• Published 19th Dec 2018
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Drabble Kaboom! - Alex Warlorn

A collection of drabbles that were written on request, too short for full stories, a final farewell.

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Sheep Count

The army of Storm Troopers, Yetis, surrounded the sheep of Sweet Apple Acres.

One of the Yetis shouted. "Livestock of Ponyville! Your masters have fallen, we are thus your NEW masters, give us no trouble, and you will be spared!"

Fleece the ram, known for pointing out to Applejack that she could just ASK THEM to go into a pen rather than do the run around with her pet dog (and who had renegotiated their contract for increasing the pay rate for their wool), raised a hoof and asked simply.

"Okay, but first, could you first tell us how many of us are here? We stupid sheep are horrible at counting, and you want to know how many slaves you've brought back to your superior."

"Fine." The Storm Trooper began to count with his finger. "One, two, three, four, five... six... seven... eight.... nine.... zzz." The Yetis fell asleep on their feet, their helmets vibrating like they were sawing logs.

"Quick! Strip them! Tie them up! And everysheep run for it! Did you see those garish 'storm brand' sweeter they're selling? I'm not letting my wool be used for that!"

"Do we give them a pillow?" Ask another sheep.

"Of course, we're not savages."

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