• Published 19th Dec 2018
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Drabble Kaboom! - Alex Warlorn

A collection of drabbles that were written on request, too short for full stories, a final farewell.

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Sweetheart and the Skunk, Drabble Prize for Godzillawolf

"A filly Sweetheart helps a trapped skunk even after it sprays her."

"That girl Bright Eyes was right!" Sweetheart said happily skipping along the trail. "This nature walk really is nice! ... Too bad Teddy didn't wanna come." He had started hang out with that popular colt Ace.

Sweetheart's parents trusted her to not go off the path, Sweetheart was a good filly after all. And they'd be right... except, Sweetheart did have one weakness.

"Oh my!" Sweetheart spotted a black and white creature trying to pull free of a fallen branch. What it a raccoon? A kitty? Bright Eyes would know, she was the smart one after all.

But Bright Eyes wasn't here. So Sweetheart ducked under the little yellow rope that marked the nature path. Sweetheart knew enough about animals to see the poor thing wasn't terribly hurt, just trapped... It was... actually a good thing the animal hadn't chewed its own leg off yet to get away. It must have been only recently.

Sweetheart approached the struggling animal slowly. Now as a teenage filly Sweetheart would know that a trap animal was trouble and handled carefully. Sweetheart wasn't a teenager yet. And then the kitty lifted their tail... and Sweetheart's eyes watered, she coughed, she couldn't breath. She backed off. She wanted to run back to mama! ... But the poor animal would still be trapped.

Sweetheart held her breath, closed her eyes, grabbed the branch that was pinning down the animal, and with Earth pony strength she pulled the tree limb away. The animal ran away without looking back.

Sweetheart smiled all the same. Happy the poor creature was at least free. ... She hurried back to her parents, needing a bath. She'd be scolded for leaving the path, and getting near a trapped animal, and she said she was sorry, like a good filly. But she did not regretting helping the animal, and Bright Eyes said she was nice for helping the skunk (that is what it was). Sweetheart was a kind filly too after all.


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