As Hard As Velvet

by Stormbringer

First published

Princess Twilight Sparkle is amazed at the revelations of her mother’s past loves and career. Do we really know who our parents were?

During a trip to visit with her family in Canterlot, Princess Twilight Sparkle sees a picture on the wall at the Royal Guard Headquarters. The picture and the caption blows her mind.

Twilight Velvet tells her daughter about a past that she hadn’t hidden but never had brought up before.

The things about her mother, Twilight never expected. Including who she is really married to and how her father fits into this. Since everypony is coming clean about themselves, Twilight introduces her marefriend of 3 years… Applejack.

The Sex and Gore labels are for mild implied sex and brief gore.

PROLOGUE: Celestia’s School For Gifted Unicorns

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Twilight’s mother was looking for her daughter, the train from Vanhoover was leaving for Canterlot in about an hour. She’d turned the house upside down looking for her willful daughter.

‘Why can’t she be more like her sister?’ The mother thought.

“Because her sister is just like her father was and Twilight is just like me, or how I was at her age,” answered the mother out loud. “I guess this is my punishment for that.”

Unfortunately, if Twilight didn’t want to be found, with her special talent, it was almost impossible.

“Twilight!” shouted the mother, “enough is enough young filly. No more tricks! Get your flanks out here now! You’re going to school, and you’re going today!”

Twilight walked out from a closet the mother looked in four times, she was hanging her head. There wasn’t time to scold her for doing that to her again. The mother was proud of her daughter, but she didn’t like her using her special talent on herself and especially her sister. So Twilight, the mother, would have to check to see if Twilight, the daughter, was doing her chores and not tricking her sister into doing them.

The daughter didn’t like to be called ‘Twilight’. It was a family tradition that a female from every generation was named Twilight. So as not to be confused, she liked to go by her other name. But her mother used ‘Twilight’ when she was upset at her.

“Mom,” said Twilight, “I don’t wanna go away to school. All my friends are here in Vanhoover. Why do I have to go to Canterlot?”

“Honey,” said the mother, “being selected for Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns is a great honor. Don’t you want to be taught by the princess?”

“Why can’t sissy be honored and go be taught by the princess?”

“Sweetie,” said the mother, “your sister is good at magic. But she isn’t old enough and isn’t as gifted as you. And your type of magic is rare.”

“But mom!”

“That’s enough young filly! Get your saddle bag and we’re leaving for the train now!”

Anypony else, Twilight would have continued the argument, but Twilight respected her mother so much that she’d do what she was told, even if she didn’t like it. Perhaps the fact of growing up without a father was part of the behavioral issues. But even before the accident that took her father, there was a great connection between mother and daughter.

Twilight sulked most of the trip to Canterlot. She tried to hide her enjoyment at seeing the countryside go by.

When they got to the capitol city, Twilight was amazed. It wasn’t as large as Vanhoover, but with the castle and architecture, it was breathtaking.

There at the station, was a passenger wagon with C.S.G.U. on the side. Twilight, her little sister and their mother climbed aboard. There were several other families on there already.

It didn’t take long to get to school on the castle grounds. There were several ponies there as well. They were all ushered into a classroom by several of the teachers. The perspective students were told to take a seat at the desks. The adults and siblings sat on cushions at the back.

After a few minutes, a very tall and beautiful Alicorn pony entered the room. She had a regal necklace and tiara. Her cutie mark was a large sun that covered most of her flank, Twilight had heard some adults, a little disrespectfully, refer to the princess as ‘Sun Butt’, now she knew why.

Her mane and tail flowed as if a secret breeze was blowing it. All the adults stood and bowed, the children followed their parents example.

Twilight was mesmerized with the elegant Alicorn.

“Please sit, everypony,” said the Alicorn. “for anypony who doesn’t know, I’m Princess Celestia. Yes, I’m the ruler of Equestria, and one of my duties is raising the sun and moon every day.

But my favorite duty is teaching here at the school for gifted unicorns.

You’re all here for the final entrance exam. Even if you don’t make it this time, don’t lose heart. To be chosen for testing is a great honor and speaks greatly about you. And you’ll be able to retake this next year.”

Twilight found her loophole!

She had to pass the test to stay.

So if she failed…

Twilight in her zeal to do a bad job, got every question wrong. She didn’t realize how obvious this would be.

When the scores were announced, every test participant passed except for Twilight. Her mother looked disappointed at the 0% score and didn’t like the smug look on Twilight’s face.

As the ponies were leaving, the Princess approached Twilight and her family.

“I’m sorry you didn’t pass the test,” said the princess, “I’ve heard good things about you.”

“You have?” asked Twilight.

“Yes, too bad you won’t be here. It would’ve been fun.”

Twilight never considered that this school could be fun.

“I tell you what,” said the princess, “would you do me a big favor? I know it sounds silly and I know you’re really better than your test scores. But there’s a math problem on the board as you may’ve noticed. Professor Quill over in the corner knows the answer, but he’s being sneaky and won’t tell anypony the answer. Would you see if you can solve it for me? Please?

It’d mean a lot to me.”

“Okay, ma’am,” said Twilight. Feeling honored to do a favor for the princess.

She walked to the chalk board and looked at the problem. It looked like gibberish to her. There were numbers, letters and symbols that Twilight didn’t recognize at that time. She’d no idea how she’d solve it.

The normal way.

This didn’t concern her, she looked at the professor then closed her eyes. It took a little more effort than she had to use on her family and friends, but the answer was seen in her mind.

Twilight then levitated chalk and wrote the answer on the board without even opening her eyes. Then she walked back to her mother and the princess.

“Congratulations on passing the test, Twilight,” said the princess with a smile.

“Excuse me?” said Twilight a little confused.

“Not all tests are on parchment.” Said the mother.

Twilight realized that she’d been manipulated to exercise her special talent. But she admired how sneaky this princess could be, she was liking her a lot.

“The professor is a hard nut to crack,” said the princess, “what you did was very impressive, especially that quickly and at your age.”

Professor Quill walked to the gathered ponies.

“Your Highness, she overcame mid-level shields. Very impressive for one so young. Congratulations, Twilight,” said Professor Quill, patting Twilight on the head and leaving. “I’ll be keeping an eye on you.”

“Twilight, you have a very special gift.” Continued the princess, “I don't think I've ever come across a unicorn with your raw abilities with this talent.”

“Ma’am?” said Twilight humbled at the praise.

“But you need to learn to tame these abilities through focused study.”

“Huh?!” Twilight wasn’t sure where this was going.

“Twilight I'd like to make you my own personal protégée here at the school.”

“Huh?!” Twilight wasn’t sure what exactly this meant.


Twilight looked at Twilight Glow, her mother, who smiled and nodded her head.

“I will on one condition, Your Highness,” said Twilight.

“What’s that, my child?” said the princess with a smile.

“Can everypony please call me Velvet?”

“How about, Twilight Velvet?”

“That’d do, ma’am. I get so confused thinking that somepony is talking to my mom.”

The ponies laughed.

Twilight would joke in later years that she got into C.S.G.U. by failing the written test worse than anypony in the school’s history.

CHAPTER ONE: A Mother’s Confession

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Princess Twilight Sparkle was walking through the Royal Guard wing of the castle. She was here to meet her parents, Shining, Cadence and Flurry Heart in the Guard’s office. Actually, as long as Twilight lived and went to school in Canterlot, she hadn’t been in this part of the castle since Shining was a cadet and the family escorted him to the barracks to start his training.

It was embarrassing that as she’d go down a hall or enter a room, somepony would call the troops to attention. Although she did find it a little funny when she reflected on it, that she actually now out ranked her brother.

As she navigated the final hallway, she noticed pictures on the wall of the past commanders and heroes. Twilight was only glancing at the portraits, but one reached out and stopped her in her tracks.

The face was the first face she saw when she was born. A face of the pony that had been her greatest support and her greatest love. But the rest of the picture and the plaque beneath were puzzling.

It was clearly her mother, quite a bit younger by 20 or 30 years. Twilight had heard that her mother had retired from the guard, but this was new. Unlike Shining’s uniform, her mother was in a black Royal Guard uniform and black beret. Both had an embroidered Ψ on them. On her shoulder board was a crown and a Ψ inside a wreath.

But the inscription under the picture blew her mind:

Field Marshal Twilight Velvet

Commandant, 1st Special Ψ Unit

There was a date span from before she and Shining were born.

Field Marshal Twilight Velvet?” said Twilight out loud. “1st Special Ψ Unit? What the hay is that?”

“Yes honey,” said a voice behind herself. Many ponies said it was hard to tell who was talking, the mother’s and daughter’s voice was almost identical. Before she became an Alicorn, to look them, the only difference was the coloration and cutie mark. “I guess this is something I should’ve told you before now. And after dinner at home, I promise to tell you everything.”

The two mares hugged, Twilight never felt as loved and safe as in her mother’s embrace. Even now that she was an adult.

“I never did like that picture,” said the mother as she and her daughter released the hug and turned to look at the picture.

Both Twilight’s were alone in Twilight Velvet’s ‘office’. The daughter had seen this room many times in the past, but it was the first time she really looked at the pictures, certificates and medals on the walls.

Twilight Velvet had come into the room, levitating a tea set. She served her daughter tea and then sat by her on the sofa.

“Darling,” said the mother, “you were the princess’ protégée, but I’m sure you know you weren’t the first.”

“Yes mom, I know that before me there was Sunset Shimmer, until she ran away through the Crystal Mirror because she felt that she wasn’t advancing quick enough. Before her, there was Cadence. But before her, I’m not sure.”

“Well that’s a good start,” said the mother, “but you’ve missed a couple.”


“There’s no protégée currently. And as you know, there isn’t always one at any one time, sometimes there’s many, many years in between. You were the last in that position. But before you was Sunset Shimmer as you know. You’ve met her, or so I’ve heard.”

“Yes, she’s now a good friend, in spite of living in the human world.”

“That’s right, but there was another ‘dropout’ before Sunset Shimmer and after Cadence.”

“Oh, who? Do I know them?”

“As a matter of fact, you do.” Said the mother, “I believe she’s the best friend of your pupal.”

“You don’t mean…” said the daughter in wide-eyed shock.

“Her name is Trixie Lulamoon.”

“Trixie was Celestia’s protégée?” said the daughter in shock. “that explains a lot of her earlier attitude toward me. Then was Cadence before her?”

“Yes,” said the mother, “she was the first non-unicorn protégée for many, many centuries. And she was in the protégée position for many years, partially because she was elevated to an Alicorn Princess early and needed a lot of extra guidance. Also she was without a family so the princess adopted her as a niece. Our family was a kind of substitute family support while she was your foalsitter. It’s how Shiny and she first met.

But you knew all that (the daughter nodded her head). Several years before Cadence, there was a pony named Cassiopeia. A very bright and promising student. It was thought that she might become the next Alicorn Princess.”

“I think I may’ve heard the name but I’m not sure, what ever happened with her?”

“She disappeared, assumed perished in an expedition into the Arimaspi Territory. So sad, she was as nice a pony as you’d ever want to meet.”

Twilight remembered a simple monument in the castle gardens dedicated to Cassiopeia, but she never asked who it was.

“Who was before Cassiopeia?”

Twilight Velvet smiled and held her daughters hoof.

“That’d have been me.”

“You were Princess Celestia’s protégée?”

“Well don’t say that as if it were an impossibility! That your dumb ol’ mother might’ve been a special pony at one time.” Said the mother with an amused look on her face.

“No mom,” said the daughter hugging her mother, “I didn’t mean that at all! My mom has always been special. It’s just so much information is being dumped on me that I’m having trouble following.

Princess Celestia’s protégée.

A Field Marshal in the Royal Guard.

What’s a Special Ψ Unit?

And why were you never elevated to Alicorn Princess?”

“The last question first; because of my talents, being a princess would be too noticeable and a waste of my powers. I… Or we work in secrecy, kind of hard to be an Alicorn and sneak around. (The daughter nodded in understanding this firsthoof.)

Next you may have only heard it called the Special Unit. It’s a unit of the Royal Guard, answerable only to Princess Celestia. And now, thanks to you and your friends, to Princess Luna as well.

Most of the work is clandestine.”

“You were a spy? Like Special Agent Sweetie Drops of Celestia's Monster-Hunting Agency?”

“Hardly,” said the mother rolling her eyes as if somethin demeaning had been suggested. “Celestia's Monster-Hunting Agency handled minor annoyances like bugbears and ursa majors.”

“Minor annoyances!” said the daughter taken aback, “I’ve fought a bugbear and an ursa minor. They were a bit more than a minor annoyance!”

Twilight Velvet giggled at her daughter’s reaction.

“My sweet girl,” said the mother holding her daughter’s hoof, “I know that what you did was not minor to you. You and your friends have faced major peril. But honey, there’s so much more out there that if the common pony knew about, they’d make your friend Fluttershy look like a paragon of bravery.”

“I… I never knew,” said the daughter. “what kind of monsters would those be?”

“A fiendish kind of life form that hides both in the shadows and in the light of day, they live off of the suffering of others. Ones who inflict pain and misery for no more reason than it amuses them. Ones who have no other moral code other than what pleases them. Evil is too mild of a word to describe them.

Death and destruction is their calling card. Broken homes, broken families and broken lives are evidence of their presence.

A predator in the truest sense of the word.

Unfortunately, most of the time, they have to be fought with the same cruelty, violence and finality.”

“They sound truly frightening, have I ever seen one?”

“Yes, my darling daughter, you see them all the time.”


“They’re none other than your fellow ponies.”

The daughter sat in shock, then she put together what her mother just said.

“Are you saying that you’ve killed ponies before?”

“Yes my dear daughter, and I’m not proud of that,” said the mother, neither looking ashamed or proud, “but there are worse things that I’ve had to do to them.”

“Like what?” asked the daughter, not sure that she wanted to hear.

Twilight Velvet looked at the closed door, her horn glowed violet and the door opened.

“Shiny,” called the mother, “could you come in here?”

Shining Armor came into the mother’s room.

Yes, mom?”

“How’re you, Cadence and Flurry Heart doing, my strong and handsome son?”

“We’re doing great, thanks”

A look came over Velvet’s face, her horn glowed. Shining’s face went blank for a moment. Then the mother spoke again.

“How’re you, Cadence and Flurry Heart doing, my strong and handsome son?”

The daughter looked confused with her mother repeating the question.

“Mom, it’s been so terrible, the Crystal Empire was overthrown by a troop of deranged Filly Guide Scouts. Cadence, Flurry Heart and I barely escaped with our lives.” Said Shining, then with tears in his eyes.

“Then Cadence left me for a buffalo and is now selling cotton candy in the circus and Flurry Heart is doing a lion tamer act.

And I’ve been reduced to having to be a stallion’s room attendant at a gentlepony’s club.”

The daughter didn’t know if she should be appalled or break down laughing. The mother just smiled at her daughter, then turned her attention to her son. Her horn glowed again.

“How’re you, Cadence and Flurry Heart doing, my strong and handsome son?”

“We’re doing great, thanks”

“Thank you sweetie,” said the mother, “can you close the door on your way out?”

“Sure mom,” said Shining as he left.

After a moment;

“A Special Ψ Unit is about psionics,” said the mother, “we’re mostly involved with memory retrieval, implanting and psychic warfare.”

“That’s amazing,” said the daughter, “I didn’t think that was legal.”

“It isn’t,” said the mother, “and I hope the Princess of Friendship doesn’t have her poor old mother thrown in the dungeon for what I just did to Shiny.”

“Mom, you know better.”

“I know, but as to legality. There are many things that professionals do that would be illegal for most other ponies to do. Police, soldiers, special agents. They all do things that are legal because they’re done in the name of the Crown.

I know that’s been a poor excuse for some atrocious acts, but for the most part, it’s how ponies are kept safe. And perhaps, they sleep soundly not knowing anything about this.

And when it’s a black ops unit, like a Special Ψ Unit, then it’s our job to help those ponies who are effected to forget about us. Not as a punishment, but to actually alleviate any possible repercussions against them by the ones we fight. The few that figure it out are made to look like crackpot conspiracy theorist. It’s best if the common pony don’t even know or believe we exist.”

The daughter looked frightened and cringed in her seat.

“You’re not going to have to wipe my memory, mom. Are you?”

Twilight Velvet looked gently at her daughter.

“No honey, for two reasons. First, you’re a Twilight. There’s a reason you carry that name. All Twilight’s have been deeply linked. If you work at it, you can discover this.

Second, you’re an Alicorn now, and a princess. You have a need to know, and you’re not susceptible to psionics except perhaps by multiple Alicorns.”

The daughter sat and thought.

“So you’ve never used those powers on us at home?” asked the daughter.

“Who? Me?” said the mother looking slyly amused.

Twilight Velvet closed her eyes for a moment. Her horn glowed. Several minutes later, as Twilight and her mother were talking about more mundane topics, Night Light came into the office levitating a tray with slices of pie and ice cream.

“Here,” said Night Light, “I brought my favorite girls some dessert.”

The father put the tray down, then a strange look came over his face.

“Velvet!” said Night Light, “you’ve done it to me again!”

The husband and wife laughed, kissed then Night Light left.

“So that’s why Shiny and I never got away with anything!”

“Would I do that to you?” asked the mother in mock astonishment.

The two Twilight’s burst out laughing.

“Mom, can you tell me anything about your career?”

“I think I can now tell you a few things. I only hope you’ll be able to sleep at night.” Then with an odd gleam in her eyes, “although I will have to kill you afterwards.”

Twilight was concerned until her mother laughed, and let her daughter know that was a very old joke among the security community.


It started right after I graduated from C.S.G.U…”


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Many years before…

Twilight had graduated training under Princess Celestia. The princess told her student that she’d always be her mentor.

Now Twilight was moving her things from the castle to the Royal Guard barracks. She was enrolled in the Officer’s Candidate School. Twilight was told that her talents would be wasted as a commercial Ψ arbitrator.

The princess had warned Twilight that her drill instructor was a real Ass…


He, for some reason, didn’t like the classification of Donkey.

Most thought it was a way for Sargent First Class Jack to mess with the ponies heads.

Being she was a class officer in OCS, Twilight was in a room that was for four ponies. She was told that she had to keep to a higher standard than the enlisted ponies who had to live and sleep in open bays. But it was most surprising that her cadet rank was higher than the other students, plus there were no other ponies in her room.

The D I was going from room to room checking on the cadets. He was bellowing at every pony, making their first day a pain. Twilight heard the SFC at the room next to hers. He was making the mares in that room do pushups.

“Keep pushing Canterlot into the ground! And I’ll know if you didn’t do them all!” he shouted leaving the room.

He came to Twilight’s room, looked at the name slip by the door. Instead of barging in the open door, he knocked.

“Cadet Captain Velvet, may I enter?”

Twilight didn’t know if this was a trick or what.

“Of course, D I Jack,” said Twilight.

“I wanted to see if everything is okay and you’ll be comfortable.”

“Yes D I, everything is good, thanks for checking.”

“Thank you, we’ll be falling out to get uniforms issued in 30 minutes. So stow your gear and be ready for the call.”

“Thank you D I.” Said Twilight.

Twilight returned to putting what little she was allowed to bring away. Then she sat on a cushion on the floor by a window and waited.

While waiting, a mare came to the door. She looked at the name and smiled.

“Hey! Cadet Captain Velvet, I’m Cadet Lieutenant Heather, the cadet XO. I guess we’re responsible for our company. That means if the company screws up, we get to hear about it…

Loud and clear.” Heather snickered, knowing that it was all part of game.

“Did the D I get on you about anything?” asked Twilight, “he sure was loud coming down the hall.”

“Yes,” said Heather, “why?”

“Well,” said Twilight, “he asked to come in and spoke in a very civil tone. Why do you think that is?”

“Don’t you know?” asked the XO. Twilight shook her head, “it’s because you’re a spook.”

“What’s a spook?” asked Twilight, but Heather didn’t get to answer, a very attractive older mare in an officer’s black uniform enter Twilight’s room.

“Attention on deck!” cried Heather.

Both mares snapped to attention. It could’ve been sharper, but they hadn’t even started their training yet and only had a small orientation on military courtesy.

“Cadet Lieutenant,” said the officer, “you’re dismissed.”

“Yes ma’am,” answered Heather who left the room quickly, almost like she was afraid.

The officer walked around Twilight slowly, as if sizing her up.

Twilight could feel something in her mind, trying to enter it. Twilight used what the princess had taught her and resisted with all her might. Then it stopped.

“Very good, Cadet Velvet,” said the officer. Her voice was like silk, but Twilight could tell that there was a fire that could ignite at any moment. Although Twilight was finding it odd, it was a little hard for her not to check out the officer’s flanks. “I’m to be your trainer while you’re here. I can tell that the princess has taught you well.

Aside from your standard Royal Guard training. We’ll work together to assess your Ψ abilities and exercise them to your full potential. Usually while the rest of the company are doing physical combat training. (She said physical as if it were something demeaning and disgusting).

To answer your question, a ‘spook’ is a rather unflattering name for Ψ agents. Ponies like the D I are very careful around us. Mostly afraid what might happen to them if one of us who hasn’t had much or any training, is put under stress and lashes out. More than one drill instructor has had to be committed as a helpless mental vegetable, or worse because some untrained Ψ cadet couldn’t control themselves.”

Then Twilight heard in her mind:

‘By the way, I’m Lieutenant Colonel Dream Walker.

And you were just caught off guard.’

“Be careful about that,” said the officer out loud with a smile. “Carry on, cadet.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Dream Walker turned and left the room.

‘What a hot mare,’ Twilight was thinking how attractive that mare was. She never saw any problem with two mares being together because of the lack of stallions. ‘I sure wouldn’t mind getting close with her.’

‘I heard that,’ Twilight heard a chuckle in her head, it felt like the Colonel was amused yet there was something else Twilight couldn’t identify.

Twilight blushed, it really was the first time she’d thought a mare was attractive in that way.

From the hall, it was heard:

“You have one minute to fall in everypony! and 30 seconds are already gone!”

The company stood outside the barracks at attention, the D I instructed them to form up in four ranks these were to be their squads, there was a designated OCS squad leader.

Unlike a lot of other militaries, the OCS and basic enlisted trained together. The class CO, XO and squad leaders were OCS while the balance of the troops were enlisted.

Twilight and Heather were instructed that they were to stand in the center in front of the squads. This was to be their assigned positions for the rest of the training unless some change was made from higher up or for disciplinary actions.

Then the D I told the Company officers that they will be leading the troops marching after today, and they needed to learn quickly.

The company were instructed how to do a facing movement and the officers moved to the front end of the formation. Then the D I gave them the order to march. He went up and down the formation, shouting at the troops to get in step, or that they were not in proper spacing.

The company was marched around the parade grounds for a good two hours until they were marched to a building next to the barracks.

‘Talk about going around the block to get to next door,’ thought Twilight with a smile.

Being it was an all-female company they were directed to the same door to receive their uniform issue.

The OCS members were taken to an adjoining room, all but Twilight.

Names were called out and the company filed into the uniform issue line. They received dress uniforms along with their armor that would be their uniform for training and mostly when they would be in their permanent companies.

“Cadet Captain Velvet,” a pony called, it was a female sergeant in black uniform. “come with me.”

Twilight followed the NCO to a totally different room. There she was measured and was issued black dress uniforms along with a couple of black berets. On each collar of the uniforms and on the berets was an embroidered silver Ψ. Pin on cadet rank devices were issued as well. Once graduated, the rank would be on embroidered shoulder boards.

As she collected the uniform issue and placed them in a black duffle bag, she was instructed to put a uniform on. Then she looked around her.

“Is there a problem cadet?” asked the NCO.

“Do I get armor later?” asked Twilight.

The NCO chuckled.

“Cadet,” she said, “we Ψ agents don’t go into battle except in our minds. You’ll learn all the mental armor from your trainer.”

“Oh, okay,” said Twilight, “thank you sergeant.”

The sergeant offered her hoof, Twilight shook it.

“Welcome aboard, cadet. Remember us little ponies.”

“I promise I will.” Replied Twilight with a smile.

Twilight went to the outside of the building and waited for the rest of the company. There was D I Jack waiting for the troops.

“Looking sharp Cadet Velvet,” said the D I.

Twilight was glad the rest of the company hadn’t come out yet.

“D I Jack,” said Twilight. “If you’d please, I was Princess Celestia’s protégée. I’ve had a lot of training at this point. Perhaps more than the normal cadet.

So I’m not going to accidently scramble your mind. Please don’t treat me any different from the rest. I’m going to stand out in this black uniform as it is. If I’m to lead them, I want them to relate to me, not see me as some special case.

So I don’t want any special treatment.”

“That’s officer thinking, Cadet Velvet,” said the D I with a smile. “Very well, in that case, because the items in your room weren’t put away when I got there.

(Then loudly) Get down and give me 30 pushups, NOW!

“Thank you D I,” said Twilight who complied with the order.

“You’re welcome,” said the D I with a chuckle, “now PUSH!

The rest of the company filed out and saw Twilight doing pushups.

CHAPTER THREE: The New Life Continues

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Three Intense Moons Later…

Princess Celestia had finished speaking to the graduating class. The commissions had all been handed out except for one.

“And finally,” said Princess Celestia, “the final graduate is the Cadet CO, Twilight Velvet. She graduates with zero demerits and perfect test scores. She’d been my protégée and I, along with her family are so very proud of the pony before us.

LTC Dream Walker…”

“Front and center cadet,” called out the Ψ officer.

Twilight marched sharply to the officer and saluted. She was already wearing the two pips of 1st. Lieutenant, a step above the rest of the graduating officer class. A certificate was levitated to Twilight.

‘Thank you ma’am,’ thought Twilight.

‘It was my pleasure, you’ll make Special Ψ Unit proud.’ Thought Dream Walker. ‘You’ve made me so very proud, Twilight.’

It was the first time the senior pony used her first name, Twilight thought she’d take a chance.

‘It really makes me happy to hear that… Dream.’

The LTC nodded slightly and smiled a warm smile.

“It’s my pleasure to present the commission of 1st. Lieutenant. And the Royal Guard Achievement Medal for your perfect performance in training.” Said Dream Walker, pinning a medal on Twilight’s jacket. They saluted each other and then Twilight returned to the head of the formation.

“Company,” commanded D I Jack. “Pass and review!”

The military band commenced a march tune and the company marched in front of the reviewing stand, then off the field and back to the barracks.

Twilight had, that morning, packed all her things in her bag and retrieved it from her room. Her orders assigned her to the 1st Special Ψ Unit at Canterlot Castle.

As she exited the barracks, D I Jack was there. It’s a military custom that the first enlisted pony to salute a new officer would be given a silver bit.

As Twilight approached, he snapped to attention and rendered a sharp salute.

Twilight returned the salute and levitated a gold bit to the sergeant.

“Thank you D I Jack, for everything,” said Twilight who surprised the SFC and hugged him.

“You’re very welcome, Lieutenant,” said the D I and then with a smirk. “And thank you for not scrambling my brain. Although my wife might argue that you would’ve been too late.

Make me and Equestria proud, Lt. Velvet.”

The two laughed and went their own way.

Twilight had a week’s leave before reporting to her new unit.

After the years at C.S.G.U and her military boot camp, Canterlot Castle felt like home. As the train pulled into the station in the shadow of the magnificent Castle, Twilight breathed a deep sigh. She collected her duffle bag and went to the Castle. She made the familiar trek to the Throne Room. Once there, Twilight saw the princess. In spite of protocol, she rushed in and hugged Celestia.

“Twilight!” said the princess excitedly and returning the hug, “my faithful student!”

Then Twilight remembered herself, after all, she was in uniform. The two guards on either side of the dais smirked. Twilight backed down two steps.

“Sorry, Your Highness,” said Twilight with a grin and saluted, “Lieutenant Velvet reporting.”

Celestia chuckled.

“There was a time, when my sister was still here, she’d forget herself and show emotion. In spite of her always using formal speech patterns and the Traditional Royal Canterlot Voice. I actually think she just liked to yell at ponies.”

“She would’ve gotten along well with D I Jack,” snickered Twilight, the princess smiled, “I wish I could’ve met her.”

“Perhaps one day,” said Celestia sadly, “maybe one day somepony will come along and will be able to bring her back.”

“I hope that too, princess.”

“In spite of this happy ‘homecoming’, I think you have to check in with the Ψ unit. General Moon Light is most eager to meet you. I took the liberty of talking about you to him. Don’t worry, I made sure to mention that there should be no special treatment for my star student and protégée.”

“Thank you, princess, I’ll make you proud.”

“You already have,” said the princess with a warm smile.

Twilight was walking to the wing of the castle designated for the Ψ unit. At the opening to the passageway to the unit was a sign:

Official Ψ Ponies Only

Twilight smiled thinking she was an ‘Official Ψ Pony’. There were plenty of ponies in and out of offices. Most would smile and nod to her. But Twilight was starting to be puzzled. There were none in uniform. This alone made her feel like she was standing out worse than in boot camp. However, she could feel mental activity all around her. An occasional probe, but nothing too deep was attempted, more like checking identity or saying hello.

Soon enough she made it to the Ψ unit office. Here were the first ponies in uniform Twilight had seen in this section of the castle.

There at a desk was an enlisted Ψ agent. He stood, came to attention and saluted.

Twilight returned the salute.

“I assume you’re Lt. Velvet, ma’am.”

“That’s right Corporal, I’m here to report to General Moon Light.”

“He’s expecting you, go right in.”

“Thank you Corporal, carry on.”

The Non Com saluted, Twilight returned the salute then walked to the inner office door as the Corporal returned to work.

Twilight used her magic to straighten her uniform. She did want to make a good impression. She wasn’t intimidated as other junior officers might have been having to report to such a senior officer. After all, she’d spent most of her school years living with and instructed by the ruling princess.

Twilight knocked on the door.

“Come!” was the voice from inside.

Twilight entered the office, closed the door and walked in front of the General’s desk. She then rendered a salute.

“1st Lt. Twilight Velvet reporting for duty, sir!”

The General looked up and smiled. He returned the salute in the casual way senior officers do who have saluted most of their lives and now have nopony to impress.

“At ease Lt. have a seat.”

“Thank you sir.”

“Would you mind if we ‘Ψ speak’?”

‘Not at all, sir,’ said Twilight in her mind.

Ψ speak is the way Ψ agents communicate, especially if they want to keep it confidential.

‘Lt.’ thought the General, ‘I’ve heard a lot of good things about you. You should’ve heard how the princess went on about you. We’re expecting good things from you.’

‘Thank you, sir. I’ll do my best.’

‘We have no doubt you will, Lt. Okay, down to business,’ thought the General, ‘first things first. Unless it’s an official function or you get assigned to an office, which would be a total waste of your talents, you’ll not be wearing the uniform.’

Twilight had an odd look on her face, the General could feel the slight confusion.

‘Soldier, when we work, we work clandestine and try not to bring attention to ourselves. You can’t be covert and wear such a smart and attractive uniform. You’d kind of stand out.’

‘Understood, sir.’ Thought Twilight with a chuckle.

‘Now as to your duties. You’ll be assigned to a senior officer, the two of you will work as a team or will lead squads on missions. Normally, the senior officer would be chosen by roster rotation. But there’s an officer that’s requested to work with you.’

The General looked to the door and called out;

“Come on in please.”

A very familiar pony entered the room.

“Lieutenant Colonel Dream Walker!” said Twilight excitedly.

‘The Colonel requested to work with you,’ thought the General. ‘Apparently, she was impressed with your talents. I find that encouraging, I’ve found her a hard officer to please.’

‘I’ve found that out the hard way,’ thought Velvet with an audible chuckle. Dream Walker smiled.

‘General,’ thought Dream Walker, ‘thank you for this opportunity. I’m sure when I’m done with her, she’ll be a most apt Ψ officer.’

‘I’m sure you will,’ thought the general with an odd inflection.

“Come with me, Lieutenant.” Said the senior officer.

“Yes ma’am,” replied Twilight.

Twilight stood, she and Dream Walker saluted the General and departed. They could hear the General chuckle as the door closed.

Twilight didn’t have to be told to follow the LTC. They went up several levels. Twilight was curious when they passed the floor that was the junior officer billets and continued up to the senior officer rooms. Then down a hall to a nondescript door.

They opened a door that had a plaque reading:

Lieutenant Colonel Dream Walker

Senior Training Officer

1st. Special Ψ Unit

The two entered, the door closed. Twilight thought that despite this being a suite of rooms for a career soldier, it was quite feminine and homey.

Dream Walker looked her new assistant over, with more than professional interest.

“Velvet, I can take you to the room assigned to you or…”

Dream Walker didn’t get to finish. Twilight knew where this was going so she launched herself at the older mare, kissing her deeply.

No other words were spoken. With their Ψ abilities, words were not needed, even telepathically. It was all pure shared emotions.

Their emotions mixed in each other’s mind. It was a level of passion and intimacy that non-Ψ ponies never get to experience.

Both officers would have normally removed and put away their uniforms neatly. But their uniforms fell to the floor in a mixed pile as the two stumbled to the bedroom, trying to walk and kiss at the same time.

A couple hours later, Dream was on her back and Twilight was holding her close with her head resting on Dream’s shoulder. Her free hoof stroking the fine coat of the dark blue mare’s belly, occasionally down to her nipples.

“Colonel…” started Twilight.

“Dream,” said Dream Walker. “In here and in non-work or clandestine situations, just Dream. I don’t want my potential marefriend and partner to think she has to salute me in bed. That’s if this arrangement will be alright with you.”

Twilight looked up and kissed Dream Walker a small but honest kiss.

“Dream,” said Twilight, “I’ve wanted to do this since the second month of boot camp, It was so hard to concentrate on your lessons at times.”

“I can feel that this was your first time,” said Dream. “I’m honored.”

“Yes it was,” said Twilight, “and I’m glad it was with you.”

Twilight kissed Dream again.

“Truthfully Twilight,” said Dream, “I’ve wanted this as well. If we continue this, will you be able to take orders outside our rooms?”

Twilight caught the inflection on our.

“Yes ma’am!” said Twilight with a snicker, “command me, Colonel!”

“Lieutenant,” said Dream Walker, sounding commanding, “I must test your endurance with more close order drill.”

“Understood, Ma’am!” Said Twilight as she turned herself to Dream’s marehood.

CHAPTER FOUR: A Daughter’s Amazement

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“Mom!” said the daughter, “you’re lover was…

A mare?”

Twilight Velvet snickered and pointed to a portrait on the wall of a dark blue mare in black uniform, she was a very attractive older mare. She was oddly familiar looking, but Twilight couldn’t place her.

“Dream was my first lover and my first love.”
“Does dad know?”
“Of course he does,” said Twilight Velvet. “And what’s wrong with that? It doesn’t appear to bother you and…


“Mom!” said the daughter, “I thought you said using psionics on me wouldn’t work!”
“It doesn’t,” snickered the mother. “I just know my daughter hasn’t shown any real attraction to colts. And she has some very close friends. You can’t be that close without some attractions happening. I just guessed that the one pony that was closest to you in temperament and sensibilities would be your choice.

And honey, you could do so much worse than Applejack.

Like that arrogant showoff, Rainbow Dash.

Or that drama queen peacock, Rarity.”

“Mom!” exclaimed the daughter, “they’re not that bad!”
“I know honey, I was just kidding, and I know that you love them, they’ve been good friends of yours.
But Applejack is an attractive, hardworking mare. I’m glad for the two of you. Next time you come to Canterlot, bring her with you. I’d like to get to know her better.”

The mother and daughter hugged.

“So tell me more,” said the daughter.
“Honey,” said Velvet, “it’s getting late. I’ll be happy to talk to you about this some more tomorrow. You can stay here tonight if you want.”
“That’s okay, I think Shining and Cadence want to use my old room for Flurry Heart. Besides, I really do need to go to my tower.”
“We have a guest room you can sleep in,” said the mother.
Applejack is waiting on me at the tower…
“What’s that honey?” said the mother with a smile. Twilight Velvet heard her, but from the blush, it was fun to make her daughter repeat it.
“Applejack is waiting on me at the tower,” said the daughter blushing even brighter.
”Why didn’t you bring here with you today?”
“She had work at Sweet Apple Acres,” said Sparkle, “she was to meet me tonight and I was going to bring her here for breakfast.”
“Good!” said the mother, “I have so much to tell her about her marefriend.”
“And being she’s not an Alicorn. I’ll be able to tell what my daughter has been up to.”
“You wouldn’t!”
“No honey,” laughed Velvet, “I wouldn’t.”

The two laughed, hugged and went out to say good night to the rest of the family.

Outside Twilight’s tower, Twilight could see dim lights on in the lower level. But from the top where the sleeping area was, under the glass dome was a brighter light burning. Twilight smiled.

After entering and locking the door she called out.

“Jackie, honey!” called out Twilight.
“Up here Sugar Cube!” came AJ’s response.
Twilight happily trotted up the stair into the open forelegs of her marefriend. As they kissed they tumbled onto the bed and was soon deep into their lovemaking.

A couple hours later, the couple were snuggled together in their afterglow.

“What’s up Sugar Cube?” said Applejack seeing an odd look on Twilight’s face, “ain’t Ah cuttin’ the mustard in bed no more fer ya… Princess?”
“No Jackie, nothing like that. You make love splendidly!” said Twilight, using the pet name only she used. “I’ve just learned a lot about my mother today and am trying to put it together.”
“Like what, Lover Pony?” said AJ, giving Twilight a small kiss.
“We’ve been together about 3 years now, we’ve realized and confessed our love to each other. But I’m starting to feel odd hiding it like we have.”
“Ah have no problem with bein’ open ’bout it.” Said Applejack, “Ah’d love for our friends and family to share in our joy. Ah love ya so much Twilight, and to tell the truth, hidein’ it only makes it feel like we’re doin’ somethin’ dirty. Or that we’re ’shamed of what we’re doin’.”
“Then would you mind coming with me to my parents’ house in the morning?” said Twilight.
“No problem Sugar Cube,” said Applejack holding Twilight closer, “Ah’d love to get to know yer folks better.
What brought this up, Sweetie?”
“Remember how you were shocked when you found out the things about your parents that you didn’t know?”
“I found out some things about my mom’s past I never would’ve guessed. I knew she was in the Royal Guard, but oh boy! I didn’t know how much. And believe it or not,” said Twilight with a gleam in her eyes, “I found out my mother’s first lover was a mare!”
“Oh! No!” said AJ in mock shock, “how shameful!”
Twilight suddenly climbed on top of AJ, AJ snickered.
“I’ll show you how shameful!” said Twilight.

Soon AJ and Twilight were making love again with vigor.

Twilight and AJ entered the Sparkle home. The two were very happy because of their decision to ‘come out’ and tell everypony about their relationship.

“Anypony home?” asked Twilight.

Twilight’s mother came trotting into the front room from the kitchen.

“You’re here,” said Twilight Velvet excitedly.
She trotted over to the couple and to Twilight’s surprise and amusement, her mother passed by herself and she hugged and kissed Applejack.
“I’ve been waiting to meet you and get to know you better,” said the mother.
She took AJ by the hoof and led her into the kitchen. Twilight stared at the door that the two mares had disappeared through.
“Don’t I even get a hello?” said Twilight to nopony there.
Twilight’s mother stuck her head out the door and called out to her perplexed daughter.
“Don’t just stand there in the door silly! You’ll let all the flies out1. Get your flanks in here and help me and this beautiful mare fix breakfast!”
Twilight chuckled as she went to join her mother and marefriend.

It wasn’t long before the breakfast was fixed and was set on the table. Twilight Velvet called the rest of the family in to eat. As Shining, Cadence and Flurry Heart came in, they noticed Applejack. They’d been told about Twilight’s marefriend last night and reported that they knew her quite well.

“Applejack!” said Cadence trotting up to the Earth Pony.
“Hello princess,” said AJ hugging Cadence.
“Applejack,” said Cadence, “you might as well be family now. My family calls me ‘Cadence’. Does Twilight have you address her as princess?”
“No,” said AJ with a smirk. “But she does make me bow to her before getting in the bed with her!”
“Jackie!” exclaimed Twilight.
“Applejack,” said Shining, “Cadence has me do that as well.”
“So its gang up on the princesses day,” said Twilight the daughter.
“Perhaps we should make some royal decrees to these common ponies, Twilight,” said Cadence.
“Yes,” said Twilight the younger, “and I can think of a couple when we get back to the tower!”
Everypony laughed.

After breakfast everypony sat around just talking. Because of the size of the meal, everypony was starting to fade out. Shining and Cadence took Flurry back to their room. Applejack, Twilight, Night Light and Twilight Velvet were in the living room. After a time. Night Light and Applejack were snoozing on their chairs. Twilight Velvet got up and motioned her daughter to follow.

Twilight Velvet had some strong coffee for herself and her daughter. They went into the mother’s office and pulled the door almost closed.

“They’ll be in a waffle coma for some time.” Said Velvet, “we can talk some more if you would like.”
“I’d love that, mom.”

CHAPTER FIVE: Twilight’s First Major Mission

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Several years after Twilight’s assignment to 1st Special Ψ Unit…

‘Twilight!’ said a commanding voice in Twilight’s head. ‘Stop dreaming about my marehood and get up! For Celestia’s sake, I would’ve thought you’d have gotten enough last night.’

‘Dream Lover,’ thought Twilight smiling without opening her eyes, ‘can I help it if I’m in love with a magnificent mare who’s marehood is to die for!’

Dream Walker climbed back on the bed and embraced and kissed the younger mare.

“You’re going to make me old before my time,” said Dream Walker out loud.

“Then I better get all I can now,” answered Twilight.

“Okay,” said Dream Walker with a smile. “One more time and then you’ll have to get up.”

“Yes ma’am!” said Twilight in mock professionalism.

They were having to wear their uniforms today, so Twilight was helping Dream to get dressed. It wasn’t necessary, but Twilight said it was as arousing as undressing her lover.

Then Dream returned the favor. Then she had a surprise for Twilight.

“Twilight, your shoulder boards are getting shabby,” said Dream, “I stopped by the company supply and got some new ones for you.”

“That’s so sweet of you, my love,” said Twilight giving her lover a kiss.

“Problem is, I left them in the company office. So we’ll go there first.”

“Lead on my love,” said Twilight.

The two made their way down to the first floor. Dream Walker turned and walked to the exit, not the direction of the office. There in the courtyard was a large amount of ponies in black uniforms. More than she’d seen at one time since she was assigned.

“Company, Atten-tion!” Called out Dream Walker. “Follow me Twilight.”

“Yes ma’am,” answered Twilight.

They walked to the front of the formation, there was General Moon Light waiting for them. They stopped in front of the general, turned and saluted. The general was grinning like the cat who ate the parasprite.

“Lt. Velvet,” said the general, “what do you think you’re doing coming to this formation out of uniform?”

Twilight was nervous, she glanced at Dream Walker who was hiding a smile.

“I’m surprised at you Lt. Colonel, allowing your assistant to come before us in this manner. I’m not sure if we should give you your promotion to full Colonel!”

There was applause as the general levitated new shoulder boards to Dream Walker. The old ones were removed and the boards with a crown and three pips were put in their place.

‘Congratulations my love,’ thought Twilight. Dream Walker just nodded slightly and smiled.

“Now Colonel,” said the General, “your first duty is to take care of your assistant’s lack of proper uniform.”

Dream Walker turned to be beside the general.

“Twilight Velvet,” said Dream trying to hide a smile. “what do you mean coming before us in improper uniform? Is that anyway for a Captain to set an example?”

Twilight thought she’d cry.

‘You sneaky mare,’ thought Twilight.

‘You know it, that’s my job,’ answered Dream in Twilight’s mind. ‘And I’d kiss you if we weren’t in front of the troops.’

‘I’ll let you make that up later.’ Thought Twilight with a smile.

‘You bet I will!’

New shoulder boards with the three pips of Captain were levitated to Twilight and attached to her uniform.

The company applauded the two newly promoted officers. As the company was brought to attention and then dismissed, the general told Dream and Twilight to follow him to his office.

In the generals office, the general had the two mares sit in chairs in front of his massive desk.

‘Congratulations to both of you,’ thought the general.

‘Thank you, sir,’ thought Twilight and Dream at the same time.

‘As you two are well aware of,’ began the general, ‘with increased rank, comes increased responsibilities and increased risks. The two have performed excellently in past assignments, and at no small danger to your selves.

Due to the risk involved, this next one will be different. But I know that the two of you are up for this but I do have one concern.’

‘What’s that, sir,’ replied Dream.

‘Your relationship.’

‘General…’ started Twilight.

‘At ease Captain,’ thought the general with a smile. ‘Unlike the rest of the service, fraternization is not looked down on in Ψ Units. We are very open to our inner selves more than your garden variety grunt. Therefore relationships, even same sex, are understood as a hazard of the job. As long as it doesn’t interfere with your duties. It even strengthens bonds between agents and gives more motivation to watch the other’s backs.’

The two mares relaxed, looked at each other and took the other’s hoof. The general just smiled.

‘Then what’s the problem sir,’ asked Dream Walker.

‘Colonel,’ started the general, ‘most relationships among agents are close and sometimes intimate. But you two are more than that. I know that the two of you haven’t spoken to each other about it as of yet, but you both have been considering marriage.’

The general smirked at the look on Dream and Twilight’s face.

“You have?” asked Twilight looking at Dream.

“Yes,” said Dream, “you?”

They both smiled greatly.

‘Excuse us a moment, sir,’ thought Dream Walker. The general nodded.

Twilight and Dream kissed a brief but deep kiss.

“We need to talk about this Twilight,” said Dream.

“You bet we will,” said Twilight.

The two kissed a subdued kiss and turned their attention back to the general.

‘Sorry sir,’ thought Dream, ‘please continue.’

‘I think the two might want to do more than think about it. There’s a mission I’m sending the two of you on. It’s to a little village, a couple hours by train called Ponyville. There’s some indications that the place may become important in the near future. So much so, it is rumored that some individuals may be trying to thwart the flow of time.’

‘How important will this be?’ thought Twilight.

‘Does Nightmare Moon mean anything to you?’ thought the general.

‘I thought she was an old mares tale,’ thought Dream. ‘The Mare in the Moon.’

‘I think your partner may have some intel on that,’ thought the general, ‘Captain?’

‘Dream,’ began Twilight, ‘you know that I was Princess Celestia’s protégée. Nightmare Moon is, or was real. She was Princess Luna, Celestia’s younger sister. She became jealous of ponies sleeping through her night and she rebelled against her sister and became Nightmare Moon. Princess Celestia used the Elements of Harmony, whatever those were, and banished her to the moon. The prophesy is that after 1,000 years, the stars will aid in her escape. What I was able to get out of my mentor was that the 1,000 years are only about a generation away. And truthfully, when I asked about stars aiding in her escape, she said it would possibly be the most powerful star.’

‘The most powerful star?’ thought Dream, ‘that would be the sun.’

‘She’d say no more,’ thought Twilight, ‘but I think she was cryptically saying that she’d be the one to free her and give her another chance. From what she’s said, she’s grieved over doing this to her sister from when it happened. Often, I’d catch her outside at night, looking at the moon and crying.’

‘So what does that have to do with Ponyville?’ asked Dream.

‘The intel tells us that Ponyville will be the nexus for this. And unknown ponies who plan to disrupt this, either pro or con, we don’t know. Either could have dire consequences if handled wrong.’ Thought the general. ‘That’s where you two come in. I know it might be rushing it, and I don’t think this matter needs to be addressed right this second. But what would the two of you think of a paid, working honeymoon? It‘d be a nice cover.’

‘Well, let me ask a question first.’ Thought Dream.

“Twilight,” said Dream Walker out loud. “When do you think you could have your family here?”

“Why,” said Twilight with a smirk.

“Twilight Velvet,” said Dream, “Will you marry me?”

Twilight threw herself at Dream and kissed long and deep.

“Can I take that as a yes?”

“Yes my love,” said Twilight, “yes!”

“Very good,” said the general. “We will talk about this again when the two of you hash out the particulars.”

In the present…

“So dad is your second marriage?” said Twilight not believing that she knew so little about her mother’s past.

“No honey,” said Velvet, looking a little sad.

“So you never married Dream Walker?”

“Yes I did.”

“But...” started the daughter.

“I’m still married to her.”

CHAPTER SIX: Dream Walker

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It was later that day, after talking with Night Light and Applejack, The two Twilights told their mates that they had to make a trip to Canterlot Castle. The mates were told of the reason and Applejack was in almost the same shock as Twilight Sparkle. Night Light had no trouble with this and was very supportive to his mate, he made a comment that Twilight the younger didn’t understand at that moment.

“Don’t worry, honey. I still understand and always will.”

“Do you know where we are?” asked the mother.

“I think this is the residence for retired Guard and Guard that require medical assistance,” said Twilight the younger.

“That’s right,” said the mother. “Please don’t be shocked by anything you see or hear. If you have any questions, I’ll happily tell you after we leave.”

“Okay mom.”

They walked through some hallways until they got to a room. The door was open and a mare was in a rocking chair, looking out the window. Despite there being a touch of greying in her coat, the daughter recognized her from the picture in her mother’s office. The mare heard the ponies entering the room and turned to look. There was an almost blank look on her face, until she recognized Twilight Velvet. Twilight Sparkle had never seen such a smile, even on Pinkie Pie.

“Velvet my love? Is it really you? Or is my mind playing tricks on me again?”

“It’s me my Dream Lover,” said Velvet.

The two rushed together and kissed deeply. The daughter was a little uncomfortable seeing her mother kissing another pony. But she realized that technically, her father was the other pony.

“Twilight,” said Dream Walker holding her wife close. “I think of you so much. I feel like I’m about to shake this all off, and I’ll be able to leave this place and be with you again. But then the next thing I know it’s days later and I am on my back in bed. Sometimes I wonder if it would’ve been better if I’d been killed.”

“Oh honey!” said Velvet, tears in her eyes, “don’t talk like that! I wish things had of happened differently, but I wouldn’t trade anything for the time we’ve had together. Then and now.”

“I know,” said the older mare.

Dream Walker noticed the other pony in the room.

“Honey?” said Dream, “can that be our daughter Twilight? She’s an Alicorn. But wait, I remember that you said she was elevated. You and my brother really turned out a beautiful girl.”

Now the daughter was in a complete state of shock. Twilight noticed pictures of herself with and without her mother on the walls and dresser. Along with some preserved newspaper clippings.

Their daughter.

Her father was this mare’s brother. That’s why she looked familiar. Family resemblance. She was another mother as well as her aunt.

“Come over here honey,” said Twilight Velvet. The daughter joined them. “And say hello.”

“Hello Sweetie,” said Dream Walker, reaching out and taking one of Twilight’s hooves. “You’re as beautiful as your mother. I’m Dream Walker, I guess I’d be your other mother. I hope this isn’t too much of a shock.”

There were tears in Velvet’s eyes, the daughter could feel the absolute love between the two older mares. She could feel it extended to herself. Twilight was overcome and hugged Dream Walker who returned the hug warmly. This wasn’t some sick arrangement, it wasn’t some farce. This mare was her mother’s wife and therefore, a mother to herself.

In her studies, she often wondered if there could be relations that extended to more than two ponies. Now she had concrete proof that it could happen without perversion or games.

“It is so good to meet you, and I wish I’d have met you prior… Mom.” Said the daughter with a smile, Dream’s eyes twinkled at this, “mother has been telling me all about you.”

“Just the good stuff, I hope,” Said Dream with a smile.

“She told me that you are her first love and she still loves you a lot.”

“Thank you, Velvet my love.”

“You’re welcome.” Answered Twilight Velvet.

The two just sat and talked, sometimes out loud and sometime through Ψ speak. Twilight was able to pick up on most of it and it appeared that the two older mares were aware of this. Dream Walker was even impressed with the daughter, not having any real training in this.

After about a couple hours of this, a strange look came over Dream Walker’s face.

“Honey,” said Dream, “I feel it’s going to happen again, soon…”

“Twilight,” said the mother, walking Dream Walker to the bed, “could you go home without me? And please close the door.”

Twilight smiled as she turned to close the door and she saw her mother and Dream Walker on the bed, kissing as if there was no tomorrow. Twilight was tempted to watch, but it would be inappropriate. Twilight realized that with these two strongly telepathic ponies, she was probably picking up on their emotions. She decided that when she got to her parents’ house, she needed to take Applejack to her old room and take care of an ‘itch’ this had precipitated.

At home, Twilight asked her father to excuse herself and Applejack, she had something she needed to talk to AJ about.

When they were alone in Twilight’s old room, Twilight…

As Rainbow Dash would put it…

Screwed Applejack’s brains out.

Applejack told her lover afterward that she expected this level of passion more often.

Twilight assured her lover that she intended to do just that. But she also told Applejack that the whole visit had brought something to mind and they would talk about it later. AJ had some idea what Twilight was suggesting and was a little excited.

Later that day, Twilight Velvet had come home and went directly to her office and closed the door. Night Light went in with her. Twilight could hear her mother crying harder than she’d ever heard before.

It wasn’t until Twilight and Applejack had gone to visit Princess Celestia and Luna and returned to the Sparkle home that Twilight saw her mother again. There was a bit of redness in her eyes, but no other evidence of her cry. But she and the daughter hugged tightly without words for several minutes.

Twilight had some basic training when she was with Princess Celestia so she attempted Ψ speak.

‘Mom,’ thought Twilight, without breaking the embrace, ‘thank you for taking me today to meet Dream Walker.’

‘You’re welcome my lovely daughter,’ thought Velvet, not at all surprised at this method of communication. ‘I’ll explain more after dinner.’

“I look forward to it mom,” said Twilight out loud. Then she kissed her mother and the two went to join the rest of the family.

After dinner, Twilight Velvet asked Applejack if she wouldn’t mind if she took Twilight Sparkle into another room to talk. Applejack had no objections, she was amusing herself by playing with Flurry Heart, Flurry had AJ’s hat on and AJ was giggling as much as the foal.

Years earlier…

The train pulled into the quaint hamlet of Ponyville. Two mares climbed off, collected their bags and left to look for lodging.

‘What a nice place,’ thought Twilight.

‘Yes,’ thought Dream, ‘not the kind of place that you’d expect to be the nexus of world threatening events. But as we’ve seen, that’s Ψ ops for you.’

‘But it is a nice place for a honeymoon,’ thought Twilight with an intent that Dream didn’t need to be Ψ sensitive to understand her, now wife’s meaning.

As they walked the little streets they came across a couple walking through town from the other direction. They were a large stallion and an attractive mare. Both of the Ψ ponies could register the love between the two. Dream and Twilight stopped them to ask directions.

“Hello,” said Dream, “we’re not from around here, we’re on our honeymoon and we’re looking for somewhere to stay.

This town is so lovely and quiet.”

“We’re glad to hear that, We’re ain’t been married that long ourselves,” said the stallion, then extending his hoof, “Ah’m Bright Mac and this here is my wife, Buttercup.”

“Howdy,” said the mare.

Twilight and Dream shook hooves with the two.

“I’m Dream Walker and this is my wife Twilight Velvet.”

“Two mares married?” said Buttercup, “you’re the first two Ah’ve met. We ain’t got no married mares ‘round here. Not that we ain’t heard of it. Ah guess with all the mares runnin’ ‘round and not ‘nough stallions, it were bound to happen more.”

“Don’t worry,” said Bright Mac, “we ain’t got nothin’ ’gainst mare-lovers here. Ponyville prides itself on friendship, tolerance and love.”

“Thank you for that,” said Twilight, “so where’s a good place to stay around here?”

“Listen,” said Bright Mac, “no pony is a stranger to us. Come with us and you can stay at our place at Sweet Apple Acres.”

“We really don’t want to intrude,” said Dream.

“Nonsense,” said Buttercup rubbing a pregnant bulge on her abdomen, “we gotta get used to having more ponies ’round us.”

“Besides,” said the stallion, “ma cooks fer an army o’ ponies, even when it’s just us three.”


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Three ponies watched the two mares that had got off the train. The superiors from the Church of Nightmare Moon’s Witness’ had told them to be on the lookout for Ψ agents. However, these two mares were very close and showing a lot of affection.

It was hard to tell if these were undercover operatives or just a couple mare-lovers on holiday. Due to the attitudes of some of the cities in Equestria, mare-lovers were still looked down upon. Even The Church was still a little unclear about such relationships, but the Great Mother had had mares as partners in the past, that made it hard not to accept such relationships. Maybe these were just trying to get away from all that.

But it would be worthwhile to keep an eye on them, so a pony was dispatched to watch the two.

It was later when the one pony returned.

“Brother,” said a very serious looking mare, “what news of the two strangers?”

“Eminence, I followed them to the apple farm outside of town, Sweet Apple Acres.” Said the stallion, “they went into the dwelling there. After a time, the two reappeared outside. They were keeping very close and were being very affectionate. They mostly wandered the orchard stopping often to kiss.

If they are indeed the agents we were warned about, they appear not to be in too much of a hurry to do anything other than being cozy with each other.”

“Thank you Brother,” said the mare, “we’ll keep an eye on them. Perhaps they are just a couple on holiday, or a distraction or maybe not. We will be patient and see.”


Sitting at a little outdoor café and holding hooves, Twilight and Dream were drinking tea and having tea biscuits, just enjoying being together as a married couple. The entire ‘being on a mission’ thing was not dampening their mood. It was their honeymoon, after all.

“Twilight, my love,” said Dream Walker, “I could really get used to this kind of life style.”

“Dreamy,” said Twilight, “I know you so much better than that. After the first week, you’d be climbing the walls missing the thrill of the hunt and the adrenalin rush of facing danger.”

“What was that, Captain?” Said Dream Walker with a snicker, “insubordination? Is contradicting what I say any way to talk to your superior officer?”

“We’re not in uniform at this time, Colonel. And if you’re the superior officer, why am I on top most of the time?”

The two laughed hard, but the laughs stopped as they kissed deeply.

Afterward, they just sat and pony watched. They were reaching out with their Ψ. But other than the normal level of happiness, daily happenings and concern of business. Nothing was out of the ordinary. However both Twilight and Dream could feel an underlying something that was odd for this setting.

Their bucolic bliss was interrupted by a pony in an odd cloak. One like they’d seen worn in Canterlot.

“Excuse me sisters,” said the mare, “have you heard the words of the Great Mother of us all?”

Dream and Twilight glanced at each other, they both felt a mild probing in their minds. It was a very poor and sloppy attempt and was easily shielded with a shield of thoughts of their recent marriage and the wedding night. With the level of Ψ this other pony showing, she couldn’t know it was a shield.

“What words would they be?” asked Dream, acting naïve and trusting.

“Words of hope and unity,” said the pony, “words of the freedom of darkness and the end of oppression from the evil creature that subjugates us all. That bitch of the sun, Celestia.”

Twilight started to comeback with defense of her teacher and mentor. But Dream Walker quickly checked her wife.

‘Twilight! No!’ Thought Dream at a level only master Ψ sensitives could register, ‘we’re under cover. We must remain above scrutiny.’

“I’ve never heard that before,” said Dream Walker, innocently. “How can we learn this?”

The pony smiled.

“I have the Book of the Word right here,” said the mare, offering a book, “it’s our gift to you. Read it, meditate on the words of our Great Mother. Let the truth awaken you to the way we were meant to live.

We are meeting tomorrow in a pavilion on the outskirts of town. Come and listen to our leader. She is enlightened and will answer many questions you may not have even known you had.”

“Thank you,” said Twilight, fighting hard not to appear offended, “my wife and I will look into this.”

“That’s all we ask,” said the pony. Then raising a hoof. “The blessings of Nightmare Moon be on both of you.”

‘I’ll Nightmare Moon you right up your flanks alright!’ thought Twilight.

‘Honey,’ Thought Dream with a touch of amusement, ‘if you need to express passion, I can think of better ways to do it.’

Twilight’s mind was flooded with erotic images of Dream Walker with Twilight in some interesting situations.

“When did you start liking ‘bondage’?” asked Twilight with a chuckle.

“Well,” said Dream, “I started to think of how to shut you up and not blow our cover. A gag came to mind. But the other things started to flood in.”

Dream Walker saw a strange look on Twilight’s face.

‘Those were YOUR thoughts!’ thought Dream. Twilight snickered, ‘you little vixen! We’ll talk about that later. I think I saw quite a bit of rope at the Apple Farm. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind me borrowing some!’

Twilight just kissed her wife deeply.

“I love you Dream.”

“I love you too, Twilight.”

In the present…

“Bondage, mother!” said the younger Twilight shocked. “I’m finding out that I never really ever knew my mom!”

Twilight Velvet snickered.

“My sweet baby girl,” said Velvet, “in a way, that Twilight Velvet was another pony. Yet I’m still the same pony then as now. The most important thing about me is the love of my family. My wife, my mate (your father), Shiny and you. All of you are the reason I live.

If anything, this information should be something to be happy about. You found out today that you have another mother. And I can tell you that she really does love you. Anytime I visit, she has to know what you’ve been doing. She asks about Shiny as well, but you are in the newspapers so much. She is so very proud of you… As am I. How could I not, you’re a Twilight.”

The two mares hugged and just felt the love between them. She was understanding the whole ‘Being a Twilight’ thing.

The two released the hug and kissed a mother/daughter kiss. Then they sat back. Twilight Velvet looked at the clock.

“It’s getting late,” said Twilight Velvet. “Are you and Applejack going to be in Canterlot tomorrow?”

“I think we can stay a bit longer,” said the daughter, “let me say goodnight to dad, Shiny, Cadence and Flurry. AJ and I’ll be back in the morning. Maybe we can have a picnic in the park. Afterward, I’d really like to hear what happened next.

Not the bondage, especially after what I picked up on after leaving Dream Walker’s room! By the way, thanks, thanks a lot!”

“For what,” giggled the mother.

“It got me so aroused that AJ expects that level of passion from now on!”

Both mares laughed hard, and hugged.

“I love you so much, mom.”

“I love you too, my sweet daughter.”

Later at the tower, she and AJ were in bed. The afterglow of their lovemaking had lulled Twilight’s lover to sleep.

Unfortunately, Twilight couldn’t get to sleep. Every time she closed her eyes, another shocking image of her mother bound and gagged, her legs tied to the bed posts or her legs tied together with her rump in the air and tail secured aside.

In every situation, her mother and Dream Walker were actively engaged in mare to mare sex acts.

The most disturbing thing was Twilight, the daughter, was so very much aroused. She was wondering if this was just natural curiosity or if her mother had planted these images in her mind as a joke. But she remembered that her mother couldn’t do that. It was only the emotions she’d picked up on earlier.

So this was her own, as Discord would say, sick and twisted imagination.

She was so warm down there, Twilight couldn’t take it anymore.

“Jackie, Honey,” said Twilight nudging AJ.

“What s’up Sugar Cube?” AJ groggily replied.

“Would you mind if I tried something?”

“Why would I mind,” said AJ, half asleep.

“Good,” said Twilight giving Applejack a little kiss.

There was a flash and suddenly AJ was on her back, each leg tied securely to the four corners of the bed.

“What the hay?” said Applejack, surprised and suddenly wide awake. But she was smiling.

“The safe word is peaches!” said Twilight.

Then Twilight leapt on her lover’s chest. Her muzzle at AJ’s nether regions and her own marehood above AJ’s muzzle.

“I think we need to get this rodeo started!” said Twilight levitating AJ’s hat off the dresser to her own head. Then diving into Applejack’s marehood.

“Ride ‘em cowpony,” said Applejack starting to pleasure Twilight.


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“Twi Sugar,” said AJ as she and Twilight walked to Twilight’s parent’s home, “Ah don’t know what bee got in yer bonnet. But if’n ya get this frisky every time we meet with yer folks, Ah’m thinkin’ we’re gonna have to move to Canterlot.”

“I don’t know if we could survive that!” said Twilight.

“Maybe we could invite Rainbow and Rarity sometime and have some tag-team action.” Said Applejack snickering.

“Are you out of your pony mind!” said Twilight chuckling, “I’m not sharing my Jackie with anypony! I love you so much honey.”

“An’ Ah love ya too, just as much.”

The two stopped and kissed. Then they hugged for a few moments. Twilight noticed a shop nearby,

“Jackie, My Love,” said Twilight. “Would you mind going ahead without me? I’ll catch up to you before you get there.”

“What fer?”

“Trust me?” said Twilight innocently.

“Always, Sugar,” said AJ kissing Twilight quickly and headed to the residential section of Canterlot.

Twilight watched her marefriend trot off, mesmerized by the movement of her muscular flanks. Then Twilight turned to the shop but she saw a familiar pony nearby.

“Fleur Dis Lee,” called out Twilight.

The elegant pony turned to see what unrecognized voice was addressing her. She wasn’t in any mood for admirers. But she was shocked to see who the pony was.

“Princess Twilight, Your Highness!” said Fleur bowing.

“Please,” said Twilight, “you don’t have to do that. I’m not Celestia or Luna. And just Twilight will do.”

“Thank you Twilight,” said Fleur, “what can I do for you?”

“I need the help of a pony with exquisite taste.” Said Twilight, Fleur blushed with the praise from a princess. “I don’t have Rarity to help me so I was hoping you might assist with something special.”

“It would be an honor, Twilight.”

The two entered the nearby shop.

Applejack turned the street corner and saw the Sparkle home ahead, just then a pony landed beside her, it was Twilight.

Twilight hugged AJ and kissed her deeply.

“I missed you,” said Twilight.

“We weren’t apart but fer ’bout 20 minutes,” said Applejack with a snicker.

“It was the longest 20 minutes of my life.” Said Twilight, who kissed AJ again.

Later, the family was having fun being together. Flurry Heart had attached herself to AJ. It was heartwarming. But Twilight realized that Applejack had all but raised Apple Bloom so she was very good with young children. It even put a few things in Twilight’s mind. But for now, she was going to use this as an opening to what she was thinking.

Twilight motioned the rest of the family to come over with her and AJ.

“Jackie, Honey,” said Twilight, “I’m so happy to see you happy with my niece. I think you’d make a wonderful mother. In fact you have been to Apple Bloom.”

“Thank ya,” said Applejack, tickling Flurry.

“I think we might need to talk about that sometime, but first, I have to ask you something.” Said Twilight smiling the largest smile ever.

“What’s that, Sugar Cube.”

“Jackie,” said Twilight with a look in her eyes, “I love you so much, so in front of my family and the whole world, I was wondering if you’d look past my faults and shortcomings and be Applejack Sparkle…

Jackie, will you marry me?”

The whole family was quiet. A Diamond Earth Pony ring appeared in front of Applejack.

There were tears in almost everypony’s eyes… Shining Armor especially. Applejack smiled.

“Twi Sugar,” said Applejack, “Ah couldn’t do anythin’ else.”

With a flash, the ring disappeared and appeared on Applejack’s left forehoof.

There was a lot of hugs and kisses welcoming AJ to the family.

Later, both Twilight’s sat back and watched as AJ and Cadence were playing Hoofball against Shining and Night Light. The guys were getting embarrassed because the girls were beating them badly. Flurry Heart was giggling her head off every time Applejack would look and smile at her.

‘If you want,’ thought Twilight Velvet, ‘we can talk some more. That is if you’re still interested.’

‘Still interested?’ thought Twilight Sparkle, ‘I really do want to know more about my special mom.’

Twilight Velvet smiled. Not only words but images appeared in the daughter’s mind.

In Ponyville, in the past…

It was the morning of the 2nd day in Ponyville, Twilight and Dream sat at the table. Bright Mac wasn’t kidding, his mother had piled the table with pancakes which they referred to as ‘flapjacks’, several hot and cold vegetable dishes. Not to mention apple pies, apple turnovers, apple dumplings and apple fritters.

Twilight and Dream looked at each other amused.

‘They don’t expect us to eat all this,’ thought Dream Walker.

‘Don’t worry about it,’ thought Twilight, ‘I’m sure we can work it off!’

‘What a horny little vixen I married,’ thought Dream.

‘You knew that coming into this!’ thought Twilight who gave Dream a quick kiss.

As they ate, the talk was light. Buttercup mentioned running into an odd pony in town in a dark cloak.

“We talked to a pony like that as well,” said Dream.

“They invited us to some meeting outside of town,” said Twilight.

“Bah!” said the older mare, “we get them there Nightmare Moon Witnesses every now and ’gain. Never could stand their puttin’ Princess Celestia down. She helped my pappy get this here land and get set up. Never met a more wonderful pony in all my life.”

Twilight smiled at the attitude.

“We feel the same,” said Dream, “but we’re wanting to see what the fuss is all about.”

“Don’t worry,” said Twilight, “we aren’t going to be swayed so easily.”

Twilight and Dream spent the day, just being together. They took in a movie and just wandered the streets taking in the charm of this town.

It was later in the evening. There were some ponies in robes walking to the very large tent. There were also ponies from the community walking in that direction.

As they approached both mares felt a lot of Ψ activity. It was low key and somewhat amateurish. But yet there was a feeling of something else. Something more that should be taken seriously.

‘Full shields, My Love,’ said Dream to Twilight. Her wife nodded in understanding.

As they approached the opening of the tent, there were two ponies in cloaks outside the doorway. They were smiling a rather odd and perhaps forced smile. There was no Ψ activity from these.

“Welcome sisters,” said a stallion on one side of the door.

“We’re so glad to have you here,” said the mare on the other side. She levitated a couple of pamphlets to Dream and Twilight.

“Thank you,” said Dream.

“Please find a seat,” said the stallion, “we’ll be starting soon.”

As the couple passed, the stallion nodded to a mare at the side of the tent. She took off fast around to the back of the tent. Entering the tent she announced:

“She’s here!”

Dream and Twilight found a couple seats together on the aisle near the front. There was a lot of talking all around them but very little Ψ activity other than the mundane type most ponies have and not know that they do.

But Dream and Twilight felt a strong Ψ presence near.

The lights dimmed, and a small spotlight shown on the slightly elevated platform at the front of the gathering. A mare walked into the light. She was wearing the dark cloak the others were wearing. She raised a hoof and all went quiet.

Dream and Twilight felt that this pony had some Ψ capabilities but nothing too great.

“Mares and Gentlecolts,” started the pony. “or I should more accurately say; my brothers and sisters, welcome. Welcome to our family. No pony is turned away by our Great Mother, Nightmare Moon.

Now I realize most of you have been told otherwise by schools and those ponies that have tried to be above you as your judges, teachers or superiors. They are afraid that if you knew the truth, you might rise up against them.

But we bring the truth. We want all ponies to be free and under the love and protection of the Great Mother and her church.”

While she was saying this, Twilight and Dream felt a Ψ presence growing. First a mild scanning. But as the presence came closer, the probing was deeper and harder.

Dream Walker was able to block this without giving anything away. But Twilight, being not as experienced, was having an issue. Dream was afraid that Twilight might give herself away. But suddenly, Dream felt something that she hadn’t trained her wife and assistant to do as a backup.

Twilight’s mind was flooded with thoughts of raw and intense sex. Scenes of Twilight bound, gagged and helpless on her knees, marehood in the air, as Dream had her merciless way with her with toys and small whips.

Dream understood that his was as much of a distraction as it was a shield. Dream almost laughed because as she held Twilight’s hoof, Twilight was moving it to her very warm and wet marehood.

Dream realized that this shield was arousing her wife quite a bit. Twilight leaned her head on Dream, Dream could feel her wife tremble.

“Later, my little vixen,” said Dream softly.

“I love you so much, Dream Lover,” whispered Twilight.

“I love you, my little vixen,” said Dream, kissing Twilight..

Suddenly, there was a spotlight on them. Dream and Twilight were startled but their shields held. There was the strong Ψ presence that had come up the isle behind them.

Were they detected?

“Brothers and sisters,” said a smooth almost hypnotic voice. “This couple is showing exactly what our Great Mother wants from all of us. To be happy and to be loved!”

The pony was in a white robe with gold trim. She was looking both of them in the eyes, Twilight continued to hold Dream’s hoof and leaning her head against her. But both felt some strong probing. But nothing that they couldn’t block without reading as being blocked.

“I can see you and your marefriend are such a happy couple.”

“She’d not my marefriend,” said Dream kissing Twilight’s cheek, “Twilight is my wife of three days.”

“Let’s hear it for the happy newlyweds everypony!” Addressing all the gathered. Then she turned back to them. “And thanks to you for showing the happiness our Great Mother wants us all to feel.”

Ponies applauded as the pony in the white robe continued to walk to the front. As she did, Twilight and Dream continued their shields in spite of the direct probing stopping.

As she approached the platform, the pony there announced in introduction.

“Everypony, please make welcome, Her Eminence, Star Catcher!”


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“Where have I heard that name before?” said Twilight quietly. She was speaking out loud as not to give her Ψ abilities away.

“Honey,” whispered Dream, “I’m not sure. But we can’t dig into our minds too deeply here, We’ll have to wait.”

The small applause (mostly from those in robes) and the murmurs died down. The pony in white approached the middle of the platform, the light was focused on her smiling face.

She waited until it was completely quiet. When she started speaking, it was a normal speaking voice. Both actions were old tricks to get the audience to be completely focused on the speaker.

Star Catcher started to speak:

“Fellow ponies, my friends, my brothers and sisters. I know many of you are here to find out:

‘What the Tartarus is all this Nightmare Moon nonsense!’

(Some murmurs from the gathered.)

It’s okay to feel that way. You’ve been brought up being taught that either that Nightmare Moon or the Mare in the Moon is just an old mare’s tale. Or that the shining Princess Celestia saved the world from the rebellious sister who became Nightmare Moon. Bravely, Celestia, and with many tears, had to banish her sister to the moon with the power of the Elements of Harmony.”

Star Catcher paused, there were ponies talking among themselves. But what caught Dream and Twilight’s attention was a coordinated Ψ scanning from every Ψ capable pony in robes. Dream Walker knew that this level of scan was more for attempting to make ponies more open to the words being spoken. Twilight and Dream knew that they were in no danger from this.

“I have a simple answer to this.


What loving and intelligent sister would banish her younger and smaller sister to the moon for an undetermined time? That doesn’t speak love to me!

And for what? Wanting some appreciation for her hard work that even her older sister ignored.

To any intelligent pony, these actions couldn’t make any sense other than the actions of a petty and jealous tyrant. Not willing to share the rule of Equestria. Just a spineless bully!”

A lot of mumbling. Dream felt her wife having to fight back the defense of her mentor.

Star Catcher paused looking out over the crowd. Not looking at any pony in particular but appearing to look at everypony, another Ψ trick.

Star Catcher waited until the talking died down. Even then, she waited just a minute but it felt like an hour with her gaze fixed on the crowd.

“So what do we, the faithful and enlightened do? Rise up in arms and overthrow the tyrant?”

More mumbles, Twilight and Dream braced themselves not to react. But Star Catcher paused again, waiting for the crowd to silence themselves.


If anything, the Church of Nightmare Moon’s Witnesses is opposed to violence, revenge and rash actions. We will not make ourselves into ponies like unto our ruler bereft of honor.

So what do we do? With help of some powerful magic, we have discovered who the pony is that will thwart Nightmare Moon’s return. In spite of her not even being born yet!”

Again, mumbles from the crowd.

For some reason, Twilight was feeling a stronger probing, she looked at Dream who understood. Her wife extended her shields to help her wife.

“I don’t know,” said Dream quietly to her wife.

She and Twilight were wondering if the scrutiny was because somepony had detected their shields or it was something else.

“But to the true believer, rejoice! We have the identity of that pony’s mother! We will be able to avoid the disaster before it even happens.

For those of you who do not believe, fear not. We have no intention to use violence. It is contrary to the teachings. Even our enemies receive mercy, love and compassion. That is the way of our Great Mother!”

The pony left the stage out the back, the original pony in the dark robe came back on the platform.

“I hope all of you understood and believed the words of her eminence. Now if you will open the pamphlet and if you feel so led, recite our affirmation of faith with us.”

The pony led in a rather odd passage. Almost haphazard in its construction. All of the ponies in robes chanted this and not a few of the other ponies. Twilight and Dream recited it just to blend in. It left a sour taste in their mouth.

Then the ponies were dismissed with a blessing. As ponies were queuing up to leave, the pony that had led the service approached Dream and Twilight.

“Sisters, could you stay a moment?”
Twilight and Dream noticed all the ponies in robes were approaching them.

“Sure,” said Dream, “what’s up?”

“Our leader would like to meet with you, she wants to give your new wedded life a blessing. It is a great honor. She hardly ever meets with ponies outside the faith.”

With the ponies surrounding them, Dream and her wife felt that they didn’t have any choice. They could feel that this was a veiled threat.

“Sure,” said Dream, seeing no other choice at the moment. It would also give them a chance to gather more intel on these ponies.

‘It will be alright,’ thought Dream to her wife at a very high Ψ level.

CHAPTER TEN: What Needed to be Done

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Twilight and Dream were taken out the back of the tent and into a separate tent.

As they entered, Twilight and Dream suddenly felt a very strong Ψ attack. Dream Walker went stiff and blank.

“Dreamy!” shouted Twilight as ponies grabbed her and dragged her to a table.

They strapped Twilight down and then backed off to allow Star Catcher to approach.

“Don’t fear my dear,” said the pony with a soothing tone in her voice, there was some Ψ scanning, but nothing Twilight couldn’t decoy into thinking that she was reading a non-Ψ mind.

The white robed pony caressed Twilight’s cheek. Twilight glanced at Dream Walker who was frozen in place.

“I would congratulate you on the child you’d carry.” Said the pony. Twilight was shocked.

“What child? I’m married to a mare! I have no desire to be with anypony else. I love my wife!”

“We have no doubt,” said Star, “but we know in the future you will have at least one child. She will be the one who will thwart the return of our Great Mother.

So we can’t let that happen.”

Star started to stroke Twilight’s abdomen between her navel and her nipples, her horn was glowing as was her hoof…

“Such ripe ovaries,” said Star, almost in admiration. “It is too bad, for the good of all, we are going to have to remove them.”

A wicked looking knife floated to above her belly.

“NO!” screamed Twilight, “you can’t. I’m awake! Please have mercy!”

“Don’t worry honey,” said Star as the others gathered around the table, ready to help hold Twilight still. “I’m not going to say it isn’t going to hurt. But we will be able, afterwards, make it where you won’t remember this.”

The knife lowered and was about to make contact with Twilight’s flesh.

“NOW!” shouted Dream.

When everypony was distracted, Dream Walker came up behind everypony. Hers and Twilight’s horn glowed in an amplification spell. They closed their eyes and struck out.

There were multiple wet, sickening popping noises. Twilight felt the knife harmlessly fall on her stomach along with many wet splashes. She was about to open her eyes when Dream Walker reached out to her.

‘Honey!’ thought Dream, ‘don’t open your eyes if you aren’t ready.’

‘Since the time you first taught me, I knew this day would come.’ Thought Twilight with trepidation, she knew what would happen, but she never really thought what the aftermath of such a powerful Ψ attack would look like.

It was nothing she was ready for.

‘Very well my love,’ thought Dream. ‘let me first unsecure you, then take your hoof and set you up before you do open your eyes.’

‘Okay, My Love.’

Twilight felt the restraints fall away, Dream took her hoof and sat her up.

‘When you’re ready,’ thought Dream.

Twilight slowly opened her eyes. There all around her and on herself was blood and gore splattered everywhere.

The worst was the bodies of the ponies laying all around them. There was fear, pain and surprise on their faces. At least the ones who still had faces. The top, back and or front of their heads had blown off from the inside. All the brain casings were empty, the brains were splattered everywhere.

Twilight felt her stomach was emptying itself. She was able to lean over the table and vomit on the floor. It was perhaps apropos that the body of Star Catcher was on the ground beneath her and in the line of fire. Twilight didn’t care, she deserved this and heaved her guts onto the mutilated mare.

Dream Walker with the knife that was going to slice open her wife, cut an opening in the back of the tent. Dream helped her wife outside. They could feel there were other zealots near, so they took off through the nearby woods. There was a small pond nearby and the two mares washed the filth off of themselves. As they sat in the water, Twilight started to cry.

“My love,” said Dream, embracing her wife. “it is hard, the first time.”

“It gets easier?” asked Twilight between sobs,

“No darling,” said Dream, “but unfortunately, you do learn to deal with it. Let’s go, we have another unpleasant duty to perform.”

Twilight understood and got out of the water, shook the water off and then the two walked closely, touching sides and flanks, back to Sweet Apple Acres.

After collecting their things, they told their hosts that they couldn’t stay. They thanked everypony and then Twilight and Dream’s horns glowed. The trio of Apples froze in place. It would be an hour before they came around. Twilight and Dream felt bad for having to wipe the last two days from their minds, especially after their hospitality. It eased their conscience some by leaving several hundred bits on their table.

Soon they found themselves on the late train for Canterlot. Twilight was quiet and lay her head in Dream’s lap. Dream stroked Twilight’s purple and grey mane and spoke soothingly. Her tears were felt on Dream’s legs as Twilight lay there.

“I know, my darling,” said Dream quietly, “I know.”

When they made it back to their rooms late, after a quick shower, Dream and Twilight held each other close. There was no sex this night.

Twilight had had to do many acts of mental violence up to this point. But this time, she had to be helped through the realization that she’d taken lives in multiple counts of coldblooded murder. Being it was in self-defense and in the name of the Crown held no comfort.

In the present…

“Are ya two just gonna daydream? Yer pa, Twilight, says we’re goin’ to a nice restaurant. Somethin’ ’bout celebratin’ some engagement, whatever that means.” Said Applejack giggling.

Both Twilights opened their eyes and the daughter embraced her mother tightly.

“Sorry mom,” said Sparkle, tears in her eyes.

“It’s okay,” said Velvet weakly, tears as well, “water under the bridge.”

The two shared a mother/daughter kiss and stood up.

“Let’s go,” said Twilight Velvet, sounding better, “we have to talk about a lot of work you’ve made for us. Just wait until Celestia finds out. I hope you aren’t hoping for a small intimate service. She loves royal weddings!

I can’t wait to see Princess Consort Applejack in her wedding dress and tiara!”

Applejack wasn’t ready for that.

“Thanks a lot, Sugar Cube,” said Applejack to Twilight, but she kissed her fiancée as they walked to the famous Restaurant Row.

To Be Continued…