• Published 28th Jun 2020
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A Spiked Beach Honeymoon - SonicBlitz18

Spike's harem is going to get bigger when the girls go to a private island that the royal sisters own.

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I am so happy to have helped with this story!!

I hope everyone who reads this enjoys it!!

It lives!


What about your stories? I like to have them updated as well.

I'm quite busy. im in college, and i do write for other sites, particularly wattpad and fanficiton

Glad this fic is still continuing there. Was wondering if it would have continued now that I remembered about it.
Who knew Blueblood was even more scummier with not caring that some stallion tried to force himself onto Bluebelle(his own sister) there.
I am glad Ocellus and Smolder are being involved here. Was just wondering if they would be joining in on the lewd fun while I was reading this chapter.

“You still owe me a chance on that island when they’re done,” Cadance said with a dull stare.

“Don’t worry, I promise that when they’re done, I get a chance to send you and your husband off as well,” Celestia added.

Speaking of that, I can see Celestia allowing Luna to go to the island anytime she wants(or even get her a island of her own) to to make up for not telling Luna about the hidden island she could use to take a break from those stuck-up nobles and such. Still not pretty cool of Celestia to hide that from Luna and trying to excuse it with "You didn't ask lol". I mean, Luna is her sister and given the circumstances compared to Cadance's case, I can see Luna being pissed at Celestia deep down for keeping that a secret from her.
I hope Luna wins the bet so she can use this as payback at Celestia for her not telling Luna about the island like that.


Actually, I know about your Fanfiction.net Account, but never seen your Account on Wattpad.

I just like to read your MLP Sex Stories in here. But, hope you do good in college.

Well it was nice knowing you, Spike!


Seriously?! Your still going on with being angry at Celestia. All because she didn't tell everypony about her secret and private beach island??!! :ajbemused:

Come on already!!!! I know that they ( Luna, Cadence/Shining Armor, Twilight, Mane Five, Starlight Glimmer, and Bluebelle ) are reasonably upset, with the nosy nobles, suiters, paparazzi, etc..

But, I just think they are over reacting with being that angry to Celestia, and Celestia already got punished enough by Pissing Off nearly everypony/everyone For keeping it a secret. Besides, Spike did defend Celestia by saying one of the most important reasons that she probably was keeping it a secret. Is for keeping it from the likes of Blueblood and other Noble Assholes.


He can take care of himself. Don't underestimate him. :moustache:

Still doesn't mean she has to keep it as a secret from her own sister though.
Having her own sister(who is in the same palace as her) knowing it is less likely to risk it coming out compared to anyone outside of the palace(such as Cadance) knowing till now.
Luna is her sister who is literally dealing with the same situation Celestia is(like literally on the same throne as he).
So Luna would be justified in still being upset at Celestia there.

nice to see this story back.


Okay then. I just don't like them being this so upset that they turn into FRICKIN Alicorn "Rage Mode" hateful freaks for Pete's sake. At least Spike defended his mother, and stop the situation from turning ugly.

But, do you think that Celestia will still be punished? Like IF she loses that bet. Then, Luna will give out Celestia's Karmic Retribution. And maybe have the Mane Six, Cadence, and Bluebelle would join Luna to punish Celestia as well.

And I doubt that Spike will help his mother this time. Heck, he might agree that Celestia should have told them all about the private island a bit earlier ( WITHOUT letting Blueblood and other Nobles know of course.).

awesome chapter mate keep it up cant wait for the next chapter:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Loving these additions to the harem. this is great, can't wait for whats next.

I have been waiting for this chapter now i can't wait for the next to see what happenes

Frankly, I'd be surprised if Celestia, Luna and Novo don't join Spike's harem by the end of this story.

That aside, this was absolutely refreshing to finally see an update from SonicBlitz after months of inactivity. I can't wait to see the next chapter, as well as updates to the rest of your stories.

Man, I love this story. I can't wait for more chapters to be released and see what sexy hijinks Spike, his herd of sexy wives, and the other girls get into. Hopefully we don't have to wait almost a year to see what happens.

“So she’ll be gone for two weeks, and you’re certain that nothing bad will happen to her?” Novo asked all three.

“Pretty much,” Cadance added.

Pretty much ...beside the possibility of gaining a son in law?

Mooooaaarr. Pls.

Yay! new chapter, can wait to see who else gets in on the action, would it be the sun/moon or would it be by mail!

Would love an unrelated Thirsty Harem story of Spike with Gabby, Smolder, Ocellus, and Skystar.

Are Mesosoma and Trachea R63 versions of Thorax and Pharynx?

Hey SonicBlitz18, I'm just curious and checking by asking this question. When is this story going to be picked backed up and getting new chapters as well as another story you have called "A World of Nudist Mares"? I really like both this story and the direction you were taking the "Nudist Mare" story and wanted to know when you might start making new chapters for them. Please respond and let me know what you plan on doing for both stories. I really enjoy your stories and would like to read more of them.

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