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Scattered all over Equestria and possibly even farther than their land, there are mysterious and legendary caves that contain statues and carvings of a mysterious species that nopony truly knows about, the mysterious species were dubbed as the 'Alternians'. Historians and scientists have been researching about these caves along with the Alternians for thousands of years starting back when Starswirl the Bearded trotted amongst the land with the young Alicorn sisters by his side and discovered the first cave.

There are rumors that there are twelve caves in total but so far only six have been discovered. It was by luck that Fluttershy and Zecora found the cave within the Everfree forest, but this cave was very different and very special compared to the other caves for it held crucial clues that may just answer questions that dated back to even before one thousand years ago...

Getting sent to Equestria years, and I mean years back before the show started is not the day nor future I pictured spending time at a con with my best friend. Who is notably stuck with me. At least I'm not alone, and I'm glad that we're both practically immortal.

I think I know why most Displaced get stoned like Discord, but for us? No, that wasn't the way to go. Getting turned to stone does not sound fun, so... instead of that, we did one other thing.

We fucked with Equestrian history. Hey, we were bored and wanted to mess with ponies the long way not to mention re-tell our favorite comic's story in a more dramatic and more mysterious way, took a long time but we did it and remained mysterious for thousands of years pretty impressive if I do say so myself.

Our names don't matter and we won't tell you, but I am now The Handmaid and my best friend's The Psiioniic. Together, we corrupted Equestria and weaved myths and stories into their culture about a species that didn't even exist in our world. Equestria didn't know what hit them. But frankly, even with the thousands of years of wisdom and experience and utter insanity that was my best friend and I, both Psii and I, we didn't know what hit us either. I guess this was the universe's way of payback for turning the whole of Equestria and possibly beyond into Homestuck fans.

AN: Yes it's Homestuck, yes I know I've been away for a long time but now I'm back with something new. Hope you enjoy!

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Comments ( 8 )

This is good. I like it.

AAAAA good job sweets i love it

however there are some runon sentences and "maskara" is spelled "mascara" (i mean unless we talkin bout a makara makeup line then yeah maskara definitely)

im sorry i love it but im a grammar nazi 8'(

Excellent chapter poor Twilight is having a meltdown.

Wait until THAT hits the papers! :pinkiecrazy: THE HANDMAIDEN LIVES! More at eleven:rainbowlaugh:

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