• Published 21st May 2019
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Spyro: The Dragon Trio of Avalar - Blackdrag-rose

Spike and Ember grow up alongside Spyro as his siblings, and together they learn what it means to be heroes by protecting their home and taking down the various villains that cross their path.

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Dragon: The Realm of Dreams

The first thing that Spyro, Spike, and Ember did after leaving the land of the Beast Makers was stop at one of the much smaller islands that rested nearby, one that appeared to be a resting area for the dragons that were flying from one of the homeworlds to another one. The reason they had been brought here was because the smell of the swamp had stuck to them and they needed to take a bath, just like the last couple of times they had visited this particular land in the past, which would allow all three of them to get rid of that smell, before they arrived at the land of the Dream Weavers. The island that they stopped at had a small house on it, one that appeared to be made in the style of the Artisans dragons from the looks of it, while the inside had two areas for visitors to bathe in, one for them and one for Cray, allowing the trio some privacy as they cleaned themselves and worked the smell of the swamp out of the items they had brought with them. They had known that this was something they were going to have to do when they finished liberating the land of the Beast Makers, but even so they really didn't like having to take a few moments to do this, when they had been trying to save time by splitting up earlier, but for now all they could do was clean themselves off and remove the stink of the swamp, before they could focus on their next destination.

"Hey Spike, is there a spell or something that would prevent the smell of the swamp from sticking to us?" Spyro asked, because he figured that if any of them knew of a way to stop the horrible smell of the land that the Beast Makers called home from sticking to them, be it spell or some other method in question, it had to be Spike, given what he had revealed to him and Ember in the past.

"Unfortunately I haven't discovered any spells that might do that," Spike replied, as he knew that if such a spell existed it would have been one of the first few that Cosmos would have imparted to him and his siblings, even if he was the only one that could accurately cast spells, but, at the same time, there were a number of spell books he hadn't had a chance to read yet and there was a chance that one of them contained the spell in question, "however, there are a few spell books that I haven't opened yet, so the spell you're asking about might exist in one of the other books, which I'll get to start reading once we've saved the rest of the Dragon Realms from Gnasty Gnorc and his plans."

"Well, the next homeworld we have to worry about is the land of the Dream Weavers," Ember commented, as while she would have preferred Spike tell them he just remembered the spell in question, for their future visits to the land of the Beast Makers, she wanted to focus on what they would be doing in the near future, once they were done here and were dropped off at the land that Lateef called home, "Given what we've seen in the past, from the commanders, I'm curious as to whether Gnasty Gnorc had someone take over the land after his spell hit the dragons, or if he had to release another creation of his to get the job done, not to mention all the enemies that we might encounter."

"Let me guess, you want to split up again so we can tackle the three realms at the same time?" Spyro inquired, as his sister's plan had worked out quite well for the previous land, even though they had to make a quick stop to get rid of the smell that had stuck to their bodies and what they had been wearing, and he suspected that Ember would want to use the same tactic again for the realms they would be tackling soon enough.

"That's correct." Ember replied, because she knew that since none of them knew anything about the land that Gnasty Gnorc ruled over, other than the fact that it might be more mechanical than all the other lands, it was better that they stick together and tackle the land together, instead of separating and taking on things on their own, though that was when she turned her head towards Spike for a moment, "Spike, do you remember the names of the realms that we'll have to tackle when we reach the land of the Dream Weavers?"

"Yeah, we've got Dark Passage, Lofty Castle, and Haunted Towers," Spike answered, as he remembered the names of the realms for all the homeworlds they had visited in the past, which was thanks to the fact that the Leaders had told him and his siblings what the realms were called during their first visit to their lands, though it also helped that he had written them down once each of their visits were over, "not to mention that there will be two more portals that we'll have to take care of while we're there, the Flight Realm and the realm that Unika and Revilo, the best of the best in terms of the Dream Weavers dragons, call home."

"None of them sound particularly hard, but Tree Tops seemed easy and look how that turned out," Spyro stated, as he was still a little sore over getting a realm that he assumed was going to be the easiest of the three they would tackle separately, but at the same time he wanted to make sure his siblings knew they needed to be careful when picking out which realm they wanted to take on.

"Well, I say that Spike can take Haunted Towers and that you can have Lofty Castle," Ember said, because she had the feeling that Haunted Towers might be like Tree Tops, in the fact that it is one of the hardest realms that they would be tackling, and didn't want Spyro to head to another realm that was like the one that had annoyed him, though there was the chance that she could be wrong and could have given him the hardest realm anyway, "I'll focus on whatever is inside Dark Passage and make sure it is returned to normal, just like all of the other realms we've saved so far."

Spyro and Spike nodded their heads in agreement, showing that Ember had a good idea in terms of how they might split up the realms that they would be facing in the near future, before they climbed out of the water, cleaned themselves off, and reclaimed their items, before heading outside so Cray could take them to their next destination.

It didn't take them long to reach the landing point that served as the dock that Cray used whenever he visited the land of the Dream Weavers, though as the trio jumped out of the basket, and touched down on the walkway in front of them, all three of them noticed a pair of foes that were standing guard on the small floating island in front of them. It was rather easy for Spike to determine that the being on the left, despite being much taller than they remembered, was one of the Carrot Fools that Lateef had told them about in the past, while the being near it, wearing metallic armor like a good number of enemies, was one of the Slap Fools. Since Gnasty Gnorc had a habit of creating more violent forms of the creatures that called a homeworld home, like the shepherds in their own home for example, that meant that these Fools were either the original deal and were tired of how the Dream Weavers acted, or they were gems turned into warriors and would attack them without any hesitation. As the trio approached them, however, two balls of green energy slammed into their targets, where the Fools shrunk into the smaller forms that they were more familiar with, so Ember charged through the Slap Fool as Spyro flamed the Carrot Fool, but while they did that Spike glanced off in the direction that the balls had come from and spotted an island that appeared to be in the middle of this homeworld, where a Carrot Fool stood at some sort of device that resembled a cannon, only it was made out of crystals.

Instead of saying anything, as he was thinking about what the crystal cannon could do, Spike let his siblings collect the gems that were near them before they glided over to the next island, where another tall Carrot Fool was standing, along with two metallic chests and the portal to one of the realms, Dark Passage if his memory was correct. Spike had both of his siblings stop for a few seconds, which was when another ball sailed through the air and hit the Fool, reducing him to a normal size, which was when he let them flame the Fool and smash the chests near him, before focusing on the Slap Fool that was near a whirlwind that would take them to the castle area in front of them. Just like he expected the Fool that was operating the crystal cannon fired another ball and shrunk the Slap Fool, allowing Ember to charge through him, before they gathered all of the gems in the area and then used the whirlwind to glide over to the larger island that was right in front of them, where more Fools were waiting for them. Instead of heading for the pair of Slap Fools that were guarding a set of stairs, like anyone else would do, the trio headed over to the archway that was near them and smashed the chests that were nearby, before checking out what was behind the archway, where they found a Carrot Fool blocking their path, in his normal size, so Spike flamed him and moved forward. The other thing the three of them did was pick up the gems that were laying on the ground, set fire to the fireworks box that was hidden around a corner, and then tap the dragon statue that was near one of the portals, to which they waited to see if Lateef was the first dragon they freed, just like how the Leaders were the first ones freed in the homeworlds they had already saved.

Sure enough their thoughts were correct, as Lateef was the dragon that had been trapped inside the statue and he had a smile on his face, indicating that he was happy with what they had done and that he was eager to see what they did in the future, in regards to the other realms and the land Gnasty Gnorc ruled over.

"Spyro, Spike, Ember, welcome back to the homeworld of the Dream Weavers," Lateef said, his tone reflecting the look on his face, meaning that he was truly happy with them, just like how the other Leaders had been when they had been freed from their prisons, before he focused on what he wanted to tell them, which would be followed by him heading to deal with the other realms they didn't know about, "Just continue what you have been doing so far and I'm sure that you'll be heading to Gnasty Gnorc's land in no time, but, while you're visiting this land, you must expected the unexpected and prepare for what is not there."

"We'll keep that in mind while we're exploring this hub area and the realms that we have access to," Spike replied, as he knew that there might be some secrets in this land that they didn't know about, especially since he had found a few of Lucas' secrets since he and his siblings started this adventure, but his focus was on liberating the realms and restoring the peace that had been broken, with any potential secrets taking a back seat for now.

Lateef nodded his head for a moment, to show that he agreed with what the trio was doing, before he picked up the stones that had been trapped with him and departed from the area, allowing Spyro, Spike, and Ember to collect the gems that were near the portal that was near them and then jump over a small gap to smash some chests that were one one of the fragmented pieces of ground that were around a whirlpool of sorts, before doing the same to three metallic chests that were on the next fragment and then returned to where Lateef had been trapped. From there they returned to the area where the pair of large Slap Fools were standing, so they could flame one of the Carrot Fools that was dancing near the pair, only to watch as the Fool that was using the crystal cannon to enlarge the three Slap Fools that happened to be blocking the way forward, so they simply waited for a few moments and watched as the Fool in question shrunk his friends once more. That allowed Ember to charge through all three of them, knocking them back into their original gem forms in the process, to which she and her siblings checked the area to their right, where they found a few gems laying on the ground, a chest to smash, a portal that lead to where the enemy commander would be waiting for them, and a walkway that served as the dock for the next Balloonist, Amos if their memories were correct.

Once they knew where the enemy commander was located, and where the Balloonist was waiting for them, the trio turned around and headed back to the area the three Slap Fools had been standing in, where they jumped into the air and glided over to the next small island that was ahead of them. They only had to wait for a few seconds before the Fool on the central island shrunk his fellow Carrot Fools, which let the trio flame their opponents, before they used the whirlwind in front of them to raise themselves up to the next platform, which was small and had a whirlwind on it as well. The second one allowed them to get even higher, before arriving at a third one that allowed them to either head to their right and focus on the dragon that was trapped on the small island that was near them, or head forward and deal with the Fool that was messing with the crystal cannon, though it was rather easy to come to a decision on what to do. Spyro and Ember figured that now was a good time to take out the Fool and see if they could use the cannon on their own, though Spike was the one that glided over to the small island first and flamed the Fool, which was a small Carrot Fool from what he could tell, and soon there was no one controlling the cannon, meaning they could either leave it alone or see if they could use it on the rest of the enemies that were lingering around the central hub area for this homeworld.

"So Spike, what do you make of this?" Ember asked, because from what she could tell Spike was interested in making sure the crystal cannon was no longer in the hands of the Fool that had been messing with it, though why she had no idea and was hoping to get some sort of answer before they finished clearing out the central hub area.

"It's a floating crystal that's affixed to a specific position, almost like a cannon, that fires a ball of energy that contains two spells in it, one that enlarges the target and one that shrinks the target," Spike replied, though at the same time he moved to the side that the aiming component was attached to, as he was curious about something as he thought about the pair of Slap Fools that had been near where Lateef had been imprisoned, especially since the Carrot Fool that had been using this cannon didn't target those guys at all, "From what I can tell the crystal is gathering the magic that is in the air around us to fuel the various blasts that the Carrot Fool was firing, allowing him to shrink or enlarge whoever he hit, as we have seen many times since we arrived, and we might be able to use that to our advantage for the next minute or two, before the other Fools are taken care of."

Before Spyro or Ember could say anything Spike nudged the crystal until it was pointing at the pair of Slap Fools that were near where Lateef's prison had been located, before he breathed two short bursts of fire on it, where two balls flew out of it's tip and sailed through the air, striking his targets and reverting them to their smaller forms, meaning the three of them could charge through them and see what they were guarding.

"Leave it to Spike to come up with something like that." Spyro commented, though this wasn't surprising, as he and Ember knew that their brother did strange things all the time, especially being the first one to use his Teleportation Breath and showing Nora how to do it, so seeing him do something like this was normal.

"Hey, at least those two Fools won't bother us when we get over there in the future," Ember remarked, but even as she said that she glanced at the area that was near the building that they were standing near and spotted a few more Fools standing near the entrance of the structure, where she glanced back at her brother for a moment and beckoned to the enemies in question, "Think you can do the same thing to those guys?"

Spike spotted the two Fools in question and carefully moved the crystal until it was pointing at them, where he didn't fire at the Carrot Fool that was the closest to them, rather he focused his attention on the Slap Fool that was further away and loosed a single ball of energy, causing the Fool to shrink into a smaller form for later, after they had freed the dragon that was trapped near their position. It took Ember only a second to realize why Spike hadn't struck both of the Fools, as one of them was already in a smaller form and was much weaker because of it, so she nodded her head in understanding and glided over to the platform the next dragon was trapped on, where her brothers followed after her. They tapped the statue the moment they were near it and freed the next dragon, Zikomo, from his prison, where they discovered that he was a thin dragon that was very tall and had a star of some kind floating between his horns, and he happened to be carrying an ornate hourglass with his left hand. All he really had to tell them was that they were doing good in their quest to save the Dragon Realms and then took off before they could say anything, to which the siblings sighed and focused on gliding down to the area in front of them, where they took out the foes that were in front of them and collected any gems that were laying on the ground that were around them, even if that meant smashing a few gem chests.

Inside the building they found a path that brought them to a few chests, normal ones, that they smashed open and collected the gems before turning to their left, where they flamed the Carrot Fool that was in the middle of the hallway, between them and a portal, only to discover the last trapped dragon when they walked outside. Mazi, the dragon they ended up freeing, was a tad bit shorter than the other dragons they had encountered in the past and had a wizard's hat on his head, complete with one of those eye masks that some of the dragons used when they were sleeping, and a few other magical items, like a wand and pointy shoes. All Mazi had to tell them was that while the Clock Fools were invincible, and couldn't be taken out at all, the three of them were more than welcome to attack them and should do so whenever a chance to do so arrived, as there was no telling what the Clock Fools were attached to. In fact the nearly Clock Fool was connected to the pillar that was standing in the middle of the river, allowing Spyro to access a lone gem that had been out of their reach, though at the same time Spike looked around the grounds and found a few gems behind the building, while Ember smashed the metallic chests that were near them, before they regrouped and determined that they had cleared out this area and used the trio of whirlwind platforms to get back to where Cray dropped them off. From there the three of them headed back towards the area the remaining two Slap Fools were standing in, guarding something for sure, and charged through them, allowing them to access the stairs that were right behind them and allowing them to access whatever they had been guarding since their arrival.

At the top of the stairs they discovered that they were above where Lateef had been trapped and jumped over to the walkway that was on the building in front of them, allowing them to access an area that had two Clock Fools waiting for them, along with two lowered platforms that lead to where the Flight Realm for this homeworld was located. Spike jumped up to a platform to their right that had a gem chest on it, while at the same time Spyro and Ember flamed the pair of Clock Fools that were in front of them, which was when Spike jumped over the platforms that had raised after the Fools had been knocked to the ground, just like what happened to Mazi. It didn't take Spike long to reach the platform that the pair lead him to, where he collected the gem that was on it and then glided over to the floating island in front of him, where he flamed a fireworks box before gliding over to the next island, where the portal for the Flight Realm rested. There he smashed the metallic chests, collected the gems inside them and what was laying on the ground, and headed back to where his siblings were standing, which was where Sparx, Talon, and Cinder indicated that there were no more gems for them to collect in this homeworld, so the three of them decided it was time for them to head out and tackle the three realms that were scattered around this central hub area, before regrouping for the final two realms. As Spyro and Ember headed out, however, Spike stopped near where the gem chest had been and tapped the wall that was in front of him, where he discovered that it was an illusion of some kind, one that hid a small chamber from view, which contained a magic circle of some kind when he stepped through the fake wall, something he would have to ask Lateef or Lucas about at some point in the future.

Once that was done, and he was sure there was nothing else in the small chamber, he returned to the area that the pair of Slap Fools, the ones that had been guarding the stairs, had been standing in, to which he met up with his siblings and they went their separate ways once more, with Spyro heading for Lofty Castle, Spike making his way towards the Haunted Towers, and Ember headed back to where the portal for Dark Passage rested.

It didn't take Ember long to appear at the starting area for the realm that she had selected for herself, though when she did arrive at her destination she found that Dark Passage consisted of a number of floating mountains that likely had some tunnels, caves, and caverns carved into the side of them. At the same time she found that there were marble floors and archways in front of her, why she had no idea, but the other interesting thing about this realm was the fact that there were a number of floating rocks, at least the size of an adult dragon, that rested somewhat close to the mountains, but not close enough for her to glide over to them. She flamed the wooden chests that were to her left and had Cinder pick up the gems as she followed the only path she could take, which brought her to a tunnel that had a Lamp Fool, which was a Fool that carried a lamp and couldn't be taken out, just like the Clock Fools, though standing next to him was a cute little puppy that seemed out of place. Of course that was the moment that the Lamp Fool blew out the light of his lamp and the little puppy was engulfed by the shadows, where Ember watched as it grew in size, until it was the size of an adult dragon, and it's skinned turned red while fire appeared in it's mouth, leading her to mentally label this creature, and the others that were like it, as a devil dog, as she felt it was rather fitting for the creature. Fortunately, after a few more moments, the Lamp Fool brought the light back to the area he was in and the devil dog, exposed to the light once more, reverted back to the smaller form Ember had seen the moment she entered the tunnel, which was when she charged through the small dog and retrieved the gem that was his original form.

The devil dog wasn't the only one that was changed like the light, as there just so happened to be a small turtle that was wearing metal over it's shell, like a number of the armored enemies she and her brothers had encountered over the course of their adventure, and, just like the devil dog, it was affected by the light, as when the light was on it remained in a small state and when the light went off it enlarged into a larger form that was ready for battle, causing Ember to wait for a few seconds before the Lamp Fool returned it to it's smaller form, where a quick charge took it out.

As soon as that was done Ember gathered the nearby gems and walked out of the tunnel, where she found a short walkway that would take her to another tunnel, though something she noticed was that there was another walkway across from where she was standing, with a number of enemies on it, meaning she would have to glide over there at some point to take them out and recover whatever was over there. After seeing that she charged through the pair of devil dogs that were in front of her and entered the other tunnel, where she found an enlarged armored turtle near the entrance and a Lamp Fool near a whirlwind that were take her to the level that was above her, so she ignored the turtle and made sure to flame the Lamp Fool to bring light to this chamber. That, of course, shrunk the turtle back to it's smaller form and made it vulnerable to her charge, which she did without delay, before she smashed the metallic chests that were nearby, picked up the gems that were inside them, broke the gem chests that were nearby, and then used the whirlwind to access the level that was above her, so she could take out more enemies and recover more gems, and, hopefully, free some dragons from their prisons. Interestingly enough the moment she thought about trying to find one of the dragons that called this realm home was the moment the whirlwind brought her to the next level, which just so happened to be where one of the crystalline statues rested, to which she smiled for a second as she tapped the statue.

The dragon in question, Kasiya, was a pink dragon with a bluish-greenish colored stomach, who was also overweight and seemed to be using his rather thick tail to balance him, like it was a chair or something, and he had a golden flask that he was balancing on his chest, but all he had to tell her was that she needed to pay attention to the Fools, instead of being frightened of the other enemies, even though Ember wasn't frightened of these foes and made sure the dragon knew that she was cleaning up this realm with ease.

As Kasiya departed from this realm, just like all of the other dragons she and her siblings had saved, Ember headed towards the end of the tunnel and found a small red skinned being that was floating in the air, with some flames and a pair of horns on it's head, though it had a bow in it's hand that had flames on the arrow that it was getting ready to loose in her direction. Ember knew that these resembled the cupids that Spike had showed her once in the past, in one of the other books he had shown her, but those were lighter and more friendlier, so this was more like an imp cupid, a devil version of what Spike had revealed to her, but, at the same time, she dodged the arrow that it loosed at her and then jumped into the air, colliding with her target and knocking it to the ground, allowing her to pick up the gem that it left behind before moving forward. The area behind the imp cupid contained a pair of metallic chests and a normal chest, which she smashed apart to collect the gems that were inside them, before heading into the next tunnel that was in front of her, where a Lamp Fool stood in front of an enlarged devil dog, which was too easy for her to deal with since all she had to do was flame the first foe and then charge through the second one. After that she climbed up the stairs and stopped for a few seconds when she noticed that there were two more devil dogs in front of her, so she flamed the Lamp Fool to her right and made sure the dogs stayed in their smaller forms, allowing her to take them out and collect the gems that were around her, before heading to the next part of the tunnel.

On the next level she found two transformed enemies, a devil dog and armored turtle, but fortunately the Lamp Fool that was near them turned the light back on, switching them back to their smaller forms in seconds, allowing Ember to charge through them in no time, before climbing up to the next level to see what awaited her. That was when she found an imp cupid with two more small devil dogs standing near it, so all she did was charge towards her targets and slammed into the devil dogs first, before turning her attention to the imp cupid that was trying to hit her with it's arrow, before turning her attention to the next tunnel she would have to walk through. In front of the tunnel was another dragon statue, where she freed Azizi, who apparently was a blind dragon, since he didn't look at her and seemed to be wearing special glasses over his eyes, but one thing she did notice was that he must have been a fan of the stars, as he had constellations patterned on his wings and on his glasses, while also having a crescent moon walking staff and a crescent as the tip of his tail, making her wonder what stories he had to share. For now, however, Azizi thanked her for releasing him and then departed from the area, which told her that he must have sort of spell or sense for where he was since he avoided the hazards that were around them, causing her to shake her head as she focused on taking out the rest of the enemies in this realm, recovering the stolen gems, and rescuing any dragons that she came across, before she even considered heading back to the central hub area.

The first thing she did was wait for the Lamp Fool to turn the light on so she could flame the two devil dogs that were right in front of her, before flaming the Fool in question to ensure the lamp stayed on for a few more moments, allowing her to flame the next devil dog and move forward. As Ember climbed up to the next part of the tunnel she found two more of the devil dogs waiting for her, with an armored turtle blocking the end of the tunnel, but, as it turned out, luck was on her side as the Lamp Fool turned the light on and shrunk all the enemies that were in her way, so she flamed the pair of devil dogs, made sure to hit the Fool, and then dodged the fireball the turtle fired at her from it's mouth, before charging through that foe so she could see what they were guarding. There was a small platform between the tunnel she was in and the one that was across the way from where she was standing, one where an imp cupid was floating near a locked chest, so all Ember did was glide over to the platform and flame the foe that was in her way, before turning her attention to the other tunnel and the enemies that she knew were in her way. She would have glided over to the next tunnel immediately, but had to stop when the next Lamp Fool put out his light, allowing the armored turtle in front of him to transform into it's larger form, but the moment the light turned back on she was right in front of her target and charged through the turtle before it could react, only to hit the Lamp Fool as she moved forward.

Around the corner she found a devil dog, a pair of metallic chests, and two imp cupids close to where the exit portal rested, so she flamed the dog, smashed the chests, and then dealt with the last pair of enemies that were in her way, before heading to the exit portal and tapped the statue that was near it. The dragon she freed this time, Bakari as she learned, was a dark blue scaled dragon that had a number of night caps on his horns, one for his head and two on either side of his head, including where a beard would be, though he also had a scarf, golden bracelets, and slippers that looked like sheep, why she had no idea. All Bakari wanted to say was that he knew that Ember and her brothers were the ones that would take down Gnasty Gnorc, especially since they had already reclaimed the other homeworlds and were nearly at the land their foe ruled over, before he bid Ember farewell and disappeared, leaving her to smash the nearby chests and collect the gems that had been inside them. From there Ember paused for a few seconds, as she was curious where the rest of the dragons and the stolen treasure was located, before she spotted a tunnel that was right below the platform that the locked chest was on, so she jumped into the air and glided down to where the entrance of the tunnel was, where she landed and started picking up the gems as she looked around for any enemies.

At the end of the tunnel, as in heading for the end and ignoring the whirlwind that was on her right, she found a pair of devil dogs blocking the way, but, since there weren't any Lamp Fools in the area, they were stuck in their smaller forms, allowing her to charge through them before flaming the imp cupid that was behind them. Near the opening she charged through Ember found two gem chests off to the side and made sure to smash them, before walking on the walkway and charged through the pair of armored turtles that were along the way, along with collecting the gems that were near her and blew open the fireworks box that was near the wall. Once that was done, however, she found that the next area would require her to glide down to it as well, so she did that and landed near the gems that were at the end of the walkway, only to turn around and charge through the four devil dogs that were blocking the way, along with the three metallic chests that were behind them, before turning to her right and continuing to explore the area that she had found herself in. That was when she spotted two large armored turtles blocking the way, though since there was a Lamp Fool near a whirlwind at the back of the chamber she had discovered, so all she had to do was jump around the large turtles, avoid the fireballs, and then flame the Fool, weakening her true targets with ease, allowing her to charge through both of them before using the whirlwind to get up to the area above her.

As soon as she landed on the ground once more she charged through the pair of devil dogs in front of her, set fire to the fireworks box that was near her, and repeated the process with the imp cupid and the next pair of devil dogs, before gathering the gems and faced the other side of the area she had landed in, dealing with the pair of small armored turtles and an imp cupid, before smashing the gem chests and gathered the gems as she headed to the trapped dragon that was in the tunnel she had landed in front of.

"Thanks for the rescue, Ember," the now freed dragon, Apara, stated, though Ember noticed that he was one of the older dragons, in terms of how he was walking and whatnot, but he was carrying a lantern of some kind, which no doubt meant that he was a night guard of some kind, and since the Dream Weavers were different than the other clans she had no idea what that meant, before Apara seemed to think about something he didn't want to talk about.

"No problem. We've got a few more realms to go before we tackle Gnasty Gnorc," Ember said, as she could tell that the dragon was worried about the being that had trapped him and all of the other dragons in the crystalline statues they had been frozen in, causing a smile to appear on his face as he departed from the realm once more.

After freeing Apara from his prison, and waiting for him to leave, Ember charged through the armored turtle that was at the edge of the walkway she was on, before gliding over to the start of some stairs and repeated the same thing on the two turtles that were blocking the way, where she smashed the chests to her right, collected the gems that had been inside them, and then started to collect the gems as she headed up the stairs. She was able to climb up a few steps and found a small platform where one of the imp cupids was waiting, where she flamed it and picked up the gem that replaced it, before continuing up the stairs and reached the top in a few more seconds, allowing her to smash three more normal chests as she looked around the area she was in. From there she glided over to the stone platform that was only a short distance away from where the chests had been located, where three normal sized devil dogs were waiting on it, though they didn't put up much of a fight as she landed and flamed all of them, allowing her to gather the gems that landed on the ground, before she glided over to another tunnel and found another trapped dragon, making her a little surprised since this was the fifth dragon to be trapped in this realm. This dragon, who was called Obasi, was dressed in the head piece, gloves, and collar of a jester uniform, complete with a staff that had a large yellow stone at the top of it, but all he had to say to her was thanks for the rescue, like a number of the other dragons she and her brothers had saved, before leaving the realm to find Lateef.

From where Ember spotted another tunnel, on one of the other mountains, and glided over to the area in front of the tunnel's opening, where she found two small devil dogs, two small armored turtles, and three imp cupids in a decent sized chamber, no doubt the guardians of this area, but Ember dodged the incoming attacks and charged down her enemies in no time, allowing her to access the whirlwind they had been defending, though before she touched that she focused on the gem chests and normal chests, recovering the gems that were inside them. The whirlwind allowed her to access a smaller tunnel that had a few steps in it, which had a few gems for her to collect before she found a firework, one that, when she lit it, flew through the air and smashed the locked chest that she had passed earlier, where she glided down to the area and collected the gems that had been freed.

"Well, it seems that I've cleared out the area," Ember commented, where she glanced at Cinder and found that her dragonfly was agreeing with her, to which she grinned as she turned towards the exit portal and headed towards it, so she could depart from this realm at long last, "Hopefully Spyro and Spike have a good time like I did."

She was sure that Spyro would enjoy taking on a realm that wasn't as hard as Tree Tops, or at least she was hopeful that Lofty Castle wasn't as hard as Tree Tops, while Spike might enjoy a slight challenge, even though she had no idea what was in Haunted Towers, but she had the feeling that they would tell her their feelings when they regrouped to take on the Flight Realm and whoever was in control of the enemy forces in this homeworld.

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