• Published 19th Dec 2018
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Drabble Kaboom! - Alex Warlorn

A collection of drabbles that were written on request, too short for full stories, a final farewell.

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"Old Crusaders and New Princesses" 1 dollar drabble commission

In Friendship Crystal Castle three elderly ponies sat at the round table with the Alicorn Princesses of Honesty, Loyalty, and Generosity. The others were off helping Dragon Lord Ember put down a coup by self-proclaimed 'Dragon Empress' Alexandria.

Tea and cider were set up for the ladies and the 'fun lovers'.

"So Apple Bloom, how are ya doin' on ascendin'? Ya'd make a great Princess of Invention Ah think!" Applejack grinned, here she didn't have to be Princess Veritas.

"How about you Sweetie? We could use a princess of singing!" Rarity said excitedly.

"And what about you Scoots?" Rainbow Dash grinned.

"Ah'm gonna be uploadin' mah mind into an android body," Apple Bloom said simply.

"Oh," Applejack said awkwardly. "But how will ya taste pies?"

"Oh I'm building an android with taste buds too!"


"I'm preparing the ritual to become a lich!" Sweetie said with an excited smile.

"But aren't all lichs evil?" Rarity asked.

Sweetie gasped. "Rarity, what a prejudice thing to say!"

"Oh, quiet right Sweetie, I apologize."

"I'm with Gilda," Scootaloo said. "Immortality is a sucker's game. I'm looking forward to retirement in the afterlife, thank you very much. I'll tell her you said hi Dash."

"Thanks Scoots," Rainbow Dash said hugging her adopted daughter.

"So you're not mad?" Sweetie asked.

"It's different, but I know you'll make me proud, after all, you always have," Rarity nuzzled her.

Author's Note:

One dollar commission by https://www.fimfiction.net/user/27597/Spamotron

'Must be writable in 100 words.'
Describe in one sentence of 10 word or less.

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