• Published 19th Dec 2018
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Drabble Kaboom! - Alex Warlorn

A collection of drabbles that were written on request, too short for full stories, a final farewell.

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Pony Ride (Aura-Immortal request)

The first thing Apple Bloom of Canterlot Middle School wondered when crossing over was where her overalls had gotten to. Then covering her four legged furry body and screaming bloody murder.

Then she was surrounded by horse, excuse me, pony versions of her big sister and high school graduating class.

PRINCESS Twilight Sparkle (the one who visited their world and defeated Biggest Meanie Three Years Running Sunset Shimmer, and then defeated the sirens, almost kissed Flash Sentry... and then simply stopped visiting for no apparent reason), had lifted her up with magic saying, "Okay Apple Bloom, back through you go!"

Before she could be tossed through the stomach churning portal between universes again, Apple Bloom shouted, "WAIT! It's mah destiny to be here!" And then explaining, "When ya were fightin' that latest person who acted like a total evil jerk but was really just misunderstood, I got hit in the head with some magic stuff, and this big giant cosmic apple told me it was my destiny to unit 'Cutie Mark Crusaders' across the multiverse... and I got a magic tattoo on my butt!"

Then the big girls all shared in some cider.

(Normally Human) Apple Bloom then explained, "Ah told mah family Ah was goin' on a camin' trip with mah friends, so they ain't worried!"

Then the adults begrudgingly took her to Sweet Apple Acres so she could meet the local instance of the CMC.

"Canterlot Movie Club? REALLY?" Scootalooo asked. "We tried a hundred thousand things when searching for our purpose in life, from yoga to ripping holes in time and space-"

"So that wasn't a dream!"

"-And you name your group a MOVIE CLUB?!"

"Well... we kinda had to decide on a concrete name or the school wouldn't legally recognize us as a club..."

The local CMC looked at each other.

Pony Sweetie Belle said, "Good thing then we figured out our talents for design, repair, construction, alchemy, dancing, stunt riding, singing, and composing were all false leads and had nothing to do with what we're supposed to do with our lives then."

The others nodded.

Now that the embarrassment and melodrama had all settled down, (normally human) Apple Bloom could appreciate the world around her. And meeting her alternate self that again proved that poking yourself from another reality would not cause the universe to explode.

Apple Bloom looked at all the cute ponies... going about their cute little days in their cute little houses in their cute little hats that somehow looked a heck of a lot cuter than when her Applejack wore Pa's old hat.

Before blood could be spilled over the Apple Bloom's debating over who wore Ma's ribbon cuter, Apple Bloom thought of all the times her Applejack had given her piggy back rides, only to finally tell Apple Bloom she was too old for that sort of thing.

Away from the judging eyes of her society and peers, Apple Bloom inched to the ironically named orange palomino.

"Excuse me, uh, Applejack? Could you... uh, maybe, that is... I know it's always busy but, could ya for just a minute... give me a pony ride?"

Applejack stared for a minute... she'd always loved giving Apple Bloom rides, until Apple Bloom declared she was too old for them.


"WHEEEEEEE!" Apple Bloom atop the pretty pony!


Author's Note:

"eqg!apple bloom asks pony!applejack for a pony ride"

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