• Published 19th Dec 2018
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Drabble Kaboom! - Alex Warlorn

A collection of drabbles that were written on request, too short for full stories, a final farewell.

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Spike's perfectly normal day (IDW Cosmos spoilers) Part 2 of 2

Nothing suspicious going on at all with Emperor Spike's benign and generous reign over Equestria with his four wives.

Sludge the humble palace janitor cleaning up messes left behind by other dragons.


Observing all this Ponythulu declared, "Always remember with great power comes great fun! And delicious insanity. This can be bakes into some fine cookies.

Dra-gon asked, "Is this the timeline where everybody will eventually become like me?"

Ponythulu responded. "No, no. Soon everyone will be a dragon, not a dra-gon. The timeline you are looking for is two timelines to the left."

"Thanks!" Dra-gon left.


Emperor Spike called a meeting of his friends, "Hey, girls! Guess who else decided to join my harem?"

And Bahamut manifested and caught Spike in a suplex hold ready to crush the life of him if he said the wrong thing.

"NOT! TIAMAT!" Spike croaked out.

"Very well." Bahamut disappeared.

Scootadragon walked out from behind Spike's throne, "Sorry Sweetie, Bloom! Okay, not really that sorry. Guess the dragon thing grew on me after all!"

Spike said, "Spike wants... more female dragons!" He snapped his fingers.

The Ryujin of the Moon, Luna said, "This seems like a conflict of interest. On the other claw, Spike is hotter than sister's most exuberant solar flares..."

Dragoness Limestone exasperated, "Oh, come on!!"

Dragoness Pinkie giggled. "Oooh. This is fine."

Dragon Cheese Sandwich declared defiantly, "No you don't!" And then he stole Pinkie away with his Cheesy Sense powers... uh, somehow?

Dragoness Octavia blinked at seeing Cheese Sandwich slipped in and out between layers of reality. "I suppose those party ponies do have their ways."

Dragoness Vinyl, wearing ruby shades, nodded and flashed a claws-up.


"Spike's gone mad with power!" Shouted somepony in a hidden in a chamber in the palace.

Kibitz Grunted as he loaded armor onto another pony. "Your excellency... Are you sure this is wise?"

Blueblood, Wearing the armor, and with a lance replied, "It's the only way, Kibitz. That scaly tyrant is enslaving the whole realm. Someone has to save it so Auntie Luna and Celestia can reclaim the throne."

Freen flames danced, and the would-be rebels turned into baby dragons.

Blueblood said, "What the..." Then he giggled. "How did these pony clothes get on me?" He plucked a diamond lapel pin off the vest and snacks on it.

Kibitz shouted, "Weeee!" jogging past doing cartwheels. "Today is awesome, and I don't even know why!"

Spike smiled. "Ah, just the drakes I was looking for! I need someone to write all my notes, do chores that I just don't feel like doing myself with my incredible magic powers, and stay home all the time because adventures are just too dangerous for baby dragons!" Spike glanced at you, the reader. "Yeah, I'm a *little* bitter. What, you got a problem with that?" Spike lifted his claws to snap.

Discord teleported in, "Hold it right there, scaly. There's only room for one ONE cosmically-powered egomaniac in this setting!"

Fluttershy The Draconequus of Unpredictable Mother Nature snuggled Discord from behind. "Are you okay dear? You look tense."

Discord thought about it for a moment before saying, "Well, I suppose it could be worse."

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