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Excerpt from “Beings of The World and How They Live” by Well Traveled.

Known for being both wise, and well spoken, as well as dull and argumentative, the phrase “bull headed” was invented by minotaurs to describe some of their own for a reason. Are well known for their unique status of being found in every country, while their land is hidden behind the walls of the great labyrinths of Minoa, known only to them. Perhaps one day more will be learned about our enigmatic friends.”

During an experiment gone wrong our resident Princess Twilight finds herself helping a minotaur adjust to a life and people he had never met.

Shout out to Hunter Steel, for helping with editing.

Chapters (2)
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Comments of all kinds welcome!

This story is off to a pretty interesting start. I'm curious about the history behind this minotaur, and what he was before being summoned to Equestria.

Also very interesting tidbit about Discord past and how he came to Equestria. Heh makes me wonder if Starswirl ever knew that he was the one that lead Discord Equestria in the first place.

well im happy to see a Minotaur character fic, but not sure where you are going with the 'alien mind, possibly like a child now' concept. Is it going to be about them mothering a large child, adapting 'the other' to become a local, a political issue with an under utilized race?

a complaint i have is how you just skip over potential dialog with dismissive 'so and so explained what happened,' statments. those are good for saving time but used this much its like you are just shoving us along and not letting us watch the story unfold. throw some dialog, its discord, let him snark!

outside that, seems readable and curious to see where it goes.

I agree i rushed this chapter their is no excuse for it, but when i realized it i had already posted it, and i am loathed to go down the re-editing road so it will stand as a lesson for me in the future.

As for the alien mind it is a half and half thing. Half being a product of its inception (it was far more cancerous before). The other half being a interesting way of introducing the concept. which is to explore the idea of Minotaur culture in the My Little Pony universe.

So i believe by bringing a character that is a member of the group, but at the same time is for the most part uncorrupted by his own perspective, helps in this endeavor. even if i come off a little heavy handed at times because i am not good at subtlety.

His origins play more a framing device to bring the characters into the story proper. It will come into play, but in not as involved a way as i might have unintentionally implied with its grandiose introduction.

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