A Spiked Beach Honeymoon

by SonicBlitz18

First published

Spike's harem is going to get bigger when the girls go to a private island that the royal sisters own.

It has been two weeks since Spike knocked up his harem and married each of the girls, and already the girls were getting harassed by rabid fans or suitors trying to woo the girls away from Spike. They needed some time off, and luckily the girls get a chance to go to a private beach away from the craziness and more time with their hunk. Spike is going to be in for quite the time when a few unexpected guests want to join his harem.


Frustrations and Plans

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-Castle Of Friendship-

Ponyville is known as the town where everypony knows everypony, and how it’s also the home to not only the Elements of Friendship but to the future generations of the School of Friendship. Two weeks have passed since Spike’s wedding, and the newlyweds were not having the best of those weeks.

The two double doors to the Castle of Friendship swung open with a heavy slam and a certain drake stumbled into the room, sore and tired from the long day he had. Spike was weary from today and he was as tired as all Tartarus. He found the nearest chair around him and just slumped onto it without a care in the world.

‘Celestia what a day.’ He thought to himself as his eyes slowly started to close. ‘I just need to get some sleep and I'll be okay.’ Sadly he wasn’t going to get any sleep for long. He suddenly heard loud banging behind him outside of the door.

“Come on out Dragon, we know you're in there!” A stallion's voice yelled.

“Oh for Faust’s sake… Please don't let them be here for what I think they're here for.” Spike muttered quietly.

“Give up those mares you overgrown lizard! Your kind doesn't deserve to be with such beautiful mares!” A second voice shouted.

“Yeah! They should be with real stallions like us, not some overgrown pet gecko of the princess!” A third voice shouted.

Spike facepalmed himself hard at the stupidity of these stallions. They unfortunately to him and the girls have been hounding at the Elements of Harmony for years ever since they beat Discord and have started a fan club in honor of them. It was ok at first but now that Spike has married the girls they began harassing him for the past couple weeks, claiming they were their destined husbands not Spike. He snorted to himself at their idiocy, didn't they know that he's Celestia's adopted son?!

“Fucking Tartarus, I better deal with them now before the girls get back home.” Spike growled in annoyance.

Before he could do anything though, he heard the stallions outside shout out in shock and fear before a defining BOOM went off and he heard them screaming off into the distance.

“What the hell was that?” Spike asked with utter confusion. The doors behind him suddenly swung open, causing him to jump from his seat followed by a yelp. He slowly peeked from behind his chair to see his herd mates, and boy were they pissed off. Even though he was hiding behind a chair, Spike could feel their anger from where he was.

Twilight, Starlight, Trixie, and Rarity looked ready to snap at the next person they came across. Fluttershy and Coco were complete wrecks, flinching at any movement. Tsareena and Yami look ready to strangle somepony. Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Crystal Heels looked ready to break the next stallion's face that tried to hit on them. Pinkie’s mane remained flattened and she wasn’t as cheery as she used to be. Even Zecora was frustrated, and she was normally the calm one of the harem. Spike took a closer look at Rarity and noticed that her mane was a mess as she hadn’t groomed it in days.

“Hey girls…” Spike said in a nervous tone as he sat back down.

“Hey…” Twilight groaned as each of the girls took an available seat. Coco, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie just went up to Spike and cuddled with him. Spike was blushing when he felt his face trapped within the girls busts, but he didn’t mind too much and knew they just needed some love right now.

“I’m guessing that it was a long day for everyone here?” Spike said, and everyone just looked at him and sighed.

“Try a long two weeks.” Trixie said in response. Spike could understand as he wasn’t the only one who had it bad. Ever since he married the girls two weeks ago, he wasn’t the only one getting harrassed.

Twilight nor Starlight could barely run her school or perform her royal duties without having some reporters or their fans barrage them with questions about Spike and the girls hooking up with him. Twilight one day nearly snapped when a male suitor was bothering both her and her students at the school trying to woo them into joining his harem. When he threatened the two to join him, she and Starlight hit him in the groin with a magic boot and Twilight tossed him out a window where he then landed in a cart full of manure.

Yamimane had to help with Twilight after three more stallions from the club tried to woo her into their harems only to walk away with either bruises or broken bones from Twilight’s personal guard. She wasn’t having a quiet time herself since some males dared to try and hit on her, only to lose a few teeth after landing a few well placed kicks.

For Applejack, she was pestered by both reporters wanting to get some information about her relationship with Spike. Then a group of reporters tried to sneak around the orchard to get some dirt on the Apple family and their connection with the new dragon prince, only to get chased out of the farm by an angry Winona who bit one of them in the butt and tore off a piece of their pants, and an angry Big Mac carrying a pitchfork.

Pinkie Pie was struggling to make people smile and throw parties since the stress of the press was even getting to her. She accidentally made one of the twins cry in response after Mr Cake wanted her to watch the twins when a journalist was trying to get an interview with her while she was taking care of the kids.

Fluttershy couldn’t and refused to even leave her home with all the fans going after her and a couple of reporters wanting to talk to her. It got bad enough where a crazed reporter tried to break in, but almost got mauled by her animal friends and chased out. It had to take convincing from Rainbow Dash just to get her out of the house.

Even Rarity, Tsareena, Crystal Heel, and Coco were getting sick of the unwanted attention. Even though Rarity was a fan of the spotlight, she couldn’t get most of her orders done because of reporters, suitors, and fans almost constantly bugging her, not to mention interrupting her beauty sleep in the middle of the night.

Coco had to close her shop down for a while until all of this blew over, and she could barely get away from the press even after leaving her store. She had to take refuge with Rarity and the others since her psyche was being affected. Crystal Heels was struggling to get out of the spotlight herself since she couldn’t even order some coffee at the local coffee shop without some reporter for questions, or some asshole stallion trying to ‘woo her’ in a sense and it never worked.

Tsareena had to chase out a random fanmare and a reporter when they snuck into her room and took a few of her clothes while she was in the shower. She almost strangled someone in the process since the intruder decided to take a peek at her.

But what really set off Rarity and Tsareena was when she and Rarity were trying out a new beauty treatment, but reporters and fans barged in on them at the spa, ruining their treatment and altering their coats and faces. What happened next was the two chasing the group down the street in towels while Rarity tried to blast them with her magic and Tsareena was trying to whip them with her hair.

Rainbow Dash at first didn’t mind the attention, but it got to the point where it not only frustrated her, but her teammates as well. She was in the shower one time with Spitfire and Fleetfoot and some reporters were daring enough to try and get pictures on all of them, and it ended very painfully for the reporters when they got busted. Spike remembered the day when he walked towards the hospital and saw that the group of reporters were in full body casts.

Even Trixie was having problems with the growing press since she couldn’t practice any of her magic tricks or illusionary magic. She literally had to beg Twilight to let her stay at the castle and even Twilight felt sorry for her in this state.

Next was Zecora. Even though she lived out in the Everfree, she couldn’t even shop without some stallions trying to hit on her when their eyes traveled elsewhere. They underestimated her prowess in potion making and physical strength. The next thing they knew, their faces had met the floor and had their coats changed to polka dots. She was glad that she was so secluded in the forest though and not many ponies dared to go near Everfree.

Lastly was Spike since he was receiving some death threats from a lot of assholes, or random fan letters from mares or stallions for advice on how he nailed at least thirteen hot mares. Which was annoying him to no end, he just wished this would blow over soon enough.

“Ah don’t think Ah can go another day going through this…” Applejack sighed, slumping her head on the table.

“I don’t think any of us can.” Rainbow Dash followed up. “I had to back away from the team for awhile because they kept bugging me during training.”

“This is my fashion career all over again,” Fluttershy whimpered, covering her face with her hands. Spike stroked her back in hopes of comforting the shy pegasus.

“If I have to deal with one more reporter or suitor, I’m gonna bucking lose it!” Twilight shouted, slamming her fist onto the table.

“Twilight and I have been annoyed to no end with the endless stallions trying to bribe us or threaten us.” Starlight began. “Twilight was close to actually blasting them to the moon.”

“Believe me, I’m tempted.”

“Fluttershy and Coco can’t even leave their homes without getting hounded,” Rarity said, making said mares cuddle into Spike while whimpering quietly.

“I haven't been able to throw a perfect party because of reporters always getting in my way and it's getting super annoying!” Pinkie exclaimed with a pout. “They made the Cake twins cry as well while I was foal sitting for the Cakes as they somehow broke into the twins bedroom where I was at. Luckily I was able to get rid of them with my party cannon and let's just say they learned it can fire confetti and pastries the hard way.”

“What about having to deal with reporters when trying to do one of your shows?” Trixie groaned. “That’s what I was dealing with, constant harassment.”

‘Geez, Trixie is so annoyed that she’s not even talking in the third person.’ Spike thought.

“Least you haven’t had to deal with suitors constantly trying to woo you.” Tsareena followed up, as she used her mane to go to the kitchen and take out some juice. She brought the jug and several cups from the kitchen and gave everyone a glass. “I had to throw around at least ten stallions like rag dolls and make them understand that I’m not their prize.”

“Try having your spa day ruined when reporters barge in while we were only in towels.” Rarity followed up with Crystal and Tsareena joined in.

“They then made the grave mistake of ruining our manes after they spooked the Spa Twins who ran the place.” Crystal followed up. “They had to learn the hard way not to mess with our hair.”

Spike shuddered after hearing that. The one thing you don’t want to do to piss mares like Rarity, Crystal, and Tsareena off is mess with their manes. Spike shuddered at the thought of what those three would do to anypony that screws with their manes and how they might be in the hospital right now.

“We can’t keep going like this.” Yamimane replied. “I already landed three stallions who tried to court us in the hospital.”

“Maybe Princess Celestia can help us out.” Spike suggested. “She tends to understand what we’re going through. Maybe she can have us go somewhere where only she knows and no one can bother us for a while.”

“Good idea.” Starlight added. “I don’t think I can take any more unwanted attention.”

“Spike,” Twilight called and the drake got up from his seat. Meanwhile Twilight summoned a quill and parchment paper in her hand. “It’s been a long time since I did this.”

Dear Princess Celestia

It’s been two weeks since our wedding and we’ve been met with nothing but harassment and outright stupidity from a lot of the public. All of us, as well as Spike, are on the end of our ropes and we require some time away from the public. If you know of any places where there aren’t many ponies around, we’d very much appreciate it.

Yours Truly, Twilight Sparkle

Twilight closed the scroll and sealed it with a magic seal. She gave it to Spike and with a breath of fire, sent the scroll towards Canterlot hoping that the Princess would read it.

“So how long does the Princess come across these letters?” Tsareena said looking at Twilight.

“Depending on the contents in the letter it can take a few hours or sometimes immediately.” Twilight answered.

At that moment Spike belched out a scroll which he caught and then tossed it to Twilight who caught it expertly.

“Like right now it seems.” Twilight said with a smirk and opened up the scroll and read its contents out loud.

Dear Twilight Sparkle

I've received your letter and I understand you, your sister wives, and your husband’s plight. I do have a plan for you all to get away for awhile until everything calms down, but we'll have to talk privately in my chambers at Canterlot Castle. I'll be seeing you all very soon and have a safe trip.

Yours truly, Princess Celestia

P.S. You'll all be transported via teleporting by the scroll after you finish reading it. Hope none of you had a big lunch.

“What does she mean by that?” Crystal asked in confusion. Yami and Serena were also confused until the scroll started glowing. The scroll only grew brighter and brighter, blinding everyone in the room. With a bright flash, everyone vanished and the light died down.


The Royal Chambers was rather quiet as Celestia was just lounging in one of her comfy chairs while reading a book. The Solar princess looked out the window at the beautiful scenery. She lightly stood up while still holding the book in her hand, before she looked into a mirror to admire her elegant figure.

Her breasts were easily a KK-Cup and she had a heart shaped ass with a slim waist inside of her regal dress that had a cut at the seam to show off her solar cutie mark. Her ethereal mane was of four colors and flowed in the nonexistent wind. A golden crown sat on the top of her head, along with a big, fancy golden necklace, both with a purple jewel as a centerpiece, as well as golden bangles on her wrists and golden high heels on her hooves.

‘It’s not easy being a princess.’ She sighed to herself as she sat back in her chair. As she turned the page, a loud knock on her door made her look up from her literature.

“Enter.” Celestia called in her usual motherly voice. The door behind her opens to reveal an azure alicorn who’s light blue mane flowed like water. A Cutie Mark of a white crescent moon on a black background was visible on her hips. She was wearing a black crown, a fancy necklace that looked almost like the last one except it looked to be made of onyx with a white crescent moon on it, and light blue bangles as well as high heels that looked like they were covered with stars. She wore a jet black regal dress with her JJ-Cup breasts pressing against her chest.

“It’s nice to see you, Luna.” Celestia replied. “How are things?”

“Same as ever.” Luna replied, crossing her arms under her chest. “Boring nobles with not much to do in night court.”

“Not surprising.” Celestia added. Before the moon princess could say anything else, a scroll suddenly appeared in Celestia’s hands. “Oh it’s from Twilight.”

“How are they doing?” Luna asked enthusiastically, wanting to hear how her nephew was doing. Celestia opened the scroll, her eyes quirked in interest at it’s contents involved the girls and Spike, she suddenly got a puzzled look which was soon followed up with a slight cringe.

“Not so good apparently.” Celestia replied, causing Luna to be confused.

“What is wrong?” Luna asked with concern. “They are not struggling in their marriage are they?”

“Well, yes and no.” Celestia explained. “Their marriage is fine, but according to this, they’re constantly getting bothered by suitors and reporters since this is the first time a dragon is with a harem of ponies, especially now that he’s prince.”

“Hmm, well he did marry Twilight so that does make him royalty, and my nephew.” She proudly stated.

“Also the girls are apparently rather cranky with the unwanted attention and are asking for some time away from Equestria.”

“I see.” Luna replied. “It seems they need much needed time to themselves if they want this to blow over, have you seen the papers?”

“Yes, I guess it’s time to let them use my private island. It's been uninhabited for years” Celestia said, making Luna look at her in confusion.

“Private Island?” Luna asked with a raised eyebrow. “Since when did you have a private island dear sister? I don't remember you having one before my banishment.”

“I bought it about three years before your return.” Celestia began as she took out a parchment and a quill and ink to write down what she was going to do for Spike and his harem. “I basically own an island for when I want to take some time off away from work.” Once she was finished, she sent the letter to Twilight, happy to give her adopted son and her newly married daughters in law.

“And you never told me about this island, why?” Luna replied, looking at her sister sternly.

“You never asked.” She smirked. Before Luna could make a retort, a male solar guard entered the room and saluted them both before speaking.

“What is it, Steel Sword?” Celestia asked.

“Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, your niece Princess Cadence has arrived and is waiting in the meeting room.” The guard said curtly.

“Thank you Steel Sword.” Luna replied. The male guard left the two and both mares left Celestia’s chambers and decided to start a conversation.

“So Spike and the girls will only need not just a place to hide from the cameras, but a place to unwind as well?” Luna asked.

“That’s right.” Celestia replied. “You remember what happened last time with Cadence and Shining when they couldn’t get their frustrations out when they were hounded by the media after their wedding?”

“Don’t remind me.” Luna replied. “I remember her lashing out at one of the guards and she wouldn’t speak for 2 weeks.”

“You mean when she and Shining both blasted two reporters at the same time with their magic?” Celestia followed up.

“I heard that the stallion was in the hospital that day.”

“He made the fatal mistake of popping in on the two of them while they were in the shower, together.” Celestia followed up with a sigh. “Had the Crystal Empire not shown up, they wouldn’t have the privacy they would have right now.”

“Ahem…” A female voice called out.

Celestia and Luna both turned around to see their niece Cadence standing in the doorway with a maid behind her looking a little nervous. She was dressed in a regal gown similar to Celestia and Luna’s gowns that pushed up against her II-cup bust. Like Twilight, her mane wasn't flowing in a nonexistent wind and her body was as pink as Pinkie Pie’s, and she also had gold bangles around her wrists like the taller one and she actually wore golden slippers. Her mane and tail were curled and consisted of three colors; gold, violet, and rose, while a crystal heart cutie mark was on her child bearing hips. Her eyes were actually a shade darker violet than Celestia’s as she looked at both her aunts with a dark glare.

She was joined by another mare who was looking at them with a nervous posture. She was a unicorn with a sky blue coat, an azure mane and tail, sky blue eyes, and a diamond cutie mark. She was dressed in the traditional black and white maid outfit, although this one seemed more skimpy. She had a sleeveless top that showed off a lot of cleavage of her HH-Cup breasts, a small skirt that barely went past her cutie mark, fishnet gloves and stockings, and a pair of black high heels.

“Hope I’m not interrupting your little chit chat about my endeavors when my wedding ended.” She added in a dark tone.

“We only were reminded about how frustrated you were when it came to your past transgressions, and now Spike and his harem are dealing with the same problem.” Celestia began.

“Let me guess, reporters looking for a scoop and jealous suitors who don’t like the idea of a dragon with his own harem in Equestria?” Cadence replied, her tone lightening up somewhat.

“You could tell?” Luna asked.

“Their emotions are so tense, I can feel them all the way from Crystal Empire.” Cadence replied, rubbing her forehead trying to shake off a migraine..

“By the way dear niece, who is that behind you?” Luna asked, gesturing to the maid next to her.

“Oh this is Diamond Shine.” Cadence replied gesturing to her. “She was just hired two weeks ago and is currently assisting me right now. I figured I would introduce you to her.”

“So this is your new maid?” Celestia asks.

“She is.” Cadence replied. “Anyways, how are my cousin and the girls doing now?”

“I just received a letter from them explaining their situation, so I sent them a teleportation scroll to bring them here.”

“Tia was going to have them use her private island for a while until this blew over,” Luna added. Cadence suddenly stopped in place after hearing this. Celestia and Luna turned to their niece and Cadence’s face turned sour again as she began glaring at Celestia. Her aura started to glow, and it was so intense that even Celestia started to get nervous. The maid next to her backed away as she felt the intense aura around Cadence, who clearly wasn’t happy.

“You had a private island,” She growled as she walked towards her aunt with a glare that would scare even a dragon. “And you didn’t bother telling me or Shining with the amount of stress I was feeling when I was trying to spend my honeymoon with him?!”

“Now Cadence,” Celestia said, holding her hands up in defense. “I was actually going to tell you and Shining. But by then the Crystal Empire showed up, and I figured you would finally get the privacy you needed that way.”

“You mean when I had to keep a barrier for three days with no sleep or hardly any food, just to keep out an unhinged tyrant of a unicorn you and auntie Luna defeated in the past?” She added, her anger slowly growing. Her aura soon grew even more intense and it was enough to break a few vases around the hallway and even the glass along the windows. Her eyes were voided white and Celestia was already looking nervous. Luna looked rather pleased despite her nieces growing anger since it was the first time she had seen her sister like this.

“Um...princesses…” Diamond Shine called out, making everyone focus on her.

“Yes...Diamond Shine?” Celestia asked nervously. Cadence only turned to the now scared maid who was sweating up a storm.

“Diamond Shine,” Cadence said with her eyes still voided. “What is so important that you would interrupt our conversation?”

“You mentioned something about Spike and his wives earlier… Do you think they may have shown up by now?” She asked timidly. Everyone was brought back to earth hearing this, and turned to the double doors that led to Celestia’s throne room.

“Right, we were on our way to meet the newlyweds.” Luna replied. Cadence finally calmed down, but she was still angry with her aunt.

“Okay, but this conversation is not over Auntie Celestia.” Cadence replied.

Celestia nodded and the four mares went up to the throne room doors. Just as Celestia was about to open the door, they saw a flash come from the cracks and heard a multitude of groans.

“Sounds like they all arrived safely.” Celestial giggled and opened the door to see Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Starlight, Trixie, Tsareena, Zecora, Coco, Crystal, and Yamimane, but they didn’t see Twilight or Spike.

“I wanna do that again!” Pinkie chirped in a cheery tone.

“I’d rather not…” Rarity replied in an eerie tone.

“I see most of you made it.” Celestia replied with a giggle.

“Would’ve like a warning about the scroll next time.” Rainbow Dash groaned.

“Where are Twilight and Spike?” Cadence asked, noticing the two were not in the pile.

“I think they're under us.” Pinkie replied. All of the girls soon try to get off of each other and stretch their limbs. Soon as everyone got off of each other, their faces turned a slight pink when they found Spike and Twilight in a rather peculiar situation.

“Ow...my head…” She groaned, not realizing that a certain drake was under her and he was slowly getting a hard on.

“Um...Twilight…” Spike managed to say to get her attention. “If you wanted me to motorboat you, we should get a more private place unless you like being watched.” He said, which caused her to be confused. She then looked up to see the girls looking at her with blushes on their faces. Twilight’s face suddenly turned bright red and she teleported off of Spike in a panic. She and Spike were both embarrassed already as it was and both stood up to dust themselves off.

“I see you’re all struggling with adjusting after your marriage.” Luna replied.

“Don’t remind us.” Crystal Heel replied. “Everywhere we fucking go, it’s either some stupid asshole suitor or some punk with a camera trying to get pictures of us.”

“It’s hard enough for us to do our jobs or even our daily lives without somepony bothering us.” Rarity replied.

“You girls must really have it bad.” Celestia replied. “It sounds a lot worse then what Cadence had to go through when she was married to Shining.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t have a private island to go to to get away from everyone trying to harass us.” Cadence replied in a dark tone. The girls heard Cadence say Private island and looked up at Celestia.

“You have a private island?!” Rarity gasped and the other girls followed suit.

“Really?” Starlight added, her eyes glittering in surprise.

“Yes girls I do.” Celestia began. “I bought it before Luna returned a few years ago.”

“Yes she did, and she never bothered telling me about it when it came down to my honeymoon.” Cadence replied which caught Twilight’s ear.

“You never told Cadence?” Twilight said, turning to her former mentor. The same radiating aura started to form around Twilight, similar to Cadence when she was with Celestia earlier. “She was having stress for weeks to no end. Was she not important enough for your time or something else?”

“I was going to tell her Twilight but then the Crystal Empire appeared and the two practically begged me to let them go there and look after it.” Celestia defended herself. “I didn't think it was necessary to tell them then as they finally got a place to themselves and could keep nosey reporters out.”

“Maybe they didn’t want to deal with a thousand year old deranged stallion named Sombra!” Twilight followed up, stomping on the floor literally making a few cracks in it. Her eyes glowed with the said void that Cadence had in her eyes from earlier. “She barely slept and ate for a few days after he showed up, and when we did deal with him, she was finally able to get time to herself!”

‘It seems a sisterly bond is strong between those two.’ Luna followed up as she continued to watch the amusing display.

Everyone started to step back when seeing how irate Twilight was being right now and Spike needed a way to deescalate the situation. Before a fight broke out, Spike got between Twilight and his adoptive mother before things got any worse.

“Twilight, take it easy.” He began, holding Twilight’s arm. “We’re finally gonna be able to get away from all of those nosey ponies, so please don't get mad at my Mom.” He pleaded rubbing her shoulders, he then leaned in nuzzling her cheek.

He looked into Twilight’s eyes to try to help her see reason, and she was somewhat able to calm down after that.

“Fine, but we’re not done having this conversation Celestia.” Twilight began as she sat back down.

“Look at it this way,” Starlight added. “At least we’ll have an island all to ourselves away from the annoying suitors and press.”

“Well now isn’t this a peculiar sight.” A male voice said in a rather annoying tone. Everyone in the room flinched at hearing that voice.

‘Why this idiotic bastard now?’ Spike thought to himself and the girls weren’t far behind when they heard and knew that snobbish voice all too well. They all turned around to see that a familiar flankhole of a prince was in front of the doorway with a knowing smirk on his face.

Dressed in a white tuxedo, he had his arms crossed as he stared smugly at the newly weds with ill intent. He was with another mare who looked similar to him but had more feminine features of a mare, as well as a EE-cup chest. She was in a blue dress that matched her eyes as well as her bangles and high heels. Her blonde mane was silky smooth and looked to be properly groomed as part of it covered her right eye.

“Guess someponies aren’t quite as used to the spotlight as others, but it’s to be expected by a group of commoners.” The stallion joked as the mare next to him only grimaced at his remark.

“What do you want Blueblood?” Twilight groaned.

“I was on my way to talk to Auntie Celestia about a new hotel I wanted to open up and I just happened to overhear your ‘troubles’ with unwanted press.” Blueblood remarked. “I guess this is what happens when you decide to marry a lizard.”

“What did you just say, you arrogant flankhole?” Spike growled as smoke began to flare from his nostrils. Spike wanted to do something, but he tried his best to keep his cool so as to not give him the satisfaction.

“That’s not very nice.” Fluttershy said

“Oh correction, why a bunch of whorses married a lizard.” He followed up, gesturing Spike’s harem. Spike had heard it all from Blueblood, lizard, gecko, freak of nature, but hearing Blueblood say that about his herd, he was ready to spill blood.

“WHY YOU POMPOUS SON OF A BITCH!!!” Spike roared, as his claws were ready to tear the pompous bastard apart. He was about to jump from his seat, but he felt something binding him to his chair. He turned around to see Celestia’s horn in a golden aura holding Spike down to keep from lashing out.

“Spike, let me handle this dear.” she said, trying to calm her son down. She then looked at her nephew with a disappointed and annoyed glare. “And Blueblood, I suggest you keep quiet unless you want me to release Spike onto you for the comment you made on my former student and her friends, whom I must remind you, are officially related to me now.”

“That little temper tantrum he threw only proves my point on why he shouldn’t be allowed to marry anypony.” Blueblood scoffed. “If he can’t keep his anger under control, then he’s clearly not fit to have a herd, and furthermore none of them are worthy of having the title of royalty.”

“That’s because you provoked him with that whorse remark you directed towards us you flankhole.” Rainbow Dash followed.

“You know what I think,” Pinkie said in a dark tone. ”You’re just trying to do that on purpose just to try and void our marriage to Spiky.” Pinkie replied, making the snark prince falter back a bit. “Only proves that you’re jealous.”

“M-me...jealous of that bastard?”

“Your poker face is just flat out terrible, plus your reaction gave it away.” She replied with a smirk. “If you’re that jealous that he has what you don’t, then that only makes you out a pathetic crybaby.”

Blueblood could only stutter at how easily Pinkie could figure him out so easily. The room was silent at first but a fit of giggling from the girls broke the silence as well as a bit of chuckling from Spike since it’s always funny whenever he sees him like this.

“I'm not a crybaby, I'm just stating the truth! I don't know what you mares see in this purple gecko, my own sister wouldn't even bed him!” Blueblood countered back, trying to save some face. Bluebelle flinched after hearing her name and turned to her brother angrily. She got behind him and with a magical hand, smacked him in the back of the head, knocking him onto the floor.

“What’re you dragging me into this for?” Bluebelle asked, her anger clearly showing on her face as her brother stared back with fear and shock. “Who I chose to bed is none of your business, brother.” She then looked at Spike and gave him a teasing smirk with half lidded eyes.

“But if I met somepony who was similar to Spike, I would consider dating him.” She added causing the big purple drake to blush brightly.

“Like hell you will! No sister of mine wi-OOW!” Blueblood tried to say but was smacked in the head again by his annoyed twin.

“Okay that’s enough. Blueblood get out and leave us be, we have something important to discuss and it doesn't involve you.” Celestia said with a tired sigh. Before the spoiled punk could protest, he was grabbed in a dark blue aura and thrown out the room.

“You heard my sister; begone with you!” Luna shouted with a scowl, not as patient as her sister.

“Thank you, auntie Luna.” Bluebelle sighed. “Can I please stay here? Anything to get away from my annoying brother.”

“Of course Bluebelle.” She added.

“You were talking about trying to get away from the unwanted press.” Bluebelle asked. “Where in Equestria can you actually go to try and get away from cameras constantly in your face?”

“Well Princess Celestia mentioned something about a private island that she was going to let us use to get away from this craziness for a month.” Cadance said

“Wait,” Bluebelle said, turning to her aunt. “You had a private island and you didn’t even think to tell me?” She said as she glared at Celestia, who had the nervous look in her face again.

“Now Bluebelle honey please…”

“Don’t you, ‘Now Bluebelle’ me!” She cut off Celestia, clearly pissed off. “I have to put up with my idiot brother almost everyday and you don’t even tell me, your niece, about a private island to get away from that idiot?”

“Maybe she didn’t want your nosy brother to find out? You know how much of a selfish brat he is and is always eavesdropping on you when you least expect him.” Spike brought up, causing everyone to turn to his direction.

“What do you mean?” Bluebelle responded.

“Look at it this way, we all hate Blueblood.” Spike added without much thought and the girls agreed. “I think the reason Celestia didn’t tell anypony is because it’s the only place she can probably get away from the pompous asshole.”

“Say what?” Rainbow Dash replied in a confused tone.

“It’s not just that either. Maybe she just didn’t want time away from him, but from all of Canterlot if she got frustrated. I mean come on she’s ruled a thousand years on her own, and being surrounded by a bunch of snobbish assholes can do that to you.” Spike finished that sentence and it caused the girls to calm down.

The girls began to understand it from Celestia's point of view as she rarely has anytime to herself. Cadence, Twilight, and Bluebelle began to feel guilty for their selfishness.

“I guess that makes sense.” Bluebelle sighing to herself. “If my brother heard about the island, no doubt he would try to invite his cronies and probably turn it into one of his personal condos.”

“And we know how nosy he can be when it comes to our personal lives so no doubt she would’ve kept the talk to a minimum.” Twilight added.

“I guess we went a little overboard.” Cadence agreed as she, Bluebelle and Twilight turned towards Celestia.

“We’re sorry Celestia.” The three mares said at the same time, bowing their heads. Celestia only smiled seeing them calm down and knelt down towards them.

“No harm done girls.” She began in her usual motherly tone. “Considering how you all feel and the stress you’ve been feeling as of late, I think you could all use this vacation.”

“Thank you Celestia.” Twilight followed up.

“Look I know we’re all tired and want some peace and quiet, so I think we just take a moment and take this trip and have a nice relaxing vacation.” Spike said.

“Auntie Celestia. If it’s alright, can I take my group of friends with me as well?” Bluebelle asked, looking back at Celestia. Spike and his harem looked at Bluebelle, worried that the princess would end up ruining their honeymoon before it even started.

“Why of course you can dear, who do you have in mind?” She couldn’t help but smile a little knowing exactly what her niece was planning with her son.

“Um princess,” Rarity spoke up and Celestia’s attention turned to her. “We were hoping to spend our honeymoon on the island, with just Spike and us.”

“We don’t want to sound rude or anything, we just thought it would be just us after what we were going through.” Twilight followed up. “And help us get away from everything that’s been happening recently so we can properly unwind.”

“And avoid stress for our foals.” Starlight said, rubbing her stomach with a small smile.

Celestia smiled. “That’s exactly what I had in mind for you all,” She replied, causing them to smile happily and a few of them to cheer.

“And I would like to go with everyone and maybe invite a few of my friends as well,” Bluebelle replied. Spike’s harem just turned to Bluebelle in confusion.

“Woah, hold on now.” Rainbow Dash replied darkly. “We were dealing with craziness for two weeks, we don’t want any of that following us.”

“We were hoping it would just be us for the time being.” Starlight followed up.

“Well, I want to get away from my brother for a while too,” Bluebelle said. “And…” She trailed off, not sure whether she should continue.

“And?” Coco asked curiously.

She sighed. “Me and a few of my friends are being harassed by Blueblood too, the idiot that he is, and some of them need time off from their jobs,” She continued. “Especially Tempest.”

“Tempest?!!” They all cried in surprise.

“How do you know Tempest?” Spike asked in confusion. The last they saw of her, she had left of her own accord after doing the right thing in the end to help Twilight and her friends. To hear that she’s back was surprising as well as somewhat strange.

Bluebelle smiled. “She’s my personal bodyguard for me and a good friend after I met her,” She replied. “Blueblood still seems to hold a grudge since she did lead an attack on Equestria.”

“She was desperate to get her horn back after an ursa broke it.” Twilight brought up.

“Well my brother doesn’t see it like that.” Bluebelle replied. “If you only knew how to use magic all your life just to have it taken away, what would you do?”

Twilight, Starlight, Rarity, Trixie, and the other unicorns all grew worried looks on their faces as they imagined losing their magic like that. It terrified them.

“Yeah I don’t know what I would do if I lost my horn…” Twilight added rubbing her hand over it absentmindedly.

“Exactly. Sadly my brother doesn’t see that since he tends to throw whiny temper tantrums over what she and the storm king did in Canterlot.” She added with a sigh, crossing her legs in the process. “Nothing about personal lives gets to him. In his mind, you mess with his life, you're on his enemy list forever.”

“It’s that backwards way of thinking that makes ponies like him unbearable.”

“Now Spike,” Bluebelle said to him. “Why don’t you go so me and the girls can talk in private for a bit.”

“Alright, but if you need anything, let me know. Take care," Spike went up to Bluebelle and hugged her. She hugged him back.

"I will and thanks Spike. And congratulations on getting married," Bluebelle said.

"Thank you," he replied before stepping out of the room and closing the door.

"So, Bluebelle, about Tempest, you mention that she was going with you?" Celestia asked.

“Of course, her and a few others are joining me as well,” Bluebelle followed up.

“Who are they?” Twilight asked, causing Bluebelle to smile as she turned to the door.

“Okay girls, you can come in,” Bluebelle called out. The door then swung open, before seven familiar women walked in.

First to walk in was Dragon Lord Ember, with the Bloodstone scepter in her hand. She was a brilliant cyan dragoness with a pale turquoise underbelly and large wings, dark blue spikes on her head and on the tip of her tail, two white horns that curved downwards from the side of her head, large HH-cup breasts, and brilliant red eyes. She was wearing the same golden armor she had worn during the Gauntlet of Fire.

Tempest came in next. She was a dark orchid unicorn with a broken horn, a moderate rose mane and tail that lightened up at the edges, opal eyes, DDD-cup breasts, and a large scar that stretched over her right eye. She was wearing a light green tank top that hugged her bust and showed off her abs, and dark green shorts that hugged her hips.

Gilda and Greta came soon after. Gilda was a moderately gamboge griffon with white feathers on her head and chest, brilliant gold talons, GG-cup breasts, and amber eyes. She was wearing a white tank top that strained from her bust, an open black leather jacket, and blue jeans that hugged her hips and allowed her lion tail to wave freely behind her. It also matched her black combat boots she typically wore.

Greta was a greyish scarlet griffon with greenish grey feathers on her head and chest that had emerald green patches, bright yellow talons, GG-cup breasts, and greyish arctic blue eyes. She was wearing a white tank top that strained from her bust, an open dark grey hoodie, a pale greyish green scarf wrapped around her neck, crescent moon earrings, and blue jeans that accentuated her wide hips. She was also wearing grey sneakers.

Queen Mesosoma and her sister Trachea entered next. Mesosoma was a quite curvaceous changeling with light lime green chitin on most of her body, brilliant gamboge chitin on her II-cup chest, moderate azure green chitin on her smooth belly, bright orange mandibles that stuck out the top of her head like horns, moderately violet wings that extended from her shoulders down to her ankles like a tail, and rose eyes. She was wearing a long flowing blue and purple dress with white stars scattered all over it and short sleeves, a purple bow that was tied on the back of her neck, and a pearl necklace sat underneath the bow.

Trachea was a more muscular changeling than her younger sister, and had dark cyan chitin covering most of her body, light red chitin on her HH-cup chest, grayish blue chitin on her abs, light red mandibles that stuck out like horns from the top of her head, light red wings that also extended down like her sister’s, and blue violet eyes. She was wearing a dress similar to her sister’s, except hers had more of a red tint to it, and she wasn’t wearing a bow on her neck.

Finally, there was a maid who came in and then closed the door behind her, before going over to where Cadence was and stood by her attentively.

“Hey girls,” Mesosoma replied with a smile. Everyone in the room was shocked seeing each other here. The girls hadn’t seen Tempest since the events of the Storm King, and the other kingdoms were minding their own business at the time after that.

“Gilda!!” Rainbow cried out happily. She rushed over to her and Gilda hugged her.

“Hey mommy to be,” Gilda said in a joking manner. “So how are things?”

“Well we’re still trying to deal with the fallout of the wedding and most of Equestria is still goin bonkers about it,” Applejack replied.

“We can’t even have an ounce of privacy without either a somepony trying to bother us,” Rarity followed up.

“Yeah, we heard that it was rough for you guys,” Mesosoma chimed in. “We were hoping to try and do something to help deal with your problems at the moment.”

“Well you don't have to worry about that since we’re planning on a beach vacation,” Pinkie chimed in with a smile.

“Beach Vacation?” Bluebelle’s group replied in shock.

“Yep,” Rainbow Dash followed up. “We figured we could use it since Princess Celestia is letting us use her private island.”

“And we could really use the break with everything that’s happened,” Rarity added.

Twilight turned her attention to Tempest and asked, “So how’s being a bodyguard been Tempest, I’m surprised to hear Bluebelle hired you.”

Tempest shrugged. “It’s better than when I worked for the Storm King,” She answered, before a sad look appeared on her face.

“Don’t feel bad Tempest,” Fluttershy said upon seeing her sad look. “It’s all in the past.”

“Too bad my brother doesn’t see it that way,” Bluebelle replied with a groan. “You should’ve seen the look on his face when I told him that Tempest was going to be my bodyguard.”

“I bet it was quite an interesting interview,” Twilight said.

“I doubt he’ll ever change if all he does is see the bad in ponies,” Bluebelle followed up with a sigh as she sat down. Her comment did make Diamond Shine flinch hearing that, but she tried not to stand out. “You changed Starlight, Tempest, and Spike even saw the good in Mesosoma when she wanted to change.”

“Well her sister was stubborn at first, but she got around it after looking past the whole concept of thinking that the new change made them look weak,” Starlight followed up, looking at Trachea who blushed at the response.

“Don’t start,” Trachea groaned.

“Anyways, is it alright if we join you on your trip?” Bluebelle asked. “I brought my circle of friends to join me as well, and we really could use the break. We promise we won’t get in the way, we simply just want to have a vacation of our own too.”

“Yeah, me and Trachea are getting seriously stressed out with running the hive,” Mesosoma said, which made Diamond Shine gain a pitying look on her face for a few seconds before it disappeared. “It’s been hard for Trachea to train the new changelings and for me to look after the young. I have no idea how Chrysalis did it.”

“Well she was the former queen, and she was very strict no less, based on what you told before,” Twilight stated as she remembered her last encounter with the old queen, as well as remembering what the reformed changelings had told her about Chrysalis. Diamond Shine grimaced upon hearing that from the princess of friendship.

“You’re still angry with her aren’t you?” Bluebelle asked.

“Who wouldn’t be after what she did?” Twilight followed up. “She tried to turn my friends against me the first time, and kidnapping a foal to draw us out is a new low. And it was my niece no less.”

“Even when I tried offering her friendship, she completely cut me off,” Starlight added. “I don't know what happened to her, but I think she’s just pure evil to the core now.”

Hearing that from Twilight and Starlight, Diamond Shine looked pale hearing all of this, and she was silently wishing that she wasn’t there.

“What’s a beach by the way?” Ember announced. Hearing that one question made everyone look at her funny. “What did I say?”

“Please tell us you’re joking?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“About what?” Ember replied, confused as to why they were making a big deal out of what she had said. “Why would I joke about something I don't know?”

Pinkie let out a loud gasp. “You don’t know what a beach is?!” She exclaimed as she looked at the dragoness. “It’s only one of the best places to go to!!”

“You at least have to know what a bikini is right?” Rarity asked her, a worried look on her face.

“What the heck is that?” Ember asked, not even quite sure what she had just heard. “What’s a ‘bikiwi?’” Everyone was just shocked to hear her say this, especially Rarity and Pinkie. But Ember continued speaking. “Dragons usually go around to either sleep, hoard, or eat. They usually keep to themselves unless they are summoned by the Dragon Lord.”

“Um, we really haven’t heard of a beach or a bikini either,” Mesosma replied referring to her and Trachea. Everyone other than Ember soon looked at them funny.

“Okay, we need to get to a clothing store right now!” Bluebelle shouted as she and Rarity grabbed Ember by her forearm. “You three are not missing out on this trip I can guarantee you that much!”

“Hey, where are we going?!” Ember exclaimed as she was dragged out of the room by Bluebelle and the fashionista while Mesosoma and Trachea went after them, neither of them understanding what a “bikini” was. The other girls went with them as well, deciding that it wouldn’t hurt to see what bikinis they could find and possibly buy. The only ones left in the room were Celestia, Luna, Cadance, and Diamond Shine.

“Well that was quite the handful,” Celestia replied as she stood up from her seat. “I think this could be quite the bonding experience for the girls. And when are you going to drop the disguise, we’re alone now,”

“Fine,” Diamond Shine said as her horn lit up light green, before her image disappeared, revealing that she was in fact Chrysalis, former queen of the changelings. She was an 8 foot tall changeling with black skin, long, dark green hair that nearly went down to her JJ-cup breasts, and a large rear that complimented her birthing hips. She was wearing a dress quite similar to Celestia’s but it had more of a forest theme. “Was I that obvious?”

“Given the reactions you were giving towards the girls talking about you, and Cadance filling me in on what you tried to do, it was quite obvious,” Celestia said while trying to keep a smile on her face to hide her boiling anger. “I’m still trying my hardest to not strangle you to death right now for what you tried to do to Spike earlier, and for what you did to my two nieces.”

“I said I was sorry okay,” Chrysalis groaned. “I still feel sore for what he did to me two weeks ago.”

“I believe that is something called karma,” Luna replied. “But I’m still surprised that Cadance was willing to help you after what happened.”

“Believe me even I’m still surprised,” Chrysalis followed up. “I still don’t feel safe revealing myself to the girls though, especially after what some of them said about me.”

“Hey, despite what you did to me, I still help anypony find love no matter who it is or what they’ve done,” Cadance followed up. “And it’s no surprise that Twilight still hates you since you did get to her on a personal level.”

“Don’t rub it in please,” Chrysalis groaned. “I don’t need to be reminded about what I did back then right now.”

“Then why would you want to hook up with Spike?” Celestia asked. “What are your intentions with my son?” She narrowed her eyes as she loomed over the changeling.

“Cause after he railed me and while I was living alone in the forest, I began to really think about my actions, and how they had led me to lose everything,” She began. “Spike was the first good thing to happen to me in a long time, to show me that there is more to this world than taking things, but giving them out of the kindness of your heart, and I don't want to lose that.”

“You got all that after my brother in law fucked you into a coma?” Cadence asked, arching an eyebrow questioningly, while Chrysalis blushed at the forward remark and the princesses tried to hold in their giggling.

“For the record I had a lot of personal time to think over all of my past transgressions, I’ve even been trying to meditate recently thank you.” She huffed.

“So you want a chance to make up for everything you’ve done up to this point, and with my son and his wives?” Celestia replied with a smile.

“Yes, but the problem is getting past his new wives, seeing as they still hate my guts,” Chrysalis said.

“Okay, how about I go with you and the girls?” Cadance replied with a smile, reassuring her. “This way I can vouch for you if your disguise does drop when you have your fun with him, or the girls if you’re lucky enough.” She winked, bumping her hip against hers.

“I’ll be lucky enough not to have my face broken,” She sighed. “You’d do that for me?” She asked in surprise.

“Of course. As I said, I'm the princess Of Love, and I make sure anypony no matter who it is, gets a chance to find their true love. Plus as Twilight would say, what are friends for?” Cadance replied smiling. Chrysalis couldn’t help but let out a large smile as happy tears formed in the corners of her eyes.

“Thank you,” Chrysalis said as she hugged Cadance, surprising her, Celestia, and Luna but smiled as she embraced the mare.

“Shouldn’t you both be joining the girls on their bikini shopping?” Celestia replied with a smile after a few seconds.

“Yes, we should,” Cadance followed up, before Chrysalis turned back to her Diamond Shine disguise and followed Cadance towards the door. But before Chrysalis left she stopped at the doorway and turned to the princesses a small genuine smile on her face. “Thank you, your highness, I promise to show you, your subjects, and most importantly your son that I’m willing to give them all the love and friendship they deserve.”

Celestia smiled back at her. “Just be aware of what happens if you break his heart, or any of my daughters in law as well.” She promised smiling to her which made the former queen shiver as it left a piercing gaze that could almost match Fluttershy’s stare.

“See you in two weeks Aunty.” Cadence called out as she and the changeling left.

“See you both by then,” She said before both mares left closing the door via magic, leaving both of the Princesses alone.

“Sister, what’s with the smile on your face?” Luna said upon noticing a large smile appear on Celestia’s face.

“Oh, just wondering about how many grandkids we’re going to have to spoil when Spike is done with the girls on their little trip,” She said while walking towards the door. “Knowing the girls, they have some much needed steam to blow off.”

“Indeed they do sister,” Luna followed up as she joined her in walking towards the door. “I just hope that he can handle their frustrations while they at the same time can handle him.”

“I’m sure they will sister,” Celestia added as both mares left the room.

“How much are you willing to bet Chrysalis will become another one of his wives along with Bluebelle and her company?” Luna inquired.

“I give it less than a week, maybe a few days considering how lovestruck that changeling was, as for Bluebelle and her friends I give it til the end of the trip.” She smirked.

“Well I believe that Bluebelle and company will have the better odds considering their numbers and will no doubt win our dear nephews heart before Chrysalis does during their trip.” She replied haughtily.

“Really now, I suppose we are both at an impasse then, and there’s only one way to settle this dear sister.

“I see, the usual wager then?” Luna asked, extending her hand.

“You’re on.” Celestia stated as the two sisters shook hands.

Old and New Faces

View Online

‘Hmm, I wonder what Bluebelle wanted to talk with the girls about,’ Spike thought to himself as he left the room earlier and wanted to walk around for a bit. He thought about what Bluebelle said and what she wanted to talk about with the girls. He thought about what to do next when he is suddenly stopped by a pair of stallions in front of him.

Both stallions looked to be well dressed and had an aura of poise around them just from standing near him. One was more of a close resemblance to a burly stallion that Spike was familiar with in Ponyville, just not as muscular as him. He had cyan blue fur with a short, brown mane and had amber eyes and wings. He wore a blue business tuxedo with chest pockets and dark blue jeans. The other stallion was a unicorn, having on him golden yellow fur and a black mane. He had on a red business tux with a golden yellow necktie.

“Well, well, lookie what we have here. The lizard who’s been the talk of the country.” The rather burly stallion said towards an even more annoyed Spike. He really didn’t want to deal with this right now, especially since he was offered a chance to get away from all this crap that he and the girls were dealing with. It couldn’t come any sooner at this rate.

“Not used to the spotlight now, are you?” The short stallion followed up with a smirk. Spike could tell that they were trying to get a reaction out of him with insults, trying to look for any reason to have his marriage voided. Canterlot had a lot of old elites that see interracial marriage as a disgrace. They believed that ponies breeding with other races was a stain on their culture. It was one of the many reasons why Spike hated living here.

"Ugh, this is one of the reasons why I was glad to leave Canterlot, guys like you are always getting in my face. But now because of my marital status, you idiots are even more of a major headache than before. Honestly, I don't see how Princess Celestia manages to put up with you stuck-up jerks," Spike said, squeezing the bridge between his eyes.

“At least we have class and how it’s shameful that mares in that garbage town Ponyville would be willing to sleep with a dragon,” The burly stallion followed up. Spike’s left eye twitched hearing him say that. He could tell that they had the audacity to call his harem sluts. They didn’t understand what they were doing with the constant harassment of the girls, but they needed to learn the hard way that times were changing. Calming himself down, he responds.

"You say you have class, yet you're still single and I'm married to 13 lovely ladies who prefer manners over childish banter," Spike retorted, smirking triumphantly.

"Wha… How DARE you disrespect your superiors, you filthy swine!" the bulky stallion said.

“Now, now, we didn’t come here for a fight,” The shorter stallion replied as he reached behind him and threw a bag onto the floor, the bag burst open to reveal several gemstones that looked to be of the finest quality.

"What are these for?" Spike asked, arching an eyebrow.

“Call it an incentive,” The shorter stallion replied. “You seem to be a dragon that lives to enjoy the finer things in life so my family has found the rarest of gems for your treasure. We just want something in return from you.”

“And that would be?” Spike asked with a dull glare.

"For you to divorce your mares," the short one said. “I think that they wouldn’t want to be bothered with this unwanted attention they were receiving for marrying you. So maybe you’d be doing them a favor by setting them free.”

Both stallions were smiling when Spike gave a calm sigh after a few minutes of silence, and picked up the gems that were on the floor. "Here's what I think of your offer," he said in a deep, menacing tone. Minutes later Spike was walking out of the hallway, leaving the two stooges all comfy in their trash bin bed. The bulky stallion was at the top, the short one on the bottom and it was a real tight squeeze. The short one wasn't helping with the way he was squirming to get out of the trash.

“Can’t believe that bastards have the audacity to try and bribe me to lose my friends,” Spike grumbled to himself as he walked over to a group of guards with the bag of gems in his hand.

“Sir Spike, is something wrong?” A male guard asked.

“Nothing, just some asshole trying to bribe me to lose my friends is all,” Spike said as he handed them the bag. “Take that to a charity or something, I just don’t need to deal with that right now. And you mind doing something about the trash in the alleyway?” Spike followed up jerking his thumb over his shoulder. He then left the three guards who soon found the dazed stallions that he left behind in the trash can. Meanwhile Spike needed to calm down after his run in with those two idiots.

“These assholes need to understand that times are changing, and that they don’t run the entire fucking world,” Spike grumbled to himself as he walked towards the one place he knew he could calm down at. The royal castle gardens. He went through a couple doors until he was met with a large open courtyard with plenty of colorful flowers, trees, and bushes, along with dozens of animals, he walked through smiling while a few of the critters not afraid of him nuzzled him. Spike then came across a very odd tree. It was a willow tree but to many it was a magically grown tree to where part of the trunk was made to look like a naturally grown bench.

It had a slight curve to it but otherwise it was fairly comfortable to sit in, and for the dragon it was his favorite spot when he and Twilight were at the castle from time to time. He always liked how peaceful and quiet it was, and reminded him of Fluttershy's cottage back home.

He sat down and leaned back as he heard the wood slightly creak under his weight but remained still. Spike sighed contently as he stared up at the long wilting branches of the tree, smiling as he remembered the times his mother would take him here back when he shortly lived in the castle and she would read to him or when he was feeling sad, or was sad, she would hum a little lullaby to him while enveloping him in her wings until he felt better. He did miss those times that he had with her and how things have changed.

“Man, this place takes me back,” He said to himself as he continued to listen to the sounds of the garden around him. “The sounds of birds chirping, the water of the grotto flowing, the sounds of a girl screaming- wait what?”

Spike could hear the sounds of a mare falling down and he looked up to see a shadow falling in a dive bomb motion. He couldn't see who it was since it was flying too fast towards him, and before Spike could have a chance to react, he got tackled into the floor, tumbling out of his seat and both he and the female rolled onto the grass and were both in a daze.

“Ugh, Celestia that hurts,” Spike groaned as he was still trying to figure out what crashed into him.

“Ooh, my head hurts,” A female voice groaned and it seemed familiar to Spike in a way. Spike’s eyes were still slowly adjusting from the sudden impact he felt, but his vision soon cleared, and he was now blushing up a storm. The reason, he was face to breasts with the mare’s generous GG-cup cleavage that was sticking out from her white seashell themed sundress that she was wearing. Spike entered full on panic mode and began flailing around under the mare, making her look down to see Spike’s blushing face in her cleavage. He looked up to see the smiling face of a familiar blonde and blue haired hippogryph and her bright sparkling eyes were looking at him with excitement and care.

“Hey Spike,” she said with a smile as she hugged his head, keeping the poor drake trapped in her cleavage, much to his shock and embarrassment. He recognized the bubbly voice to belong to Princess Skystar of the Hippogryph kingdom.

“Can’t breathe…” He mumbled out, but he was more focused on the blood currently rushing down towards his groin.

‘For the love of Celestia and all that is holy, please don’t get an erection,’ Spike was repeating in his head with what Skystar was doing to him. Her bubbly demeanor and pute airheadedness to the rest of the world was very cute to the dragon. She looked at the confused dragon and it took her a few seconds to realize the position she was in and got off of Spike.

“Spike, I’ve been looking everywhere for you.” She beamed happily. “Also sorry about earlier.”

“Oh hey there princess Skystar.” He greeted making the hippogriff giggle. “Also it’s fine,”

“Come Spike no need to be so serious, just address me as Skystar, we’re friends aren’t we?”

“Yeah, sure Sky.”

“Eee my first nickname, yay!”

“Right so what brings you here, I didn’t hear about a meeting with your mom going on this week.”

“Well she wanted to surprise princess Celestia because it’s been ages since they’ve seen each other and wanted to talk to her about some boring thing about allowing hippogriffs to live here. I think it was for some kind of school.”

“Oh you mean Twilights school of friendship.”

“Yeah that’s it!” She beamed. “I heard my cousin is the first one admitted.”

“Well that’s great.” Spike smiled. “So what are you doing out here if your moms at the castle?”

“Oh I got really bored over the meeting, so I stepped out and went exploring, I was flying around enjoying the sights when I got distracted by this really pretty flying machine that an earth pony was flying in.”

“You mean the helicopters that they fly around in?” Spike asked the surprised mare.

“Is that what it’s called?” She asked getting close to the dragon, her bust pushing up against his chest.

“Yes, but that doesn’t explain why you dive bombed on top of me,” He asked, trying to change the subject.

“Oh, that’s because while I was distracted, I hit my face against a wall and I fell down in a tailspin.” she said with a smile and Spike sighed hearing that.

“I had a feeling that’s what happened,”

“Oh I almost forgot.” She then pulled a small box and opened it up revealing a beautiful pink shell with a glowing pearl inside. “Happy late wedding, I would’ve given it to you at the wedding but mom and I were still busy reconstructing the kingdom and with me being grounded, there was hardly any time, and I thought about sending it by sea mail but you live on land so I got a great idea where I would deliver it to you in pony the next time I visited because it felt more personal. So now with mom and me in Canterlot I thought, ‘this was perfect I can go see Spike now and give him his present.’ So I flew off and went to find you but then I got distracted and crashed but I crashed on you, and since it was you I was soooo glad cause now I can give you my present, which I just did!” She explained talking almost a mile a minute, if Spike didn’t know any better, he would have sworn he found Pinkie’s long lost relative.

He looked at the gift in slight confusion looking back up to the exuberant mare/avian who was smiling widely in return.

“Uh thanks, but what is it?”

“Duh, it’s a transformation necklace, it will help you be able to swim underwater without having to use any fancy magic or equipment, and look it’s just like my necklace.” She pointed out while at the same time was unintentionally showing off her bust thrusting it towards the poor drake who couldn’t help but blush.

‘Don’t get any ideas Spike, you’re a married dragon now with kids on the way, no need to complicate things any further.’ He thought to himself as he started to sweat with the hippogriff princess shoving her assets in his face. He tried not to let himself be distracted and took her gift graciously.

“Thanks, so I put this on and what? Wait a minute I’m not gonna turn into a blowfish again am I, because I already had enough nightmares of a sushi chef trying to cook me up and eat me.” He shivered.

Skystar could only laugh at the dragon. “Oh Spike you’re so funny, no once the necklace is on it’ll magically turn you into the equivalent of a seapony.”

“So I’ll turn into a seadragon?”

“Yes exactly, I’m glad you like it.”

“Sweet, I’m sure Rainbow and the others will get a kick out of it.”

“By the way, how are Twilight and her friends? I know things have been a little rocky since the Storm King incident, but my mom has been doing her best to try not to hold a grudge considering the circumstances after that.”

“Oh, well things haven’t been so easy the past couple weeks, we’ve been hounded by fans, reporters, and nobles alike. Hell none of us can walk five feet out of our homes without being bothered by somepony.”

“I’m sorry you have to go through all that, but I’m sure it’s not that bad.”

“Not that bad? Sky just a couple days ago I found a stallion trying to peep on me and Twilight in bed just to get a photo of us.”


“And the day before that I was delivered a mountain of threats, challenges, and love letters. Me and the girls had to sort through all of it too.” He snorted.

“Wow that is pretty bad.” She replied solemnly.

Spike shook off his annoyance and smiled back at the hippogriff mare. “Anyway, enough lamenting about that, since we’re here, how about I show you around town?”

Really?! I would love to. Show me the way.”

“Alright then let’s go, I know the perfect place to-”

“There he is!” A male reporter called out, shocking both Skystar and Spike.

“It’s our brave and glorious prince!”

“And is that Princess Skystar that he’s with?”

“Crap, not again.” Spike groaned at the mob of ponies that were attempting to swarm the pair.

“What do we do now?” Skystar asked worriedly.

“Fly outta here is one thing,” He replied as he opened up his wings and flew out of the gardens with the princess in tow, along with a few pegasi holding cameras and microphones following them.


After several hours and several hiding places later Spike and Skystar finally managed to lose the entourage and were currently at the one place he could count on besides the castle, and that was Pony Joes, his favorite stop in the capital. And also had the best donuts around too.

The place was currently empty and the dragon and hippogriff were sitting at one of the tables in the shop, relieved at the break they had from the mob of ponies that chased all around town.

“Are you always this popular?” She asked as they were sitting at a table.

“Not since two weeks ago, and the wedding sure wasn’t much help either.”

“Here ya go Spike, one bakers dozen of The Brave and Glorious Glaze for you and the little lady here.” Pony Joe announced as he laid down a plate of purple colored donuts with light green frosting, and green and purple sprinkles laid on top. Spike at first thought it wouldn’t help if Joe made a donut after him, but after taking one bite of them right after his wedding he couldn’t get enough of them and were his favorite whenever he visited.

Skystar looked on curiously at the donuts, having never seen such a treat before,

“Something wrong?” The drake asked her.

“No, I’ve just never seen these before.” She replied looking in wonder at the dessert.

Joe could only chuckle hearing that while cleaning a mug at the counter. “What kind of rock were you living under to not hear of a donut before?”

“Oh I didn’t live under a rock, I live under the ocean.” She remarked innocently, leaving the unicorn stallion in confusion.

“I’m sorry, what? You said you live under the ocean, just what kind of griffon are ya?”

“I’m not a griffon, silly I’m a hippogriff.”

“She and her kind can transform into sea ponies and hippogriffs using magic necklaces like the one she is wearing right now.” Spike added.

“Huh, well whaddya know, how about that.” The unicorn smiled as he went back to work.

Skystar then picked up one of the donuts and examined it. She loved all the colors, and since it looked so pretty she almost didn’t want to eat it, but when the aroma hit her nose she couldn’t stop drooling. Taking a bite her eyes went wide and stood frozen for a few moments. Spike, growing concerned for her, was about to ask if she was alright when the mare suddenly stood up, a wide side splitting smile on her face.

“THIS IS THE BEST THING I’VE EVER TASTED!!!” She shouted and began gorging herself on the rest of the plate while the dragon just looked on in amusement and saved a couple for himself from the now voracious princess.

“Heh she’s just like Pinkie ain’t she? At this rate Spike she’ll be another one of your wives in your harem” Joe said in a joking manner making the pair blush.

“It’s not like that at all, plus Twilight and the girls would kill me if I happen to include somepony else. And we all just got married and haven’t gone on our honeymoon, for crying out loud.”

“I know, I’m just messing with ya Spike.”

“Um, what’s a harem?” She asked innocently, making Spike and Pony Joe look at her in confusion. “What?”

“Does she really not know what a harem is?”

Spike grew nervous at the question, considering how long she and her race lived underwater he figured that they didn’t know much about the outside world. Taking a breath he thought of the best and simplest way to explain it to her.

“Well Sky, a harem or herd depending on where you live is a relationship based on more than one partner being romantically together and sharing each other equally. Through that they spread all of their love amongst themselves, they can even benefit from having children without having to worry about any of them being hurt.”

“That sounds… romantic.”


“I mean one guy with several girls who all love each other, it’s like being one big happy family.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” Spike smiled as he thought about when his foals will be born in the next several months, he was both terrified yet excited at the same time he didn’t know where to begin.

“I would love to be in a harem some day.” Skystar remarked looking out the window absentmindedly with her hand resting on her cheek.


“Mhm It’s like having a bunch of sisters together all loving and cherishing the same guy we care about.”

“Will your mom approve, she strikes me as the overprotective type.”

“Are you asking me to join your harem?” She asked innocently, and Spike immediately choked on the donut he bit into.

“What?! no, no, I-I-I mean you're pretty and all Sky but we don't know much about each other. Plus I’m married. I don’t think Twilight and the others would be ok with me suddenly adding another mare to my relationship all of a sudden.” ‘Not to mention they might castrate me too.’

“So how do I find my special someponies?”

“You just have to follow your heart and listen to what it tells you, and then you’ll be truly happy.”

“And how do I do that?” she looked at him in confusion.

‘Oh boy,’ Spike thought to himself as he realized this was going to take awhile for her to understand. Seeing as she was in the sea for so long when the Storm King first appeared, this would be new to her. ‘This is gonna take awhile to explain.’

“Um, well you see

“Excuse me sir Spike, Princess. Your mother has requested the two of you at the castle as soon as you're ready,” a voice called out from behind him. Spike turned around to see that it was one of Princess Celestia’s maids who found them. She was wearing a short black skirt with white lace on the edges that ended just above her knees, a small white apron, and a rather large HH-cup bust that was barely being contained by her black short sleeve shirt. She was bowing and Spike could see the canyon of cleavage that she had when she bowed.

“What does mom want with us?” Spike asked him, trying his hardest not to stare much to Skystar’s confusion.

“She was waiting for your return sir Spike,” The maid replied.

“Probably figured out that I was missing from the castle.” Skystar added a small frown on her face.

“Don’t worry I’m sure Queen Novo isn’t too angry that you were gone,” The main replied with a smile. “She just wasn’t sure why you didn’t show up to the meeting point.”

“Oh, that’s because Spike was trying to get away from news reporters that saw us together and he didn’t want them getting the wrong idea,” Skystar nonchalantly said, making Spike flinch in response.

“Okay, I can take you to Princess Celestia and Queen Novo as they are both waiting for you,” she said with a smile.

“Um, that won’t be necessary, I can go by myself,” he said with a nervous smile. He needed to get away, just the thought of looking at her body jiggling with each step would get him hot under the collar.

“I’d better go as well,” Skystar added. “I’d rather not make my mother angrier than she already sounds right now.”

“Okay then,” the maid said with a smile. “Take care master Spike.”

Spike then got up from where he was sitting and Skystar went after him, leaving the one maid behind. She simply waved them off as they went back to the castle. Spike wanted to be cautious at least since he didn’t want to give the news any wrong ideas about Spike cheating on the girls. Much to his surprise though as they continued to walk, he didn’t see a single reporter, not even a cameraman was here.


“Why are you afraid of the men you saw earlier?” Skystar asked.

Spike let out a large sigh. “It’s not that I’m afraid of them Skystar,” he added. “You haven’t been out of the kingdom in a while and since you don’t know about news reporters they always look for a crazy scoop. Plus ever since my marriage was conceived, my life has gotten crazy and they're probably looking for ways to either blow it out of proportion or to try and destroy my marriage just because it would make ‘great news’.”


“What makes it worse, are some noble assholes thinking that I bribed the girls or something or took them against their will, when that is not at all what happened,” Spike said in annoyance. “They would harass the girls into being with them and leaving me, but their sorry asses meet the floor when the girls chase them off.”

“That sounds terrible.”

“Yeah, it was going on for two weeks and it was driving the girls crazy,” Spike added. “And it’s why we're here to talk about a place we can go to to relax for a bit.”

“Must be pretty hectic then,” Skystar said with a worried look on her face. “I hope that wherever you go can help you relax.”

“Yeah, that’s what we need right no-OOF!” Spike gets stunned when he bumped into a fleshy figure. He looked up to not only see Princess Celestia, but a rather strict mother in front of him that was related to Skystar. Queen Novo.

Now Spike didn’t interact much with the Seaquestrian ruler after his adventure with the Storm King with the girls, but seeing her now, she reminded him a lot of his mother both from her poise, her aura of motherly authority, but most of all was her figure.

She wore a coral colored dress that seemed a mix of both a robe and seaweed with scales of glittering colors, while the rest of it was lined with an assortment of pearls ranging from white, pink, to gold that made the dress shimmer. While her sense of fashion was something Rarity would swoon over Spike’s attention was more on her large breasts which were about KK-cup and covered by seashells that struggled to cover her magnificent mounds, a fit curvaceous body that many creatures would salivate over. Her hair was neatly styled while the straps that held her dress up accentuated further her prominent chest, which the dragon was doing his best not to stare at, and it also wasn't helping that he was close to her rather large ass. It was as if he was looking at a spitting image of Celestia’s body.

“Well, this is unexpected,” she said with a stern tone. Her face showed no emotion as she looked down at Spike’s blushing and panicked face. “I came looking for my daughter, and I found her with you. But I see I missed a lot since I remember you being a small puffer fish.”

“Uh...umm…” Spike didn’t know what to say as he wasn’t sure how to respond.

“Skystar, how many times have I told you to not to run off like that.”

“But mom, everything is so boring in there, I wanted to see the city since I never got the chance last time we were here being cooped up for so long,”

Queen Novo let out a sigh. “I know sweetie, I know,” She replied. “I just don’t want you to get lost or hurt.”

“Not really a problem since Spike found me after I crashed into him,” she said with a smile. Spike flinched hearing his name called and backed away from Novo. He still remembered when Twilight tried to take the pearl that she had all because she refused to do anything, but wanted to protect her people.

“You crashed into him?”

“Yeah, I was in the castle gardens and I looked up to see her fall on me,” he said meekly.

“I see,” she said with a sigh. “Anyways, you mentioned something about a trade route for my people and helping with restoring my old kingdom that the Storm King ransacked?”

“Indeed I did,” Celestia said with a smile. “Spike, why don’t you spend the night with me until you leave on your vacation with the girls?”

“I guess I can do that,” Spike said with a smile. “Where are the girls anyway?”

“Oh they all went shopping for their two week trip,” Celestia added. “Luna is doing her royal duties as well and Cadance and Shining left to go back to the Crystal Empire with Flurry Heart.”

“I guess that sounds about right,” Spike said with a sigh. Spike was about to leave when he noticed a strange pair of eyes from one of the pictures looking back at him.

“Did you get a new picture frame or something?” Spike asked.

“No why?”

“Cause this picture looks a bit...off,” Spike said as he stared hard at the eyes. The eyes were a brilliant yellow with crimson pupils that were different sizes. Suddenly a mouth appeared and it spoke.

“Glad to see your dragon eyes still work,” it said in a crazed female voice.

“Oh crap!” Spike yelled as he stumbled backwards in shock and into Skystar and they both toppled over each other and fell down, hurting one another in the process. Spike groaned in response to that sudden panic attack and Skystar was literally seeing stars after hitting her head.

“What...happened?” Skystar groaned. The mouth was soon erupting with laughter as the picture started to disappear and a figure showed up from it. The figure, a woman, looked quite...chaotic, with her head that of a pony’s and grey in color, shoulder-length silver hair and pony mane, a blue goat horn on the left side of her head, a deer antler on the right side of her head, a brown furred torso, a pink dragon-like snake tail with a silver tuft on the end of it, the right claw of an eagle, the left arm of a lion, the right amber leg of a goat, the left green leg of a lizard, and a light blue pegasus’ right wing and a dark blue bat’s left wing were on her back. She was wearing multi-colored loose straps that ran over her shoulders and over her GG-cup breasts, covering her bright pink nipples before attaching to her multi-colored short skirt, which only seemed to accentuate her wide hips and large ass.

“Oh mother of Celestia, the looks on your faces were priceless,” The woman said as she laughed.

“What manner of creature is this?” Novo said in shock, confusion and anger.

“Pandora, are you really intending to scare Spike like that?”

“Oh come on, I was just trying to have a little fun Celly,” she said with a smile. She then noticed Queen Novo, and Princess Skystar rubbing her head as she got out from under Spike. “Who are these busty birds?”

“Excuse me?” Novo was not amused as she looked ready to throttle Pandora.

“Oh, my bad, I meant to say ‘busty hippos,’” Pandora said with a chuckle.

“You insolent little-” Novo was close to lashing out, but was held back by Princess Celestia.

“It’s alright, she’s like this a lot, she just likes to make jokes a lot, it’s more of her specialty being the goddess of chaos.”

“Ooooo!! Looks like we have a pecking order here!!” Pandora added, before laughing even harder upon seeing that Novo’s face had turned almost tomato red in rage. Spike was now nervous as he could clearly see veins popping from her forehead.

“Let me at her!!”

“Oh come on, no need to get your feathers ruffled up,” she added. “Try to lighten up with a bubble bath.”

“You wretched-!” Celestia had to hold Novo back to keep her from lashing out seeing as she was still friends.

“Are they always like this?” Skystar asked, turning to the dragon.

“Yeah, most of the time.” He shrugged. “Pandora just likes to make jokes a lot, but sometimes she takes it too far.”

“Skystar, I think you and I should go with your mother to help calm her down,” Celestia brought up as she was still trying to keep Queen Novo from lashing out onto the draconequus.

“Okay,” she told her and then turned to Spike. “It was nice talking to you Spike.” She then leaves with Princess Celestia and her mother, leaving Pandora and Spike alone.

“Hey that reminds me,” Pandora said as she turned to Spike, and noticed something off about him. “When did you get the new buff look? Last I checked you were barely four feet tall. Plus when did you get wings?”

“Um, let’s just say a lot happened while you were away,” Spike said with a nervous glance while rubbing the back of his head. Pandora was about to ask what he meant by that, but then she noticed the ring on his right hand.

“Woah, did you and Rarity finally tie the knot?” she said with a smile on her face while rushing over and hugging Spike. He blushed as she had very little clothing on and he could feel her curves pressing against him, despite how chaotic she truly is.

“Um...it’s not just Rarity…” Spike managed to say as he was trying his hardest not to get a boner right there. Pandora looked at him with confusion.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“Well…” Spike said. “I’m also with Trixie, Starlight, Zecora, Coco, Mane-iac, the rest of the mane six, Crystal Heels, Tasreeena, and Yamimane.”

“Okay, those last three I don’t know about,” She told him. Spike then proceeded to tell her about what happened with one of his comics that led to him sleeping with all of his friends, and the former villainesses of the comics and now they have new lives here.

After hearing all this, Pandora soon began to chuckle, before blowing up into full on laughter. She was laughing so hard that she literally fell apart and her pieces landed on the floor.

“So..so you *wheeze* got buff *snort*, fucked them *chuckle*, and *gasp* knocked them *giggle* up?!”

“Trixie’s original plan was to prank me with an aphrodisiac, but it mixed with the villainess's plan and the doctor that Zecora played, so the girls had to siphon the buildup of chemicals that built up in my dick.”

“Oh mother of Celestia that’s so rich,” Pandora giggled as she put herself back together. “I can’t believe a prank led to all of this, and you even got my friend Fluttershy with you.”

“Yeah, even I still can’t believe it,” Spike said. “But a lot of assholes don’t seem to like that since they were harassing me and the girls trying to get me to break off my marriage.”

“Probably butthurt sore losers,” Pandora said with a smile. “You may have to be the luckiest dragon alive right now bedding them.”

“Guess you could say that,” he added. “But now me and the girls are trying to take a vacation for a while to get away from the craziness and Celestia suggested using a private island that she owns.”

“Wait, she has a private island?” Pandora asked. “I didn’t know that. Wonder how she hid it from me.”

“Probably because it’s the one place she can relax and she didn’t want a bunch of nobles to ruin it for her.”

“Makes sense,” she added. While Spike was talking with ERis a little more, they heard hoofsteps behind them and turned around to see that the girls got back from shopping. The Mane Six, Starlight, Trixie, Zecora, Coco, Yamimane, Tsareena, Crystal Heels, Ember, Bluebelle, Gilda, Greta, Tempest, Mesosoma, Trachea, and Diamond Shinehad all returned with shopping bags. “Oh you guys are back.”

“That we did darling,” Rarity said with a smile as she walked over to Spike, handing him a bag as well. “And we even got you something on the way.”

“Wh-what is it?”

“You’ll have to see when you’re alone Spikey dear,” Rarity said with a devious smile. “I suggest not opening it until we get to the island.”

“FLUTTERSHY!!” Pandora exclaimed with a cheerful expression as she popped up from behind her and gave her a big hug. “I missed you so much!”

“Oh, hello Pandora,” Fluttershy said as she hugged her back. “I’m glad you’re back.”

“I’m sorry I wasn’t there for your wedding, but I’m also happy for you being a mother to be,” Pandora added, before noticing that Ember appeared to be flustered. “Oh? What’s wrong Miss Dragon Lord?”

“N-no, it’s nothing…” she muttered before walking away from the group. “I’ll be joining you all at this island beach as you call it.”

“She’s just grumpy with the bikini she got,” Bluebelle added before turning to Spike. “We won’t tell you what it is Spike.”

“Ok,” he said with a sigh.

“Speaking of grumpy,” Pandora said as she looked at Tempest with a dark glare. “Why is miss dark and serious joining you guys?”

“She’ll be joining us on our trip, and I can assure you that she’s changed, and Twilight and her friend can vouch for her.”

“Okay,” Pandora added as she still had a grudge with Tempest for the Storm King invasion.

“So how was shopping anyway?” Spie asked.

“It started out okay, until we were hounded by reporters about us being with you,” Twilight added with annoyance. “And then another suitor said something he shouldn’t have, and let’s just say that he isn’t going to have a deeper voice for awhile.”

“She kicked him in the balls,” Bluebelle brought up. “Their next big mistake was trying to bug us thinking that we were trying to hound on their fame, when we were just trying to buy bikinis for everyone. The Guards eventually had to force everyone out where we would have some space to try and shop.”

“Ah’m just hopin nopony finds out about what we’re doin’ or where we’re goin’,” Applejack added with a sigh.

“Look, we had a long day and we need to rest for tomorrow,” Bluebelle added. “We can have all the time in the world to relax for the next two weeks without anypony bothering us.”

“Can I join you girls on your trip?” Pandora asked, getting everyone’s attention. “What?”

“You’re not going to try and pull pranks on us are you?” Rainbow Dash said with a stern glare at Pandora.

“That’s not gonna be the case, I’ve been getting bored not being around you guys, and it’s pretty dull since there weren't any adventures happening.”

“I think it would be nice, since I haven't really spent much time with Pandora in awhile,” Fluttershy added with a smile.

“I promise I’ll be good, especially since you girls have babies that’ll be on the way in 11 months.” Pandora added. “I promise I’ll be good. Please?”

“Well, if you think it’s a good idea Fluttershy, then we’ll allow her to come,” Twilight replied, before giving Pandora a stern look. “But I don’t want any pranks while we’re at the island. This is meant to relax us, not make us even more stressed.”

“Agreed,” she told the girls and they all cheered and they decided to go into their seperate rooms that Celestia had given them, and Spike went to his old room that Celestia had for him.


Spike was now in his old room that he and Twilight had when they lived in the castle long ago, and he realized that he was standing on the first floor of the room, which had a small window seat on one side, while a kitchen sat on the other. A set of stairs led up to the second floor, which, from what he remembered, had two massive bookshelves that lined two of the walls, while a large window made up another. Their beds used to be located on that floor as well.

“Man, it really has been a long time since Twilight and I had this room,” Spike said to himself as he realized how much time has passed. He then took a deep breath, before pausing as the smell of gems reached his nose. “Why do I smell gems?” He asked himself as he followed the smell over to a section of floor. He saw that there were scratch marks on the floor, as if someone had removed the tile, moved something heavy, and replaced it. He got down on his hands and knees, wiggled his claws under the edge of the tile, and easily lifted it, setting it to the side before looking to see what was below.

His eyes widened upon seeing several large gems sitting in a wooden box in the space, and he quickly pulled out the box. “Woah, how long were these even here?” He said to himself as he looked at the amount of gems that were inside. When he took the box out, he found another box below it. He assumed it was another box of gems and took it out. He opened it to try and see what was inside, but what he saw made his face go red.

“Wh-what the?” he said to himself. What he found was several lewd comics of females being fucked by different monsters, and a few yaoi comics as well. “How long were these even here?”

He suddenly heard the door open behind him and he turned around to see that it was Twilight who was in a bathrobe.

“T-twilight,” He said in shock as he threw the comics back into the box and tried to hide them, only for Twilight to keep the box out with her magic. “Look it’s not what it looks like, I just found these in here.”

“I know, that’s my stash,” Twilight said with a smile, and Spike was confused.


“Even I have skeletons that I try to keep hidden,” Twilight added. “You were young back then and I was trying to keep you from having your mind ‘poisoned’ as they call it. As for the gems, that was supposed to be my gift to you, but I forgot about it for so long. I didn’t think you’d find it, but now with you being older and more mature I guess this is your late gift.”

“Thanks Twilight,” Spike said with a smile. He closes the box and sets it down, and Twilight suddenly jumps onto his back. Spike blushed as he felt her soft and large breasts pressing against his back. “T-twilight?”

“It’s okay Spike,” She said while using her magic to undo his waistband and reached for his erections. “The others don’t need to know Spike, so why don’t we have some fun before the island vacation?”

“Can’t this wait until we get to the island?” Spike said with a nervous glance as he felt his pants getting loose and falling to his ankles. He then felt Twilight turn him around, revealing that she had removed her bathrobe, letting her curvy form bounce free.

“Why wait Spike, you’re body is being honest as mine is,” She added, before she got down and began kissing and sucking on one of his cocks while wrapping her breasts around them. Spike felt his body tense up as his cocks were wrapped about her soft titflesh and he let out a soft moan. Twilight smiled to herself as she continued to give him the double combo and she felt her tits leaking milk as well. Her pussy was on fire and she wanted Spike to rail her till she couldn’t walk, but she knew that she had to hold back and give him some space for now. She just needed some of his semen at the moment to calm her down until they could get to the island, so she needed to get as much semen from him as she possibly could. She was still messing around when she felt something poking at her marehood. She was about to stop and look to see what it was, but she felt a hand on her head and looked up to see a smug Spike looking down at her.

“You really think I was gonna let you have all the fun when you walked in here?” he added while using his tail as a makeshift dildo and using it to enter her pussy.

“Ohhhhhh Spike,” Twilight moaned as she felt his tail fill her up. She continued to rub her boobs onto his throbbing cocks while he used his tail to tease her marehood for a while longer, before he began to thrust his tail harder, making her moan louder in pleasure. It only prompted Twilight to double her efforts around his twin dragons as she could only suck on the tips without it hurting her. Even going as far as to massage his heavy balls that were obviously quite full after being unattended to for two weeks. Spike soon let out a groan as he felt his balls getting worked up in the process. He stopped moving his tail in Twilight much to her surprise, and he suddenly lunged forward to where she was now under him and his twin dragons were poking between her boobs. He grabbed both of her breasts and started to roughly thrust between them, and even moved his tail towards her ass, poking it through her asshole much to her surprise. He snorted puffs of smoke as he thrusted in between her bosom and Twilight could only play with her pussy for now as she awaited his ever growing climax.

‘Celestia I missed this,’ Twilight thought to herself as she continued to play with her marehood. ‘I just wish I could have him go all out now instead of waiting till we get to the island.’

Spike’s thrusts soon began to slow down, but were still strong as he felt his balls starting to churn, yearning for release. He soon let out a low growl as both of his barbed dicks erupted with semen coating Twilight’s face and her chest in his thick musk.

Twilight yelped in surprised as his seed coated her and she came in response, sending pure bliss running through her body. Squirting out her femenine juices which soon created a puddle behind her and coating Spike’s tail. He pulled his tail out of her body and she slowly got up while looking at her smiling husband, admiring the load she was coated in.

“You must’ve been holding back for awhile Spike,” she said with a smile. “Love to see what happens when you really cut loose.”

“I take it you and the girls are planning something for when we get to the island?” Spike asked.

“That's right,” Twilight said with a smile as she stood up and picked up her robe. She then licked up the cum on her body using her hands and after she was done used a spell to clean herself off the rest she missed, putting her robe back on. “The girls and I were talking and we wanted to make this as special as possible Spike. Something that will be enjoyable for all of us after the craziness we were dealing with here.”

“Look forward to it,” Spike said with a smile.

“Enjoy your gems by the way,” she added before leaving the room.

“I will Twi, I will,” Spike said as he pulled his pants back up and tightened them, before turning his attention back to the box of gems on the floor. He picked up the box and held it in the crook of his arm before picking up a small ruby and tossed it into his mouth. “Man I love that mare.”

-Twilight’s Room-

Twilight was humming happily to herself as she made her way to her room, feeling a bit better after her interaction with Spike. When she entered her room, she was surprised to see the rest of Spike’s harem there. Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Trixie, Starlight, Zecora, Coco, Tsareena, Crystal Heels, and Yamimane all had dark looks on their faces as they looked at Twilight who now had a nervous glance.

“G-girls, what’re you doing here?” Twilight asked, as she smiled nervously. “I thought we had different rooms.”

“We just came to have a little talk Twilight,” Rarity said with a sinister glare.

“You want to explain why you were in Spike’s room?” Crystal Heels said with a low growl, her legs crossed. “And don’t try to lie, Pinkie herself caught you walking towards that direction.”

“W-w-well, I was, uh,” Twilight stuttered, having not expected this to happen.

“I can smell Spike on you,” Pinkie added as she popped up from behind her, making her jump in surprise. Before Twilight could make up an excuse, she felt something wrap about her leg. Before she could look down to see what it was, she found herself being yanked off the ground and held upside down. She was then pulled into the glaring face of Tsareena who was not amused.

“So you decided to have fun with Spike without us?” Tsareena said with a dark smile.

“Look I was the most stressed out of everyone okay?” she said with a frustrated tone. “I’m a princess, and I have a lot of responsibility. I needed to get some of it out before we left or else I was going to spontaneously combust!”

“And you think we aren’t just as stressed with the fact that we get harassed by all those reporters and suitors?” Trixie said with an annoyed tone.

“We have just as much stress built up as you with the constant harassment,” Starlight added.

Twilight sighed at that. “I know, and I’m sorry. I should have waited till we got to the island, but I couldn’t wait,” She replied. The girls still had dark looks, but they softened up after hearing this.

“Girls, I think we should forgive Twilight,” Rarity said with a smile on her face, causing Twilight to smile happily, glad her herd mates were going to do so. “But,” Rarity continued, turning to Twilight with a grin. “She needs to redeem herself.”

“Re-redeemed?” Twilight asked nervously.

“Just to teach you not to go behind our backs next time,” Rarity added with a dark smile as she summoned what looked like a whip. Twilights’ face turned pale as she knew where this was going. Rarity then turns to Tsareena and Crystal Heels and they begin to smile as they look back at the frantic Twilight.

“Can’t we talk about this?” she asked politely. She suddenly gets yanked into the air by Tsareena’s tendril-like hair and into Rarity’s grinning face.

“No,” she said as the rest of the girls surrounding her, and Twilight knew that she was going to be in for a long night.

The Island Paradise

View Online

As the sun rose into the sky, Spike let out a loud yawn as he sat up in his bed. “Man, that was nice,” He said as he stretched his arms. “Haven’t had a good sleep like that in forever.” He then got up and began to do his morning routine, which consisted of him taking a nice warm shower, brushing his teeth, and shining his scales.

Once he was finished, he made his way over to the dresser to get dressed, but paused when he noticed there was an envelope on the top of it. “What’s this?” He asked as he picked the envelope up. It was a manilla envelope, but it looked as if it was packed with something heavy as it looked pretty thick. He guessed that there were pictures inside so he figured to check them out.

“I may as well see what the girls gave me,” He said as he turned the envelope around to open it up, only to see that there was some writing on the back of it.

Dear Spike

I know that this vacation is what we need to relieve ourselves of a lot of stress, but we wanted to give you a bit of a warm up before we go to the island. I hope you enjoy our little gift before our little beach trip.

Your harem

After reading the note, Spike gained a curious look on his face. “I wonder what their gift is,” he said as he proceeded to open the envelope up, revealing to him that there were indeed photos inside. He pulled them out, and immediately felt himself start to blush upon seeing the first photo, which was a picture of Applejack with her signature hat giving him bedroom eyes while posing seductively in the nude.

“Ah, so this is what they meant by a ‘warm-up,’” He said as he moved on to the next photo, which was of a naked Rainbow Dash with her toned butt stuck out and a smirk on her face. The photo after that was of a naked Pinkie Pie, with whipped cream on her nipples and crotch while she was sucking on a banana. The next ten photos were of the rest of his harem, each one naked and doing a sexy pose. Then the photos became group shots, with the girls doing lewd things to each other, such as eating each other out. Finally, the last photo was of the girls posing in sexy lingerie with seductive looks.

“I feel that these girls are gonna be the death of me soon,” he said to himself as he put the photos back into the envelope and wanted to make sure nopony saw these. “Well, I better go see if the girls are ready.” He then finished getting dressed, and left his room, making his way to his mother’s throne room.

Upon reaching the throne room, he saw all the girls were waiting for him. Twilight, Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Starlight, Trixie, Tsareena, Crystal Heels, Yamimane, Mesosoma, Trachea, Bluebelle, Ember, Gilda, Greta, Tempest, and Diamond Shine were all waiting for him. All of their suitcases were packed up, and he could see his suitcase near Twilight’s legs. He blushed a bit when he saw his harem, and they knew with a smile that they saw his envelope.

“So, did you girls sleep well?” He asked them.

“We slept just fine Spike,” Rarity said with a smile as she leaned over giving a good view of her cleavage with the drake. He blushed in response, but noticed that Twilight was a little sluggish for a bit.

“Twilight, are you okay?”

“Y-yeah, I’m fine,” she said trying to hide the pain she endured from the girls. “Just nervous that’s all.”

“Okay, I guess,” Spike said, not wanting to make this weird. “Anyways, when did Princess Celestia say she was going to bring us a ride to the island?”

“Why don’t you ask her yourself?” A familiar motherly voice said getting everyone’s attention. Looking in the direction the voice had come from, they saw that Celestia, Luna, and Cadance were walking towards them. They then gave them a warm smile as Celestia said, “Your private airship has been set up and is ready to go.”

“That’s good to hear, but are you sure that ponies outside won’t be able to see us?” Spike asked, worried for his group after what happened over the past few weeks.

“Oh don’t worry, we took care of that,” Cadance explained.

“We anticipated that so we added a few cloaking spells to try and make it where they wouldn’t be able to see you when you fly off,” Luna added.

“Wait we’re leaving on an airship?” Ember, Trachea, and Mesosoma asked, pretty stunned since they had never even seen an airship before.

“I’ve seen airships, but I’ve never really rode on one,” Mesosoma said with some embarrassment.

“I actually shot at one once,” Ember mentioned, causing everyone to look at her funny. “It was grounded and old, okay?”

“Okay,” Spike said with a sigh. “Anyways, so we should be good right?”

“Yes, you all should be,” Princess Celestia mentioned. “Enjoy your time away Spike,” she said with a smile as she walked over to him and leaned down. “And make sure you give your mates the time of their lives.”

The girls noticed him blush like crazy, and watched as he grabbed her by the arm and began to pull her away.

“Where are you going Spike?” Twilight asked him.

“A quiet place to have a chat with Princess Celestia,” He firmly replied.

“Wonder what she said that got him worked up like that,” Pinkie asked as she pulled out some candy from her mane.

Once they had gone away from the group for a good distance, he turned to her and said, “MOOOOOOOMMM! Don’t say that!!”

“I didn’t just say that for you Spike, but to help the girls de-stress,” she said sweetly, while playfully sticking out her tongue.

“For your information, I can destress them without your help,” He replied.

“I know,” she added with a nod. “I think it’s just fun seeing the look on your face and how you reacted to the girls.”

“You're not helping mom,” Spike said in annoyance as he tried to hide his embarrassed face. “Can you stop teasing me?”

“Sorry sweetie, but that’s part of my job as your mother,” Celestia said with a grin, causing him to let out a groan of disappointment. “Anyways, shouldn’t you be joining the girls soon?”

“True, and can you please not do anything embarrassing when we get back?” Spike asked.

“I’ll try, but no promises,” she said, playfully sticking out her tongue.

“Mom, seriously…” Spike replied with a flat look.

“Alright, alright, I won’t do anything embarrassing,” Celestia said, causing him to smile.

“Thanks mom,” he replied, hugging her in response.

“You know Spike,” Celestia began, a smile starting to grow on her face as she hugged him back. But she did something that made Spike feel a little uncomfortable, rubbing up and down his back and pressing herself against him. “If I didn’t know any better, with the way you’re hugging me, I’d say you’re trying to add me to your little harem.”

“MOM!!!” Spike exclaimed with shock, quickly letting go of her and pushing her away. “That’s not funny!!” Celestia started laughing loudly at his reaction.

“Sorry, I couldn’t help myself,” She said as she continued to laugh. “The situation was too perfect!”

“Ugh!! I’m heading back to the girls,” Spike said with a groan as he started walking away. As Spike walked away, Celesti started walking in the other direction where Princess Luna and Princess Cadance were, still chuckling from the joke she’d made. She then opened a door to see that Luna and Cadance were looking at her, with Luna having more of a dull stare, while Cadance was chuckling for a bit.

“Must you tease Spike like that constantly sister?” Luna asked her with a deadpan look. “He is clearly tired of it.”

“Can’t help if he leaves himself open for them all the time,” Celestia replied with a smile, causing Luna to sigh.

“You seem to have an unhealthy habit of doing this to him,” Luna added. “You know you can’t smother him forever.”

“I know that Luna. I just want to spend as much time with him as possible,” Celestia replied.

“You do have to admit that it was a little funny,” Cadance added with a smile.

“I feel my sisters’ nature is starting to rub off on you,” Luna added with a sigh, but then turned to Cadance with a more serious tone. “I still wanted to talk to you about why you agreed to let her on board with them. Especially after what she did to you, us and our friends.”

Cadance sighed. “I’m not going to lie, I had my reservations about helping her out at all,” Cadance began. “I mean, after all she did to us, who wouldn’t? But after really getting to know her over these past two weeks, I feel like we can let her do this.”

“You were tempted to break her face weren’t you?” Celestia and Luna asked, both having dead panned looks on their faces.

“Heh, yeah, you could say that I was,” Cadance replied with a somewhat embarrassed look.

“How’d Shining Armor react to it?” Luna asked. “He has just as much reason to be angry with her as does Twilight, and I’m afraid how she’ll react.”

“Well, he wasn’t happy, understandably,” Cadance said. “In fact, he actually tried to kill her, thinking she was up to something. And if I hadn’t held him back, he would have actually done it.”

“So do you think the girls will react the same way?” Celestia asked her.

“I did give her a note that would explain why she’s there, and hopefully they won’t try to kill her,” Cadnace mentioned. “I’m still surprised how calmly you took the fact that she’s actually in love with Spike.”

“She wasn’t exactly calm,” Luna chimed in. “I mean, she did turn into Daybreaker and shout that she was going to hunt her down and end her life. Nearly burned up the entire Royal Garden when I found her.”

“So long as she doesn't hurt him, then I'm okay,” Celestia said with a calm smile on her face, but inside she was seething with rage. ‘I want to rip her arms out and stuff them down her fucking throat!!’ Her mind screamed.

“To be fair, her plan did backfire which led to what happened, but her feelings do seem genuine,” Cadance stated. “I even gave her a unique bracelet where if she tried anything like her mind control or tried to harm Spike or any of his mates, it would deactivate her magic. It would also send us a warning if anything bad happens.”

“Well that was certainly a good idea,” Celestia said, feeling a small part of her relax upon hearing that. “But I’m still a bit worried that she’s going with all of them.”

“Relax sister, Spike and his mates can take care of themselves,” Luna told her. “And besides, Eris is going with them. Even if she tried something, she’d be powerless and taken out in two seconds.”

“Hopefully,” she said with a sigh. “We should at least see everyone off.”

“Agreed,” Cadance replied with a nod.

-The Carriages-

Spike, Twilight, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Starlight, Trixie Tsareena, Yamimane, Crystal Heels, Zecora, Coco Pommel, Queen Mesosoma, Queen Trachea, Diamond Shine, Gilda, Greta, Bluebelle, Tempest and Ember were all standing outside of the castle but were still behind the gates.

“So, where are the carriages that’ll be taking us to this island?” Ember asked as she looked around, not seeing anything remotely resembling a carriage.

“That’s actually why we’re here,” Celestia said as she, Luna, and Cadance walked up from behind them.

“What do you mean?” Queen Trachea asked her, a confused look on her face.

“You’ll see,” Celestia replied with a smile, before turning to her fellow princesses. “Ready?”

“Ready sister,” Luna answered her with a nod.

“Then let’s begin,” Cadance said, surrounding her horn with blue magic before firing it up to the sky. Luna and Celestia quickly followed suit, firing a gold and black beam into the sky respectively. Once the beams made contact, a small orb started to form where they were meeting, and was starting to grow in size.

“I uh, think you’re getting your answer now,” Queen Mesosoma said to her sister, who merely nodded as she watched the princess continue to do...whatever they were doing.

The multi-colored orb continued to grow in size, soon reaching the size of a regular wagon, before growing past that. The princesses grit their teeth as they concentrated their magic on the orb.

Eventually, the orb had grown to the size of a small house, and the bottom of it seemed to be getting more solid, as if it was being replaced with something while the rest of it continued to grow bigger. As the rest of the orb grew bigger and bigger, parts of it continued to get more solid like the bottom, until the orb was finally the size of a football field, after which it stopped growing in size. After a few more minutes had passed, the princesses ceased using their magic, panting a bit as their magic dissipated, revealing that an object was where the orb had been.

“Oh...my!!” Fluttershy said with wide eyes as she stared up at the object in the sky above them.

“It’s huge!!” Ember shouted with shock.

“I’ve never seen an airship that big before!!” Twilight said. “When did you make this?”

“It’s one of my old carriers,” Celestia said with a smile. “Like I said, I didn’t want anypony to know where I was going with this, so it’s only fair I’d have something to sneak off in.”

Said airship was as big as a football field, and white in color with gold stars on the blimp portion. Yellow glass windows were on the ship itself, and gold railings lined the ship. A large elevator started lowering itself to the ground before them, and came to a stop silently, before its two pairs of doors opened.

“Not to be a stickler Princess, but wouldn’t anypony see us in this big thing?”

“Nope, I’ve had precautions on the ship for that very purpose,” Celestia added. “Even if you all take off, you’ll be completely invisible.”

“Well that’s good,” Spike said with a nod. “Thanks for letting us borrow this.”

“It’s no problem Spike,” Celestia replied with a warm smile as she walked over and hugged Spike, once more trapping his head in her cleavage. “I’d do anything to help out my son.”

Spike's face flushed bright red as he struggled to try and make Princess Celestia let him go. The girls got quite the reaction seeing his face buried in her mammoth cleavage. Ranging from shock, embarrassment, confusion and arousal.

“P-princess Celestia!” Rarity said with a blush as she watched Spike try to pull his head out of her cleavage. “You're smothering him!”

“Sorry, I can’t help myself,” Celestia said as she let go of the young drake.

“What is Spike doing?” Ember asked with a confused look. “And what is Princess Celestia doing to him?”

“Um, embarrassing him, I think?” Queen Mesosoma replied with uncertainty.

“What is that, some type of punishment?” she asked, looking at everyone else. Everyone saw the expression on her face and Ember was genuinely confused. “Why are you all staring at me like that? What did I say?”

“Are you seriously that innocent?” Rainbow Dash asked her with an incredulous look on her face.

“Now Rainbow, we can’t blame her for being that way,” Flutterhy said to her friend calmly. “After all, dragons don’t know many pony customs.”

“Okay, but what about Mesosoma?” Rainbow replied. “Surely changelings know about pony customs by now.”

“Well, um, actually, most do know about them,” Mesosoma said. “But some of them are shut-ins with the customs. Even after Twilight opened up her school, some are still nervous about wanting to go out and meet others around them. Ocellus is one of those seeing as she’s Chrysalis’s niece.”

“Okay, I can see that,” Rainbow replied with a nod, none of them noticing that Diamond Shine winced upon hearing the name “Chrysalis” get mentioned.

“That's something I’ve had to keep in mind ever since she enrolled in,” Starlight added, and Twilight chimed in.

“As much as I like to talk about my school, we’re all on vacation and we really need this,” she added with a sigh. “So let’s get on and go!!”

“Alright Twilight,” Spike replied as he looked at her and the other girls. “Let’s go have a vacation.” All the girls and Spike cheered as they all boarded the elevator with their things, ready to have a good time.

Once they were on board, the elevator doors shut with a “Clang!” before it started lifting them up towards the ship. After several seconds had passed the elevator had reached the ship, and two large panels on the bottom opened up, allowing the elevator to go back inside. The doors then shut themselves, and the ship’s engines started up, thanks to the magic the princesses had cast on the ship itself. There was no need for a crew or pilot, since the ship was piloted by magic itself, and Celestia had made sure the ship was set to go to her private island.

“This is a pretty unique ship,” Twilight said with surprise as she looked around, the elevator slowing down as it was pulled deeper into the ship. “And it looks like it’s on autopilot as well.”

“At least we won’t have to drive, but how are we sure nopony will see us?” Starlight added as she looked outside of the windows. While the airship was taking off, the locals on the ground weren’t taking notice. The occasional blowing of the wind, blowing up someone’s dress, snatching the paper out of one’s hand, and losing your favorite snack. Everyone just thought it was the weather. What they didn’t realise though, was that it was not the weather, but the secret airship the princesses had summoned.

“Yeah, it’s invisible,” Trixie added. Everyone on the inside gave a friendly goodbye as they waved at the Princesses on the ground and the airship took off into the sky. The Princesses waved goodbye to them as well and hoped that they enjoyed their vacation.

“I do hope that they can enjoy themselves,” Princess Celestia said with a smile on her face.

“You still owe me a chance on that island when they’re done,” Cadance said with a dull stare.

“Don’t worry, I promise that when they’re done, I get a chance to send you and your husband off as well,” Celestia added.

“Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Cadance,” a guard said, getting the attention of the three royals.


“Queen Novo wishes to speak with you,” The guard said calmly. “Now, if at all possible.”

“Alright, thank you for letting me know,” Celestia replied, before turning to her fellow princesses. “I wonder what she wants.”

“I have no idea,” Cadance said as the three began heading back inside the castle.

“Well we should see what she does want,” Luna added.

Once inside, the three made their way to one of the guest rooms, where they found Queen Novo pacing, a worried look on her face. She was pacing back and forth in her hippogryph form, her arms crossed under her hefty bosom.

“What’s wrong Queen Novo?” Cadance asked the worried woman upon seeing how she was acting.

“Where did my daughter sneak off too this time?” She muttered to herself, before realising that she was no longer alone in the room. “Oh, um, Princess Luna, Princess Celestia, Princess Cadance, thank you for coming so quickly. I was wondering if you perhaps knew where my daughter was. I went to the room she was given earlier, and she’s not there,” She asked the princesses with a worried tone.

“You sure that she isn’t wandering around the castle at the moment?” Luna asked.

“I checked with all the guards. No one’s seen her,” Novo replied, getting more worried.

“I’m sure she’ll turn up some time,” Cadance reassured her. “We haven’t really had an attack since the Storm King.”

“Maybe she went out to the town,” Celestia suggested. “She could have wanted to explore it.”

“No, she did that last time we were here, and no one’s seen her outside of the castle,” Novo replied with a shake of her head. “Oh, where could my baby be?”

‘Well, if Skystar didn’t go to the town or in the castle, then where could she b-’ Luna’s eyes widened as she got an idea. And based on her fellow princess’s faces, they’d also gotten similar ideas. ‘She’s going to the island.’


“This is awesome,” Rainbow Dash said in excitement as she was flying around the airship. “She has to let us keep this whenever we go out.”

“It’s still her airship, so let’s try not to ruin it,” Twilight said as she looked around the room they were currently in. The floor was covered in deep red carpet with gold swirls scattered throughout, while the walls were painted a light blue, and the ceiling was light green in color. Glowing white gems sat embedded in the walls equidistant from one another, providing light for them to see.

“I must say, Celestia has really outdone herself with this one,” Rarity said as she looked outside. “Hardly anypony is noticing us.”

“Show’s she wasn’t bluffing about this thing being invisible,” Crystal Heels said with a smile. “It’s nice to not be hassled by those goons outside for a change.”

“You all must’ve gone through a lot over a wedding,” Bluebelle said, walking over to Twilight.

“Seeing as some people can’t take a hint that we actually love Spike and don’t want to accept reality,” Trixie added in annoyance. “They need to grow up and understand that this is real, and they can't change it, like it or not.”

“Oh please,” Rainbow Dash followed up. “Ponies like that will never get their heads out of their asses. They’ll just let this fester and build up inside knowing that our stud here did what they couldn't.”

“Can you please not drag me into this?” Spike said as he was looking out the window. “I still had to deal with death threats from some assholes before we left.”

“Yeesh, you guys really were having issues,” Gilda said with a worried look.

“I’m not surprised,” Bluebelle said, stepping in. “You spend your whole life getting what you want without impunity, you tend to get a swelled head. So when what they perceive as some nobody accomplishes all of this, they feel insecure and helpless, like a cornered rat.”

“Yep!! I can’t agree with ya more!” Applejack replied with a nod. “Those darn stallions think they can get any mare they want with their money and power. They ain’t ever happy cause they don’t get ta know them.”

“It’s what happens when you grow up rich,” Tempest added. “You grow up like that, you have no sense of responsibility, they’re also just mooching off someone else's name as well.”

As the girls continued to discuss the issues with the nobles in Canterlot, Spike decided to step away from the group, wanting to explore the ship. Twilight and Bluebelle noticed him leave, and decided to go with him, leaving the rest of the girls to talk. They later found Spike staring out from a balcony, as he sighed to himself. ‘Man has my life gone crazy!’ He thought as he remembered how all this began with a comic book he read. He and his friends had been sucked into it and made part of the story, before getting captured by the villains. Then, Trixie made a mistake, which ruined the villain's plan, but also changed him. He and the girls had been brought back to the heroes hideout, where he then, over the course of several hours, ravaged them, although they had offered themselves to him to save his life. They’d then escaped the comic, dragging the villains along with them, and he’d discovered his changes were permanent, and later learned the girls were pregnant. Then, just last night, Bluebelle had mentioned that if she’d met someone similar to Spike, she’d bed him. Spike wanted to believe she had just said that to make her brother mad, but he wasn’t 100 percent certain that was the only reason she had said it.

“Spike,” Twilight called out, getting his attention. He turned around to find both Twilight and Bluebelle behind him, both mares smiling towards him. “Something bothering you?”

“It’s just...a lot on my mind,” He replied.

“You mean the constant harassment by rich assholes, the constant cameras in our face and the death threats you get over impregnating me and my friends?” Twilight asked, causing him to sigh again and nod.

“Yeah,” He said as he looked out the window again, staring at the passing clouds. “It’s a lot to take in, especially with how long we’ve known each other.”

“I’m not surprised,” Twilight replied as she walked over to him, making sure her legs were rubbing together as she walked. “I mean, we’ve known each other since you were born. Neither of us could have predicted this would happen to us.”

“Twilight, are you alright?” Bluebelle asked in confusion.

“I’m fine Bluebelle,” Twilight replied, turning to her and mouthing the words “Say nothing” before turning her attention back to Spike. “Anyways, we’re still together, and we didn’t give into those jerks anyway.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” Spike said. “Still I never expected this to go so far.”

“What’s not to expect from rich morons that don’t know any better?” Bluebelle added. “Besides, you think only commoners get annoyed by the rich? Nope!! The rich can get annoyed by them as well.”

“Like how your brother annoys you?” Spike asked her.

“I can hardly go one day without him trying to invite me to one of his parties,” Bluebelle replied with a groan. “There was this one stallion I knew was a bastard and he tried to invite me to a bedroom and almost had his way with me.”

“Are you serious?!!” Twilight exclaimed, anger and shock on her face. “Did your brother find out?”

“After I kicked him below the belt, I ran out the room and my brother was mad at me for hurting his so called business partner,” Bluebelle added. “Didn’t even care about his own sister. It’s like he cared more about his partner than his own sister.”

“Yeesh, he really is a scumbag,” Spike said

“I always have to make up an excuse just to not get near him after that day,” Bluebelle added. “Sometimes he just really gets on my nerves.”

“Makes us getting harassed by other stallions pale in comparison after what you went through,” Twilight bright up, placing a hand on Bluebelle’s shoulder. “I’m sorry that happened to you Bluebelle.”

“So long as I’m away from my brother, that’s enough for me,” Bluebelle said with a sigh. “Hopefully it’ll help me forget about the next asshole he’s gonna try and set me up with.”

“Well, some time on the island should help you with that,” Spike replied, gently patting her shoulder as he spoke.

“Thank you guys.”

“Hey there you are,” a voice called from behind and it was Tsareena who showed up with a smile on her face. She was joined by Tempest walking with her as well.

“Oh, hey Tsareena, Tempest,” Spike said with a smile. “Why do you look so excited?”

“We’re getting close to the island,” she said.


“Yes, look,” she added pointing behind them. The three of them then turned to the window, and saw that a dark shape was on the horizon.

“Oh wow!!” Twilight said with surprise upon seeing the island. “We’re already there?!”

“Ship must be pretty fast to get there undetected,” Spike said in shock.

“Speaking of which, whatever happened to that one ship you guys used before?” Tempest asked them, walking up with a curious look on her face. “You know, the one you used to escape me back when I was in service with the Storm King?”

Spike blinked upon hearing that, and hummed as he thought back to that tumultuous moment in time. ‘What ship is she talking abo-oh!!” His eyes widened with realization as he remembered the ship she had been talking about. “Dammit!” He said as he put a hand to his head, rubbing his forehead with frustration. “It’s sitting in a warehouse in Canterlot, waiting to be used. Can’t believe I forgot about it!! We could have used it to escape the press and jerks last week!!”

“Hate we didn’t think about that either, but then again, we wouldn’t know where to go either had Celestia not said anything about an island,” Twilight added.

“True, we do owe her that,” Spike added. He then looked up and noticed the expression that Tempest had and thought it was strange. He then turned to the girls. “Hey, could you go with the others, I need to do something really quick.”

“Sure Spike,” Twilight replied, having an idea as to what Spike was going to do. “See you in a few.” She then turned to Tsareena and Bluebelle. “Come along girls,” She said to them, gently taking them by the hand and pulling them away with her. This left Spike and Tempest alone for the time being.

“Is something wrong Spike?” Tempest asked the drake.

“You still feel like an ass after what happened with the whole Storm King thing, do you?” he bluntly asked her.

Tempest's eyes widened a bit, and a shocked look appeared on her face, a bit surprised at what the drake said. “You, uh, picked up on that?” She asked, the shocked look disappearing quickly as it was replaced by her typical calm look.

“I could tell by how you looked when you brought up the ship earlier,” Spike added.

“Yeah, I’m having a bit of a hard time accepting that I’ve been forgiven still,” She replied, sadness appearing on her face. “I can’t really even forgive myself for what happened.”

“You know my and my friends have already forgiven you after that day right?” Spiked added. “And Bluebelle wouldn’t have invited you if she didn’t trust you.”

“I know, I know,” Tempest replied before sighing. “It’s just hard for me to move on.”

“Well how can you expect the others to forgive you if you don’t forgive yourself?” Spike brought up as he walked over to her. “You never know if you keep things bottled up like this.” When she didn’t respond, he put a hand on her shoulder. “Why not use this vacation as a chance to do just that, and release everything bottled up in you. It’ll be good for you.”

“I...I think that would be nice,” she admitted, a small smile forming on her face. “Thanks for the talk Spike.”

“It’s not a problem Tempest,” he replied. “You’re my friend. I’m always willing to talk with my friends.”

Tempest opened her mouth to say something else, but was interrupted by a loud voice that called out “Spike!! Tempest!! We’re almost there!! You better get over here!!”

“Alright Pinkie!!” Spike called back. “We’ll be there in a minute!!” He then turned his attention back to Tempest, who smirked.

“Guess we better get over there,” She said.

“Yeah, we better,” Spike replied with a nod. “You don’t want to make her upset.”

-The Island-

A few minutes passed before they felt the airship start to slow down, letting them know they were almost there. They waited eagerly for the ship to come to a stop, wanting to get on the island as quickly as possible.

The airship eventually came to a stop, and a bell rang out on the ship, followed by a recording of Celestia’s voice. “You have now arrived at Celestia’s Private Island. Please enjoy your stay here,” The recording said before shutting off as the elevator doors opened once again.

“Come on guys!! Let’s go!!” Rainbow Dash said with excitement as she hurried over to the elevator and stepped inside, her things in her hands.

“Alright Rainbow, we’re coming,” Spike said with a chuckle as he headed over to the elevator to join her.

Twilight and Bluebelle looked out the balcony with curiosity, wanting to see what was waiting for them. The other girls, minus rainbow, joined them as well, eager to see the island.

They were not disappointed.

The island was very large, and appeared to look like a combined sun and moon, with a large mountain range running along the side of the moon and multiple valleys in the sun’s “rays.” Snow could be seen on the peaks of said mountain range, while two large lakes sat in the middle of the island. Luscious trees and bushes dotted the landscape, while several gold and blue buildings sat by the lakes. Each one had a special symbol on the front showing Celestia’s Cutie mark and had a shimmering feel to them.

“Wowie!! It’s spectacular!!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed happily.

“It’s gorgeous!!” Rarity stated with awe.

“It’s no wonder Celestia built this place to keep to herself sometimes,” Twilight said in shock and awe.

“And we have the whole island to ourselves for two weeks,” Tempest added.

“Come on guys!!” Rainbow called out impatiently. “Let’s go already!!”

“ALright Rainbow, we’re coming,” Twilight replied before turning to the rest of the group. “Come on, we’d better get over there before she decides to leave us behind.”

The airship finally touched down onto the area where a pad was for it, and the girls waited for it to settle in before the airship opened and the girls all stepped out. Spike, Twilight, Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Starlight, Trixie, Fluttershy, Zecora, Coco Pommel, Tsareena, Yamimane, Crystal Heels, Bluebelle, Tempest, Mesosoma, Trachea, Gilda, Greta, Diamond Shine, and Ember all stepped out of the ship to see themselves in front of the few buildings and some houses that were there as well.

“I can’t wait to feel the warm sand underneath my feet,” Greta said with a smile.

“I’d rather catch some waves with RD when I get there,” Gilda said as she thought about how wild the water might be here.

Tsareena opened her mouth to say something, but was stopped when she accidentally dropped a makeup kit. “Oops!” She said as she bent down to grab it. As she did so, she spotted a shadow out of the corner of her eye peeking its head out, but ducking back behind a plant on the ship.

“Wait, what was that?” she said in confusion.

“Whatever is wrong Tsareena?” Rarity asked, looking at the long haired mare.

“Something back there just moved,” she added. “I’m sure of it.” She then made her hair quickly reach over to where she had seen the shadow, it looking like a green viper striking its prey. They all then heard a loud yelp as Tsareena felt her hair grab onto a figure inside the ship.

“I got it!!” Tsareena said as she began to pull the figure out of the ship. Eventually, a large hair covered figure became visible to them, before it revealed a very familiar hippogryph underneath.

“Hehe, hey guys.” she said with a nervous smile.

“SKYSTAR?!” they all exclaimed in shock.

“Yeah, that’s me,” Skystar replied as she got off the ground. She was wearing a bright pink short sleeve shirt showing off a little cleavage and her belly, her necklace and crown, and a short yellow skirt.

“How’d you even get here?” Twilight asked in confusion. “We were invisible onboard the ship.”

“I snuck on,” she admitted with a smile.

“When did you even do that?” Bluebelle asked. “Better yet, why did you even do this?”

Well….” Skystar said.

-Flashback to right before they got on the ship-

“I’m so bored…” Skystar sighed as she walked through the castle’s hallways. She was bored out of her mind. Her mom wouldn’t let her do anything in the castle or town.

As she walked by a lounge room, she heard Bluebelle’s voice, and stopped. She quietly walked over to the door and pressed her ear against it, curious to know what was going on.

“So girls, are you as excited about going to Celestia’s private island as I am?” Bluebelle said.

“I guess,” Tempest replied.

“It’s so nice that Spike and his herd were willing to bring us along,” Mesosoma said happily.

“Yeah, they really are super nice,” Trachea added. “It’s kind of surprising that they are so nice.”

“It’s kinda their thing,” a stern female voice followed up. “Us dragons are still trying to get used to it, it’s why they opened up a friendship school in the first place.”

‘There’s a dragoness as well?’ Skystar thought with surprise.

“So when are we going on the airship, tomorrow?” Mesosoma asked Bluebelle.

“Yeah, it should be parked on the front lawn near the castle tomorrow after breakfast,” Bluebelle replied.

Skystar felt like she had heard enough, and quietly left, an idea forming in her pretty head.

The next day, Skystar was hiding in a bush, a small packed suitcase sitting next to her. She watched as Spike and the girls stepped outside, before they were then joined by the princesses. She watched with amazement as the three princesses summoned the massive airship, and before the elevator doors closed, managed to sneak aboard the elevator. Once the elevator had gotten inside the ship, she had gone out the back doors and down a hallway while the others went out the front ones, Spike and the girls not realizing that they could go out both sets of doors.

-Flashback end-

“You did all of that because you were bored?”

“It’s not my fault that I never got to have any fun and I overheard you guys and saw a chance,” Skystar said with a pout.

“You could’ve just talked to me instead of going that far,” Bluebelle said in annoyance.

“I didn’t think you’d let me come,” Skystar admitted. “I’ve been bored out of my skull after the Storm King was defeated. Even with him gone, my mother hardly won’t let me do anything, constantly keeping me inside a bubble. I just want to have fun for once in my life. Please let me stay with you guys, please?” By now, she was on her knees, her hands curled together as she begged with big puppy eyes. “I beg of you.”

“Maybe we should let her stay,” Fluttershy said after a few seconds. “I mean, what’s the harm? She did come just to have some fun.”

“And a mare having no fun is not my style at all,” Pinkie Pie chimed in. “Come on, what’s one more party member on our trip gonna do?”

“Alright, she can stay,” Twilight mentioned with a sigh. “But we should at least let her mom know where she is, she’s probably going crazy right now thinking that you were kidnapped right now.”

“Okay,” Skystar replied as she got off the ground.

“Spike, can you get me some parchment and a quill?” Twilight asked him.

“Sure, I just have to go through some of the luggage to get it,” Spike replied before heading over to the rear of the airship. He then pressed a small button that was visible on the side of the airship, and a portion of the bottom rolled back, revealing all their luggage. “Alright, now where did I put that bag?” he muttered as he looked around the luggage, moving a bag around to get a better view. “Oh, there it is!” He said upon spotting his bag. He then reached inside and grabbed the bag before pulling it out, causing a few more bags to fall out onto the ground as he did so.




“What the-?” Spike said in confusion.

“What was that?” Gilda asked, cocking her head in confusion like an owl.

“It came from back there,” Twilight said as the girls rushed over to where the three noises came from. Some of the bags that had fallen out were moving around, as if they were alive or something.

“What in the world?” Twilight said as she used her magic to grab the zipper and pull it open. She then flipped open the bag, and upon seeing what- or rather, who, was inside, gained a surprised look. “Gabby?!!”

“H-H-Hey Princess Twilight,” Gabby replied with a sheepish smile as she sat up. She was a 5ft foot 8inch tall, mostly gray griffon with gold talons for hands, turquoise eyes, a white diamond patch of fur going from her yellow beak to just below her neck, a long lion tail with a dark gray fluffy tip, and dark gray wings. She was wearing a light green tank top that covered most of her EE-cup bust and showed off her flat belly, and dark green shorts that did a good job covering her firm butt.

“W-What are you doing here?!” Twilight asked her. “And how did you get in the bag?!”

The other girls, upon seeing that they had another stowaway, turned to Skystar. “Did you have something to do with this?” Applejack asked her.

“No!! Not at all!!” Skystar immediately replied, shaking her head side to side several times. “I thought I was the only one who snuck aboard.”

“Actually, this was Smolder’s idea,” Gabby admitted, while nervously blushing.

“Smolder?” Ember asked in confusion. Everyone then noticed two more bags moving.

“Yeah,” Gabby said as Twilight opened up the two bags, revealing Smolder and...a

Smolder was a 6 foot 2inch tall orange dragon with a gold underbelly, two gold ear fronds that looked a bit like horns on the sides of her head, cyan eyes, orange wings with gold membranes, a row of purple spines on her head that looked like one giant smooth spine, and a tear-drop shaped purple spine on the tip of her tail. She was wearing a pink tank top that did little to cover her E-cup chest, and pink shorts that were ripped at the edges.

“Uh, hey guys…” Smolder said nervously as their eyes focused on what she was wearing.

“I’ve never seen you wear pink before Smolder,” Fluttershy said after several seconds of silence. “It looks really good on you. Why don’t you wear it more often?”

“Well, I uhh,” Smolder stammered, while the rock began to shake a bit.

“Um, what’s with the rock?” Gilda asked as she watched the rock shake more and more.

“I think I might know,” Trachea replied as she stared hard at the rock. After a few seconds of her staring, a light blue magic veil surrounded the rock for a few seconds before disappearing, revealing a familiar changeling.

“Ocellus?” Mesosoma said with surprise, while Diamond Shine held back a smile upon seeing her. “Why are you here?”

“H-H-Hi everyone,” Ocellus stammered with a small wave. She was a 5ft tall arctic blue changeling with cyan eyes, a light pink glittering see through neck and head fin, light pink wings covered with dark pink elytra, and a light pink tail. She was wearing a dark blue short-sleeve shirt with the picture of a book on it that appeared to be stretched around her G-cup chest, and dark blue shorts that seemed to be a bit tight on her slightly plump ass.

“Y’all mine explaining why yer here and why ya snuck on the ship?” Applejack asked, putting her hands on her hips as she spoke.

“Well, uhhh…...Smolder, how about you tell them?” Gabby replied, turning to Smolder as she spoke.

“Uggggh!! Fine!!” Smolder groaned with frustration. “It’s cause of what happened to Spike.”

“What do you mean?” Fluttershy asked her.

“Look, you can say his change is cause of a growth spurt all you want, but I know it’s bull,” Smolder answered. “No dragon has ever
had as drastic a change during their Dragon Cycle as he did. So I wanted to find out what made him change into this hulking Adonis out of nowhere.”

“Smolder asked me to come along with her, to h-help document her findings,” Ocellus added somewhat nervously. “And Gabby, well, she overheard us planning, and decided to come along.”

“I was also curious and I always wanted to go on an adventure,” she admitted with a smile.

“When I heard about the wedding as well, I thought it was a joke, but then I saw Spike like that and I was thinking, HOW!?” Smolder added. “There’s clearly something there and it was bothering me to no end. I just had to know.”

The girls looked at each other upon hearing this, before turning to Spike, who sighed. “Alright Smolder. I’ll tell you,” He replied, causing her to sigh with relief. “If I don’t, I think it’ll drive you crazy.”

“Thank you!!” Smolder exclaimed happily as she got up and stretched, her limbs feeling sore after all that time curled up in the bag. “So, what was it? Curse? Blessing? One of Twilight’s experiments gone wrong?”

“All good guesses, but no,” He replied with a shake of his head. “It was all due to a magic comic I got.”

“What?” she asked Spike, looking at him like he was crazy or something. “A magic comic?”

“I’m not kidding,” he mentioned, trying to get his point across.“You remember how I said that I entered the comic world last time?”

“Um, yeah,” she said. “You became Hum Drum and helped beat the Mane-iac.”

“There’s more to it than that,” he mentioned as he began to bring up a brief summary of what happened. Starting with Starlight and Trixie being sucked in the comic and he and the girls going to rescue them. It would lead to him being captured by the 3 female villains, and brought to a secret base of theirs, where they then began to do experiments on him, wanting to make him their super soldier. The girls quickly went after them, and were captured. But Trixie accidentally dropped a potion into the tank he was kept in, and it changed him, causing him to knock out the villains before passing out himself. They then brought all three villainesses and him back to their base, where they then worked hard to save his life. Spike made sure to leave out the part where they literally had to drain him dry just to keep him from going berserk on everyone in the comic world and how he got all the girls other than Bluebelle’s group pregnant with his kids. Afterwards, the magical buildup was enough for them to get out and it led to them being married.

After he was done explaining everything, he watched as the three girls processed what they had just learned. Smolder had a very confused look on her face, Gabby was smiling happily, having enjoyed the story, and Ocellus was quickly writing everything down in a notebook she had brought with her.

“Anyways, that’s the sum of it,” Spike said, finishing his tale.

‘Okay, that story makes a lot of sense, but I’m still confused about something,’ Smolder thought. ‘Why did the girls decide to marry him out of the blue? None of them, as far as I was aware of, had crushes on him. Something else must be involved in this situation.’

“You three are still in trouble after this, you know that right?” Twilight said with a stern glare on her face.

“Yeah, we know,” Smolder grumbled.

“We should probably go back and take the girls with us and explain what happened,” Queen Mesosoma explained with a sigh.

“As much as I would like too, we’d just be doing a back and forth,” Twilight said as she walked over to the trio. “Is anyone else with you at the moment?”

“No,” Smolder said in annoyance. “Silverstream and Yona are having a double date with Gallus and Sandbar. They’re over in Canterlot right now trying to attend some movie they were doing. We told them about our plan, but they didn’t want to join. It‘s just us.”

“Okay then, if you girls stay on your best behavior while you’re here, you can stay,” Twilight replied, making the girls smile. “But when we get back home, you’ll be punished. This was very risky to do.”

“Yes Miss Twilight,” The three girls replied, their smiles dropping as they realised they still would be punished.

“Just call me Twilight girls, we’re on vacation now,” She answered with a smile.

“Okay, let's gather and put away our things and let's have some fun,” Twilight said to the other girls and they all went and gathered everything they had. Meanwhile, Twilight made a quill and parchment appear in her hands and wrote down the events that transpired. She then used a spell on it, making it disappear with a flash of light, before grabbing her own things and heading over to the others.

‘I just need more time,’ she thought to herself feeling a familiar itch between her legs going insane.


“So she snuck off and is now on the island with Spike and his herd,” Novo said, trying to keep a straight face as she read the letter, but she had a vein bulging from her forehead.

“Yes, and it would also seem that Ocellus, Gabby, and Smolder also snuck on with the luggage of the girls as well,” Celestia said with a sigh. “Even if we didn’t anticipate this, you won’t be seeing her for at least two weeks.”

“Why...exactly?” Novo growled, glaring at Princess Celestia.

“The girls are on vacation, and they can’t exactly turn around when the ship is on it’s specific course,” Celestia added. The royal princesses were in a bit of a cold sweat with what was going on, not sure what to say as they didn’t really anticipate this at all.

“So she’ll be gone for two weeks, and you’re certain that nothing bad will happen to her?” Novo asked all three.

“Pretty much,” Cadance added.

Novo was quiet for a couple seconds, before she said, “Would you excuse me for a minute?” She then walked over to the door and opened it, before calmly shutting it behind her after stepping out. Then there was silence.

“Well, I think she took it pretty well,” Cadance replied, before there was a very loud “CRASH!!!! SMASH!!!! BASH!!!” from outside the room. “Nevermind.”