• Published 19th Dec 2018
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Drabble Kaboom! - Alex Warlorn

A collection of drabbles that were written on request, too short for full stories, a final farewell.

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Micro Drabble Montage! Open Up and Find the fun inside! (Sincere mode.)

These are quickies that were too short to really qualify as their 'chapter' for the drabbles of varying quality. So here we go.


Twilight Sparkle lectured on her podium, "So, when something strange is going on-"

Her students replied, "Blame Discord!"

"And if it isn't Discord?"

"Blame Twilight Sparkle!"

"Yes, wait-HEY!"

"And if it isn't her, try Starlight Glimmer."

"Now just a minute!"

"And it isn't her, it's likely Trixie."

"Trixie does not-"

"And it isn't her, try the CMC."

"We don't do that stuff anymore!!!!" Apple Bloom protested.

Spike rubbed his claws together, "Heh heh, they'll never see me coming!"

<b> Lot of Shouting and debating later</b>

"After some reconfigurations the new list is if something strange is going on, blame Discord, then, sigh, Twilight Sparkle, then Starlight Glimmer, then Spike, then Rainbow Dash, then Pinkie Pie, then Fluttershy, then Rarity, then Applejack, then Luna, then Princess Celestia, then the CMC, then the Student six, and then finally Trixie."

"Hey the great and powerful Trixie resents being on the bottom of any list."

"Even list of people not to blame Trix?"

"Either do not blame Trixie or always blame Trixie... but you know the blaming for only good stuff with perhaps rewards attached!"

Zecora smiled, "I am all but bioluminescent, I am completely innocent!"

Flim sitting on the lecture said, "Operation Under the Radar is a complete success!"

Flam added, "What's a radar, you're probably wondering?"

Then said together, "We're so glad you asked!"

Applejack sighed, "They're gonna sell some piece o' junk ta the town again, ain't they?"

Twilight nodded, "Looks that way."

Applejack rolled her eyes, "Ah love ma town, but sometimes these here ponies are all idiots."

FLUTTERSHY sighsed too. "I also feel the same appreciation for Ponyville but sometimes the ponies also can act rather rude and unpleasent for no considerably fair reason."

TWILIGHT added, "But hey 90% of the time they're pretty good."

Pinkie Pie nodded, "Yeah especially when we're doing a song number."

Rainbow Dash observed, "Huh, next is a random monster from Everfree... I'm kinda impressed that Pinkie isn't on that list at all."

Pinkie Pie smiled. "Not me silly, I MADE THE LIST."

Alex Warlorn


"Yaks say Griffin cooking perfect, PERFECT-LY HORRIBLE!"

Gilda said, "I... I can't quiet argue that."

Ironically because it was perfect, they didn’t smash it. That and it left them too sick to move.

Gabby offered, "Are you sure about that? Try Queen Gilda's new Griffon Scones, WITH baking power!"

Gilda corrected, "Powder."

Gabby said quickly, "Close enough!"

"Yaks like strong Griffins that eat horrible food. Takes real strength to beat food. So Griffins strong."

Alex Warlorn


Havoc, father of all Draconequus asked, "What Did You Do Pandora?"

"Oh, I just sent Starlight The First, and her entire research team, a vision of what would happen if they enacted the wish spell the way they have it set up. Now that they know the risks, they'll be able to alter their Wish Spell so the world that's created from their combined wishes won't result in it imploding on themselves and their new selves won't be shallow and one-note!"

Havoc said, "You Created A New Timeline..."

Pandora smiled. "I will buy Rota Fortuna a really great meal to make up for the additional work."

Alex Warlorn

(Author's note: I am so sorry Oracle Mask.)


Another Equestria 1000 Plus Years Ago Because Who Needs Chronological Consistency?

Little Princess Celly cried out in the creepy dark forest, "I want my mommy!"

Littler Princess Lulu added, "I want your mommy!"

"She's your mommy too!"

"Then I want our mommy!"

Two merchant ponies traveling through the dark forest to avoid having to pay the trade tariffs spotted the pair.

"Oh brother of mine, what do you see?"

"I see two little fillies all alone in the dark."

"Two little siblings alone in the dark."

"Ah, I see."

"Two little siblings alone in the dark with horns AND wings!"

"... A rare find indeed, we should aid them I suppose."

"I suppose too my dear brother! Hello little ones, I am Flim, and this my brother Flam, you are clearly not alright, so how may we aid you?"

"The Smooze got our parents!"

"... Oh dear."

"Uh, perhaps you could come with us, and maybe help a little?"

"Uh... okay," said Celly.


The Same Equestria A Thousand Plus Years Later...

"Sister of mine!" Said Princess Celestia, "I have splendid idea!"

"Don't hold me in suspense sister of mine!"

Princess Celestia gestured to a mirror.

"Behold! The multiverse! The ultimate solution to any logistic woes Equestria might ever have! Infinite Equus' and infinite Equestria's... and countless Celestias and Lunas with the same hoof stamp as us..."

"Ooooooh, I like how you think sister of mine!"


(A) Equestria Prime

Twilight Sparkle shouted, "Princess Celesstia! About all the building projects you did not commission but apparently did, and then vanished after being completed! I checked! No changeling magic was involved! ... It's... it's portals!"

Princess Celestia sighed, "I can guess what's going on now... "


"PRINCESS CELESTIA!" (A) Celestia Prime boomed into another Princess Celestia's throne room (Celestia noticed there was a small fee for everything just from a glance!). "You and I are in for a long talk!"

<b>Five Minutes Later</b>

"Thank you for signing this absurdly high subsidy to our Equestria!" Another Princess Celestia said with a smile.

(A) Celestia Prime blinked as she realized what she'd just done. "What just happened?"

Alex Warlorn


Rainbow Dash exclaimed,, "What am I gonna do?! I chopped the head off that Gorgon and this flew out of its neck and won't stop following me!"

Scootaloo hugged Rainbow Dash. "MOMMY!"

"Wait, where the second one?" Rarity questioned, "The one named Chrysoar?"

Scootaloo said, "Actually that Gorgon had just eaten me and it is the honored tradition of my tribe to accept those who safe us from mortal danger as additional parents. In short: MOMMY!"

Thankfully after that first Pegasus, they discovered they were able to reproduce the old-fashioned way. It saved a lot of wear and tear on the local Gorgon population.

Alex Warlorn


Alex Warlorn

The RPG Hero on the game screen said, "Hark! We have destroyed the Pairing Stone! And have liberated pony kind from its evil! Truly this is a great day!"

Pinkie Pie exasperated, "What the frosted Gumdrops!? The Pairing Stone doesn't oppress anypony! This is taking bits and pieces of my family's beliefs and twisting them around. Foals who have never met a Maresonite are going to think this is what we actually believe!"

Twilight Sparkle said patronizing, "Don't be so upset Pinkie Pie, it's just a game."

Button Mash asked innocently, "What's it like being enslaved to an evil rock?"

Pinkie Pie's limbs twisted about the wrong way.

A bit later, Pinkie Pie had Spike send some dragon mail,

"Aheam, Dear, Digital-Role-Mare-Adventure. I'd like to be a top tier donator to your next game."


"The Librarians are coming! The Librarians are coming!" Said the innocent NPC as she felt from the generic evil army.

"Attack!" Said one of the Librarians at the innocent city the hero lived in, throwing heavy books at the hapless populace.

Twilight Sparkle snarled, "THIS IS SLANDER! Don't they have any respect for the hard work these ponies do? This isn't even what librarians even do! They just took a random profession and assigned some superficial similarities to it!"

Pinkie Pie said cooly, with a slight Rainbow Dash like tone, "What's the matter Twilight? It's just a game?"

"What matters is that some innocent foal who's never been to a library is going to think this is what librarians actually do, and aren't going to bother to learn the truth and have their view distorted by this and... and.... oh." Twilight deflated.

Pinkie Pie said, "If it makes you feel better, this version was custom made for my super-ultra-tier donation."


Discord cheered. "Twilight, this is a great idea! I could order a game showing me as a victim of circumstances that only wants to bring fun, joy, chocolate and COMPLETE AND UTTER CHAOS to the entire world."

A pony actually named Circumstances walks by.

Circumstances rolled his eyes. "Sure, blame it on me as well. I am used to that."

Discord said quickly, "No, this might be a friend of Fluttershy or her friends. Maybe it should blame my parents."

The border between existence and non-existence briefly opens.

Entropy (Discord's mother) called, "MAYBE YOU WANT TO EXIST."

Discord said quickly, "Point taken, I could blame fate."

Rota Fortuna: "Get in line, it is a very LONG line."

A very bored Alicorn checking out the newest games about fighting gods said.

Discord: "Naw, too obvious. I can still say that the devil made me do it."

Morning Star snorted, "Oh, please! Give it a try!"

Discord asked, "What you are doing here? Trying out some of those games?"

Morning Star stated cooly, "No, actually I am here to collect my proportion for the use of demons and devils. I did copyright their name, likeness and pretty much everything else. The payment can be done in money or SOULS."

Discord asked, "So I have to pay you if I blame you for some of my less funny deeds?"

Morning Star shrugged. "Pretty much or you could just be honest with yourself and accept what you have done as the result of your own actions."

Discord laughed. "Ha! Ha! Ha! Good one, teacher! I think I'll blame country music, who would ever defend that?"

Applejack said, "Cough! Cough!"

Discord asked, "AJ, are you sick? You just said your sound effects out loud."


Princess Twilight declared,, "You made a game where a dragon character burns and smashes pony towns, growing bigger the more loot they get? We're trying to encourage dragons to NOT do that!"

Smolder, much larger, her dorm room overflowing with bits said, "Don't worry, we didn't sell any copies to *Dragonlands* dragons. Computers and phones don't even last a week over there... Of course Gar-Gar and I have been telling all the dragons about it. So now a lot of them want to move to Equestria; you like that, don't you?"

Princess Twilight thought, "Hmm, I think I'll just take a page from Pinkie's book and make a little donation of my own."

<i>A few weeks later</i>

Princess Twilight said, "Okay, Smolder, how do you like the new 'Dragon Hero' game where dragons can only get stronger by helping ponies and giving up their hoards?"

Garble looked at the line of ponies waiting to buy the new game. "Thanks, we hate it."

Smolder admonished, "Gar-Gar, be nice."

Garble hissed, "That *was* nice. "

Prince Rutherford declared, "Yaks want to make vee-dee-oh game too!"

Gallus said,, "Too slow. While you guys were talking, we released three more mobile phone games, and they're absolutely free withjustafewteensyinapppurchasescough."

Princess Twilight gasped, "Gallus! That's so greedy of you griffons."

Gallus shrugged, "Yeah, and what's your point? Have you seen what all the extra little add-ons cost for these pony games?"

Smolder said, "He's kind of got you there, Miss Twilight. Just thinking about how many bits are coming from them makes dragons start greed growth."

Spike said "Yeesh, who could be greedy enough to --" He and Twi broke off and looked at each other.

Flim and Flam inside their new deluxe luxury office, literally swimming in bits sang to each other, "Brother dear, one more success like this and we can probably buy our own country. A good one two, not some dump like Griffonstone or Yakyakistan!"

Gilda, "How dare you insult... what am I saying that's a fair deal."


Flim and Flam sang, "Yeah. A perfect wasteland! You yaks need to bring in something for the tourist trade. Like some casinos, and in fact we know of one very interested in expansion right now..."


"When do you unicorns die of old age?"

"Around the heat death of the universe."

Prince Blueblood said, "Outliving the planet? Ho ho, it's good that you're concerned for us, friend, but worry not! We unicorns can cast Create New Planet and just, well... pop on over! It's a very simple spell. Now, while it can be dreadfully dull waiting for plant life to establish itself and oxygenate the atmosphere, we have many such projects ongoing. What's more, there's a simply splendid new world over in the Horsehead Nebula that's just about ready for settlement, any century now!"

Applejack narrowed her yees, "When were ya gonna tell the rest of us 'bout this?"

Blueblood said awkwardly, "We were planning on keeping it quiet until after the sun expanded, but you know now, don't you?"

Twilight giggled nervously, "Well, it's not like it's a huge secret, or anything crazy like that! We just... forgot to mention it?"

Applejack asked simply, "Do any of th' other races in Equestria have ta deal with this?"


Ember asked, "Wait, wait, you're telling me that dragons live <i>that</i> long?"


Blueblood said elegantly "Well I had a big presentation ready for the Grand Galloping Gala but that event ended in a complete mess and a stampede of animals did trample the presentation. Then Discord happened, the Changeling Invasion, the trouble in the north and that endless parade of villains we had lately."


Applejack was bewildered, "Whut? Ya mean ta tell me that unicorns are gonna outlive us all?"

Rarity said simply, "Try not be be jealous, dear. Why, my parents can remember the Great Migration to escape the Windigos!"

Twilight added, "My mother still tells me stories about Paradise Estate and Megan from over 12,000 years ago."

Rainbow Dash blinked, "Like, old Pony tales or her own memories?"

Twilight said simply, "Yes."


Fancypants said, "Positively charming! I haven't seen such a regal design since the time of High King Resplendence 4,000 years ago!"

Fluttershy blinked. "Oh, my! I didn't know Ponies were so... tacky even back then."

Fancypants replied politely, "Oh believe me, Lady Fluttershy, this is tame by comparison. Wait until you see the ceremonial gown Resplendence's consort Queen Radiance - an old friend of mine - gifted to me for my 1,825 birthday!"


"Wait... you all actually FELL for that?! HAHA!" Starlight burst out laughing.

"Uh," AJ asked. "Are you saying that now to throw us off the trail?"

"Maybe, maybe not."

Alex Warlorn


The REAL Grogar, "Time to try our new weapon."


A robot Pony trotted up to Fluttershy.

"Hello Pony."

"Oh hello! Nice day we're having isn't it?"

"What if I don't think it's a nice day? What right do you have to impose your views and opinions on others? You should be ashamed of yourself. I am very disappointed in you. You are a big meanie."

Fluttershy burst into tears.

Angel got ready to give the robot pony a piece of his mind and get Fluttershy back on her hooves!

Then the robot pony pushed a button on itself... and blew itself up.

Angel was left stunned, and not from the kaboom, unsure of how to help Fluttershy now.


Rainbow Dash sat on a cloud reading, "This new 'True Side to Daring Do' is horrible! At least AK Yearling's newest book is fun."

A Bully Bot said, "All my friends loved the new 'True Side To Daring Do' and they all hated AK Yearling's newest book. You should keep your mouth shut and never share your opinions with anyone since you are obviously a freak."

Rainbow Dash, "HEY! I'm not-"

The Bully Bot blew itself up. "Wha... that's not fair!"


Rarity in her shop greeted the bully bot, "Why hello there, would you like a custom dress?"

The Bully Bot said, "If you really loved your parents, you would have grinned and endured it and become their little sports player, instead of selfishly pursuing your own wants and desires. You are so selfish."

Rarity burst out crying. Spike kicked the door open and got ready to give the bot a good talking to!

The Bully Bot then blew itself up.

Spike ... was left aimless.


Starlight shouted, "TWILIGHT! It's horrible! These robots are bullying everypony, AND THEN BLOWING THEMSELVES UP! Leaving everypony without an 'other' to project their insecurities onto and nobody to humiliate, I mean overcome and actually having to WORK THROUGH their problems!"

Too late, Twilight was sobbing.

Starlight shook her head. "Why couldn't I have been this good at breaking ponies when I was trying to liberate, I mean conquer the world and being utterly evil?"

A Bully Bot said, "Because you weren't 'utterly evil' you were misguided, self-righteous, emotionally hurt, and utterly convinced you were saving everypony from being enslaved by their cutie marks. Calling yourself 'utterly evil' is just an excuse you created to distance yourself so you can pretend none of your other good intentions can back fire."

The Bully Bot blew itself up. Starlight began sobbing.


Bray asked, "But Master, won't YOU serve as the 'other' for the ponies to overcome and get catharsis?"

Grogar said, "Actually the bully bots were conceived, designed, and created by a swarm of Gizmonks who were kept ignorant of each other, none of them knowing what the final design or purpose of them would be, and they were built on an assembly line. So it could be said the idea simply evolved on its own without anyone's singular intent. So none of us are really 'to blame' for the Bully Bots. The ponies are doomed. We've won. There's no way for them to get past their problems without a villain for them to outwardly focus on. By the time the Bully Bots are done, they'll be begging for Tambelon to rule Equestria!"


A Bully Bot said, "And in spite of being the god of chaos you're the one who never changes, you're the same selfish bully you've always been." It blew itself up.

Discord began crying.

A Bully Bot said, "And you're a failure, a fraud, a liar, a coward, an idiot, a weakling, daddy never loved you or your mother, you have an ego the size of the sun and the ability below that of the sub-atomic, a 1-D thinking arrogant little creature that nobody likes." The Bully bot blew itself up.

Trixie asked, "Was that supposed to be special for Trixie? BEING HUMILIATED AND HURT BY THOSE I CAN NEVER GET BACK AT <b>IS THE STORY OF MY LIFE!!!!"</b>

Twilight pleaded, "Trixie, I have checked and double checked everything. You are the only person who can save Equestria! Teach us how to handle taking humilation, not being able to retaliate and still love ourselves."

Trixie grabbed a memory recording crystal. "Can you say that again Twilight?"


“You’re poetry is stupid and you only used your insecurities to justify you bullying Spike.”

Garble snapped,, “Oh, yeah well-“ then the robot blew up before he could finished.

Garble looked at the smoking crater quiet for a bit, “.....HA!!!! My come back must have been so good it blew up from its awesomeness before I even said it!”Garbled cheered proud of himself.


“Uh, master...?”

“It apparently doesn’t work on the stupid.”


Alex Warlorn


Princess Twilight Sparkle said proudly, "And so we defeated the villains, and had nothing to worry about except the occasion mean spirited loser after that."

"Wait... you redeemed Discord, who corrupted and tormented ponies FOR FUN... after you welcomed him back with open arms after he then betrayed Equestria. ... And you write off Cozy Glow, Sombra, Tirek, and Chrysalis as unredeemable... When if it had been the real Grogar and he had betrayed them, you'd have instantly welcomed them in. And you don't even TRY to have Fluttershy reform ponies like Flim and Flam and Lightning Dust, when it was shown she can redeem normal ponies too... "

Princess Twilight Sparkle sputtered, "I, er, uh,, that is, FATAL ERROR!"


Scootaloo sighed looking away from the screen, "Apple Bloom, I don't think these simulations of the future are really working."

Alex Warlorn


Gilda cheered, "Oh man! This is intense!"

Princess Twilight Sparkle turns pale and faints.

Gilda exasperated, "Come on! You said you wanted the 'royal tour' of the Griffinstone Slaughter House! You're gonna miss the best part where they saw the pig right down the middle!"


Sunset Shimmer outside said, "Well, I haven't heard 'Die meat eating barbarians!' yet... which means either Twilight is more tolerant than me, or she fainted."

(Normally Human Rainbow Dash) said, "So THAT'S HOW you got banned from the McBurger factory!"

Sunset (to Dash): "Huh? No, at the McBurger place they only used one cow for every thousand burgers. Remember what their motto used to be, 'Over ten million served and we still haven't used up the first cow'."


Celestia, also part of the tour said, "When in Roam..." She gathered her mighty Alicorn magic and turned into a celestial griffon. "Oh yes, these are some choice cuts!" She inhaled deeply, then grinned and feasted.

The griffons started cheering her on.

Twilight turned greener than Granny Smith. "Hurk!"

Celestia said "Come now, Twilight, you don't want to be rude to our hosts. This magic should be easy for you."
Twilight shifted her eyes about. "No, it's not! NO, it's NOT!" ;)

Gilda pointed out, "Dash said you once turned yourself and your friends into Breezies once."

Celestia said, "Look, see how simple it is." She zapped the (native pony) Rainbow Dash into a griffon.

Rainbow Dash grinned with her beak. "Yessss!" She clawbumped with Gilda and joined the feast.

Twilight groaned. "Great... I'd almost gotten Dash to stop asking for that."

Fluttershy raised a hoof timidly. "Actually... sometimes I've wondered. You know, what it's like for my meat-eating friends..."

Celestia smiled. "Say no more." Zap!

Fluttergriffon cheered. "Yay... I mean, outta my way!" She Started feasting.

Celestia tapped her beak with a claw. "Hmm, I forgot that griffons do tend to be more aggressive than ponies. Part culture, part heredity."

Twilight sighed. "What fresh horrors are coming next?"



Gilda explained, "Well, the Griffinstone Slaughter House is actually of great historical importance as it marked the first place where the killing of sentient species was forbidden and we focused our brutality on other non-sentient prey and did kill them painlessly before pulling apart their corpses for food production and entertainment."

Everybody stares as they realize that Gilda is REALLY into history.

Gilda stammered. "Erm... I mean those lame losers of yesterday finally got their act together here and had some cool carnage!"


Heaven help Twilight when she visited a royal feast in the Dragonlands...

"At least here they eat gems and not meat... OH, SWEET CELESTIA!"

She stood frozen as before snarling, hungry dragons swarming over some gigantic dead beast, tearing out mouthfuls of bloody flesh.

Ember waved, "Oh, hi, Twilight! Normally we'd eat gems but I remembered ponies can't do that; so we went with eating some of the prey beasts instead. Want some?" She held a out wet, dripping, raw, bloody chunk of meat to her.

Later -- Ember explained, "...and then she just turned green and threw up and passed out. Is that good manners among ponies?"

Alex Warlorn


Starlight woke up to banging on her front door, and opened it to find the mane six waiting outside fully decked out in camping gear.

"Okay Starlight, it's camping time!" Twilight said.

"Uh, Twilight, we discussed this, I just don't like camping."

"Oh silly Starlight," Twilight grinned. "You don't get to not like thing. You only not like things so we can show you the light and enlighten you to your ignorance not liking something that all of us like... Now come Starlight, you will be naturalized."

Twilight grabbed Starlight in her magic and pulled her towards the bedroom door and all the wild greenery, giant bugs, and massive trees just beyond. Starlight grabbed hold of her bed post as she was pulled into the hungry maul of the great out door!


Starlight woke up in her bed in a cold sweat.

And then she heard knocking.

"Okay Starlight, it's camping time!",Trixie said.

And then Starlight slammed the door on her face.

"OW! Trixie's nose!"

Outside her room Maud said, “Told you she wouldn’t like it.”

Sunburst fidgeted, "Uh... I could've told you that."


Pinkie Pie explained, "Hasbro demands that we sell the new camping set of toys! Next week we will be firefighters, then surfers and then birthday ponies."

Applejack tilted her head, her Pie gene briefly activating, "I heard, I won't be able to keep my hat since we`ll all have to wear something called birthday suit."


Later, the real world Twilight called, "It's camping time!"

Starlight waved, "That's wonderful! You girls have a great time."

And the mane six and company left without incident.

Spike waved, "See ya girls."

Starlight felt uneasy. "Wait... that's it?"

Spike turned to her confused. "You told me you hated camping after you tried it with the girls."

Starlight nodded epically. "I DO! ... It's just... a sense of unreality... I'm used to at this point that I say something is the right idea or something I dislike... and the girls epically prove how incorrect I am... Now they're just... politely and maturely accepting that I don't like something the same way they do? ... I feel like I've stepped into some kind of alternate universe."

Spike pointed a claw. "So let's do something *you* want to do. What do you like?"

Starlight tapped her chin, "Um, I like... kites? Trixie?"

"She went camping."

"Right... Magical research and experimentation? I used to do that... Ooh, mind control!" Starlight clapped her hooves.

Spike raise an a non-existent eyebrow, "You mean, making ponies do what YOU want without asking?"

Starlight cringed. "Ouch..." She smirked. "When did you get so logical?"

Spike smiled proudly. "Oh, I'm a dragon of many talents."

"Want to try my pocket reality spell?"

"Didn't Sunburst think that was creepy?"

Starlight grinned. "Maybe so. But turns out there are ponies who are willing to pay big bits to relive their foal hoods in an idealized bubble!"

Spike thought for a second. "I'm not exactly eager to relive my diaper days, but if that Fantasy World spell could go the other way..."

"You mean, like this?" KERZAP!

The Colossal Ryujin Spike, lounged in a hollow mountain full of treasure. "Whoa. Heh, too bad you can't join me in this future."

Alicorn Empress Starlight Glimmer sat on her throne, "Oh, can't I?"

"This is your fantasy future?"

"Better than Twilight's fantasy future where she ships Applejack and Rainbow Dash."

Spike wagged a claw. "Now, now! There's no wrong way to imagine."

Starlight then added shyly, "She also imagined that you grow up to be a purple gorilla with wings and stay her Number One Assistant *forever*."

"Maybe... Twilight just doesn't have that good of an imagination? That would explain a few things."

Starlight leaned closer to the giant dragon, "I saw your drawing you thought you'd hidden of yourself as an armored purple gorilla rescuing Princess Rarity."

Spike snapped, "THAT WAS NINE YEARS AGO!"

Alex Warlorn

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Okay, I quite like Dash as Perseus. Rarity's clearly there for the shield; it was the best mirror in the Classical Age! :raritywink: (Well, the best one in that corner of the world. Amaterasu isn't exactly lending hers out.)

Circumstances rolled his eyes. "Sure, blame it on me as well. I am used to that."

He envies his brother Reinforcements. Everyone calls for him when there's trouble.

Computers and phones don't even last a week over there...

"You call them rare earth metals. We call them spices."

Not entirely to my taste, but a lot of fun stuff here.

HAHAHAH! THANK YOU! Seriously, thank you for the comment! This made me smile.

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