• Published 10th Nov 2017
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As Hard As Velvet - Stormbringer

Princess Twilight Sparkle is amazed at the revelations of her mother’s past loves and career. Do we really know who our parents were?

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“Twi Sugar,” said AJ as she and Twilight walked to Twilight’s parent’s home, “Ah don’t know what bee got in yer bonnet. But if’n ya get this frisky every time we meet with yer folks, Ah’m thinkin’ we’re gonna have to move to Canterlot.”

“I don’t know if we could survive that!” said Twilight.

“Maybe we could invite Rainbow and Rarity sometime and have some tag-team action.” Said Applejack snickering.

“Are you out of your pony mind!” said Twilight chuckling, “I’m not sharing my Jackie with anypony! I love you so much honey.”

“An’ Ah love ya too, just as much.”

The two stopped and kissed. Then they hugged for a few moments. Twilight noticed a shop nearby,

“Jackie, My Love,” said Twilight. “Would you mind going ahead without me? I’ll catch up to you before you get there.”

“What fer?”

“Trust me?” said Twilight innocently.

“Always, Sugar,” said AJ kissing Twilight quickly and headed to the residential section of Canterlot.

Twilight watched her marefriend trot off, mesmerized by the movement of her muscular flanks. Then Twilight turned to the shop but she saw a familiar pony nearby.

“Fleur Dis Lee,” called out Twilight.

The elegant pony turned to see what unrecognized voice was addressing her. She wasn’t in any mood for admirers. But she was shocked to see who the pony was.

“Princess Twilight, Your Highness!” said Fleur bowing.

“Please,” said Twilight, “you don’t have to do that. I’m not Celestia or Luna. And just Twilight will do.”

“Thank you Twilight,” said Fleur, “what can I do for you?”

“I need the help of a pony with exquisite taste.” Said Twilight, Fleur blushed with the praise from a princess. “I don’t have Rarity to help me so I was hoping you might assist with something special.”

“It would be an honor, Twilight.”

The two entered the nearby shop.

Applejack turned the street corner and saw the Sparkle home ahead, just then a pony landed beside her, it was Twilight.

Twilight hugged AJ and kissed her deeply.

“I missed you,” said Twilight.

“We weren’t apart but fer ’bout 20 minutes,” said Applejack with a snicker.

“It was the longest 20 minutes of my life.” Said Twilight, who kissed AJ again.

Later, the family was having fun being together. Flurry Heart had attached herself to AJ. It was heartwarming. But Twilight realized that Applejack had all but raised Apple Bloom so she was very good with young children. It even put a few things in Twilight’s mind. But for now, she was going to use this as an opening to what she was thinking.

Twilight motioned the rest of the family to come over with her and AJ.

“Jackie, Honey,” said Twilight, “I’m so happy to see you happy with my niece. I think you’d make a wonderful mother. In fact you have been to Apple Bloom.”

“Thank ya,” said Applejack, tickling Flurry.

“I think we might need to talk about that sometime, but first, I have to ask you something.” Said Twilight smiling the largest smile ever.

“What’s that, Sugar Cube.”

“Jackie,” said Twilight with a look in her eyes, “I love you so much, so in front of my family and the whole world, I was wondering if you’d look past my faults and shortcomings and be Applejack Sparkle…

Jackie, will you marry me?”

The whole family was quiet. A Diamond Earth Pony ring appeared in front of Applejack.

There were tears in almost everypony’s eyes… Shining Armor especially. Applejack smiled.

“Twi Sugar,” said Applejack, “Ah couldn’t do anythin’ else.”

With a flash, the ring disappeared and appeared on Applejack’s left forehoof.

There was a lot of hugs and kisses welcoming AJ to the family.

Later, both Twilight’s sat back and watched as AJ and Cadence were playing Hoofball against Shining and Night Light. The guys were getting embarrassed because the girls were beating them badly. Flurry Heart was giggling her head off every time Applejack would look and smile at her.

‘If you want,’ thought Twilight Velvet, ‘we can talk some more. That is if you’re still interested.’

‘Still interested?’ thought Twilight Sparkle, ‘I really do want to know more about my special mom.’

Twilight Velvet smiled. Not only words but images appeared in the daughter’s mind.

In Ponyville, in the past…

It was the morning of the 2nd day in Ponyville, Twilight and Dream sat at the table. Bright Mac wasn’t kidding, his mother had piled the table with pancakes which they referred to as ‘flapjacks’, several hot and cold vegetable dishes. Not to mention apple pies, apple turnovers, apple dumplings and apple fritters.

Twilight and Dream looked at each other amused.

‘They don’t expect us to eat all this,’ thought Dream Walker.

‘Don’t worry about it,’ thought Twilight, ‘I’m sure we can work it off!’

‘What a horny little vixen I married,’ thought Dream.

‘You knew that coming into this!’ thought Twilight who gave Dream a quick kiss.

As they ate, the talk was light. Buttercup mentioned running into an odd pony in town in a dark cloak.

“We talked to a pony like that as well,” said Dream.

“They invited us to some meeting outside of town,” said Twilight.

“Bah!” said the older mare, “we get them there Nightmare Moon Witnesses every now and ’gain. Never could stand their puttin’ Princess Celestia down. She helped my pappy get this here land and get set up. Never met a more wonderful pony in all my life.”

Twilight smiled at the attitude.

“We feel the same,” said Dream, “but we’re wanting to see what the fuss is all about.”

“Don’t worry,” said Twilight, “we aren’t going to be swayed so easily.”

Twilight and Dream spent the day, just being together. They took in a movie and just wandered the streets taking in the charm of this town.

It was later in the evening. There were some ponies in robes walking to the very large tent. There were also ponies from the community walking in that direction.

As they approached both mares felt a lot of Ψ activity. It was low key and somewhat amateurish. But yet there was a feeling of something else. Something more that should be taken seriously.

‘Full shields, My Love,’ said Dream to Twilight. Her wife nodded in understanding.

As they approached the opening of the tent, there were two ponies in cloaks outside the doorway. They were smiling a rather odd and perhaps forced smile. There was no Ψ activity from these.

“Welcome sisters,” said a stallion on one side of the door.

“We’re so glad to have you here,” said the mare on the other side. She levitated a couple of pamphlets to Dream and Twilight.

“Thank you,” said Dream.

“Please find a seat,” said the stallion, “we’ll be starting soon.”

As the couple passed, the stallion nodded to a mare at the side of the tent. She took off fast around to the back of the tent. Entering the tent she announced:

“She’s here!”

Dream and Twilight found a couple seats together on the aisle near the front. There was a lot of talking all around them but very little Ψ activity other than the mundane type most ponies have and not know that they do.

But Dream and Twilight felt a strong Ψ presence near.

The lights dimmed, and a small spotlight shown on the slightly elevated platform at the front of the gathering. A mare walked into the light. She was wearing the dark cloak the others were wearing. She raised a hoof and all went quiet.

Dream and Twilight felt that this pony had some Ψ capabilities but nothing too great.

“Mares and Gentlecolts,” started the pony. “or I should more accurately say; my brothers and sisters, welcome. Welcome to our family. No pony is turned away by our Great Mother, Nightmare Moon.

Now I realize most of you have been told otherwise by schools and those ponies that have tried to be above you as your judges, teachers or superiors. They are afraid that if you knew the truth, you might rise up against them.

But we bring the truth. We want all ponies to be free and under the love and protection of the Great Mother and her church.”

While she was saying this, Twilight and Dream felt a Ψ presence growing. First a mild scanning. But as the presence came closer, the probing was deeper and harder.

Dream Walker was able to block this without giving anything away. But Twilight, being not as experienced, was having an issue. Dream was afraid that Twilight might give herself away. But suddenly, Dream felt something that she hadn’t trained her wife and assistant to do as a backup.

Twilight’s mind was flooded with thoughts of raw and intense sex. Scenes of Twilight bound, gagged and helpless on her knees, marehood in the air, as Dream had her merciless way with her with toys and small whips.

Dream understood that his was as much of a distraction as it was a shield. Dream almost laughed because as she held Twilight’s hoof, Twilight was moving it to her very warm and wet marehood.

Dream realized that this shield was arousing her wife quite a bit. Twilight leaned her head on Dream, Dream could feel her wife tremble.

“Later, my little vixen,” said Dream softly.

“I love you so much, Dream Lover,” whispered Twilight.

“I love you, my little vixen,” said Dream, kissing Twilight..

Suddenly, there was a spotlight on them. Dream and Twilight were startled but their shields held. There was the strong Ψ presence that had come up the isle behind them.

Were they detected?

“Brothers and sisters,” said a smooth almost hypnotic voice. “This couple is showing exactly what our Great Mother wants from all of us. To be happy and to be loved!”

The pony was in a white robe with gold trim. She was looking both of them in the eyes, Twilight continued to hold Dream’s hoof and leaning her head against her. But both felt some strong probing. But nothing that they couldn’t block without reading as being blocked.

“I can see you and your marefriend are such a happy couple.”

“She’d not my marefriend,” said Dream kissing Twilight’s cheek, “Twilight is my wife of three days.”

“Let’s hear it for the happy newlyweds everypony!” Addressing all the gathered. Then she turned back to them. “And thanks to you for showing the happiness our Great Mother wants us all to feel.”

Ponies applauded as the pony in the white robe continued to walk to the front. As she did, Twilight and Dream continued their shields in spite of the direct probing stopping.

As she approached the platform, the pony there announced in introduction.

“Everypony, please make welcome, Her Eminence, Star Catcher!”

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