• Published 21st May 2019
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Spyro: The Dragon Trio of Avalar - Blackdrag-rose

Spike and Ember grow up alongside Spyro as his siblings, and together they learn what it means to be heroes by protecting their home and taking down the various villains that cross their path.

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Prelude: Artisans Dragons

After another hour of talking, and the hatchlings not waking up while they were doing that, Titan and the other Leaders decided that it was time for them to return to their domains and tell the other dragons the good news, something that Nestor agreed with, since it was time to spread the word about Spyro, Spike, and Ember to the rest of the dragons. As such he walked with them as they accessed the exit portal of Stone Hill and returned to the Artisans homeworld, where they headed back towards the dock, though Nestor did make sure that each of them had their equipment with them before they left Stone Hill. As they headed towards their destination, however, Nestor also noticed Thomas off in the distance, sitting in front of the waterfall as he played his lute some more, but for the most part the musician was busy practicing his tunes and perfecting them, so he decided not to bother Thomas as they followed the path to the docks. He knew that, since his friends were going to be telling the other Peace Keepers, Magic Crafters, Beast Makers, and Dream Weavers the news, he would have to tell the other Artisans dragons the news as well, and he intended to introduce the trio to the dragons that called this land home in the near future.

A minute or two later they came to a stop when they reached the dock, where Nestor stood back and smiled as all four of his friends opened their wings, showing that they were getting ready to head back to their lands and tell the other dragons the news, though since Bruno had already made this journey twice so far, since the hatchlings had hatched, it was possible that he might rest in one of the other lands before returning to his domain and his dragons.

"I hope all of you have a safe trip back to your domains." Nestor said, because he knew that, with Gnorc doing nothing at the moment, that none of them had to worry about being attacked while they traveled between the lands that they watched over, but he still felt like saying it.

"I'm sure that, with our only threat taken care of, we won't be bothered." Titan replied, though at the same time he lifted his weapon and tied it to the area of his back that he attached it to when he was just flying around, so his hands could be free, but he could also pull his weapon free if something did attack him and the others, "Besides, once I tell the other Peace Keepers about Spyro, and tell them that Spike and Ember are with him, I'm sure that all of them will be interested in seeing them at some point in the future, to test their skills in battle, which means that I need to make a small obstacle course, or something like it, to teach them the basics. I know we're going to be busy for a while, setting up a few tests for the trio, tearing down the ones we either don't like or find too hard for hatchlings to do, and everything else that involves preparing for their eventual arrival, and that's not counting all the training we normally do, to make sure all of our lands are safe from any potential threats."

"Not to mention the fact that the other Magic Crafters, Beast Makers, and Dream Weavers dragons will be excited by the news when Bruno, Lateef, and I tell them what's going on." Cosmos added, referring to the other three types of dragons that he and the others watched over, though at the same time Nestor knew that Cosmos was interested in seeing what sort of magic had brought Spike and Ember to them, since it was unlike anything he had seen before, "I'm already excited to see what the three of them will do in the future, when they start their training anyway, and I'm positive the other dragons will share that excitement when we tell them the news that there were three hatchlings, instead of one. Of course they'll be surprised when we tell them that two purple dragons hatched, instead of just Spyro, but I'm positive that Spike and Ember will be welcomed without any problems, especially since Spyro's already bonded with them and sees them as his brother and sister."

"And they have already formed the basic bond with Sparx, Talon, and Cinder," Bruno commented, as he had seen how the hatchlings had taken to their new dragonfly companions and knew that, with time, they would grow into being friends with each other, since that was how these sorts of things happened in their lands, before he turned towards the water and stared out at the waves, "who knows, maybe one day in the future, once they have grown and can understand what we're teaching them, their bonds with their dragonflies might be at the point where they see each other as friends, just like all of the other dragons that received one when they were a hatchling."

Nestor noticed that Lateef was quiet, no doubt thinking about the same thing that they were all thinking about, which was Spyro, Spike, Ember, and what each of them could train the trio in over the next couple of years, before he decided that it was about time that they stopped talking and went their separate ways for now.

"For now we should focus on telling the other dragons about Spyro and the arrival of Spike and Ember," Nestor said, causing his fellow Leaders to turn back towards him for a moment, where he could tell that they knew he was right and that it was time for them to stop talking about the future, even though he did have something else to say before his friends departed from his domain, "I'm positive that everyone will be excited when they hear the news, especially since we were originally expecting only a single purple dragon to hatch, so the fact that there are two purple dragons and a blue dragon will definitely surprise them, not to mention make them want to meet the trio at some point. I'll go tend to the Artisans dragons and introduce them to Spyro, Spike, and Ember, and then, at some point in the future, we'll determine when it's a good idea to start visiting the other homeworlds so they can meet the other types of dragons and discover what each type does for a living."

The other Leaders glanced at each other for a moment before deciding that Nestor was right, that they had more than enough time before they had to introduce everyone to Spyro, Spike, and Ember, that too much in a short period of time would be too much for them to handle, before nodding their heads in agreement. Once they did that they turned back towards the water and readied themselves, which was when Nestor watched as Titan took to the air first, to be sure that there weren't any enemies in the area, despite the fact that there weren't any enemies for them to worry about, before Cosmos, Bruno, and Lateef took off as well so they could join Titan. The moment all four of his friends were in the air Nestor raised his hand and waved at them, where each of them waved at him in return for a few seconds, before they turned around and flew off into the distance, so they could return to their individual domains and tell the other dragons what was going on. Nestor stood there for a few minutes, watching as the other Leaders grew smaller and smaller until they disappeared from his view entirely, before he turned around and followed the path back to the main area that the portal to Stone Hill rested in, though his destination this time was the waterfall that Thomas had been sitting in front of, as he knew that it was time to gather the other Artisans dragons and tell them the news.

It only took a moment or two to reach the waterfall, where Thomas was sitting, though he did stop for a few seconds as he listened to the new tune that Thomas was practicing, one that was different from what he and the others had heard when they found him near the entrance to Nevin's home, but while he wasn't sure what sort of tune this was he knew that it was unwise to interrupted Thomas while he was in the middle of focusing on the tune.

"No, the tune won't work if I do that." Thomas commented a few seconds later, as Nestor noticed that he had pulled one of the strings at the wrong time, introducing the wrong note into what he was trying to perfect, before he sighed and stood up, which was when he turned around and faced Nestor once more, "Oh, Nestor, I'm sorry that I didn't notice you come to a stop behind me... I must have been caught up in trying to perfect that tune, though it's been harder than the other tunes I've learned over the years."

"It's fine Thomas, I think you are doing an exceptional job at mastering that tune," Nestor replied, as he knew that there were many tunes that someone like Thomas could practice and attempt to master, and Thomas had a thing for perfecting a tune before moving onto the next one, and from what he had heard he knew that the Artisans dragon was getting closer to mastering the tune he had been practicing.

"That's nice of you to say that." Thomas said, because he knew the tune was hard to perfect, and he knew that Nestor wouldn't have any idea as to how hard it was due to him being a carpenter, and not a musician, but at the same time he was happy to see that Nestor felt that he was doing a good job at mastering the tune, before he decided that it was time for them to focus on why Nestor had come to him, "I see that the other Leaders have left the Artisans homeworld for the time being... does that mean it's time to introduce Spyro, Spike, and Ember to the others?"

"Yes, it's time to introduce them to the rest of the Artisans dragons," Nestor stated, as he knew that Thomas had been hoping for this to happen once he encountered the trio, even if he used his enchanted lute to stop them and put them to sleep for a few hours, and this would excite him to some degree, "I'm going to find one of the fairies that calls our land home and see if they can't deliver the message to the others, so we can meet in either Stone Hill or Town Square, where we can have a large gathering and introduce everyone to the trio."

"Well, it's a good thing I was passing by then," a voice said, to which Nestor and Thomas turned their heads for a moment, where they found a small female creature floating near them, whose transparent wings were fluttering as she focused on them and she was wearing a red dress that covered a good portion of her body, "Based on what you said it seems that the dragon egg finally hatched, though at the same time I'm surprised there are two more hatchlings... unless some of the other fairies brought more eggs since the last time I was there."

Nestor knew that she was one of the fairies that called the Artisans homeworld her home, as there were a fair number of them living in harmony with the Artisans dragons, just like they were a fair number of them living in harmony with the other types of dragons, and for the most part she and the other fairies did their own thing, even though there were times where they assisted the various dragons if they needed help with something, regardless of what that something was.

"The other Leaders and I were surprised by that development as well, though two more eggs weren't delivered since Spyro's was brought to us." Nestor replied, as he decided that the first thing he should do is tell the fairy the truth of what happened when Spyro's egg hatched, before asking her if she could deliver a message to some of the other Artisans dragons, since it would cut down the number of dragons he had to tell the news to before getting back to the trio, "What happened is that when Spyro's egg was getting ready to hatch the other Leaders and I felt a magical explosion that rocked the courtyard that we were keeping his egg in, even though it didn't damage the area around the egg for some reason, and when we rushed out to see what was going on we found two hatchlings laying near Spyro, who we learned were Spike and Ember. Bruno has already brought Sparx to Stone Hill, so he can bond with Spyro, and he also brought two more dragonflies with him, Talon and Cinder, who will be bonding with Spike and Ember at the same time as their brother bonds with his new friend, so we don't need to worry about that anymore. The only thing left to do now is introduce the three of them to the rest of the Artisans dragons, since they'll be spending the majority of their time in this homeworld, and I was just getting underway to tell the others the news, and the reason I mentioned asking a fairy for assistance is so that we could cover more ground and tell everyone what's going on that much quicker."

"Oh, I can do that." the fairy stated, as what Nestor had told her was interesting and had peaked her interest, since she was sure that there had been only one egg during the Year of the Dragon Festival that just ended, but for there to be two more hatchlings, appearing by a magical explosion no less, she was just as surprised as everyone else.

Before Nestor could say anything else the fairy flew away from where he and Thomas were standing, so she could spread the news to the rest of the land that the Artisans dragons called home, and not a few seconds later she was gone, causing Thomas to chuckle for a few seconds as Nestor determined which realm he should visit first.

"Well, I'll go visit some of the others and spread the news as well," Thomas said, where he carefully stored his lute away and moved away from the waterfall, as he was curious as to what the other Artisans dragons would think of the arrival of two additional hatchlings, since all of them were only expecting one to hatch this time around, "I think I'll start with Dark Hollow and work my way to Town Square, which is where I'm assuming you plan on revealing the trio to the rest of the Artisans dragons."

"That was my plan," Nestor replied, though at the same time he knew that there was one dragon he needed to visit himself, or at least attempt to, and that was Nevin, before he turned back towards Thomas for a moment, "but before I do anything else I'm going to return to Stone Hill and check on the hatchlings, just to make sure they're sound asleep and not running around one of the other realms."

Thomas nodded and headed off to the portal that would take him to Dark Hollow, which is where the scribes, actors, and librarians lived and practiced their skills, though his destination required that he walked through the small maze bush that Nestor was sure that Spyro and his siblings had seen during their adventure. Once Nestor was sure that Thomas was gone, and that was when he noticed the portal to Dark Hollow shimmer for a few seconds, he turned around and headed over to the portal he would be using for a moment, where he walked through it and returned to Stone Hill's courtyard. It really didn't take him long to figure out where the hatchlings were, as they were still sleeping and didn't seem to be bothered by the sound of him returning, so he quickly returned to the hub of the Artisans homeworld and turned towards the area where the dragon head statue rested. He was sure that Nevin was busy, once more illustrated by the closed position that the head was in, but that didn't stop Nestor from approaching it and tapped on the stone for a moment, because it was enchanted like a number of things in this land and he hoped that Nevin was paying attention to it, otherwise he would have to ask a fairy to deliver a message to the dragon he wanted to talk to.

A few moments passed with nothing happening, making Nestor think that he was wasting his time and that Nevin wanted his peace and quiet, though when he removed his hand he was surprised by what happened nest, as the dragon head rose before his eyes and revealed the portal to Nevin's castle... and standing in front of the portal was an orange scaled dragon that was wearing a beret on his head and was putting away his paintbrush, before finishing his objective and turned to face Nestor.

"Nestor! It's good to see you again!" Nevin said, showing that he was happy to see the Leader of the Artisans dragons again, even though the last time Nestor had come to talk with him he had shut the dragon head and forbid entry to anyone until his latest masterpiece had been completed, though Nestor wasn't annoyed by that, "Come, let me welcome you to my castle so we can talk about whatever it is you discovered recently..."

"The purple dragon egg has hatched," Nestor replied, as he knew that every Artisans dragon knew about the egg that Spyro had been inside until recently, and they had been waiting for this event to happen so they could welcome the newest Artisans dragon into the world, despite the fact that Spyro was a purple dragon, which was why this next part was going to come as a surprise, "and two more hatchlings appeared at the same time as the egg hatching, from a magical explosion that rocked the courtyard of Stone Hill without damaging anything... and one of them was another purple dragon, just like Spyro. I'm spreading the news of the trio to everyone in my domain, and in about an hour or two, in Town Square, I intend to introduce them to the rest of the Artisans dragons, but, since I know how hard it is to visit your castle, I decided that you would be my first destination, while Thomas talks with the dragons in Dark Hollow and wherever else he chooses to go, and we're being aided by a fairy, who will likely be visiting some of the harder to reach dragons."

"I... I see..." Nevin said, though he was shocked by the information that there were two purple dragons, instead of the one they were expecting, and was surprised to see that Nestor had already gotten over whatever shock he had experienced when he and the other Leaders had found the three hatchlings, as he knew the Leaders had been planning a meeting for the Year of the Dragon Festival, which meant that it had already happened, "Well, maybe I'll come by and see them with everyone else."

Nestor nodded his head as he turned around and left Nevin standing there, as it was understandable that he would be shocked by this news, since they were only expecting a single dragon and got three, especially when they considered the number of purple dragons this time around, but it was too late to do anything, as Spyro had already bonded with Spike and Ember and would likely be upset if they separated him from his siblings. He also knew that it was a fifty-fifty chance that Nevin would come to Town Square and meet the hatchlings, as it was possible that he might have started a new painting and wanted to get it done as soon as possible, but for the most part he considered this venture a success, even if the painter didn't come to the meeting. Of course he would prefer that Nevin would be at the meeting, to see the trio with the rest of the Artisans dragons, but when Nevin was in the middle of something major it was next to impossible to drag him away from his work, so he considered this brief conversation to be a stroke of good luck. Still, regardless of what Nevin decided to do, he still had a couple of realms to visit and a number of dragons to inform before the meeting happened, and he was sure that everyone, both the Artisans dragons and the hatchlings, were going to be excited, or that was his hope anyway.

An hour went by quickly for Nestor, which made sense considering that he was going from one realm to another and was telling the other Artisans dragons the same thing he had told Thomas and Nevin, before he made his way back to Stone Hill and returned to the hatchlings. When he returned to Stone Hill, however, he found that the hatchlings were already up and were wandering around the courtyard again, no doubt waiting for him to get back, though he did notice that some of the meat he had left out, to give them when he got back, was gone, showing him that the first time they had assisted each other in getting some food hadn't been a fluke, they were actually learning how to help each other already, and they were barely a few days old. It gave him hope for the future, that the trio would be the greatest heroes the Dragon Realms could have asked for, even if that meant that they would have to undergo whatever training Titan and the other Peace Keepers had for them, but, based on what he had seen so far, he was sure that they would be able to overcome whatever was thrown their way. Once that thought crossed his mind, however, he pushed it aside and approached the hatchlings, who turned and looked at him as he entered the area they were in, while at the same time their dragonflies flew near them, which showed Nestor that Sparx and his new friends were making sure nothing happened to the trio.

"Okay little ones, I have something grand planned for all of you." Nestor said, where he noticed that Spyro and Spike seemed excited about the idea of actually doing something, instead of making things up like they had done earlier, and while Ember didn't seem to care he knew that she would like what was going to happen, "I'm going to take all three of you, and your dragonflies, to Town Square, where you can meet all of the other Artisans dragons that call this land home, and you'll get an idea of what life is like in this land."

The mention of the other Artisans dragons seemed to be all the trio needed to hear, as he could see all three of them thinking about the last dragon they had encountered, Thomas, and they were interested in meeting more of the dragons that called this land home. Seeing how interested they were in the other dragons told Nestor that he had made the right decision to do this now, because after seeing how smart they were already he was sure that they would be able to remember the names and faces of some of the Artisans dragons, though it would be some time until they could recall all of that for everyone. Now that he had that piece of information he beckoned for the trio to follow him and turned towards the exit portal for this area, where he found that Spyro, Spike, and Ember were following him with their dragonflies keeping up with them, which made him smile. The trio stared at the exit portal for a few seconds, no doubt remembering what happened the last time they used it, but with the fact that they were going to meet the other Artisans dragons caused the three of them to jump up onto the device and touched the central whirlwind, where they disappeared from Stone Hill and headed to the Artisans homeworld.

When they reached their first destination Nestor found the trio waiting in front of the portal to Stone Hill, which made sense considering that none of them had any idea where Town Square was located, and they were more than happy to follow him as he headed down the tunnel he was sure they had gone down during their adventure. He did find that all three of them stopped for a moment when they spotted the tower that contained the whirlwind that would take them up to the area that the Town Square portal was located in, and suspected that Sparx, Talon, and Cinder had persuaded them not to interact with this sort of thing. He noticed that they were interested in what he was doing, so when he stepped into the whirlwind the trio stared at him as he spun around as he was lifted into the air, staying in the middle of the tower for a few seconds before being allowed to walk out of the top, where the portal to Town Square was located. He turned around as soon as he was a few steps away from the opening he had moved through, though that was when he found Spyro riding the whirlwind so he could keep up with him, and as soon as he touched down both Spike and Ember followed after their brother, along with their dragonflies. Nestor kept the smile on his face as he beckoned for the trio to follow him as he headed towards the portal in front of him, and from the sounds behind him he knew the trio was interested in what he was doing, and he spotted them rushing into the portal before he could step through it, showing that they were curious about what they were doing and caused him to chuckle as he followed them through the portal.

Town Square, despite it's name, was actually a town that was located on a small patch of land near the island that the Artisans homeworld was located on, though some visiters called Town Square a small island as well, but Nestor decided not to worry about that sort of thing as he appeared near the steps that would take him towards the courtyard that was his main destination, and not a few seconds later Spyro and his siblings appeared near him.

"Little ones, this is Town Square." Nestor said, where he found that the trio was vastly interested in what they were seeing at the moment, though at the same time he focused on what was in front of them, as he knew that some of the other Artisans dragons had to be near their position, "Come, it's time to introduce you to everyone."

Spyro and his siblings followed him as he moved towards the nearby stairs, though before they could get too far they heard the sounds of wings beating and glanced at the area around them, where they found a few dragons flying down towards where they were standing. One of them was the same dragon they had seen earlier, the one with the lute, who the large dragon told them was Thomas, while the one with the odd hat, a beret as they learned, was called Nevin, though based on the tone that the large dragon, who they now learned was called Nestor, used they could determine that all of them were friends and that they could relax a little. Of course they had been surprised when Nestor and the others picked all three of them up and carried them over the various gaps that existed in the path, gaps that weren't a problem for a grown dragon to get around since they could fly, though the trio was also surprised by the intricate stonework that the buildings around them had, showing them just how skilled some of the other Artisans dragons were. Nestor informed them that the various buildings contained stores, a school, houses, and all of the other necessities, something that they would learn in the future, before they reached the courtyard that they were heading towards, which had one of the nice stone fountains in the middle of it, and the trio finally encountered the rest of the Artisans dragons.

In addition to the three that were carrying them, and put them down on some steps so they could interact with the group in front of them, there were at least ten to twelve more grown dragons in the area they were in, and all of them were interested in the three of them, which caused Spyro and Spike to smile as they interacted with their elders, while Ember seemed to stay back for a few seconds before joining her siblings.

Nestor watched as Delbin, a bright orange scaled dragon that wore an open vest and had a belt that carried all of his brushes and paint containers, which made sense since he was a painter as well, introduced himself and proclaimed that he was going to make a painting of the trio at some point in time, as just seeing them inspired him to make a brand new painting the next time he saw them. Near him stood Argus, a dragon with a rounder body than most of the dragons in the Artisans homeworld, who was a scholar that spent a great deal of his time in Dark Hollow, where they kept a great deal of their scrolls and tomes, and he was one of the few dragons that had spent some time researching the legends of the purple dragons, so they could prepare for Spyro's arrival, though despite the fact that he was surprised by Spike and Ember being there he was happy that they had bonded with Spyro. Standing behind him stood Alban, a dragon whose scales were a blue-purple mix and had feathered wings, Oswin, a yellow scaled dragon who wore a turban, and Darius, who had greyish-blue scales and was holding a rose in one of his hands, though Nestor knew that Alban was a scribe, Oswin was a librarian, and Darius was an actor. He knew that because Alban and Oswin had assisted Argus in his research on the purple dragons, and he had seen a few of Darius' routines in the past, so he knew that all of them were skilled in what they did and that they were all interested in the trio that was before them, just like Spyro, Spike, and Ember were interested in them as well.

In addition to the scholars and painters, who were all interested in the trio, there was Nils, a slim green scaled dragon that was one of the most skilled sculptors in the Artisans homeworld, Devlin, a light blue scaled dragon that wore an apron and a toque to show his profession as a patissier, a pastry chef to be exact, Alvar, who was a red scaled dragon that served as the main chef for Town Square and liked to roast fruits and vegetables on his tail spikes, and Thor, who was an older dragon with yellow scales, though he was a ceramist and made pots and other figurines. Standing closer to Spyro and his siblings was Lindar, a light blue scaled dragon who had a small clock on both of his wrists, to symbolize his profession as a clockmaker, Gildas, another dragon with the same colored scales that Lindar had and he was an artist that sometimes painted on whatever was nearby, which he cleaned up so he didn't annoy anyone, and Gavin, who had dark blue colored scales and a number of tattoos on his right arm and chest, though he was a barista and created some fantastic drinks for everyone to enjoy. For a moment Nestor wondered if Astor, the oldest member of the Artisans dragons, would make it, but a few seconds later he heard the sound of a staff coming to a stop behind him, where he turned around and found an old light purple scaled dragon, who carried a shepherd's crook in one hand and had a domed hat on his head, though he knew that this was Astor, and he seemed happy as he looked down at the gathering in front of him, where Spyro, Spike, and Ember were enjoying meeting the other Artisans dragons.

Nestor had the feeling that this was the start of something grand, as the trio was being accepted by the rest of the Artisans dragons and it seemed like Spyro, Spike, and Ember were doing the same thing, which made him hopefully for the future, especially since there was no telling what the trio would do in the future.

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