• Published 10th Nov 2017
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As Hard As Velvet - Stormbringer

Princess Twilight Sparkle is amazed at the revelations of her mother’s past loves and career. Do we really know who our parents were?

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CHAPTER TEN: What Needed to be Done

Twilight and Dream were taken out the back of the tent and into a separate tent.

As they entered, Twilight and Dream suddenly felt a very strong Ψ attack. Dream Walker went stiff and blank.

“Dreamy!” shouted Twilight as ponies grabbed her and dragged her to a table.

They strapped Twilight down and then backed off to allow Star Catcher to approach.

“Don’t fear my dear,” said the pony with a soothing tone in her voice, there was some Ψ scanning, but nothing Twilight couldn’t decoy into thinking that she was reading a non-Ψ mind.

The white robed pony caressed Twilight’s cheek. Twilight glanced at Dream Walker who was frozen in place.

“I would congratulate you on the child you’d carry.” Said the pony. Twilight was shocked.

“What child? I’m married to a mare! I have no desire to be with anypony else. I love my wife!”

“We have no doubt,” said Star, “but we know in the future you will have at least one child. She will be the one who will thwart the return of our Great Mother.

So we can’t let that happen.”

Star started to stroke Twilight’s abdomen between her navel and her nipples, her horn was glowing as was her hoof…

“Such ripe ovaries,” said Star, almost in admiration. “It is too bad, for the good of all, we are going to have to remove them.”

A wicked looking knife floated to above her belly.

“NO!” screamed Twilight, “you can’t. I’m awake! Please have mercy!”

“Don’t worry honey,” said Star as the others gathered around the table, ready to help hold Twilight still. “I’m not going to say it isn’t going to hurt. But we will be able, afterwards, make it where you won’t remember this.”

The knife lowered and was about to make contact with Twilight’s flesh.

“NOW!” shouted Dream.

When everypony was distracted, Dream Walker came up behind everypony. Hers and Twilight’s horn glowed in an amplification spell. They closed their eyes and struck out.

There were multiple wet, sickening popping noises. Twilight felt the knife harmlessly fall on her stomach along with many wet splashes. She was about to open her eyes when Dream Walker reached out to her.

‘Honey!’ thought Dream, ‘don’t open your eyes if you aren’t ready.’

‘Since the time you first taught me, I knew this day would come.’ Thought Twilight with trepidation, she knew what would happen, but she never really thought what the aftermath of such a powerful Ψ attack would look like.

It was nothing she was ready for.

‘Very well my love,’ thought Dream. ‘let me first unsecure you, then take your hoof and set you up before you do open your eyes.’

‘Okay, My Love.’

Twilight felt the restraints fall away, Dream took her hoof and sat her up.

‘When you’re ready,’ thought Dream.

Twilight slowly opened her eyes. There all around her and on herself was blood and gore splattered everywhere.

The worst was the bodies of the ponies laying all around them. There was fear, pain and surprise on their faces. At least the ones who still had faces. The top, back and or front of their heads had blown off from the inside. All the brain casings were empty, the brains were splattered everywhere.

Twilight felt her stomach was emptying itself. She was able to lean over the table and vomit on the floor. It was perhaps apropos that the body of Star Catcher was on the ground beneath her and in the line of fire. Twilight didn’t care, she deserved this and heaved her guts onto the mutilated mare.

Dream Walker with the knife that was going to slice open her wife, cut an opening in the back of the tent. Dream helped her wife outside. They could feel there were other zealots near, so they took off through the nearby woods. There was a small pond nearby and the two mares washed the filth off of themselves. As they sat in the water, Twilight started to cry.

“My love,” said Dream, embracing her wife. “it is hard, the first time.”

“It gets easier?” asked Twilight between sobs,

“No darling,” said Dream, “but unfortunately, you do learn to deal with it. Let’s go, we have another unpleasant duty to perform.”

Twilight understood and got out of the water, shook the water off and then the two walked closely, touching sides and flanks, back to Sweet Apple Acres.

After collecting their things, they told their hosts that they couldn’t stay. They thanked everypony and then Twilight and Dream’s horns glowed. The trio of Apples froze in place. It would be an hour before they came around. Twilight and Dream felt bad for having to wipe the last two days from their minds, especially after their hospitality. It eased their conscience some by leaving several hundred bits on their table.

Soon they found themselves on the late train for Canterlot. Twilight was quiet and lay her head in Dream’s lap. Dream stroked Twilight’s purple and grey mane and spoke soothingly. Her tears were felt on Dream’s legs as Twilight lay there.

“I know, my darling,” said Dream quietly, “I know.”

When they made it back to their rooms late, after a quick shower, Dream and Twilight held each other close. There was no sex this night.

Twilight had had to do many acts of mental violence up to this point. But this time, she had to be helped through the realization that she’d taken lives in multiple counts of coldblooded murder. Being it was in self-defense and in the name of the Crown held no comfort.

In the present…

“Are ya two just gonna daydream? Yer pa, Twilight, says we’re goin’ to a nice restaurant. Somethin’ ’bout celebratin’ some engagement, whatever that means.” Said Applejack giggling.

Both Twilights opened their eyes and the daughter embraced her mother tightly.

“Sorry mom,” said Sparkle, tears in her eyes.

“It’s okay,” said Velvet weakly, tears as well, “water under the bridge.”

The two shared a mother/daughter kiss and stood up.

“Let’s go,” said Twilight Velvet, sounding better, “we have to talk about a lot of work you’ve made for us. Just wait until Celestia finds out. I hope you aren’t hoping for a small intimate service. She loves royal weddings!

I can’t wait to see Princess Consort Applejack in her wedding dress and tiara!”

Applejack wasn’t ready for that.

“Thanks a lot, Sugar Cube,” said Applejack to Twilight, but she kissed her fiancée as they walked to the famous Restaurant Row.

To Be Continued…

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Comments ( 22 )
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Comment posted by Stormbringer deleted May 28th

Very nicely done.

Many humble thanks.

I quite enjoyed this story. I very much like things that delve into the Ψ, and I look forward to the next part.

I was figuring it was a alternate timeline where everything fell into place like this lol

Feels like I’m commenting a lot on this, seeing all my messages this close together. Lol

I like this story. It’s different than others I’m used to as I wish to see where this goes from here, plus I’m really curious as to what happened to Dream.
I have my theory’s but I’d still like to read it.

Now... my biggest issue with this is that I can find no reason that Twilight shouldn’t have known about Dream.
In my opinion Twilight should have always have known about her. Not her job in the guard because it could have been like with her mother, she knew Velvet was in the guard but didn’t know more.
Idk, it just feels odd knowing that Dream is a huge part of the Twilight family and yet she was kept more or less away

But still, you may go into why that is though, If you continue that is, and I’ll be waiting when you do.

Thanks for your words. After all the views and the relatively small dislikes, I do plan to go ahead with another that will answer some or all of the questions. And about TV's past, my father was in WWII and Korean War. He almost never talked about anything about that. I was a Navy Corpsman in Desert Storm and I understand. So perhaps the past had to be worked through.

As far as Dream Walker, there could be many valid reasons TS hadn't been let in on. After all, Celestia would have known about all this. But the younger Twilight was an excitable and perhaps slightly emotional unstable and she hadn't been ready for such a revelation. We will see...

Alright, alright, I see that about TS, that’s true about her.
And I don’t have an issue with TS not knowing about the military career of her parents. It’s just her not haveing the chance to know Dream before now,
but keep in mind... I don’t know what happened to Dream yet. I guess I’m just curious as to why TS hasn’t asked why she hasn’t met or heard of her before now.
Oh well, looks like I’ll get answers soon. :twilightblush:

Yes, if you see my latest blog, I have decided to do a 2nd part to the story.

Well hope we will see more of this world sooner or later.

Just bugged by the fact that Twilight (younger) wasnt taught to control her abilities, instead left alone even thought obviously in that state its extremely dangerous for everyone around her when under stress. And the Twilight we know and love is prone to stressing out. xD

As you read, the Ψ abilities of Alicorns is much more than the common pony. Twilight may not have had that great of Ψ abilities growing up, not her special talent. Even as an Alicorn she isn't as Ψ powerful as her mother or Dream Walker.

Yes it is still iffy, but Twi has matured since Lesson Zero.

Yeah that would explain it, but now that shes capable of using said powers i imagine she will have to be trained. Dont want her to blow AJs brains out with her lust do we. :twilightblush:

And man was Lesson Zero long ago, still was a good episode. And Twilight certainly came a long way from then.

Blow her brains out? Nah! Make her a love/lust slave????

Something to think about. :twilightsmile::applejackconfused:

I really enjoyed this story, keep up the good work!! :twilightsmile:

great job my friend. cant wait for more

Thanks again for your kind words.

Anytime my friend

Salty yet sweet. Kinda like a Payday, minus the nuts.

The nut was the author! :raritywink:

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