• Published 16th Jul 2012
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Pony POV Series Season Three: Butterflies - Alex Warlorn

Discord beaten. Reality restored. But invisible wounds must heal too. Time for butterflies to fly.

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Pony POV Series Episode 34: "Butterflies Companion"

Ahoy! Rear-Admiral Pipsqueak Of Trottingham's First Privateer Fleet is happy to greet you! What happened to pirate? Moonlight explained that pirates in service to the crown are called privateers, and since I'm Princess Luna's official best-friend, that makes me a privateer instead!

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
Pony POV Series Butterflies Part 6

What's it like being with Moonlight? Oh she's fun! What dad said about fillies is right, they love to talk, but it's okay, because what she has to say is always interesting . . . most of the time, some of the time?

She really likes to talk about how Equestria used to be. Did you know pirates were a lot more common then? And that colts and fillies could get married right away? But you could be forced to marry somepony you didn't want to too. Hoofington was an Earth pony hamlet, and Everfree Forest she says, was a lot more friendly. Royalty spoke a lot louder, and nobility wore these funny neck frills. She says Princess Celestia stopped speaking that way because it was making it hard for royalty to talk with everypony. She says it's because nopony bothered to speak to each other that Princess Celestia lost someone dear to her. That part always seems to make her a bit sad.

She also says ponies were a lot more polite back then and ponies didn't say bad words as much and everypony used pink and hearts a lot more in dressing up and for their homes.

Sounds like colts didn't really have much fun back then to me. Maybe that's why all the pirates in the history books are stallions.

Oh? What about me? Well I like to play with Moonlight. We have our own pirate ship in the backyard, we sail the seven seas in search of treasure and wonders! She likes it when we discover the island of Flutter-Ponies or Breezies, or a school of Sea-Ponies, which she calls hippocampi.

"One day maybe we'll find some that Discord missed. Maybe they've made contact with others and we've been too self centered to notice yet." I think maybe she takes the game a little too seriously, she really looks sad when she says that.

She knows a lot of scary stories too, I like listening to those sometimes, cause sometimes it's fun to be scared. She's really good at telling those, just like Princess Luna did when we had that trip and she told me about Tirek. I wonder if Moonlight knows that one too. What sly look in my eyes?

Do I have anything to talk about that doesn't involve Luna or Moonlight? Erm . . . My mom does mouse traps and my dad oils wheels? Maybe? I haven't really asked what they do all day. Before we moved to Ponyville? Trottingham was nice, so many beautiful oak trees, and lots of ponies were good at the bow and arrow, yeah, even us Earth Ponies! Didn't you know Robin Hoof was an Earth Pony? Miss Rarity says Robin Hoof was a unicorn and Miss Rainbow Dash says he was a pegasus? Tis a lie I say! A lie!

My parents? They work a lot indoors, but they always have time for me, I actually spent a lot of time with them whenever they're not working. They always accept my help with anything! I never get why other parents never let their foals help out, though mom says she doesn't want me getting my hoof in one of her traps.

Friends? Well, there was Applebloom, and Dinky, they were friendly when my family moved here. Other colts? Erm, I've kinda always been small, always been a little slow, most of my friends in Trottingham got tired of always having to wait for me. There were a few ponies in town that didn't mind having to carry me about, it was just part of the game for them. One of the really big ones was named Little John.

Have I always loved pirates? Well I also like Robin Hoof and Maid Mareian. And there's the Knights of the Horse Shoe Table. Mom says Trottingham has a proud history of being related to a whole lot of pony tales. Moonlight even asked if I had ever seen any Flutterponies. Uh, you wish I'd stop talking about her? Sorry. It's just, she's the first pony, who wanted to play with just me. She's so cool, and she wants to be friends with me.

I actually wanted to join Applebloom's club, but mom said something about it being too dangerous. I wanted to anyway, but dad said I should listen to mom on this one.

"Why would you want any friends besides me?" Moonlight asked.

For a really smart filly, she sure can ask some weird questions sometimes. "Because the more friends you have, the more friends they have, and the more friends everypony has, the more merry everypony is! It's like my mom says, the 'more the merrier!'"

This seemed to give her some weird ideas and she began running around Ponyville with me asking to be friends with lots of random ponies. They were all nice and everything, but they looked at me and Moonlight kinda weird. She actually got upset when this one pony with a bowling cutie mark said they couldn't right now. That was when the mare got chased by a bunch of bats in the middle of the day. Moonlight had a weird look in her eye, I asked if she was okay, and she startled like I had sneaked up on her like a ninja. Ninjas, hmm, maybe I'll be a ninja next year.

The bats all flew away. Moonlight said she was sorry. The mare told her to keep better control of her pets and she had a mind to tell Moonlight's parents but Moonlight said her parents already knew. You know, I've never met Moonlight's parents, she just says I've probably seen them without even knowing it... I wonder what she meant.

We actually paid a visit to Miss Twilight Sparkle! Moonlight said she wanted to make friends. Miss Twilight said you had to let friendship happen organ-nick-lee. Let it happen without pushing it along.

"Reminds me of when mom and dad fixed a rat trap."

Everypony looked at me.

"Erm, when mom was trying to set this rusted rat trap, dad said that if she kept forcing it, it was just going to break, and it would be no good to anyone, and no amount of muscle would fix it. 'You have clean off the rust before the gears will turn. Then you have apply effort the way it'll actually get things done.' Erm, that all makes sense right?"

"It makes sense to me Pip." Moonlight nuzzled me, I blushed.

"And 'Moonlight.' You need to stop being so angry when things don't go your way. We ... we all makes hurtful mistakes when we won't stop being angry. We all do," Miss Twilight said, she had this look in her eyes I can't remember the name of.

Moonlight look at her hard, but then asked for a pen and paper and sent a letter to Princess Celestia. What did she write? She made me promise to keep that a secret, sorry. Miss Pinkie says that you should never, ever break a promise or you could lose a friend forever! Twilight said to take that very seriously, she knows from experience.

So I know I talk a lot about Moonlight, but that's because we're friends. She says I still need to discover who I am, I'm a long long way from finding my cutie mark ya know. And she promises to be there every step of the way to help me find out just who I am.

So how'd you like to be me and Moonlight's gunner for our ship? We could use an extra crew mate. Hmmm? Ask Dinky? But, she won't mind? You sure? Well if you say so, I'll ask her to join our crew!

Wow. That was easier than I thought! Thank you kindly madam! She says a lot of ponies think she's funny in the head because her mom speaks strangely. I always thought she was a secret agent speaking in code.

Hey! Moonlight! The MoonPearl is getting her third crew member! No, I promise it's not dad this time! Don't worry! You're still my first mate! Why do you always blush when I say that?

You want to stay for our big voyage madam? We're off to find haunted treasure. You have to go? Oh, I'm sorry. That's okay. You'll always be welcome here.

Interviewer's notes:
"Thank you Pip'."