• Published 10th Nov 2017
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As Hard As Velvet - Stormbringer

Princess Twilight Sparkle is amazed at the revelations of her mother’s past loves and career. Do we really know who our parents were?

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CHAPTER FIVE: Twilight’s First Major Mission

Several years after Twilight’s assignment to 1st Special Ψ Unit…

‘Twilight!’ said a commanding voice in Twilight’s head. ‘Stop dreaming about my marehood and get up! For Celestia’s sake, I would’ve thought you’d have gotten enough last night.’

‘Dream Lover,’ thought Twilight smiling without opening her eyes, ‘can I help it if I’m in love with a magnificent mare who’s marehood is to die for!’

Dream Walker climbed back on the bed and embraced and kissed the younger mare.

“You’re going to make me old before my time,” said Dream Walker out loud.

“Then I better get all I can now,” answered Twilight.

“Okay,” said Dream Walker with a smile. “One more time and then you’ll have to get up.”

“Yes ma’am!” said Twilight in mock professionalism.

They were having to wear their uniforms today, so Twilight was helping Dream to get dressed. It wasn’t necessary, but Twilight said it was as arousing as undressing her lover.

Then Dream returned the favor. Then she had a surprise for Twilight.

“Twilight, your shoulder boards are getting shabby,” said Dream, “I stopped by the company supply and got some new ones for you.”

“That’s so sweet of you, my love,” said Twilight giving her lover a kiss.

“Problem is, I left them in the company office. So we’ll go there first.”

“Lead on my love,” said Twilight.

The two made their way down to the first floor. Dream Walker turned and walked to the exit, not the direction of the office. There in the courtyard was a large amount of ponies in black uniforms. More than she’d seen at one time since she was assigned.

“Company, Atten-tion!” Called out Dream Walker. “Follow me Twilight.”

“Yes ma’am,” answered Twilight.

They walked to the front of the formation, there was General Moon Light waiting for them. They stopped in front of the general, turned and saluted. The general was grinning like the cat who ate the parasprite.

“Lt. Velvet,” said the general, “what do you think you’re doing coming to this formation out of uniform?”

Twilight was nervous, she glanced at Dream Walker who was hiding a smile.

“I’m surprised at you Lt. Colonel, allowing your assistant to come before us in this manner. I’m not sure if we should give you your promotion to full Colonel!”

There was applause as the general levitated new shoulder boards to Dream Walker. The old ones were removed and the boards with a crown and three pips were put in their place.

‘Congratulations my love,’ thought Twilight. Dream Walker just nodded slightly and smiled.

“Now Colonel,” said the General, “your first duty is to take care of your assistant’s lack of proper uniform.”

Dream Walker turned to be beside the general.

“Twilight Velvet,” said Dream trying to hide a smile. “what do you mean coming before us in improper uniform? Is that anyway for a Captain to set an example?”

Twilight thought she’d cry.

‘You sneaky mare,’ thought Twilight.

‘You know it, that’s my job,’ answered Dream in Twilight’s mind. ‘And I’d kiss you if we weren’t in front of the troops.’

‘I’ll let you make that up later.’ Thought Twilight with a smile.

‘You bet I will!’

New shoulder boards with the three pips of Captain were levitated to Twilight and attached to her uniform.

The company applauded the two newly promoted officers. As the company was brought to attention and then dismissed, the general told Dream and Twilight to follow him to his office.

In the generals office, the general had the two mares sit in chairs in front of his massive desk.

‘Congratulations to both of you,’ thought the general.

‘Thank you, sir,’ thought Twilight and Dream at the same time.

‘As you two are well aware of,’ began the general, ‘with increased rank, comes increased responsibilities and increased risks. The two have performed excellently in past assignments, and at no small danger to your selves.

Due to the risk involved, this next one will be different. But I know that the two of you are up for this but I do have one concern.’

‘What’s that, sir,’ replied Dream.

‘Your relationship.’

‘General…’ started Twilight.

‘At ease Captain,’ thought the general with a smile. ‘Unlike the rest of the service, fraternization is not looked down on in Ψ Units. We are very open to our inner selves more than your garden variety grunt. Therefore relationships, even same sex, are understood as a hazard of the job. As long as it doesn’t interfere with your duties. It even strengthens bonds between agents and gives more motivation to watch the other’s backs.’

The two mares relaxed, looked at each other and took the other’s hoof. The general just smiled.

‘Then what’s the problem sir,’ asked Dream Walker.

‘Colonel,’ started the general, ‘most relationships among agents are close and sometimes intimate. But you two are more than that. I know that the two of you haven’t spoken to each other about it as of yet, but you both have been considering marriage.’

The general smirked at the look on Dream and Twilight’s face.

“You have?” asked Twilight looking at Dream.

“Yes,” said Dream, “you?”

They both smiled greatly.

‘Excuse us a moment, sir,’ thought Dream Walker. The general nodded.

Twilight and Dream kissed a brief but deep kiss.

“We need to talk about this Twilight,” said Dream.

“You bet we will,” said Twilight.

The two kissed a subdued kiss and turned their attention back to the general.

‘Sorry sir,’ thought Dream, ‘please continue.’

‘I think the two might want to do more than think about it. There’s a mission I’m sending the two of you on. It’s to a little village, a couple hours by train called Ponyville. There’s some indications that the place may become important in the near future. So much so, it is rumored that some individuals may be trying to thwart the flow of time.’

‘How important will this be?’ thought Twilight.

‘Does Nightmare Moon mean anything to you?’ thought the general.

‘I thought she was an old mares tale,’ thought Dream. ‘The Mare in the Moon.’

‘I think your partner may have some intel on that,’ thought the general, ‘Captain?’

‘Dream,’ began Twilight, ‘you know that I was Princess Celestia’s protégée. Nightmare Moon is, or was real. She was Princess Luna, Celestia’s younger sister. She became jealous of ponies sleeping through her night and she rebelled against her sister and became Nightmare Moon. Princess Celestia used the Elements of Harmony, whatever those were, and banished her to the moon. The prophesy is that after 1,000 years, the stars will aid in her escape. What I was able to get out of my mentor was that the 1,000 years are only about a generation away. And truthfully, when I asked about stars aiding in her escape, she said it would possibly be the most powerful star.’

‘The most powerful star?’ thought Dream, ‘that would be the sun.’

‘She’d say no more,’ thought Twilight, ‘but I think she was cryptically saying that she’d be the one to free her and give her another chance. From what she’s said, she’s grieved over doing this to her sister from when it happened. Often, I’d catch her outside at night, looking at the moon and crying.’

‘So what does that have to do with Ponyville?’ asked Dream.

‘The intel tells us that Ponyville will be the nexus for this. And unknown ponies who plan to disrupt this, either pro or con, we don’t know. Either could have dire consequences if handled wrong.’ Thought the general. ‘That’s where you two come in. I know it might be rushing it, and I don’t think this matter needs to be addressed right this second. But what would the two of you think of a paid, working honeymoon? It‘d be a nice cover.’

‘Well, let me ask a question first.’ Thought Dream.

“Twilight,” said Dream Walker out loud. “When do you think you could have your family here?”

“Why,” said Twilight with a smirk.

“Twilight Velvet,” said Dream, “Will you marry me?”

Twilight threw herself at Dream and kissed long and deep.

“Can I take that as a yes?”

“Yes my love,” said Twilight, “yes!”

“Very good,” said the general. “We will talk about this again when the two of you hash out the particulars.”

In the present…

“So dad is your second marriage?” said Twilight not believing that she knew so little about her mother’s past.

“No honey,” said Velvet, looking a little sad.

“So you never married Dream Walker?”

“Yes I did.”

“But...” started the daughter.

“I’m still married to her.”

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