• Published 10th Nov 2017
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As Hard As Velvet - Stormbringer

Princess Twilight Sparkle is amazed at the revelations of her mother’s past loves and career. Do we really know who our parents were?

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Three ponies watched the two mares that had got off the train. The superiors from the Church of Nightmare Moon’s Witness’ had told them to be on the lookout for Ψ agents. However, these two mares were very close and showing a lot of affection.

It was hard to tell if these were undercover operatives or just a couple mare-lovers on holiday. Due to the attitudes of some of the cities in Equestria, mare-lovers were still looked down upon. Even The Church was still a little unclear about such relationships, but the Great Mother had had mares as partners in the past, that made it hard not to accept such relationships. Maybe these were just trying to get away from all that.

But it would be worthwhile to keep an eye on them, so a pony was dispatched to watch the two.

It was later when the one pony returned.

“Brother,” said a very serious looking mare, “what news of the two strangers?”

“Eminence, I followed them to the apple farm outside of town, Sweet Apple Acres.” Said the stallion, “they went into the dwelling there. After a time, the two reappeared outside. They were keeping very close and were being very affectionate. They mostly wandered the orchard stopping often to kiss.

If they are indeed the agents we were warned about, they appear not to be in too much of a hurry to do anything other than being cozy with each other.”

“Thank you Brother,” said the mare, “we’ll keep an eye on them. Perhaps they are just a couple on holiday, or a distraction or maybe not. We will be patient and see.”


Sitting at a little outdoor café and holding hooves, Twilight and Dream were drinking tea and having tea biscuits, just enjoying being together as a married couple. The entire ‘being on a mission’ thing was not dampening their mood. It was their honeymoon, after all.

“Twilight, my love,” said Dream Walker, “I could really get used to this kind of life style.”

“Dreamy,” said Twilight, “I know you so much better than that. After the first week, you’d be climbing the walls missing the thrill of the hunt and the adrenalin rush of facing danger.”

“What was that, Captain?” Said Dream Walker with a snicker, “insubordination? Is contradicting what I say any way to talk to your superior officer?”

“We’re not in uniform at this time, Colonel. And if you’re the superior officer, why am I on top most of the time?”

The two laughed hard, but the laughs stopped as they kissed deeply.

Afterward, they just sat and pony watched. They were reaching out with their Ψ. But other than the normal level of happiness, daily happenings and concern of business. Nothing was out of the ordinary. However both Twilight and Dream could feel an underlying something that was odd for this setting.

Their bucolic bliss was interrupted by a pony in an odd cloak. One like they’d seen worn in Canterlot.

“Excuse me sisters,” said the mare, “have you heard the words of the Great Mother of us all?”

Dream and Twilight glanced at each other, they both felt a mild probing in their minds. It was a very poor and sloppy attempt and was easily shielded with a shield of thoughts of their recent marriage and the wedding night. With the level of Ψ this other pony showing, she couldn’t know it was a shield.

“What words would they be?” asked Dream, acting naïve and trusting.

“Words of hope and unity,” said the pony, “words of the freedom of darkness and the end of oppression from the evil creature that subjugates us all. That bitch of the sun, Celestia.”

Twilight started to comeback with defense of her teacher and mentor. But Dream Walker quickly checked her wife.

‘Twilight! No!’ Thought Dream at a level only master Ψ sensitives could register, ‘we’re under cover. We must remain above scrutiny.’

“I’ve never heard that before,” said Dream Walker, innocently. “How can we learn this?”

The pony smiled.

“I have the Book of the Word right here,” said the mare, offering a book, “it’s our gift to you. Read it, meditate on the words of our Great Mother. Let the truth awaken you to the way we were meant to live.

We are meeting tomorrow in a pavilion on the outskirts of town. Come and listen to our leader. She is enlightened and will answer many questions you may not have even known you had.”

“Thank you,” said Twilight, fighting hard not to appear offended, “my wife and I will look into this.”

“That’s all we ask,” said the pony. Then raising a hoof. “The blessings of Nightmare Moon be on both of you.”

‘I’ll Nightmare Moon you right up your flanks alright!’ thought Twilight.

‘Honey,’ Thought Dream with a touch of amusement, ‘if you need to express passion, I can think of better ways to do it.’

Twilight’s mind was flooded with erotic images of Dream Walker with Twilight in some interesting situations.

“When did you start liking ‘bondage’?” asked Twilight with a chuckle.

“Well,” said Dream, “I started to think of how to shut you up and not blow our cover. A gag came to mind. But the other things started to flood in.”

Dream Walker saw a strange look on Twilight’s face.

‘Those were YOUR thoughts!’ thought Dream. Twilight snickered, ‘you little vixen! We’ll talk about that later. I think I saw quite a bit of rope at the Apple Farm. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind me borrowing some!’

Twilight just kissed her wife deeply.

“I love you Dream.”

“I love you too, Twilight.”

In the present…

“Bondage, mother!” said the younger Twilight shocked. “I’m finding out that I never really ever knew my mom!”

Twilight Velvet snickered.

“My sweet baby girl,” said Velvet, “in a way, that Twilight Velvet was another pony. Yet I’m still the same pony then as now. The most important thing about me is the love of my family. My wife, my mate (your father), Shiny and you. All of you are the reason I live.

If anything, this information should be something to be happy about. You found out today that you have another mother. And I can tell you that she really does love you. Anytime I visit, she has to know what you’ve been doing. She asks about Shiny as well, but you are in the newspapers so much. She is so very proud of you… As am I. How could I not, you’re a Twilight.”

The two mares hugged and just felt the love between them. She was understanding the whole ‘Being a Twilight’ thing.

The two released the hug and kissed a mother/daughter kiss. Then they sat back. Twilight Velvet looked at the clock.

“It’s getting late,” said Twilight Velvet. “Are you and Applejack going to be in Canterlot tomorrow?”

“I think we can stay a bit longer,” said the daughter, “let me say goodnight to dad, Shiny, Cadence and Flurry. AJ and I’ll be back in the morning. Maybe we can have a picnic in the park. Afterward, I’d really like to hear what happened next.

Not the bondage, especially after what I picked up on after leaving Dream Walker’s room! By the way, thanks, thanks a lot!”

“For what,” giggled the mother.

“It got me so aroused that AJ expects that level of passion from now on!”

Both mares laughed hard, and hugged.

“I love you so much, mom.”

“I love you too, my sweet daughter.”

Later at the tower, she and AJ were in bed. The afterglow of their lovemaking had lulled Twilight’s lover to sleep.

Unfortunately, Twilight couldn’t get to sleep. Every time she closed her eyes, another shocking image of her mother bound and gagged, her legs tied to the bed posts or her legs tied together with her rump in the air and tail secured aside.

In every situation, her mother and Dream Walker were actively engaged in mare to mare sex acts.

The most disturbing thing was Twilight, the daughter, was so very much aroused. She was wondering if this was just natural curiosity or if her mother had planted these images in her mind as a joke. But she remembered that her mother couldn’t do that. It was only the emotions she’d picked up on earlier.

So this was her own, as Discord would say, sick and twisted imagination.

She was so warm down there, Twilight couldn’t take it anymore.

“Jackie, Honey,” said Twilight nudging AJ.

“What s’up Sugar Cube?” AJ groggily replied.

“Would you mind if I tried something?”

“Why would I mind,” said AJ, half asleep.

“Good,” said Twilight giving Applejack a little kiss.

There was a flash and suddenly AJ was on her back, each leg tied securely to the four corners of the bed.

“What the hay?” said Applejack, surprised and suddenly wide awake. But she was smiling.

“The safe word is peaches!” said Twilight.

Then Twilight leapt on her lover’s chest. Her muzzle at AJ’s nether regions and her own marehood above AJ’s muzzle.

“I think we need to get this rodeo started!” said Twilight levitating AJ’s hat off the dresser to her own head. Then diving into Applejack’s marehood.

“Ride ‘em cowpony,” said Applejack starting to pleasure Twilight.

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