• Published 21st May 2019
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Spyro: The Dragon Trio of Avalar - Blackdrag-rose

Spike and Ember grow up alongside Spyro as his siblings, and together they learn what it means to be heroes by protecting their home and taking down the various villains that cross their path.

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Prelude: Dragonflies

Nestor found that it didn't take long for Spyro, Spike, and Ember to tire themselves out and fall asleep again, since they had been running around the area that Bruno was sitting in, where he watched over them to ensure they weren't harmed if they fell over, and they all smiled when the three hatchlings fell asleep again. It was quite refreshing to have some more hatchlings running around, even if they were only expecting one at the moment and not the three that were curled up near each other, but he was sure that he and the other Leaders would be able to make this work out in the end. Once the trio was sound asleep, and they were sure of that, Bruno stood up and headed over to the tunnel that would take him to the part of Stone Hill, the area they were in, that contained the whirlwind vortex that would take him back to the hub of the Artisans homeworld. The reason he was leaving was because he needed to return to his domain and speak with the dragonflies he had briefly mentioned earlier, to see if he could find two more that could bond with Spike and Ember and watch over them, just like Sparx would be doing for Spyro. Since it would take him about five hours to get back to his domain, and likely another hour to find who he was thinking about before the five hour trip back, Nestor and the other Leaders understood why he had mentioned that it would be between this afternoon and early tomorrow morning when they would see him again.

As such he, Titan, Cosmos, and Lateef followed Bruno through the whirlwind and walked over to the dock that the balloonists used, whenever they were transporting goods between the different homeworlds, be they food, gems, tools, or a young dragon that hadn't learned how to traverse such a long distance on their own, before their friend took off and headed back to his domain, where they waved in his direction for a few seconds before lowering their arms.

"So, what are we going to do with the other two?" Titan asked, because he had the feeling that Nestor would want to watch over Spike and Ember as well, as it appeared that Spyro was interested in them, just like they were interested in him, which was a good idea when he thought about it, as it would allow them to see what sort of talent the hatchlings had, in regards to being an Artisan or a Peace Keeper or one of the other types, and he was only asking so he could plan ahead for the future, since he was sure that he'd be teaching Spyro, at the very least, how to fight in his current state.

"Considering how Spyro reacted to them, I think it's safe to say we should leave them together," Nestor replied, as he knew Titan was curious as to how many students he'd have in the near future, even though the real training would have to wait until the hatchlings were much older, before he turned around and headed back to the portal that would take him back to the courtyard where they had left the trio, where the others followed after him, "and yes, I do mean that we should consider Spike and Ember to be Spyro's siblings, especially since all three of them were so excited when they first saw each other. I know you are eager to start training them, Titan, but you have to remember that they are just hatchlings and that it will be a few years before they reach the point where they can actually handle any sort of training that we put them through, even if it's just ramming your head into a stone wall and lighting your foes on fire. And yes, I do know that I'm talking about normal dragons at the moment, like you and Bruno, since it's been a long time since anyone has seen a purple dragon, much less two of them, so we have no idea how much time it will take for them to grow to the point where you can train them or how well they can handle your training."

"Indeed, I am quite interested in the fact that there are two purple dragons now." Lateef said, because while he and Cosmos hadn't gotten any useful information from their studies, they were both sure that all three hatchlings would do great things for the Dragon Clans and the places that they called home, "There is no telling what will happen now that Spike and Ember have been added to the mix, so I think that the future is going to be very exciting for all of us, not just the three of them, and that we'll be proud of them in no time."

Nestor nodded his head in agreement, because while the arrival of a single purple dragon was incredible, as it meant that something major was going to happen at some point in the future, the fact that a second purple dragon had arrived, with a blue dragon as well, was even more incredible than anything they had encountered in the past. Sure, he and the other Leaders hadn't encountered much excitement over the years, save for Gnasty Gnorc, but that person had been banished to the sixth land of the area they called home, the Junk Yard, a place that they didn't think about much since dragons were no longer welcome there. He considered it to be fair, since Gnorc had been causing mischief for everyone in the Dragon Realms and couldn't abide by the rules and customs that dragons lived by, but even then he and his fellow Leaders had to consider the fact that their foe might be planning his revenge, which, if that was what Gnorc was doing, made it a good thing Spyro had hatched, along with Spike and Ember arriving rather suddenly. It seemed wrong to put such a matter on the shoulders of a hatchling, much less three of them, but from what he could tell it would be a number of years before Gnorc did anything, so for right now they could let Spyro, Spike, and Ember grow up mature into young dragons, without having to worry about trying to take down a villain or save their homes from some sort of threat, and he hoped that they wouldn't have to worry about that for some time.

Of course that raised the question of where the three hatchlings would be sleeping, but, as it turned out, Lateef had a good idea, which was that the three dragons would live here, in Artisans, where they were born and where the Leaders could come to visit them and assist them in growing, though since this land was peaceful, and many of the dragons here didn't fight, they would have to go to Titan's homeworld to receive lessons on how to fight. Nestor was perfectly fine with this, as it would allow him to watch over the trio and determine what sort of lessons they needed to offer the hatchlings, though the first thing was obvious, and that was introducing them to their dragonfly companions and make sure the bond between the pairs was set in stone before they did anything else. Since they had to wait for Bruno to return with the dragonflies that he had in mind, whenever he arrived, the four remaining Leaders stepped through the portal that would take them to Stone Hill and quickly reappeared in the courtyard that Spyro's egg had been in earlier, where they found that all three of the hatchlings were still fast asleep, showing that they hadn't been bothered by the sounds of them leaving with Bruno or the sounds of their return. Nestor was happy to see that the three of them were peacefully sleeping and hadn't been bothered by the sounds of them returning to the courtyard, which allowed him and his fellow Leaders to relax a little and sit down, where they scattered themselves around the area that the hatchlings were in.

Titan, since he couldn't sharpen his weapon without the sound accidentally waking the trio up, decided that all he could do at the moment was fall asleep, which he promptly did so by resting on his side and opening his wings, where they wouldn't be hurt by the position he was assuming, before he closed his eyes and nodded off. Cosmos, seeing that there was nothing for him to do until Bruno returned, sat down and laid his staff across his legs, where Nestor believed that he would be spending his time seeing if there was any additional information they could learn from the two dragons that were resting near Spyro. Lateef was of the same opinion, as he balanced on his tail and closed his eyes, showing Nestor and Cosmos that he was going to delve into the dreams that the hatchlings might be having, to see if he might gleam anything that would help them understand where Spike and Ember came from, while at the same time Cosmos closed his eyes and focused on what he was doing. Nestor, on the other hand, remained awake, as it made sense for one of them to be awake at some point so they could keep an eye on Spyro, Spike, and Ember, but at the same time he reached into his pack and pulled out a sketchbook, because he was a carpenter and he had some decent ideas for an area for the trio to live in when they were older, so they didn't have to live in the courtyard for a long period of time.

Since he had time before having to wake one of the other Leaders up, for their turn in watching the trio, he figured that he'd take some time and sketch out the ideas that he had, before showing them to the other Artisan dragons and seeing what they thought... though he had the feeling that this was going to be a uneventful evening for him, since it appeared that nothing was going to bother the hatchlings at the moment.

Nestor found that nothing happened while he and the other Leaders watched over Spyro, Spike, and Ember, as the three hatchlings didn't move at all, so he was able to wake up Titan for his turn and have a few hours of rest, since they were waiting for Bruno to return with the dragonflies he was gathering. What that meant was that the trio had hatched without any complications and were totally healthy, at least in terms of how dragons were supposed to hatch, and they were happy to see that the trio were sleeping peacefully, especially with Lateef making sure nothing bothered them. Since they had just hatched, and hadn't experienced anything major yet, the Leaders were sure that none of the hatchlings would have had any nightmares, but Lateef was just making sure that nothing terrorized them while they were asleep, even though the other Leaders had to sit there and patrol the area when it was their turn to watch over the trio. Titan was the only one that was used to patrolling an area, since he was a Peace Keeper dragon and he had been trained to do this sort of thing for long periods of time, and he was happy to keep the others safe, not that it mattered since the Artisans homeworld was one of the most peaceful places in the realms that they all lived in.

Eventually morning broke and Nestor pulled himself off the ground, where he and the other Leaders that had been sleeping stretched their arms and wings for a few moments, though as they did that Titan brought out some of the meat and food items that Nestor had stockpiled nearby, for them to eat and drink, as well as share with the hatchlings whenever they woke up. It just showed the other Leaders how prepared Nestor was for this event, as he figured that, since the egg that would be hatching was a purple dragon egg, and it had been a long time since they had seen a purple dragon, he and his friends would have spent the night making sure the hatchling was fine before they returned to their homeworlds and their duties as they waited for their turn to assist in Spyro's growth. Of course none of them were expecting Spike and Ember to show up out of nowhere, much less in a magical explosion that didn't damage the courtyard they were in, but they were happy to see that Spyro had accepted them and that they had accepted Spyro in return, which meant that they might already see each other as siblings. Young dragons, from what they had seen in the past, were smarter than most babies of the other species of their world and could often figure certain things out on their own, but there were some things that they couldn't learn due to their small size and would need training to figure out, hence the reason he and the other Leaders would teach them as they grew up.

His thoughts were interrupted as Bruno reappeared nearby, showing that he had returned from his homeworld and had used the portal to reach Stone Hill, though instead of saying anything he beckoned with his head and headed into a chamber that rested on the floor below where they held their meetings, one that was basically a passage to the portal that allowed them to return to the main part of the Artisans homeworld.

"Bruno, it's good to see that you made it back safe and sound," Nestor said, though at the same time he grabbed one of the cups that hadn't been used yet and poured some coffee into it, since he and the others had carefully made a pot without waking up Spyro or his new siblings, before he offered it to his friend, who accepted it and took a sip from it as the others stood near them, "How was your trip?"

"Well, the flight itself was boring since I didn't have anyone to talk to," Bruno admitted, as he and the other Leaders had a lengthy conversation while they were flying to Nestor's homeworld the previous day, or at least he had one with Lateef before they arrived at Cosmos' domain and continued on to Titan's homeworld, so flying alone was quite boring, before he smiled at his friends, "but it was worth it. You can come out little ones."

Nestor smiled as three little dragonflies, maybe around a week or two old based on their size, emerged from the safety of the hat that Bruno was wearing, which meant that it was a good place for young dragonflies to rest before being brought to the area that the hatchlings were in. The first dragonfly that he noticed was yellow colored, as that was the main color of it's elongated body, it had large eyes, or at least what was large for the size of it's body, along with limbs that resembled arms and ended in fingers, and it had transparent wings. Nestor knew this one, as a few days ago Bruno had introduced this little guy to him and the other Leaders, saying that he had the potential to be Spyro's companion until he was much older, which meant that this was Sparx, who Bruno had been keeping an eye on, though that was when he turned his attention to the other two dragonflies. The pair had the same build that Sparx had, which made sense since most dragonflies looked identical, save for the coloration of their bodies, and sometimes even their wings, though while one of them had a red color to their body, almost like a fire, the other was light grey colored, and they buzzed around Sparx, almost like they had never been near so many dragons at the same time.

He was sure that with time and constant exposure, to both the hatchlings and the other dragons, the nervousness that the two dragonflies were feeling would disappear and they would become the companions that Bruno claimed that they could be, though right now there was only one thing they needed to know before they introduced the dragonflies to the sleeping hatchlings, or at least attempt that anyway.

"I know you all know Sparx, so allow me to introduce Talon," Bruno continued, to which he gestured to the red colored dragonfly for a moment, where Nestor and the other Leaders were a little surprised that a dragonfly's name would be 'Talon', before he did the same to the light grey colored dragonfly, "and Cinder. These are the ones I told you about earlier, when we were talking about dragonflies, and while they might be nervous about this, since this is the first time they've been around this many of us, I have faith in their abilities and know that they'll be able to overcome their nervousness in a short period of time."

Nestor and the others paused for a moment as the three dragonflies buzzed at each other for a few seconds, their way of communicating with each other, and from the sounds of it Sparx was calming his new friends down, which made sense considering that he was used to being around dragons, more than most dragonflies that were around his age, of which there weren't many of at the moment. There would be more dragonflies twelve years from now, when the next year of the Dragon festival happened, and the fairies that had brought them Spyro's egg promised them that the next festival was going to be better than this one, though they couldn't tell them why they felt that way, but that only told Nestor that they might have a good amount of dragon eggs coming in the future. Of course, since he thought about Spyro, that was the moment that the hatchlings decided to wake up and start making sounds, though instead of crying, like they had done when they woke up yesterday, the sounds they made now were curious ones, showing that they were interested in their surroundings and might start exploring the area, causing him and the others to head to the courtyard so they could see what the trio was up to.

What they discovered was that Spyro and Spike were wandering around the courtyard, their heads turning every now and then as they looked at the area that was around them, even though the area that they were in didn't have much in it, save for a well, one that went to an underground structure and didn't have any water in it, and the tunnels that would take them to the rest of the Stone Hill area. Ember, on the other hand, was still sitting in the area she and her brothers had been sleeping in, staring at the pair as they explored the area around them, before she got up and walked around as well, taking in the sights as all three of them considered where they were and what was going to happen next. Nestor was happy to see that, because for a moment he had been worried that Ember might not care about what her siblings were doing, but now it appeared that she was just curious as to what Spyro and Spike were up to, because as the three of them walked around the courtyard she eventually caught up with them. Their final destination, as it turned out, was the area that all the food had been brought to, where Nestor and the others had been eating while they were waiting for Bruno to arrive with the dragonflies, which caused them to watch with interest as the trio finally came to a stop... though that was before Spike and Ember turned towards Spyro and helped him climb up to where the food was resting, who turned around and helped one of his siblings up before they helped the last sibling up.

Nestor chuckled as he and the other Leaders walked out of the tunnel they had been watching from, where Spyro and his siblings stopped what they were doing, which was deciding what they could eat and what they couldn't eat, and turned towards them, only for Nestor to sit down near them and pick up some of the meat so he could offer it to them.

"I figured you three would be hungry again, considering what you did yesterday." Nestor said, though as he said that he watched as the trio tore apart the meat that was offered to them, where he smiled and moved some more meat towards them, all while making sure that each of them had their fair share of what they had at the moment.

"At first I was worried about those two," Bruno commented, gesturing to Spike and Ember for a moment, who didn't notice what he was doing as they tore into the food that held their attention, while the other Leaders gathered around them and turned towards him, "but, after seeing them eat sheep meat, chicken wings, and everything else that we brought with us, it's safe to say that there is no reason to worry about their diets, as they seem like ordinary hatchlings to me... well, except for the fact that one of them is a purple dragon, like Spyro."

As soon as Bruno said the name the purple dragon in question stopped eating and glanced at the Leader, causing both of his siblings to stop what they were doing as well and look at him with interest in their eyes, since they weren't sure what was going on at the moment. Bruno tilted his head for a moment and repeated the name, where the dragon smiled and faced him, showing him and the other Leaders that, despite being a day old, Spyro was smart enough to recognize his name and react to it being said, causing his siblings to tilt their heads as they faced Bruno. He paused for a few seconds, mostly to see if the others wanted him to continue, and when they nodded their heads he focused on Spike, who jumped in place a few times upon hearing his name, showing them that it wasn't a fluke, and Ember's tail shifted every now and then as her name was called, though the smile on her face meant that she understood what her name was as well. The three hatchlings were smart, both he and the other Leaders understood that now, and they had recognized their names rather quickly, though before they did anything else Bruno nodded his head and the three dragonflies from earlier came out and flew over to him, where they came to a stop in front of him and looked at the dragons in front of them. All Bruno did was raise one of his hands near the trio of dragonflies and said their names as he moved his hand, letting Spyro and his siblings know that each name was connected to one of the dragonflies that were in front of them, before pulling his hand back so the dragonflies could do their thing.

Sparx, being the oldest of the three dragonflies, and no doubt the 'leader' in the eyes of Talon and Cinder, flew over to Spyro and circled around his head a few times, before coming to a stop near the right side of Spyro's head, which caused both of his friends to do the same thing... though what interested Bruno was that Talon, a male dragonfly, paired himself with Spike while Cinder, a female dragonfly, paired herself with Ember, and all three dragons had smiles on their faces, even though he knew they had to be confused by what was going on at the moment.

"Don't worry little ones, we'll teach you everything you need to know," Bruno said, where both the hatchlings and the dragonflies turned towards him once more, showing that they were interested in what he had to tell them, before he returned their smiles, "but we'll worry about that in the future, when you're all older. For now, eat and explore the world that is around you."

Nestor smiled as Spyro, Spike, and Ember nodded their heads, finished off what they were eating, and then, without needing him or the others to help them, climbed down from the area they were standing on and started running around the area they were in, showing that they were excited about their new dragonfly friends, who were flying near them in case they got into any sort of trouble, and he knew that their future was going to be full of excitement.

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