• Published 21st May 2019
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Spyro: The Dragon Trio of Avalar - Blackdrag-rose

Spike and Ember grow up alongside Spyro as his siblings, and together they learn what it means to be heroes by protecting their home and taking down the various villains that cross their path.

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Dragon: Challenging the Jester

Ember was the first one to reach the area where the pair of Slap Fools had been guarding the stairs that lead the way to where the portal to the Flight Realm of this homeworld was located, which allowed her to pause for a few moments and think about something that none of them had considered. They were almost at the end of their journey, because once they cleared out the Flight Realm and took out the commander of Gnasty Gnorc's forces for this land, which was where the Dream Weavers lived, it would be time for her, Spyro, and Spike to head to the land that their foe ruled over, the land that served as his base of operations. She was honestly surprised that none of them had brought this up, when they were in the land of the Beast Makers and when they arrived here, at the land of the Dream Weavers, but their adventure was almost over, and once they succeeded in beating their foe she had the feeling that life was going to go back to what it had been before all of the adult dragons had been imprisoned in those crystalline statues. Of course she was still mad about that fact, that Gnasty Gnorc had done something to the dragons of the Dragon Realms, but even then it made her pause and wonder if she and her siblings would have another adventure like this in the future, maybe to a land the dragons knew nothing about or something like that, before letting out a sigh.

Spike was the one that was the most excited about discovering things that none of the other scholars had found over the years, just like his Teleportation Breath that many were trying to learn so they could send things over great distances without having to use the Balloonists to carry things, so she shelved the thought and decided to mention it to him once they were done with Gnasty Gnorc, even though the thing that really interested her was finding new enemies to fight and improve her own fighting skills in the process.

She honestly thought that she would be standing near the stairs for more than a few minutes, since she was sure that the other realms would be just like the one she tackled, though it wasn't long before Spyro walked around the corner and stopped near where she was standing. One thing that she instantly noticed was that her brother was in a good mood, not like what happened when he emerged from tackling the apparent nightmare that was Tree Tops, a name she was sure Spyro hated at this point, which meant that he must have been lucky and had been given one of the easier realms out of the three for this land. Of course that made her worry about Spike and his mood when he returned from Haunted Towers, because if Dark Passage and Lofty Castle had been easy for her and Spyro, which she gathered from how her brother looked, than that had to mean that the hardest realm of this land was Haunted Towers, though right now she didn't want to imagine how ticked off Spike would be when he came back, especially after remembering how Spyro had acted for a while after coming out of Tree Tops.

"You seem to be in a good mood." Ember commented, though despite the fact that this might remind her brother of Tree Tops, and annoy him a little, she wanted him to understand that she was happy that he had taken on a realm that didn't tick him off like the last realm he had taken on by himself had done.

"I freed a number of fairies, took out all the enemies in my realm, gathered the treasure, and saved the dragons that had been imprisoned by Gnasty Gnorc's spell," Spyro replied, showing that he had been busy in the realm he had been given as his second solo run, while at the same time allowing his tone, which was a happy one, to illustrate the fact that he was happy to emerge from Lofty Castle with no frustrations, unlike the last realm he took on alone, "oh, and I also used one of the supercharge ramps to clean up part of the realm as well, and it was nothing like the terrible hidden paths that I had to look for in Tree Tops earlier."

"Is that so?" Ember inquired, as she was curious as to what else had happened in Lofty Castle, because the shorter version wasn't all that great in her opinion, but, at the same time, she knew that he'd tell her soon enough, as both of them would be telling Spike about their realms in due time, to complete the story of what they had done, which their brother was working on at this very moment, "Well, I faced some interesting enemies, saved the dragons, and recovered all the stolen treasure that was in the realm I went to, though I also had to use a number of different tactics to get around my foes and take them out, which I was eager to do since it gave me some great experience in battle."

"And I'm sure Titan and the other Peace Keepers will be happy to hear about it, once we've taken down Gnasty Gnorc and the rest of his minions," Spyro said, showing that, despite what Ember had been thinking earlier, one of her siblings did understand that they were getting closer to the end of this adventure, even if Spyro didn't outright say what she had considered a few moments ago, before he looked at the area that was off in the distance, "So, how do you think Spike is doing with Haunted Towers?"

"Considering that each homeworld has two easy realms and one hard realm, while not counting the Flight Realm or the realm that was the home of the greatest dragon of that clan, he's likely having problems." Ember admitted, as while she had faith in Spike's abilities, especially when she took the battle with Blowhard into consideration, she knew that this time around he had been given the hardest realm in this land, and she wasn't afraid to let Spyro know how she felt, "But, given what we've seen from him so far, he should be done with his realm any moment now, and then we can take on the Flight Realm and whoever the enemy commander is."

Spyro nodded his head for a moment and focused on keeping an eye out for Spike, so they could see him heading for the area they were standing in, and for a couple of long moments he had to wonder what sort of challenges their brother was facing, before he spotted Spike and Talon in the distance, using the whirlwind platforms to glide back to the area they had landed on earlier, when they finally arrived in the land of the Dream Weavers, though he had to pause as he finally noticed what was on his brother's head.

"Spike, what is that on your head?" Spyro asked, because while he had a good idea as to what it was, thanks to what they had seen when they were traveling through the land of the Magic Crafters and saving the various dragons that called that land home, he wanted to see what his brother had to tell them.

"It's a wizard's hat, and I found it while I was exploring Haunted Towers," Spike explained, though at the same time he came to a stop in front of his siblings and sat down for a moment, where he shifted his front claws and pulled the hat off for a few seconds so he could show it to them, especially the fact that he hadn't wrecked it by wearing it, "From what I can tell there aren't any signatures, magical or otherwise, to show who this belonged to in the past, so I'm assuming that this was recently crafted by someone and hadn't been delivered to it's intended recipient."

"So are you wearing it in the hopes that we'll find whoever it belongs to, so you can deliver it to them, or are you taking it as your own?" Ember inquired, though her tone revealed that, while she was slightly surprised by the addition of the hat, she wasn't annoyed by it in the slightest or found it odd, rather she found that the hat went well with her brother, his satchel, and the fact that he knew the most magical spells out of all of them, as it would help others realize that he was a powerful wizard, even if his training was far from complete.

"I was thinking of taking it as my own for the moment," Spike said, showing that he understood that the hat might have been made for one of the other dragons that lived in the Dragon Realms, only to be dropped when the dragons were trapped in those statues, and that he was going to hold onto it until they saved the day by defeating Gnasty Gnorc in the land that he was based in, "though I have to admit that I like the fact that it makes me look more like a wizard, something that I'm sure the Magic Crafters would approve of, once we tell them what happened in Altair's peak."

Spike could tell that, while both of his siblings had been caught off guard by the hat, neither of them were telling him to take it off and stuff it inside his satchel, with the rest of his stuff, meaning they might be thinking that it suited him in some way, or that they might get him his own personal hat if it belonged to someone else, but since neither of them had anything else to say, indicating that they were going to talk about their realms later, he slipped the hat back on and headed up the stairs so they could get to the Flight Realm.

It didn't take them long to reach the portal that would take them to their destination, especially since they had to deal with two Clock Fools to reach their destination, but once they reached the portal they headed through it, as all three of them were eager to see what awaited them in the next Flight Realm they were heading towards. What they discovered was that this Flight Realm was between a number of snowy mountains and there was a train track in front of them, which meant one of them would need to follow it to find the Gnorcs that were on it, while they also noticed that it was nighttime at the moment and that they would need to turn on the lighthouses that were scattered around the realm. As such both Spyro and Ember flew forward and followed the path that the eight lighthouses were in, though while they did that Spike headed to the right of the area they had appeared in and followed the tracks, so he could flame the Gnorc trains and stop them from transporting their explosives to wherever their destination was. Spyro eventually separated from Ember and focused on the golden chests that were around the area that they had picked out, so while she turned on all of the lighthouses he smashed the scattered chests, to repeat what the three of them had done in the previous Flight Realms, and once all eight of the lighthouses were on, and all eight of the chests were broken, they regrouped and followed the tracks as they entered a new area of this realm.

Of course they found Spike flying around the area, flaming the Gnorcs that were using some sort of flying device on a number of platforms, like they were copters or something, before he flew above the mountains and headed towards one of the lone structures that was above everything, causing them to join him.

"Well, I was able to take out all of the Gnorc trains and the copters," Spike commented, though at the same time the area he chose to land in was where the gems had been located, something that he started to count as soon as all three of them had touched the ground.

"That seemed too easy, almost like the Gnorcs weren't even trying to stop us this time," Ember remarked, because she found it a little odd that the three of them were able to separate like that and hit all of the obstacles in record time, and she could tell that Spyro felt the same way, making her wonder if this was a way for the last enemy commander to lure them into a false sense of security, before the big battle.

"I agree with you Ember, that felt way too easy," Spyro added, as he had seen how hard Tree Tops was and knew that the Flight Realm they had taken on in that land was easy, which had allowed him to cool down after all the frustration he endured while he was trying to find the second path and reach the final dragon of that realm, but this Flight Realm was even easier than that, making him wonder if this was a trap as well.

"Considering how the other commanders had acted, I wouldn't say they were trying to lure us into a false sense of security or anything," Spike stated, causing both of his siblings to turn towards him for a moment, as they were surprised that he had a different opinion on what they had discovered, before he finished his count of the treasure, finding that the amount was the same as the previous Flight Realm, and turned towards Spyro and Ember, "I mean, all of them appeared to be the type to face their foes head on and not leave traps for them, or even attempt to make us lower our guards before the big battle, so I think it's safe to say that whoever the commander for this land is just wants to fight us like the others did, without any tricks."

Spyro and Ember chuckled for a moment, as while they wanted to say that Spike was wrong they knew that the reality of the situation was that he was right, as all the commanders the three of them had faced so far had been honorable and didn't have any tricks to use against them, despite their orders from Gnasty Gnorc, so it made sense that the commander of this realm would be just like the others. Instead of saying anything to that they let their dragonflies claim the treasure that was in front of them and waited until all of it was gone, before they took to the skies and headed for the furthest part of the realm, so the magic would take them back to the central hub area for the land the Dream Weavers called home and then find their way to their next destination. Of course, just like the last four Flight Realms, it didn't take them long to reach the border of this realm and disappear from the area, where they eventually reappeared in front of the portal they used to get to the Flight Realm, which was the moment they glided down to where Lateef had been imprisoned and made their way towards the final portal for this land. All three of them paused for a moment when they reached the portal that was near where the next Balloonist was waiting for them, because once this commander was taken care of they would be taking the fight to Gnasty Gnorc himself, to put an end to his plans and this adventure at the same time.

Once they were done thinking about that the three of them entered the portal and headed to their next destination, though it didn't take them very long to arrive at the starting area for the realm the commander had taken over, which, as they soon found out, was different from the rest of the Dream Weaver realms they had seen so far. What they discovered was that the islands that this realm was built on were volcanic in nature, which explained why the structures that were scattered around the area they could see appeared to be darker than what they had seen in the central hub area, and, based on the small lava waterfall that was some distance in front of them, there was likely a few lava pools that they would have to watch out for as they explored this realm. Of course there were a few enemies in front of them, just like the last couple of realms that the commanders took over and prepared for their arrival, but this time around the enemies were different than what they had seen so far, as one of the enemies they would be dealing with was short, had orange colored skin, long arms with three claws for fingers, and was wearing armor to protect them from being flamed, while the other type seemed to be a hunchbacked version of the first enemy, with pink clothes on and happened to be holding a flower, but the trio knew that they had to be just as dangerous as their armored counterparts.

"Now I know why we didn't come here when we were younger, this place would have given us nightmares," Spyro said, because while the realm really didn't bother him at all, just like it didn't bother his siblings, he knew that if they had seen this when they were hatchlings, instead of the young dragons they were at the moment, they would have had a long string of nightmares from seeing a realm like this.

"I'm more curious as to why Revilo and Unika would live in a realm like this," Spike stated, referring to the greatest dragons of the Dream Weavers, which was the only clan that had two champions instead of just one, like the other four clans, but, at the same time, he had the feeling he and his siblings would learn that information either today, when they rescued the pair of dragons, or at some point in the future, once Gnasty Gnorc was taken care of.

"Well, let's start taking these out so we can find them and rescue them," Ember replied, because standing here wasn't going to accomplish anything and she knew that both of her brothers understood that, they just got caught up in looking at the realm that they had appeared in, but it wasn't long before she rushed forward and started to explore, all while preparing for the enemies that were in front of them.

Ember charged through the armored foe before it could swing it's claws at her, while at the same time Spyro flamed the unarmored foe that was coming to smack his sister, but as both of their enemies fell both they and Spike spotted one of the Clock Fools just standing nearby, meaning they would have to focus on them as well. Spike, after taking a few seconds to go over their new enemies, had his siblings pause as he revealed the names that they could call them by, while they were in this realm, where the armored foes became armored horrors and the unarmored foes were just horrors, but he also revealed there were a number of other names he could use, most of which actually sounded like an insult in some manner if one thought about the words, so referring to the unarmored ones as horrors was the best name he could give them, until they encountered one of the imprisoned dragons that lived in this realm. As soon as he was done naming the enemies of this realm, or at least the ones they currently knew about, he smashed the two metallic chests that were to the right of where they appeared and collected the gems that had been inside them, before he joined his siblings in cornering the Clock Fool and flaming him, allowing the platform he was bonded with to rise out of the ground and stop when it was high enough for them to use to get up to the next area they had to explore. Of course, despite the fact that the platform was up, all three of them knew that it was also on a timer, as the Clock Fools and the Lamp Fools had a certain amount of time that they would remain down for, before they got up again, and if this guy got up he would lower the platform and cause them to chase him again.

As such the siblings made sure that they got up to the next area before the platform lowered back into position when the Clock Fool roused himself, though once that was done all three of them focused on the area around them, finding one of the armored horrors standing on a platform to their left and a Clock Fool ahead of them. The first thing they did was let Ember charge the armored horror that was on the small platform, not to mention collect the pair of gems that were in the area behind it, while Spyro headed to the right and found a few of the normal horrors, three of them to be exact, standing on three different platforms that happened to be in a row, with some space between them, meaning it would be easy to take them out and not get hurt in the process. As Spyro carefully flamed each of his targets, while making sure to avoid the claws when they attacked him first, Spike spotted a second Clock Fool and started to wonder where the platforms the pair were connected to happened to be resting, as figuring that out would allow them to get through this area that much quicker than if they ignored the Fools. Interestingly enough there was a third Fool inside the area that Spyro was heading into, to which Ember and Spike followed after him, making sure to collect the gems on the ground and smash the pair of gem chests that were near the third Clock Fool, before flaming the Fool in question to raise the platform he was connected to, which was what was near the wall, allowing them to move up to the next area and bring them closer to the commander that needed to take out.

Spike was the first one to reach the area above them, where he torched the horrors that were in front of him, one on the ground and two on small platforms in the air, leaving Spyro and Ember to pick up the gems that had been near the Clock Fool and then join him, only to break through the next pair of gem chests and gather the gems that were close to where the edge of the area was located. From there it was a simple matter to flame the Clock Fool that was in front of them and waited for the platform he was bonded with to rise, though once that was done they used the platform to access the next area of this realm, where they found a few normal chests, a tunnel with some stairs leading down to a lower area, a locked chest that needed a key, and another area that had a few armored horrors standing on some platforms. Ember took it upon herself to charge at the edge of the area they were in and throw herself at the first armored terror, where she crashed into her target and knocked it to the ground, only she didn't stop there as she continued forward and crashed into the two enemies that were behind the first one, though she made sure to come to a complete stop after that, so she didn't throw herself off the edge of the area they were in. Once Spyro and Spike caught up with her they smashed the pair of gem chests that were off to the side and noticed that there were two more Clock Fools in the area that was a short glide from where they happened to be standing, with a couple of gems and two metallic chests resting in the area, so they took off and investigated the area.

What happened next was that Spyro smashed through the metallic chests while Ember made sure to grab the gems that were on the small floating bit of land that she could jump over to, though as that happened Spike focused on the pair of Clock Fools and flamed them both, finding that one raised part of the platform they were near and the other raised the center of it, allowing him to be high in the air and glide to a small opening, so he could claim a key and two gems. Once that was done he and his siblings regrouped and waited for the Clock Fools to regain themselves, where they lowered the platforms back into position, though it wasn't long before they knocked the pair back down and used the lifted platforms to glide in the direction that the locked chest was in. From there the siblings made their way back up to where the locked chest was resting and opened it with the key that had been recovered, allowing their dragonflies to gather the gems that had been inside it, before determining which area that they should explore next, since they could either head down the tunnel and see what was waiting for them, likely a trapped dragon and the commander, or they could backtrack and see what the area they ignored had in store for them. Spyro, as it turned out, wanted to check the area they had ignored and lead the way back there, where he left Spike deal with the Clock Fools that were in their way, to which Spike flamed the two Fools that were on the area just after the starting zone, where the one closest to where the armored horror had been standing made the platform near it rise out of the ground, allowing them to jump up onto the wall that was ahead of it and see what else was around them.

On top of the wall rested two normal chests, which were broken instantly by Spyro, while in the area in front of them had two more armored horrors on small rock platforms and two metallic chests off to the right, tucked away in such a way like someone actually tried to hide them, but the thing that interested Spike was that the Clock Fool that was the furthest away from their position was the one that was connected to the pillar in this area. Of course by that he meant that was that by flaming that particular Fool they caused the pillar to sink into the ground, giving them enough height when it was raised so they could glide over to another area of this realm, where a trapped dragon happened to be located, not to mention some of the stolen treasure that they were in the middle of recovering. It was too easy for them to get onto the pillar in it's sunken form and then waited for it to rise back into the air, after dealing with the pair of armored horrors of course, but once it was in the air they simply jumped off it and glided over to where the trapped dragon rested, to which the siblings landed and tapped on the statue without delay. They then found out that it was Unika, the Dream Weaver with a harp, that had been stuck over here and he offered them his thanks as soon as he was freed from his prison, before departing like all of the other dragons they had freed in the past, to which the trio decided not to be bothered by it and continued exploring the rest of the realm, before they returned to the tunnel and whatever was waiting for them at the bottom of it, which involved breaking the nearby chest as they moved.

The next area, as they soon discovered, was broken into two different sections and both of them had lava covering what would have been a water filled area in any of the other realms they had visited, or nothing in some cases, though in the end Ember picked the area on their left and used the whirlwind to rise into the air so she could glide around the area and flame the horrors that were standing on the four posts... though what she wasn't expecting was for the first one to lash out the moment she was in the air and knock her down into the pool of lava below her.

"EMBER!" Spyro shouted, as this reminded him of the time that he and Ember thought that Spike had been blasted by Blowhard's powerful spell, back when the two were fighting in Altair's peak, only this time around he was sure Ember didn't have access to the incredibly powerful spell that Spike had used.

"What? I'm fine." Ember replied, where her head burst out of the lava and was followed by her arms, which made her look like she was actually swimming in the substance, confusing not only Spyro and Spike, since Cinder hadn't taken any damage at all, but also the horrors that were watching them.

"Interesting. My studies indicated that we shouldn't have a resistance to lava," Spike said, as he was fascinated by what he was seeing, as the lessons they had been given also backed up the fact that they weren't to touch lava at all, which meant that either their elders were wrong or this lava was fake.

"Well, I certainly do." Ember remarked, to which she jumped out of the lava and landed on the lower area that would lead her up to her brothers, where she shook herself and got rid of the last bits of lava that had been on her, before noticing that her bracers, despite being submerged in lava for a few moments, were just fine as well, "Weird. Maybe my bracers are enchanted with that resistance and it covers my entire body when I'm wearing all four of them?"

"It's possible to enchant things with certain resistances, but I haven't heard of that happening," Spike stated, though at the same time he walked down to where his sister was standing and decided to test something, where he rested right in front of the pool for a moment and stuck his front right claw inside the lava, but where he expected a burning sensation that would cause him to yank his leg out he found that it was warm and relaxing, "Interesting. Spyro, do you want to give it a try while we're here?"

Spyro, despite the fact that Sparx was buzzing for him not to do anything, decided to give it a try and reached out to touched the lava, though not even a second after that happened he yanked his claw back, because the intense heat only slightly hurt him and knocked his dragonfly down by a color. As Spyro apologized to Sparx, as he was so sure that if his brother and sister could do it he might be able to do so as well, Ember walked up to the whirlwind once more and used it to get into the air, where she glided around the area and flamed the horrors that were up above them, just as she had intended to do before she was smacked into the lava, though she was fortunate Cinder didn't take any damage due to her quick timing to use her bracers to block the attack, which didn't mark her gear at all. While she was doing that, and Spyro was finishing his apology to Sparx, Spike jotted down some quick notes about what he had discovered, since he was even more interested in seeing why he and Ember were unique in the fact that the lava didn't bother them and he wanted to check and see if such a thing had been recorded by one of the other scholars. Once all three of them were done with what they were doing, and had made sure that the gems in the lower walkway had been picked up, they turned around and headed back to the fork in the path so they could pick the other route, which meant dealing with the Clock Fool that was standing in their way.

Spike was interested in the fact that this particular Clock Fool was bonded to a platform that emerged from the side of the mountain on their left, which allowed them to jump on it and then jump to a smaller platform with a whirlwind on it, even if they had to do so one at a time, before they glided over to a small area they could walk around, and smash a pair of normal chests while gathering a few gems in the process. From there the trio determined that the best course of action was to let one of them glide over to another area that was a good distance from where they were standing, which meant they would have to jump up onto the raised section of the platform they were standing on, though Spyro stepped up and climbed onto the center platform. Spike and Ember watched as their brother jumped into the air and glided down to the area that had three gem chests on it, where he touched down a few seconds later and started smashing the chests that were in front of him, claiming the gems that had been trapped inside it, before using the nearby whirlwind to get back to where they were waiting for him. Once that was done, and Spike was absolutely sure they had taken out all the enemies in this realm while claiming all the stolen treasure, the siblings turned around and headed to the starting area, though when they reached that area they turned back to the first route they picked when they started tackling this realm and used the Clock Fools to reach the tunnel that would take them down to an unexplored area.

What they discovered, along with a number of gems on the stairs, was a trapped dragon and a creature that looked like he was the jack from one of the jack-in-the-boxes they had seen when they were younger, only his attire seemed to be more aligned with a jester's and he wasn't attached to one of the boxes, but before they focused on the commander they tapped the statue so they could free Revilo from his prison.

"Thank you for releasing me." Revilo stated, though at the same time he sat in the position that allowed him to rock back and forth with his tail, while also using his yarn to create something new, which would take some time as it appeared he would have to restart his work.

"No problem." Spyro remarked, to which he glanced behind the dragon and stared at the creature that was at the end of the tunnel, as he and his siblings were convinced that this was the commander for the land of the Dream Weavers and they had no idea who he was or what his abilities were, unlike some of the other commanders they had faced, "Hey, you wouldn't happen to know who the commander is or have any tips for us, would you?"

"The commander calls himself Jacques," Revilo answered, showing that he had learned it from the time he spent being trapped in his statue prison, just like all of the other dragons could see what was going on around them, before he considered something else that he needed to tell them before they engaged their foe, "As for advice, well, a wise dragon once told me 'aim high in life, but watch out for flying boxes'."

Spyro had no idea how that advice was helpful, but before he or his siblings could ask what the dragon meant Revilo got up and headed up the stairs they had walked down, departing from the realm so he could join the other members of his clan, causing him to sigh as he, Spike, and Ember faced Jacques.

"Well, since everyone has had their own solo fight with one of the commanders, I think it's time we took another one together, just like we did with Toasty," Ember stated, because while she knew all three of them could take down this guy on their own, without getting the others involved, she also knew that if they worked together this fight would be over in a matter of moments, they just had to be careful and avoid whatever attacks their foe possessed.

Both Spyro and Spike nodded their heads in agreement as they approached their foe and discovered why Revilo told them about flying boxes, as Jacques was able to call forth a couple of boxes, that looked like presents, and would hurl three of them through the air, intended to hit one or more of them. Fortunately Spike had the answer, as his horns started to glow and he summoned the barrier he used in his battle with Blowhard in front of them, though instead of guarding just himself he also used it in short bursts to protect Ember and Spyro as they approached their foe. When they reached the end of the tunnel Jacques fled and started heading towards where the exit portal was waiting, though he paused every now and then when they were out of reach to throw more boxes at them, causing the trio to sigh as they used the small platforms along the way to follow their foe. Eventually he reached a box shaped platform and remained there for a few moments, giving the trio time to catch up with him and allowed Spike to use the barrier to block the boxes, which let either of his siblings approach Jacques without needing to worry about getting hit, though the first hit went to Ember, who flamed their foe and caused him to flee.

Spike, upon seeing that, considered Jacques to be more of a fool than the other commanders, because instead of fleeing to another area to fight them in, and leaving some soldiers to fight them, he just retreated to the platform in front of them and there weren't any other enemies waiting for them, meaning this was going to be way too easy for them and he could tell his siblings felt the same way.

As soon as they arrived at the next platform Spike summoned his barriers once more and stopped the thrown boxes from hitting him and his siblings, this time creating a path for Spyro to reach Jacques and flame him again, causing their foe to flee to what appeared to be the last of the box shaped platform. At the same time a smaller platform, that just so happened to be on the second area he stopped in, raised from where it had been resting and opened the way for them to get up to where their opponent had fled to, though this time around Spyro and Ember let Spike take the lead so he could prevent the flying boxes from hitting them, and give him a chance to flame their foe once he reached the end of the path they were following. As it turned out the path in question was just jumping over to an even smaller platform that had a whirlwind on it, so Spyro and Ember waited for Spike to use the whirlwind and glide towards their foe before they even attempted the same thing, though that allowed them to watch as their brother landed and started weaving his magic to block the boxes that were being thrown at them. Of course when Spike got close, just like the start of this battle, Jacques fled to the third and final box shaped platform for real and prepared himself for the end of their fight, but it was rather easy for Spike to catch up with him and flame him, after protecting himself from the boxes, though the last burst of flames caused Jacques to groan as his body shattered, like he was a dream or a creation that had been charged with commanding the forces of this land, and he also dropped a few gems as well.

"You know, that felt way too easy," Spike commented, to which he waited for his siblings to catch up to him and let their dragonflies claim the gems that had fallen from Jacques, but he was thinking about what they had seen from all of the commanders that had been in the other homeworlds, before something came to mind, "Hey, do you guys think Jacques was designed to be like this to make us think the rest of Gnasty Gnorc's forces won't be much of a challenge, to lower our guard?"

"I wouldn't put it passed Gnasty Gnorc to try something like that," Ember replied, though at the same time the three of them used the whirlwind behind where Jacques had been and glided to the platform the exit portal was on, to which they picked up the rest of the gems for this realm and the used the portal to return to the central hub area for this land, and focus on what they needed to do next.

"Well, let's head to his lair and take the fight to him!" Spyro stated, because whether or not the commander for this land had been designed to be weak, to make them overconfident or to lower their guard, didn't matter in the grand scheme of things, as they would carefully explore the lands their enemy ruled over and then face him to restore order to the Dragon Realms at long last.

Spike and Ember nodded their heads in agreement to that, to which the three of them headed over to where Amos, the Balloonist for the land of the Dream Weavers, was waiting for them, where he beckoned for them to jump into the basket and they did so without delay, causing him to follow them before taking off, so they could head to the land of Gnasty Gnorc and face him at long last.

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