones down and allow you to eat them."

"I'm sure they would taste bad anyways," Spike replied, but his mood had improved the moment he learned that losing teeth was natural for young dragons, even if it was painful for him since he accidentally tried to eat a gemstone while he was talking with Argus and the others, which made Nestor smile as well, since he liked seeing Spike and his siblings being happy and enjoying themselves.

Nestor was sure that Spike would tell Spyro and Ember about what happened, meaning neither of them would even attempt the same thing their brother accidentally did, but despite knowing that piece of information he still went out of his way to inform the other two about their teeth and that one day they would be replaced by new teeth, exciting the pair once more, though this time around they didn't do anything foolish like attempt to knock each others teeth out. Of course he knew that they were going to have to sit Spike down at some point and remove the other half of the broken tooth, otherwise he was going to be in pain until it fell out on it's own, before thinking of something that would really excite the trio and make them focus on something that wasn't teeth. It wasn't long before he had a few ideas on what the trio could do in the future, to get them away from the Artisans homeworld, and knew that there were other dragons that would be happy to see them for a change, he just had to make the arrangements for the trip and they would be ready to go.

Spyro, Spike, and Ember found that the six months since Spike's little accident with the gem, something that they only talked about because they were curious as to what their brother had felt when the tooth was removed, both when he broke it in half and when the other half was carefully removed from his mouth, had gone by rather quick. It didn't take long for Spike to recover from losing one of his teeth, even if it would be a few more months before the replacement grew in, and once that happened he returned to what he had been doing before he broke his tooth, causing his siblings to chuckle a little, as they found it funny that he went back to his studies as if nothing had happened. The three of them also returned to their shared lessons with Nestor and Lindar, continuing to master the art of gliding, running the maze with their dragonflies leading the way, and occasionally seeing the various abilities that Sparx, Talon, and Cinder could use, the ones that Nestor told them about. They couldn't do much with the protection aspect of what the three dragonflies could do, since that would involve fighting and the three of them had learned their lesson when Spyro nearly got hurt, but their ability to pinpoint gems was quite interesting, though none of them were sure what they were supposed to do with this information, even though Spike made a note of it for the future.

Eventually the six months went by and, when the three of them were a little over two years old and were slightly taller than they had been when they were one, they headed to the dock and discovered that Nestor was waiting by the entrance of the passage that would take them to where Marco was standing.

"As the three of you know, today we'll be heading to another homeworld," Nestor said, where he turned around and started to walk down the path that would take them right to where the hot air balloon was waiting, though while he walked he was happy to see that the trio was following him and that they were prepared for what he had to show them, a conclusion he came to because of the satchel that Spike was wearing, "just like a year ago today we visited the Peace Keepers homeworld and you got a taste of what Titan, Trondo, and the other Peace Keepers could offer. What we are going to do today is visit the homeworld that Cosmos watches over, the land of the Magic Crafters, where the three of you will get the chance to see how the magic of this world works, along with the understanding that one day Cosmos will try to teach you how to tap into your own inner magic, just like Titan will teach you how to fight one day."

"How long is the journey?" Spike asked, because he figured that if the trip between the Artisans homeworld and the Peace Keepers homeworld was about an hour, which he learned thanks to their trip a year ago, that the time of this trip would be a little over an hour, though by how much he couldn't say.

"The trip from here to Titan's homeworld is about an hour," a voice said, where they found Marco standing in front of his hot air balloon, which looked like it was ready to go, and he nodded to Nestor as he prepared to answer the question that Spike had asked, even though he and his siblings were focusing on him at the moment, "while the trip from here to Cosmos' homeworld is about an hour and a half... though unlike the homeworlds you've been to so far the realm of the Magic Crafters is near the peak of some mountains. Trust me, it's quite the sight to see."

Spyro glanced at his siblings before climbing into the hot air balloon, again with some assistance since they weren't the size where they could jump in on their own, though once they were all sitting down Marco climbed in and applied some heat so the basket could be lifted into the air. The moment the basket was on it's way to the location of the Magic Crafters homeworld, and had started to leave the Artisans homeworld behind, Nestor opened his wings and caught up with them, where he would continue to keep pace with the hot air balloon until it reached it's destination. While they moved through the air Spike decided that now would be the best time to get the names of the other Balloonists that assisted the dragons in moving things between the five lands that made up the Dragon Realms, where Marco expressed a little surprise at the fact that he would want something like that, before deciding that he could humor Spike. Spike learned that there were six Balloonists in total, with Marco assisting the Artisans dragons, Gosnold working alongside the Peace Keepers, Tuco helping the Magic Crafters, Cray working with the Beast Makers, Amos assisting the Dream Weavers, and finally Hak, who usually helped dragons transport items to the Junk Yard and, at the same time, helped Titan keep an eye on what Gnasty Gnorc was doing, when he wasn't busy anyway.

Ember, while they were talking, focused on the name that had been said, knowing that it belonged to a troublemaker that Nestor and the other Leaders must have dealt with in the past, one who may or may not be active at the moment, before she sighed and focused on the trip, as she knew that Spike would ask about the person in question at some point in the future, just to sate his own curiosity.

Other than asking about the other Balloonists, and learning which of the homeworlds they worked on, there wasn't much else Spyro, Spike, or Ember could do besides read, look out at the clouds, or just rest before they arrived at their destination, which lead to Spyro pulling out his book, which Spike had brought with them, and picked up where he left off so he could see what other pranks had been pulled in the past. Ember, on the other hand, shifted where she was sitting and stared at the area in front of them, as if she was trying to get a glimpse of the Peace Keepers homeworld as they went by, to gain some insight on how to fight before they were supposed to learn anything, leaving Spike to shrug as he reached into his pack and withdrew the tome that Argus had let him take with him to pass the time. Nestor knew that Argus had let Spike take a book that detailed a variety of plants and animals in the five homeworlds, no doubt because it was the next thing that the young dragon wanted to research, but he said nothing as he noticed the smile on Spike's face and focused on his own flying, knowing that he'd be excited by what he and his siblings were going to see when they finally reached the homeworld that Cosmos watched over. He was also sure that Cosmos and the other Magic Crafters were eager to meet the trio, just like Titan and the Peace Keepers had been, so he was expecting to see more than a few dragons during their visit, unless they were busy with their work and didn't want to be disturbed, but he knew that he would see how many there were when they arrived at their destination.

It took them close to the hour and a half for them to reach the edge of the Magic Crafters homeworld, where Spyro, Spike, and Ember focused on the area that was just ahead of them and discovered that their next destination was on an island as well, just like the last two homeworlds they had seen so far, but from a distance it seemed to be a large island, one that was larger than their home and Titan's land. It wasn't long before the hot air balloon neared the edge of the large island, which allowed them to stare out at the land that Cosmos watched over, where they quickly discovered that the home of the Magic Crafters was an extravagant palace that seemed to have been built into multiple peaks, all connected by marble walkways and might have marble walls inside the peaks as well. Spyro, Spike, and Ember could tell, from just looking at the land in front of them, that there was something different about this homeworld and that it made a good place for Cosmos and the other magic wielding dragons to live in, though as they moved towards the location of the dock the trio noticed a few fairies flying through the air, no doubt heading out to help some of the dragons with what they were doing. That was something else that interested them, especially since they had no idea what to expect when they finally reached the dock, which only caused all three of them to focus on what was going to happen next so they could learn everything that Nestor and Cosmos wanted them to learn.

As Marco moved the hot air balloon towards the dock, so he could land and let the trio disembark like they had done when they visited the Peace Keepers homeworld, they found Cosmos standing near the entrance that would take them through a chamber and then to the main part of the land he watched over, just like the other homeworlds they had seen so far, and he smiled at all of them as they finally landed on the dock.

"Nestor, I'm glad that you, Spyro, Spike, and Ember could make it without anything stopping you," Cosmos said, where he tapped the bottom of his staff against the ground for a moment and bowed his head a little, showing that he really was happy to see that nothing had prevented Marco from delivering them to his homeworld, before he stood straight once more and focused on what was behind him, "Come, allow me to show you what the Magic Crafters homeworld has to offer, maybe even one of the realms if we have time, though everyone is excited to meet you, but depending on what they're working on they might not be able to come and see you before you head back home."

Spyro, Spike, and Ember immediately followed after Cosmos the moment he started walking towards the passage that would take them to the main part of his homeworld, where they quickly discovered that their earlier thoughts had been correct, that the tunnels inside the mountains were definitely made of marble. One thing that worried them was that they would have to jump over two small gaps in the walkway, and avoid the light blue water that filled the gaps, but they quickly determined that their worry wasn't necessary, as Cosmos gathered some blue energy around his staff and waved it at the gaps, where the trio watched as the gaps closed before their very eyes.

"What did you do?" Spike asked, as he was sure that what he and his siblings had seen was magic, their first real taste of the magic that the Magic Crafters used in their everyday lives, and he suspected that Cosmos had closed the gaps since the three of them hadn't completed their basic training yet, though Nestor followed behind them and seemed to be smiling as he looked at the walls and the floor, showing that he approved of the work that went into making the area that they were walking through.

"Magic of course." Cosmos replied, though he was happy to see that Spike, at the very least, was interested in what he was going to tell them, before noticing that both Spyro and Ember seemed to be interested in the topic as well, causing him to chuckle as they reached the main chamber and he undid the spell he had cast on the gaps, allowing them to revert back to what they had been earlier, "Magic is a type of energy that flows all throughout the world, which allows us to power the entrance and exit portals for the various realms, devices that I know you are familiar with, as well as power a number of other magical objects, like crystal balls for example. There are a number of creatures in our world that can wield the power of magic, like the Magic Crafters, the Dream Weavers, the fairies that call this land home, and the various wizards that we occasionally work with, even if there are times where a few of them annoy us in some manner, and those are the ones that can naturally control the flow of magic. There are even beings that can learn how to tap into the flow of magic, such as the druids you might see during your visit to this homeworld, and then there are beings that can't control the flow or even sense it, meaning that it's impossible for them to learn how to wield magic."

That fact interested the trio more than they were willing to admit, and they figured that their ability to determine that this place was a good fit for the Magic Crafters might mean they might have a chance to learn about the magic that Cosmos and the others were using, before their attention changed to something new as they walked out of the chamber they were in and looked out at the area in front of them. What they discovered was a courtyard area that was built into the side of a peak, connected to the one they came out of by a marble walkway, and the trio found that there were two Magic Crafters portals in this area, though where they lead the three of them had no idea. It didn't take them long to reach the upper level of the strange courtyard they had reached, though when they got up there Cosmos pointed out a slender yellow scaled dragon, who was wearing a purple pointed hat, a bound up cape, and a cloth that was wrapped around his waist by a rope belt, where they learned that this was Zantor, and he seemed to be busy using his magic to mess with some playing cards for some reason. They also walked by Boldar as well, who was an older dragon that had light yellow colored scales, though he also wore a sack on his rope belt, a purple hat that reached down to his chest, and bronze bracelets, though in addition to that he carried a cauldron in his left hand and a walking stick in his right hand, one that had a potion in the glass orb at the top, meaning he had to be an alchemist.

"So, what are the names of the realms that are attached to this homeworld?" Spyro asked, because he knew that Spike was making a list of all the places that were in each of the five lands that they would be visiting, not to mention where they would be doing their training, and that he hadn't had the chance to ask that question, so he was getting some information to help his brother out.

"Well, we have Alpine Ridge," Cosmos replied, as he had heard about the fact that Spike liked to make lists about a number of things that interested him and that he was already starting to make his list for this homeworld, which was why he kept his smile on his face as he pointed out the portal he was talking about, before continuing to walk down the path that he had planned out earlier, "High Caves, Wizard Peak, and Altair's mountain peak, though that's not counting the other portals that we have, located in the same area that the portal to Dragon Shores is located in."

"I'm going to assume that Altair is like Nevin and Trondo?" Ember asked, because she and her brothers knew that Nevin was the best painter in the Artisans homeworld, while at the same time they knew that Trondo was one of the best soldiers in the Peace Keepers homeworld, so since Altair had his own realm she guessed he was in the same league that the other two were in.

"I guess you could say that," Cosmos answered, as he understood what Ember was asking, especially since he had seen the talents of Nevin and Trondo in the past, and guessed that it was safe to say that Altair was like that as well, which made him wonder if the same was true for the Beast Makers and the Dream Weavers as well, before he considered what else he should say, "Altair is a weather manipulator, one of the strongest we have ever seen, and despite his old age he's still incredibly strong with his magic, even if he accidentally gets the weather wrong every now and then, though you'll be able to see that when we get to his realm. Most Magic Crafters learn all they can about all the various types of magic that we have access to, such as extending stone to merge pieces of a walkway, like I did earlier, or manipulating the weather from time to time, before settling on a specific path they want to master, sort of like how some Artisans dragons are the best bakers around and some are the best craftsmen in the five homeworlds."

"And we'll be learning about the types of magic that you guys can use in the future?" Spike asked, because everything that he and his siblings were learning was interesting to him, and, at the same time, he was curious as to whether or not any of them might be able to actually use the various types of magic that Cosmos and the other Magic Crafters dragons used every day, even if it was on a smaller scale.

"That's the plan." Cosmos said, as he knew that Nestor wanted to wait until the trio was a little older than they currently were before they started any of their real training, such as learning how to fight from Titan and the rest of the Peace Keepers, and he agreed with the plan, before he realized that they were close to the portal that would take them to Altair's realm and beckoned for the group to follow him as he walked through it.

Spyro, Spike, and Ember followed him through the portal the moment he decided to walk through it, though when they appeared on the other side they found themselves standing on what seemed to be a walkway that wrapped around one of the mountain peaks, only it was far away from the others and only had one more near them, or at least that was what Cosmos told them when he saw the looks on their faces. The other thing they noticed was that it was raining at the moment, even though they weren't getting wet because Cosmos had created a little cover above their heads, allowing them to walk without having to face the rain, and when Nestor joined them they started to walk forward so they could seek out Altair. From what the trio could tell the temple that Altair called home happened to be built inside the peak that they were walking around, though it wasn't long before they came to a stop as Cosmos beckoned to the dragon that they had come to see, who just so happened to be sitting on the walkway that was on an upper level that they couldn't get to, not without flying or using a whirlwind to get up there, only for Cosmos to surprise them as he picked up Spike and flew up to the top of the walkway, leaving Nestor to pick up Spyro and Ember and follow after him.

Altair, they discovered, was an old dragon with pale orange colored scales, who was dressed in a blue cloth-like gown and had a pair of blue tinted glasses over his eyes, though his horns curved back behind his head, where the trio found that an amulet or artifact was hanging from his right horn, and floating in front of him was a blue sphere that seemed to be pulsing with magic, before Altair sighed and the rain stopped.

"It seems you haven't lost your skills yet," Cosmos commented, though at the same time he dropped the spell that he had woven to keep them from getting wet, while at the same time he and Nestor set the trio down on the walkway, before watching as Altair turned towards them with a smile on his face.

"Oh, it will be some time before that happens." Altair replied, where he chuckled as he focused on the trio that was now standing near the two Leaders, as he knew why they had come here, though he was happy to see that all three of them were eager to meet him as well, "Ah, you three must be the trio that I've heard so much about, Spyro, Spike, and Ember, if my memories are correct. Welcome to the homeworld of the Magic Crafters, where the three of you will one day come and see if you have the potential to learn about the types of magic that we have access to... here, why don't I give you a demonstration of what you might see in the future."

Spyro, Spike, and Ember gathered around the older dragon as he turned towards the open space that was in front of him, which he had been staring at while he was working with his magic earlier, and this time around, instead of using his special crystal ball, he focused on what was in front of him. The clouds parted and revealed the shining sun for them to see, though at the same time he twisted a few of them and made what he liked to call his 'Cloud Puppets', where he molded the clouds into a specific shape, like young dragons or one of the Balloonists, and put on a show with his creations, even if they didn't last for more than a few minutes. Still, it was more than enough to excite the trio as all three of them watched his puppets dance in the air as the rest of the rain clouds started to disappear, even if Spike seemed to be in the middle of making notes about what he was seeing, no doubt to see if he could replicate it in the future. That fact caused Altair to chuckle as he continued the show that he was weaving, allowing the trio to watch two wizards throwing magic at each other, something that didn't happen these days since the Magic Crafters had put an end to that sort of fighting a long time ago, but that was a tale for the future.

He was sure, just like Nestor and Cosmos were sure, that the trio would go on to go great things when they were older and more mature, and he was eager to help them grow, just like all of the other dragons were eager to do that, but for now he was going to entertain the trio and focus on the future later.

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