• Published 19th Dec 2018
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Drabble Kaboom! - Alex Warlorn

A collection of drabbles that were written on request, too short for full stories, a final farewell.

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Tomboy Rarity and Tomboy Rainbow Dash 1 dollar commission THE SEQUEL

"What's this?" Discord said seeing Ponyville now the very definition of female beauty. "Well, I have ... well, sixty seconds before I have to go to the chaos gods convention/family reunion, so I guess I'll have to wait until-"

"No no no!" Rainbow Dash flew up, followed by magically held aloof Rarity... who looked to be acting like the opposite of Rarity, but not in the 'greedy' way, but more in the tomboy way. "Help!"

"Let me guess, you got turned into the Nightmare of Tomboyhood, Rarity sacrificed herself to take in all that tomboyhood into herself to save Equestria, create an unbalance where now everything is girlie girl, and now you want me to fix it for you because you don't want to fess up to Celestia in spite of how my kind of 'help' will just make things worse?"

"Uh... yes?"

"... Remember! You asked for it!" Discord snapped his fingers.

And Ponyville was completely Ponyville again... Except Rarity was still a tomboy.

"Well, you're going to have to now face the trouble of asking ME for help! I'm gonna be late now thanks to you! Toodles!" Discord vanished.

"Like, I wonder where all the girlie girlness went," said Rarity.

Meanwhile... the Dragon Lands... was now covered in colorful flowers and bright green grass and cheerful blue skies... and the dragons were all now kinda plump, and had heads of hair, and were all bright pastel colors, prancing around with flowers in their hair. All feeling the urge to find small human children to make friends with and have whimsy adventures with.

Sometime later...

Spike said, "Okay, Garble and his pals are dancing around braiding flowers in each others' hair and Ember is singing about friendship." He sighed. "Who asked Discord to do this?"

Smolder added, "... Spike, do you realize that you and I are now officially the toughest dragons in the world?"

"... That makes me the most manly dragon in the world! Rarity's sure to go out with me now! Cool."

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