• Published 10th Nov 2017
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As Hard As Velvet - Stormbringer

Princess Twilight Sparkle is amazed at the revelations of her mother’s past loves and career. Do we really know who our parents were?

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CHAPTER SIX: Dream Walker

It was later that day, after talking with Night Light and Applejack, The two Twilights told their mates that they had to make a trip to Canterlot Castle. The mates were told of the reason and Applejack was in almost the same shock as Twilight Sparkle. Night Light had no trouble with this and was very supportive to his mate, he made a comment that Twilight the younger didn’t understand at that moment.

“Don’t worry, honey. I still understand and always will.”

“Do you know where we are?” asked the mother.

“I think this is the residence for retired Guard and Guard that require medical assistance,” said Twilight the younger.

“That’s right,” said the mother. “Please don’t be shocked by anything you see or hear. If you have any questions, I’ll happily tell you after we leave.”

“Okay mom.”

They walked through some hallways until they got to a room. The door was open and a mare was in a rocking chair, looking out the window. Despite there being a touch of greying in her coat, the daughter recognized her from the picture in her mother’s office. The mare heard the ponies entering the room and turned to look. There was an almost blank look on her face, until she recognized Twilight Velvet. Twilight Sparkle had never seen such a smile, even on Pinkie Pie.

“Velvet my love? Is it really you? Or is my mind playing tricks on me again?”

“It’s me my Dream Lover,” said Velvet.

The two rushed together and kissed deeply. The daughter was a little uncomfortable seeing her mother kissing another pony. But she realized that technically, her father was the other pony.

“Twilight,” said Dream Walker holding her wife close. “I think of you so much. I feel like I’m about to shake this all off, and I’ll be able to leave this place and be with you again. But then the next thing I know it’s days later and I am on my back in bed. Sometimes I wonder if it would’ve been better if I’d been killed.”

“Oh honey!” said Velvet, tears in her eyes, “don’t talk like that! I wish things had of happened differently, but I wouldn’t trade anything for the time we’ve had together. Then and now.”

“I know,” said the older mare.

Dream Walker noticed the other pony in the room.

“Honey?” said Dream, “can that be our daughter Twilight? She’s an Alicorn. But wait, I remember that you said she was elevated. You and my brother really turned out a beautiful girl.”

Now the daughter was in a complete state of shock. Twilight noticed pictures of herself with and without her mother on the walls and dresser. Along with some preserved newspaper clippings.

Their daughter.

Her father was this mare’s brother. That’s why she looked familiar. Family resemblance. She was another mother as well as her aunt.

“Come over here honey,” said Twilight Velvet. The daughter joined them. “And say hello.”

“Hello Sweetie,” said Dream Walker, reaching out and taking one of Twilight’s hooves. “You’re as beautiful as your mother. I’m Dream Walker, I guess I’d be your other mother. I hope this isn’t too much of a shock.”

There were tears in Velvet’s eyes, the daughter could feel the absolute love between the two older mares. She could feel it extended to herself. Twilight was overcome and hugged Dream Walker who returned the hug warmly. This wasn’t some sick arrangement, it wasn’t some farce. This mare was her mother’s wife and therefore, a mother to herself.

In her studies, she often wondered if there could be relations that extended to more than two ponies. Now she had concrete proof that it could happen without perversion or games.

“It is so good to meet you, and I wish I’d have met you prior… Mom.” Said the daughter with a smile, Dream’s eyes twinkled at this, “mother has been telling me all about you.”

“Just the good stuff, I hope,” Said Dream with a smile.

“She told me that you are her first love and she still loves you a lot.”

“Thank you, Velvet my love.”

“You’re welcome.” Answered Twilight Velvet.

The two just sat and talked, sometimes out loud and sometime through Ψ speak. Twilight was able to pick up on most of it and it appeared that the two older mares were aware of this. Dream Walker was even impressed with the daughter, not having any real training in this.

After about a couple hours of this, a strange look came over Dream Walker’s face.

“Honey,” said Dream, “I feel it’s going to happen again, soon…”

“Twilight,” said the mother, walking Dream Walker to the bed, “could you go home without me? And please close the door.”

Twilight smiled as she turned to close the door and she saw her mother and Dream Walker on the bed, kissing as if there was no tomorrow. Twilight was tempted to watch, but it would be inappropriate. Twilight realized that with these two strongly telepathic ponies, she was probably picking up on their emotions. She decided that when she got to her parents’ house, she needed to take Applejack to her old room and take care of an ‘itch’ this had precipitated.

At home, Twilight asked her father to excuse herself and Applejack, she had something she needed to talk to AJ about.

When they were alone in Twilight’s old room, Twilight…

As Rainbow Dash would put it…

Screwed Applejack’s brains out.

Applejack told her lover afterward that she expected this level of passion more often.

Twilight assured her lover that she intended to do just that. But she also told Applejack that the whole visit had brought something to mind and they would talk about it later. AJ had some idea what Twilight was suggesting and was a little excited.

Later that day, Twilight Velvet had come home and went directly to her office and closed the door. Night Light went in with her. Twilight could hear her mother crying harder than she’d ever heard before.

It wasn’t until Twilight and Applejack had gone to visit Princess Celestia and Luna and returned to the Sparkle home that Twilight saw her mother again. There was a bit of redness in her eyes, but no other evidence of her cry. But she and the daughter hugged tightly without words for several minutes.

Twilight had some basic training when she was with Princess Celestia so she attempted Ψ speak.

‘Mom,’ thought Twilight, without breaking the embrace, ‘thank you for taking me today to meet Dream Walker.’

‘You’re welcome my lovely daughter,’ thought Velvet, not at all surprised at this method of communication. ‘I’ll explain more after dinner.’

“I look forward to it mom,” said Twilight out loud. Then she kissed her mother and the two went to join the rest of the family.

After dinner, Twilight Velvet asked Applejack if she wouldn’t mind if she took Twilight Sparkle into another room to talk. Applejack had no objections, she was amusing herself by playing with Flurry Heart, Flurry had AJ’s hat on and AJ was giggling as much as the foal.

Years earlier…

The train pulled into the quaint hamlet of Ponyville. Two mares climbed off, collected their bags and left to look for lodging.

‘What a nice place,’ thought Twilight.

‘Yes,’ thought Dream, ‘not the kind of place that you’d expect to be the nexus of world threatening events. But as we’ve seen, that’s Ψ ops for you.’

‘But it is a nice place for a honeymoon,’ thought Twilight with an intent that Dream didn’t need to be Ψ sensitive to understand her, now wife’s meaning.

As they walked the little streets they came across a couple walking through town from the other direction. They were a large stallion and an attractive mare. Both of the Ψ ponies could register the love between the two. Dream and Twilight stopped them to ask directions.

“Hello,” said Dream, “we’re not from around here, we’re on our honeymoon and we’re looking for somewhere to stay.

This town is so lovely and quiet.”

“We’re glad to hear that, We’re ain’t been married that long ourselves,” said the stallion, then extending his hoof, “Ah’m Bright Mac and this here is my wife, Buttercup.”

“Howdy,” said the mare.

Twilight and Dream shook hooves with the two.

“I’m Dream Walker and this is my wife Twilight Velvet.”

“Two mares married?” said Buttercup, “you’re the first two Ah’ve met. We ain’t got no married mares ‘round here. Not that we ain’t heard of it. Ah guess with all the mares runnin’ ‘round and not ‘nough stallions, it were bound to happen more.”

“Don’t worry,” said Bright Mac, “we ain’t got nothin’ ’gainst mare-lovers here. Ponyville prides itself on friendship, tolerance and love.”

“Thank you for that,” said Twilight, “so where’s a good place to stay around here?”

“Listen,” said Bright Mac, “no pony is a stranger to us. Come with us and you can stay at our place at Sweet Apple Acres.”

“We really don’t want to intrude,” said Dream.

“Nonsense,” said Buttercup rubbing a pregnant bulge on her abdomen, “we gotta get used to having more ponies ’round us.”

“Besides,” said the stallion, “ma cooks fer an army o’ ponies, even when it’s just us three.”

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