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Spyro: The Dragon Trio of Avalar - Blackdrag-rose

Spike and Ember grow up alongside Spyro as his siblings, and together they learn what it means to be heroes by protecting their home and taking down the various villains that cross their path.

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Dragon: Land of Warriors

Spyro, Spike, and Ember spent some time in the ringed area of Nevin's castle, where Ember made sure to finish the old Peace Keeper tradition she had started, while both of her brothers relaxed a little, though both of them were thinking about what they had learned once they finally confronted the mad sheep that had joined Gnasty Gnorc's army. Spyro felt that this was partly his fault, that all of his pranks had only furthered Toasty's desire to retaliate again the dragons and free the rest of his kind from the tyranny of dragons, as he called it anyway, before wondering if maybe, just maybe, he could have done something to convince the sheep that his viewpoint was wrong. Spike, on the other hand, stared at the scythe that Toasty had been using against them, the same one that had hurt them and their dragonflies, and thought about what they had seen during the brief battle they had been engaged in, where the rare sheep had used magic to manipulate the disguise he had been wearing and even swung his weapon with the speed of an adult dragon. It had been quite the surprise, especially since they were still shocked by the fact that Nevin had been telling the truth about who was in control of their homeworld, but it really made them think about the possibility that the other commanders, of the other four lands, might be the same as Toasty, though they would figure that out once they reached that point in time.

Eventually Ember was done with the tradition that she had started, which was cooking and eating Toasty's body to take on his strength, she made sure to bury his bones before nodding to her brothers, where the three of them got up and headed for the exit portal, allowing them to return to the central area of their homeworld. When they returned to the area in front of the dragon head statue a few seconds later the trio headed out and made their way towards the dock, because now that they had saved the other realms, by rescuing the dragons that had been trapped and recovered everything that had been stolen, both the gems and dragon eggs, it was time for them to depart for the land of the Peace Keepers. Nestor and the other Artisans dragons would be able to free the rest of the trapped members of their clans, that were in the realms that they hadn't visited in the past, meaning they could focus on saving Titan and the rest of his clan from their prisons, before confronting whoever was in control of their homeworld. From there they would repeat the process with the lands of the Magic Crafters, the Beast Makers, and the Dream Weavers, before finally reaching the Junk Yard so they could track down and deal with Gnasty Gnorc, to save the Dragon Realms from his plans.

One thing the trio noticed as they walked over to where the dock was located, however, was the fact that Alvar was standing next to the tunnel that would take them to where Marco and his hot air balloon would be waiting for them to arrive, so they could leave for the next land, to which they stopped and faced him, as they were curious as to what he wanted to tell them before they departed.

"Alvar, is something wrong?" Spyro asked, though he was hoping that nothing had happened since they had visited Town Square, the area that he and some of the other Artisans dragons had been trapped in, because if something had gone wrong since their visit it would delay them in assisting the Peace Keepers.

"Oh, nothing's wrong. I actually came to tell you that I gave Marco some packs filled with food, since I know you have been working nonstop since the interview this morning and are likely getting hungry." Alvar replied, showing the trio that he and the other Artisans dragon knew that they hadn't taken a break since this adventure started and that they had to be getting hungry, despite what happened in Nevin's castle a few minutes ago, something that they were grateful for, since the packs would be gone by the time they reached Titan's land.

"Thanks for thinking about us." Spike said, because he knew that he and Spyro hadn't eaten anything since before the interview happened, which meant that they had to be getting hungry, and that was when he heard a faint growl from both his stomach and Spyro's stomach, showing that they were eager to eat what Alvar had packed for them.

Alvar was happy to hear that and bid the trio farewell, where he headed off to join the other Artisans dragons that were making sure their homeworld and realms weren't wrecked by the forces that had tried to seize control of their home, allowing the trio to make their way to where the dock was and found Marco patiently waiting for them. It appeared that Marco had been briefed on the situation, as he informed them that the hot air balloon was ready to go and watched as they jumped into the area they usually sat it, before climbing in after them and turned on the flames once more, allowing them to take to the air as he set their course for the land of the Peace Keepers. While he did that Spyro found the packs that had been prepared for them and both he and his siblings dug into the food that had been provided for them, as they would need their strength for when they reached their next destination, as they had no idea what sort of forms the stolen gems had taken, due to Gnasty Gnorc's spell, which meant that they would have to be careful as they went about freeing the Peace Keepers from their prisons. Spike, while all this was going on, also made sure to write down what he and his siblings had done in the Artisans homeworld, almost like he was writing a story for Argus and the others to enjoy when this was over, and he made sure to write down everything that Toasty told them, as he was going to look into whether the grey sheep was a rare case or if there were others like him out there.

It was something to look into in the future, when they weren't focusing on saving the rest of the trapped dragons from the prisons they were stuck in, recovering all the stolen treasure and dragon eggs, and, of course, releasing the other lands from whoever was in control of them, which is what they were going to do when they reached their destination.

It took them an hour to get to the land of the Peace Keepers, just like it did in the past when they came here for training from Titan and the other members of his clan, though when they reached the dock that would allow them to enter the central part of this homeworld Marco brought them close to the dock and let them jump down onto the dock, before wishing them luck as he pulled away from the land. One thing the trio knew for sure was that one of Marco's friends was located somewhere else in this land, who could likely take them to the land of the Magic Crafters, but for now they had to focus on finding Titan and saving the other dragons that were trapped in this area. Fortunately it appears that one of the trapped dragons could be saved immediately, as there just so happened to be a statue in the building that rested between them and the central area of this land, where the dangerous tar rested, so the three of them moved forward and headed to where the statue rested. Inside the building they discovered a Gnorc, who looked like he was wearing some sort of red military uniform, complete with a red hat and what appeared to be a spear in his hand, patrolling the area to their right, but since it appeared that he wasn't even paying attention to the entrance they had walked through the trio decided to see who was trapped in front of them, before worrying about the enemies of this land.

Anyone else would have been surprised by who was trapped inside the statue that they tapped on, as they would have thought that this dragon would have been elsewhere when the magic spell trapped all of the dragons in the crystalline statues, but the trio weren't remotely surprised to see Titan a few seconds later, though he did roar for a moment, maybe for dramatic effect or something, before calming down enough to focus on them.

"Spyro, Spike, Ember, thank you for releasing me from that statue," Titan said, as he was happy that he was no longer trapped inside the crystalline statue that he had been encased in some time ago, something that he knew had to be the work of Gnasty Gnorc, before he realized that there was something wrong with this picture, since someone seemed to be missing from their group, "Isn't Nestor supposed to be with you?"

"He's back in the Artisans homeworld, helping the others clean up after Gnasty Gnorc hit every dragon with a spell to trap them in identical crystalline statues, except for us," Spike replied, though at this point he didn't think it mattered why he and his siblings had been spared from the spell, either due to their size or their foe not knowing about them until after the spell had been cast, because they were going to take back the Dragon Realms and stop whatever plan Gnasty Gnorc was working on, "Anyway, we're here to save all of the dragons that are trapped in those statues, recover all of the treasure that the Gnorcs might have stolen, as well as recover any stolen eggs at the same time, before taking on whoever has been put in charge of this homeworld, just like we did in our homeworld."

"It's good to hear that you three have been making progress in taking our lands back," Titan stated, and that was the truth, that he was happy to hear that things seemed to be working out for them, meaning that he might not have to tell them anything they didn't already know, before he noticed that their dragonflies were hurt, "though before you go too far you should hunt some of the rabbits and get a few butterflies for your friends... despite the fact that I'm surprised that you even got hurt while saving your homeworld."

"Well, we sure weren't expecting Toasty to use magic and attack us with the speed of an adult dragon," Spyro replied, as that was still surprising no matter how many times he thought about it, that a sheep had the patience to learn how to wield magic, something that he knew Spike was really interested in and would no doubt investigate in the future.

"Is that so?" Titan inquired, because he had heard about Toasty from Nestor, about the rare sheep that had been transferred to the Artisans homeworld and seemed to be angry about something almost all the time, though he had the feeling that he'd hear more about this later on, once the Dragon Realms were saved from Gnasty Gnorc, "Well, since it appears that you three know what you're doing, in terms of defeating your enemies and saving the realms from our enemies, I'll leave you to deal with Dry Canyon, Cliff Town, Ice Cavern, and whoever is attacking Trondo's realm, while I, on the other hand, will make sure the other realms you haven't been shown are safe and the dragons that live there are freed from their prisons."

The trio nodded their heads in agreement, as it made sense for the Leader of a dragon clan to go rescue the other dragons that were in the realms that the trio couldn't access, and watched as Titan walked through the second opening in the chamber, frightening the nearby Gnorc for a moment, before spreading his wings and taking off. Once Titan was gone, and the Gnorc had calmed down, the trio headed for the opening as well, so they could investigate the homeworld that they were in and see what needed to be done to save it from Gnasty Gnorc's forces, though as they did that Ember loosed a short burst of fire and set the soldier that was near them on fire, before returning to the shape of a gem. Cinder picked that up for her as she and her siblings left the chamber, allowing them to take in the land of the Peace Keepers once more, though at the same time they noticed that there were a few Gnorcs in blue coats, that also happened to be wearing blue hats, that seemed to be toying with some cannons, as one fired a cannonball that flew into the cannon of the second guy that was wearing the blue uniform, who fired it back a few moments later. Spyro, Spike, and Ember weren't sure if the Gnorcs were practicing with the cannons or if they were totally clueless as to how they worked, but in the end they agreed that it didn't matter, as all they had to do was dodge the incoming attacks and take out whoever was controlling the cannons, before moving onto the other enemies that were trying to take over this homeworld.

Of course, much to their annoyance, the soldier Gnorc that was the closest to the opening they were standing in seemed to be preoccupied with hitting a few rabbits with his spear, where three of them went limp and had butterflies leave their bodies, just like what happened with the sheep when Nestor showed them how to heal their dragonflies. In the end Spyro was the one that charged into the Gnorc's back and sent him flying into the rock wall in front of him, allowing Spike and Ember to take care of the Gnorc that was manning the cannon, though as they collected the gems that used to be their enemies Sparx, Talon, and Cinder grabbed one of the three butterflies and healed themselves, knowing that there were more dangers ahead of them and that it would be best to heal how, while they had the chance to do so. The instant those two enemies were taken care of the trio turned towards the rock formation that the next two cannon Gnorcs were in front of, who were firing back and forth at each other, though they were slow to realize that the trio was approaching them and by the time the cannons were in position Spyro, Spike, and Ember had already moved out of the way, allowing two of them to loose a short burst of fire into their targets. After the cannon Gnorcs were taken care of, and their gems were gathered, the trio quickly picked up the gems laying nearly and smashed the wooden containers that were near the portal to Dry Canyon, before moving onto the next area their enemies were waiting in.

One thing they discovered, as they engaged the group of four soldier Gnorcs, was that their spear wielding enemies swung their arms quicker than any of the enemies they encountered in their homeworld, meaning they had to be careful when they approached the soldiers, though if the soldiers missed their attacks, due to the trio rolling out of the way, they retreated to the red tents that were nearby. Interestingly enough the tents could be destroyed by loosing a burst of fire at them, something that seemed odd due to the fact that one would have thought that the Gnorcs would have found a way to fireproof their tents, but the Gnorcs that hid inside the tents didn't flee, rather they cowered in the center of where their tents used to be and focused on the trio. If one of them turned away from the enemies that were cowering the Gnorcs would turn around and show their rear to whoever had been focused on them, to which Ember and her brothers charged into each of the four Gnorcs and reverted them back to their original state, before heading down through the area that was beyond the tents. They spotted three more soldier Gnorcs as they explored the area near the next portal, the one to Cliff Town, and the soldiers retreated to their tents not even a few seconds later, showing that they had to be scared of them, though the trio quickly took out the tents and then flamed the enemies that were hiding from them, which allowed the three of them to focus on the other enemies they would have to take out.

What was interesting was that the second Balloonist, the one that would take them to the land of the Magic Crafters, was waiting nearby and seemed to be getting everything in order, which meant that it might be some time before he was ready to depart, to which the trio turned their attention to freeing the remaining dragons and recovering any of the stolen treasure that the Gnorcs had taken. Near the area that the Balloonist was waiting in were a few more tents, with a few more cowering soldiers inside them, and a pair of chests that they had to flame and jump over to get the gems that had been trapped inside them, before heading past the crystalline statue and taking out the cannon Gnorc that was standing near the cannon that was near the dangerous tar pit they had seen when they visited this land for the first time. Once that was taken care of Ember approached the statue and tapped on it, where she and her brothers watched as Magnus was freed from his prison, who thanked them like all the dragons that had come before him and remarked that Sparx, Talon, and Cinder were doing a good job of protecting them from the dangers they had faced so far, before remarking that they should make sure to feed them lots of butterflies while they saved the Dragon Realms. Spyro, Spike, and Ember nodded their heads in agreement, as keeping their companions healthy was an important lesson that Nestor had given them when they were young, and Magnus smiled before heading off, no doubt to find Titan and help him with the other realms that the three of them wouldn't be visiting.

Once Magnus was gone Spike headed down the path that was behind the released dragon, which brought him to the portal that would allow them to access Ice Cavern, where he collected a few gems before returning to his siblings, where they noticed something interesting on one of the rock pillars that rested near the portal to Trondo's training grounds, and that was a bullseye of some kind.

Spyro smirked for a moment as he approached the cannon that was near the area that Magnus had been imprisoned in, as he noticed that he could turn the cannon with a push of his head, which was why he was lining up the cannon with the rock pillar, and once it was lined up he loosed a quick burst of fire at the end of the cannon, where a cannonball was fired from the weapon. The cannonball struck the pillar right where the bullseye was located, destroying the top portion of the pillar and allowed them to access another part of the homeworld, where the trio hoped that Titan and the other Peace Keepers wouldn't be annoyed by what they had done. One interesting thing that Spike noticed was that there were two locked chests near the portal to Trondo's realm, which seemed to be locked with chains and didn't appear to have any slots for keys, so he had Spyro turn the cannon towards them and fire two more cannonballs from it, blowing apart the chests rather easily. As Spike gathered the gems from those chests, as both of them contained at least three gems inside them, Ember headed over to the cliff wall that was beyond the portal and flamed the gem chests that she found, so she could jump in the air and get the gems, before gathering the remaining gems that were nearby before returning to where her siblings were waiting, which allowed her to break three more chests before she reached Spyro and Spike.

Once the three of them were together again they jumped on the platform that Spyro had created and found that they could jump to another pair of platforms that were surrounded by the dangerous tar, where a soldier Gnorc happened to be hiding from them, so they flamed him and focused on taking out the pair of gem chests and picking up the gems that were near a portal to what all three of them assumed was this land's Flight Realm. From there they jumped over to the area that they hadn't explored yet, which was usually blocked off by the rock pillar that Spyro had broken, and as they explored the area Spike carefully jumped over to a wide rock that was near them and collected the trio of gems that rested on it, before returning to his siblings as they zeroed in on where another dragon was trapped. More importantly there was a thief standing near the statue, the grin on his face taunting them and annoying Ember, which was why she charged at him and immediately loosed a burst of fire the moment she got close to him, hitting him before he had a chance to flee with the egg, causing her to smile as she made sure it as safe. Spyro charged though the pair of metallic chests that were nearby and collected the gems that were inside them, all while Spike picked up a key that was resting nearby, before the three of them turned to the dragon statue and tapped it so they could free whoever happened to be trapped inside it.

Not a few moments later Gunnar, the menacing dragon that they had seen a few times while they were visiting this homewolrd in the past, who grinned as he crossed his arms, showing that he had to be happy by what he had seen while he was trapped, before he gave them his full attention.

"Spyro, Spike, Ember, you three have done well so far." Gunnar said, his tone revealing that he was definitely happy that they were saving the dragons that had been imprisoned, retrieving the gems that had been stolen, and recovering the dragon eggs that had been taken by the blue thieves, which made the trio happy as well, "If the three of you keep this up, and continue what you've been doing, I know that each of you will fulfill your destinies."

"Destiny?" Spyro inquired, because this was the first time he had heard anything like this, but, at the same time, it wasn't something that he was overly worried about, as he and his siblings were focused on saving the Dragon Realms from Gnasty Gnorc and his forces.

"That doesn't matter at the moment," Gunnar stated, where he waved his hand for a moment, as if dismissing what he had just said, before he gently took the egg that they had recovered already, so he could deliver it to the nursery and see how many of their eggs they were missing, even though he suspected the others were missing as well, "Just continue what you've been doing and you'll be at Gnasty Gnorc in no time, and if you find any of the other dragon eggs just bring them to the area in front of where Gosnold, our Balloonist, is stationed."

"Well, it's good to know where I'll teleport them to with my teleportation breath," Spike commented, referring to the special power that he had access to, as he was the first one to use this type of magic, in the entirety of the Dragon Realms, and he had shown Nora how to use this sort of magic when he and his siblings met her, though from the look on Gunnar's face it was clear that other dragons might have heard about this power, they just hadn't seen it yet.

The trio watched as Gunnar departed from the area they were in and headed off to somewhere else, though as he did that they focused on exploring the rest of the area that was around them, where Spyro climbed up on the stones that were near where Spike gathered the couple of gems, near the tar, before spotting an opening and decided to glide towards it, though he had to be careful and landed without any problems. Spike and Ember followed after him a few seconds later, so they could see what he found, and they discovered a tunnel that brought them to a small chamber that had four gem chests and a locked one, which was where the key they found earlier went, and they gathered the couple of gems that were inside it. Once that was done the three of them headed out and glided over to where they found Titan, as it was safer than trying to return to where Gunnar was imprisoned, and determined that they had found all the gems that had been stolen, so they turned towards the portal to Dry Canyon and went through it. This time, instead of knowing the layout of the realms that they would be visiting, they would be going in blind and would have to be careful, but, after seeing how well they took on the enemies of their own homeworld, they had the feeling that the same thing would happen in the land of the Peace Keepers.

When they finally reached their destination the three of them discovered that they were in a desolate canyon that did seem to be like the central part of this homeworld, complete with tar pits, but a few looking around for a few seconds, and finding that there were also a few cacti near them, the trio decided to move forward and save this realm.

The first thing they did was tackle the circular metal chest to their right and broke it open, freeing the gem that was trapped inside, before focusing on the foe that was near them, as there was a Gnorc with a shield and what appeared to be a gun aiming at them, so while Spike charged through the chests that were near them Ember did the same to their foe, only to pick up a gem a few seconds later. Spyro moved further down the path that they were following as his siblings took care of the remaining chests around them, where he charged into the pair of musket Gnorcs that were in their way, but as Ember and Spike followed him Ember paused as she turned to her left and found another path for them to take, though her eyes were focused on the thief that was grinning at her. Spyro and Spike chuckled a little as they watched the thief flee as their sister chased it, though once the pair had rounded the corner they took care of the musket Gnorcs that were nearby and smashed the chests that were around where the thief had been, though once that was done they returned to the main path and watched as Ember rammed into her target and knocked him into a wall, freeing another egg from the thieves that had stolen them. As soon as that happened Spike walked over and called his magic up, where he loosed his green teleportation breath and caused the egg to disappear a few seconds later, as he sent it to the area that Gunnar wanted them to put the other eggs in if they found them, before they moved forward again.

In the next area they found that there were three more gem chests, letting each of them take one of the chests, and then knocked out the musket Gnorc that was standing near a crystalline statue, where the trio tapped it and freed one of the Peace Keepers dragons, Conan, who had yellow scales and was wielding a lance and a shield, from his prison, who thanked them before departing from the area.

From there they discovered that they could either follow the path that they were following or jump up some steps and tackle a few that seemed to be standing on a bridge of some kind, that would allow them to glide other to another area, but the decision was rather easy, they jumped over the tar pit that was along the path in front of them and charged into the musket Gnorc that was in their way. It was then that they found a new enemy, as there was a large Gnorc that had no shirt on and he held his arm held out with a vulture resting on it, along with two more of the birds sitting on posts that were between him and where the trio was standing, though as they walked forward the two vultures flew at them, even though they were easily defeated by a quick burst of fire. When one of them got close the large Gnorc grabbed hold of the vulture and raised the bird like it was a club, which was just wrong in their opinion, so they dodged the incoming attack and burned him down, returning him to his original gem state, though this also further confirmed that Gnasty Gnorc's spell had effected more than they thought, as these birds were quite aggressive and had to be more hostile than the vultures that had originally called this land home. After collecting the other gems that were around them the trio climbed up the stone steps that were in front of them and found another trapped dragon up there, where they dealt with the musket Gnorc that was nearby, the two vultures that were further along the path they were following, and a second large Gnorc, before gathering all the gems that were around them as they explored the rest of the area.

That was when they found a few more gems near the exit portal for this realm, including a pair of musket Gnorcs, a circular metal chest, and four metal chests, but as they headed away from the exit portal they found that there was another dragon trapped in another area, one that didn't appear to have a path to reach it, but the trio knew that they would find a way to him in due time as they tapped the statue of the first dragon they had found.

"Spyro, Spike, Ember, thank you for rescuing me." the dragon said, where they found that his scales seemed to be the same color as Conan's scales, with darker yellow spots here and there, and he was wearing a few metal bands on his wrists and his neck, while holding onto a rope, "Allow me to introduce myself, I am Boris, and this is Dry Canyon, a place that rewards good gliders... you are good at gliding, right?"

"You could say that we were... born to glide!" Spyro remarked, where he also spread his wings to show that he was serious about what he had said, because he and his siblings were pretty decent at gliding and knew that Nestor had told the other Leaders about their skills, so that meant that the dragons of the other clans knew about their skills.

Boris smiled for a moment before taking off, though as he disappeared the trio glanced at each other and then looked at the area they were in, as it appeared that there might be a path for them to follow, though instead of doing what they were doing this one seemed to involve gliding.

"Do you think we can reach the other dragon by following this gliding path?" Ember asked, because she was under the impression that Boris was suggesting that the only way to reach the other dragon was to glide and make their way around the area that they were in.

"I do believe that we can do that, if we glide from place to place," Spike replied, as he had to agree with what Ember had said, especially since he was sure that this was how they were supposed to get to the other dragon, though even as he said that Spyro jumped into the air and glided over to the tunnel that was near their location.

While Ember followed after their brother, and glided over the gap as well, Spike turned around and headed to the area that he could see the path from, where he jumped down into the area near the path and paused when he found an opening that none of them had seen while they were walking through the area, before spotting his siblings as they poked their heads out of the opening. Once that happened Spike informed them of what they needed to do so they could glide to the start of the other path, the one that they had noticed when they got to the exit portal, and he watched as both Spyro and Ember jumped into the air and glided by turning to their left, where they landed a few steps from where the other statue was located. The moment they were touching the ground once more Spike quickly retraced his steps and headed to where Boris had been imprisoned, though once he he was in position he jumped into the air and glided over to the tunnel his siblings had gone through, where he found that it lead to a small chamber and had a small opening that was the one Spyro and Ember had poked their heads out of a few moments ago, before he jumped out of the opening and repeated what he told his siblings, who were happy to see him when he landed near them. As he rejoined them he learned that his siblings had found a few gems laying on the ground in the tunnel, a musket Gnorc that they took down, and a gem chest before they reached the area that allowed them to see him, but that meant that they had everything from that area and wouldn't have to worry about heading in there again.

Once Spike was caught up on what had happened the three of them headed up the path and collected the couple of gems that were in their way, along with picking up the key that was nearby, before tapping the statue, releasing a large dragon, one bulkier than any they had seen so far, and that he was wearing a leather and fur studded harness on his chest, along with a club that seemed to be his weapon.

Maximos, after thanking them for freeing him from his prison, made a comment about the vultures, that while they looked tough they were also one of the creatures that he and the other Peace Keepers liked to eat, hence why there were so many of them in some of the realms that they lived in, before he opened his wings and took off, either to help the others of his clan or to get something to eat. The trio glanced at each other for a few seconds, as they weren't sure what to make of the now freed dragon, before they jumped down to the area below them and headed back to where Conan had been trapped, as there was a second path for them to take in that area. As such, when they arrived at their destination, they climbed up the couple of stone steps that they had spotted when they were freeing Conan, charged through the musket Gnorc that was in their way, and then glided over to the ledge that was in front of them, where they discovered another tunnel for them to take. They found three more gem chests, a shirtless Gnorc, and three of the musket Gnorcs before they reached the end of the tunnel, though once that happened they had to burn a pair of vultures that were in their way and took out another shirtless Gnorc, before investigating the sides of the building that was in front of them, which just so happened to be where a dragon was trapped.

On the left side of the building they found two more vultures, a shirtless Gnorc, and a musket Gnorc waiting for them, but the three of them discovered that if they separated from each other, and approached from three different directions, none of their enemies could hit them at all and soon they were reduced back to their original gem state. Once that side was cleared of all the foes they had seen, and all the gems had been collected, the trio headed into the building and picked up the gems that were on the ground, before tapping the statue so they could free the dragon that was trapped inside it and then clean up the rest of this realm. Ivor, the dragon in question, was elderly, a couple of years younger than Astor by their reasoning, and he was carrying what the trio hoped was a difused bomb, though as he thanked them he made a comment about how they knew something about the trio, but when asked what that something was he claimed to forget what he was talking about and walked out of the building, so he could depart for one of the other realms that the other Peace Keepers would be gathering in. That made the three of them wonder what in the world was going through the minds of some of the Peace Keepers, since they seemed to be focused on destiny or something, but they decided to put it at the back of their minds for now as they headed out of the building and went around it's right side, where they found a pair of vultures and a shirtless Gnorc waiting for them, who didn't stand much of a chance as they used their fire breath to take them out and gathered the gems as they walked by where the enemies had been standing.

From there they climbed up the rocky steps that were behind the building, gathered the gems that were in their way, smashed the chests that were on top of the building, and then glided over to the rock platform that was in the direction of the exit portal. There the three of them discovered a new type of chest, one that contained a number of fireworks inside it and would explode in a number of bright lights if they were lit, but the major point of that was that they freed the gems that were trapped inside them, allowing them to focus on making sure they recovered all the stolen treasure. Once they were sure all of the gems in their area had been recovered they got to the highest point they could reach and glided over to the lone rock platform they had spotted in the distance, where a number of chests happened to be stored, no doubt set aside by the Gnorcs until it was time to haul all the treasure to where Gnasty Gnorc was waiting. The three wooden chests were easy to break open, since all they had to do was charge into them or flame them, the two circular metal chests only needed to be flamed a few times to get the gems that were inside them, and the locked chest yielded the treasure that was inside it, as they had the key that went to it.

Once all of that was done the trio returned to where the building was located and headed for the exit portal, as there were two more realms for them to save from Gnasty Gnorc's forces, not to mention the Flight Realm and Trondo's training grounds, so it was only a matter of time before the land of the Peace Keepers was freed from their foe's grasp, just like their homeworld.

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