• Published 16th Jul 2012
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Pony POV Series Season Three: Butterflies - Alex Warlorn

Discord beaten. Reality restored. But invisible wounds must heal too. Time for butterflies to fly.

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Pony POV Series Episode 32: "Butterflies Assistant"

Greetings and well met, I must say that it is about time that you thought to interview me. I am the assistant of Twilight Sparkle, apprentice to Princess Celestia after all. I have my fans after all who have been demanding that you seek my own point of view on events and learn how I have dealt with things over the course of these weeks that have turned into months since Discord's tainting of everyone in Ponyville and Twilight and all her friends to boot!

Of course I wasn't Discorded myself. So I can't say I share the pain and suffering of the pony population of Ponyville. Not to say Discord limited himself to ponies of course, Angel and other animals were twisted about for his amusement.

What? You wish to know what I thought of Trixie during her time as a guest? I swear she has become like a plague in your interviews if I do say so myself. I have little to say on the matter, other than she was nice and quiet when she was catatonic.

When she was rescued by Twilight Sparkle from the psychosis infested depths of her own mind, the idea of gratitude was new, strange, and alien to her. Simply because Twilight had helped her through some psychological issues she had before Discord had even amused himself with her, did not somehow spontaneously make her a good pony.

Yes yes, I suppose it's a good thing for Trixie's character that Fluttershy fell into the depths of madness and enabled Trixie a chance to bound through fire with the other Elements of Harmony (Her? An Element of Magic? After Discord I'll believe anything). Now I shall tell you a secret, one Trixie did not wish to share with anyone, but was obvious to all who'd observed the clues up until now:

What Trixie Summernight wanted more than anything, was to be Twilight Sparkle.

Now would you please stop asking about her? She has hogged enough room in your interviews I believe. I swear, you focus so much on a pony who had left the stage that you ignore those of us still here! Stop pestering us about her and ask her relatives.

No I do not hate her. Nor do I, as Fluttershy would put it 'really really really really really really really really really really dislike her.' The infantile nature of that phrase makes me bristle. I hope Miss Fluttershy has learned to accept her anger the way the she has learned to accept the harsh truths of nature.

Yes I know that was a play, but you can not tell me her type casting couldn't have been more flawless. You must really stop trying to find excuses for every mistake these ponies make.

Fluttercruel's Cute-ceañera?

I am afraid I cannot tell you much about that, I was asleep at the time. However, I will say that compared to what she was before, which I witnessed briefly when her cruelty disturbed my peaceful slumber, Fluttercruel has grown into a respectable mare, even if at times she's still aggressive. You believe throwing a party for a split personality is strange? After all this, it seems rather placid.

I am happy that Twilight accepts what is my nature, and what I do I do because it comes naturally to me, we can't all eat grass after all. I don't mind that she doesn't thank me for when I have to break my sleep cycle for her. It's my duty as her assistant after all. It came with the territory, I knew what I was getting into when she accepted me. Maybe I didn't expect her to be the student of the Day Princess, let alone the one who cured Her Nightesty of her madness.

At least the dragon has stopped his paranoid fantasies about me trying to get him thrown out of the house tree. If the new guy on the job was eager just to prove he was useful, it's not my fault the veteran at the job comes down with a case of possessiveness. Then again, who am I to judge him? He's a dragon after all, everything is in terms of possession to them. It's their nature, it's hard-wired into them, they can no more stop being so than I can stop asking 'Who?'

I never thought Master would be so ignorant however of the very dragon she was raising, apparently from hatching! Dragon hoards are not defined merely by material wealth: their friends, their lover, their position, their accomplishments, all are considered their property somehow, and dragons defend anything that is theirs viciously and jealously. The baby dragon was simply acting out what was natural for him I suppose.

Though there should have been no way that hoarding should have caused him to reach an incomplete adulthood so fast, the lack of wings should have made it clear enough this was not his true final adult phase. I suspect Master's magic had something to do with this. However, he must be given credit for overcoming that metamorphosis on his own, a dragon being generous is the antithesis of their very nature and no small feat.

For a pony who is known for her brilliant mind, master panics easily when things do not go according to her predictions. Hmmm? How did master's friends react when they found out she had intentionally brainwashed their little sisters and ward?

Of course they did not murderer her, master is still here is she not? Yes, they were very forgiving since it was final proof master needed help as much as anyone in Ponyville after the day of Discord. They only physically harmed master once, and all gave master the honor of manually organizing their vast inventories, with a seal on her horn.

I have come far from being just another owl whose curiosity got the better of him one night, and chose to do a random good deed for a random pony to help with Our Princess' image that creatures of the night were not inherently evil. At least Master doesn't ask where I get my meals from. Though I think Miss Fluttershy would no longer judge me harshly simply because I chose to kill my own food rather than have her feed me fish that had been caught and killed by a fisher-pony somewhere.

Angel says taking care of two Flutters is going to take some getting used to, but has less headaches now they're capable of changing appearance to show him which one he's dealing with.

Opalescence is as much a spoiled child as ever, she complains the chaos god didn't touch her because she had been looking forward to being giant size so she could play with her mistress, even though we've all told her Discord would never have had her something she would enjoy (and she has stopped trying to eat Angel, I told her where he has plenty of relatives nearby she can dine on instead). I do not know what petty spiteful revenge she inflicted on her master for the 'hot water' incident after trying to keep her focused on the dress she was supposed to make. She has yet to give up on trying to penetrate Tank's shell. At least turtle wax is cheap. I have never seen anyone be so aloof and violent to someone they claim to love, how she is to her mistress, not Tank.

Gummy is still trying to mentally calculate the vector for the time-space convergence, I tell him to use paper but he insists that's too risky. It scares me he's going to be bigger than all of us one day.

Winona . . . well, she's devoted, and I finally convinced her that she and Big Macintosh are just not meant to be. She took it relatively well. "Me love red-dog-pony! He like apples! Me like apples! We like apples! He lynchpin that keep Apple Place's profits in the black. Not silly master! Angel and Opal say world's biggest apple Everfree Forest that me should find."

Erm, I assume they being playful.

Tank has assimilated well with the group, he is older than all of us and likely the only one who is going to outlive Gummy. He says he has no problem sharing Dash with Scootaloo and is simply happy his master chose to recognize his inner strength. He says he hasn't seen so determined a filly since he saw a little green one wandered into Everfree and came out carrying Zap Apples. He says he was a young tortoise then, only around fifty years old. Both Rainbow Dash and her ward.

As for myself, I am pleased to see Our Princess is accepted by the people of Equestria at last, even if she decided the new age of eternal night really wasn't going to work out, personally, I'm glad Our Princess came to this decision to not remove the day. I need time to sleep too after all!

I am also pleased that Our Princess has finally chosen a consort; she has to wait for him to grow into the role, of course, but she is eternal after all, and maybe some crossbreeding will create a new tribe of nocturnal ponies who shall rest during the day and live during the night. It would make more sense than the strange majority of ponies who insist on sleeping through Our Princess' night rather than sleeping it off during the day.

Her consort? I think I may remember his address, I have never been there myself. No, the rumors about me being a spy for Her Nightesty are completely unfounded. Look into them. Are these the eyes of a spy? You do believe me, you do believe me.

Pony POV Series Butterflies Section 4
By Alex Warlorn