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Kyle Grant is a shy, reclusive 22 year old human. He isn't like the others preferring to stay in the shadows and listen to those around him. What friends he does have moved. When he stumbles across the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic TV show, he is worried about being teased for liking a girly show. What starts as a guilty pleasure soon turns into an obsession.

After a bizarre dream featuring a rainbow maned Pegasus Unicorn wearing a crown, he is thrust into the world he adored. Shy and utterly afraid of everyone and everything around him, the Main 6 have to teach him about friendship. Along the way he learns that it is ok to be yourself and like many different things regardless of what they are originally intended for and even finds out a shocking prophesy which he seems to be a part of. How did he get to Equestria? What does Celestia know about the human realm?

The only thing human is the main character, the ponies are their respective selves. Though he is transformed into a pony.

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What I like about this concept is that it's so rarely used. I mean, I'd have to go down a full... let's see here... two stories to find another one just like it.


Novelty accounts? On MY FIMFiction?!


1001007 Always nice to know my efforts are appreciated.

Oh, hey, we passed a million comments. I wonder when that happened?

>Pegasus Unicorn
did you know, the word "alicorn" exists?

>bad story patrol


Pegasus Unicorn isn't the correct term, im pretty sure it is Alicorn.
also, having an arthritic animal is sad, my dog has it, she has to get put down this weekend because of all the pain shes in. :(

i like this keep up the good work!:pinkiehappy: celestia be waching you in your bed:trollestia:

Apologies for being blunt, but I believe it needs some touching up - indent your paragraphs! And perhaps move the Author's Notes to the end. Other than that, it's good I think.

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