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raider pony vs an advanced human space fleet i hope Buckshot doesn't kill them off to quickly.....what am i saying this is going to be awesome

yay:yay: itll b awesome

A Fo:E story over the best NW DLC there is? Shit just got real!
This is just the purest comedy gold I have found yet. The AI, the doggun (Celestia how I loved that thing in the game, with that scope!) why it isn´t more popular is a big question for me

I again apologize for not commenting earlier just have one thought on this. Even better then the original. I mean come on we meet some of his raider group, he has his brain taken out, and he becomes friends with a Fluttershy AI. Think about that an AI based on the Ministry of Peace's mare became friends with a bloodthirsty raider this can only end good. Only thing I can say is wrong is that nobody brought up the incident with the Brahmin. Though I understand why if the guy had alien weapons I wouldn't bring up that part of his history either.

“Who’s the good doggy cannon, YOU’RE the good doggy cannon!”
<Woof woof!>
^- The point where I busted up into laughter. <3 I like this fic. It's surreal and silly. It makes me laugh like Old World Blues did, but without being a bland recycling of its old jokes.

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