• Published 10th Nov 2017
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As Hard As Velvet - Stormbringer

Princess Twilight Sparkle is amazed at the revelations of her mother’s past loves and career. Do we really know who our parents were?

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“Where have I heard that name before?” said Twilight quietly. She was speaking out loud as not to give her Ψ abilities away.

“Honey,” whispered Dream, “I’m not sure. But we can’t dig into our minds too deeply here, We’ll have to wait.”

The small applause (mostly from those in robes) and the murmurs died down. The pony in white approached the middle of the platform, the light was focused on her smiling face.

She waited until it was completely quiet. When she started speaking, it was a normal speaking voice. Both actions were old tricks to get the audience to be completely focused on the speaker.

Star Catcher started to speak:

“Fellow ponies, my friends, my brothers and sisters. I know many of you are here to find out:

‘What the Tartarus is all this Nightmare Moon nonsense!’

(Some murmurs from the gathered.)

It’s okay to feel that way. You’ve been brought up being taught that either that Nightmare Moon or the Mare in the Moon is just an old mare’s tale. Or that the shining Princess Celestia saved the world from the rebellious sister who became Nightmare Moon. Bravely, Celestia, and with many tears, had to banish her sister to the moon with the power of the Elements of Harmony.”

Star Catcher paused, there were ponies talking among themselves. But what caught Dream and Twilight’s attention was a coordinated Ψ scanning from every Ψ capable pony in robes. Dream Walker knew that this level of scan was more for attempting to make ponies more open to the words being spoken. Twilight and Dream knew that they were in no danger from this.

“I have a simple answer to this.


What loving and intelligent sister would banish her younger and smaller sister to the moon for an undetermined time? That doesn’t speak love to me!

And for what? Wanting some appreciation for her hard work that even her older sister ignored.

To any intelligent pony, these actions couldn’t make any sense other than the actions of a petty and jealous tyrant. Not willing to share the rule of Equestria. Just a spineless bully!”

A lot of mumbling. Dream felt her wife having to fight back the defense of her mentor.

Star Catcher paused looking out over the crowd. Not looking at any pony in particular but appearing to look at everypony, another Ψ trick.

Star Catcher waited until the talking died down. Even then, she waited just a minute but it felt like an hour with her gaze fixed on the crowd.

“So what do we, the faithful and enlightened do? Rise up in arms and overthrow the tyrant?”

More mumbles, Twilight and Dream braced themselves not to react. But Star Catcher paused again, waiting for the crowd to silence themselves.


If anything, the Church of Nightmare Moon’s Witnesses is opposed to violence, revenge and rash actions. We will not make ourselves into ponies like unto our ruler bereft of honor.

So what do we do? With help of some powerful magic, we have discovered who the pony is that will thwart Nightmare Moon’s return. In spite of her not even being born yet!”

Again, mumbles from the crowd.

For some reason, Twilight was feeling a stronger probing, she looked at Dream who understood. Her wife extended her shields to help her wife.

“I don’t know,” said Dream quietly to her wife.

She and Twilight were wondering if the scrutiny was because somepony had detected their shields or it was something else.

“But to the true believer, rejoice! We have the identity of that pony’s mother! We will be able to avoid the disaster before it even happens.

For those of you who do not believe, fear not. We have no intention to use violence. It is contrary to the teachings. Even our enemies receive mercy, love and compassion. That is the way of our Great Mother!”

The pony left the stage out the back, the original pony in the dark robe came back on the platform.

“I hope all of you understood and believed the words of her eminence. Now if you will open the pamphlet and if you feel so led, recite our affirmation of faith with us.”

The pony led in a rather odd passage. Almost haphazard in its construction. All of the ponies in robes chanted this and not a few of the other ponies. Twilight and Dream recited it just to blend in. It left a sour taste in their mouth.

Then the ponies were dismissed with a blessing. As ponies were queuing up to leave, the pony that had led the service approached Dream and Twilight.

“Sisters, could you stay a moment?”
Twilight and Dream noticed all the ponies in robes were approaching them.

“Sure,” said Dream, “what’s up?”

“Our leader would like to meet with you, she wants to give your new wedded life a blessing. It is a great honor. She hardly ever meets with ponies outside the faith.”

With the ponies surrounding them, Dream and her wife felt that they didn’t have any choice. They could feel that this was a veiled threat.

“Sure,” said Dream, seeing no other choice at the moment. It would also give them a chance to gather more intel on these ponies.

‘It will be alright,’ thought Dream to her wife at a very high Ψ level.

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